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12 Amazing Shower Panels Of 2020 (DON’T MISS THIS)

Your Ultimate Guide To All Things Furniture (2020 Edition) • December 3, 2019

12 Amazing Shower Panels Of 2020 (DON’T MISS THIS)

Written by: Johara Badsha

These brand new shower panels make your bathroom SUPER STYLISH & CLASSY. Give your bathroom a classic makeover INSTANTLY without spending a fortune!

Get ready for 2020 with some simple renovations that will go a long way. Bathrooms are the most functional space of your home. It deserves special attention. Every detail in your bathroom matters. And the shower panels are no exception.


If you want to pamper your self with a luxurious shower experience or leave your guests in awe,  definitely invest in your shower panel system.


What are shower panels?

Shower panels also known as shower towers are panels that consist of several water outputs designed to provide a soothing spa-like shower experience. They are much more versatile than the other traditional shower systems.


Shower Panels come with temperature control features and LED lights. They have water outputs options like rainfall shower, hand shower, jets, tub spouts and many more.


Shower panel systems are as easy to install. They can be mounted directly on the wall and most of them use standard plumbing connection.


Picking the best shower panel is never easy. It should suit your requirements and go well with the design of your bathroom at the same time.


Shower panels are made mostly of stainless steel. But these days shower towers are found in aluminium, hardwood, plastic, tempered glass and other materials. Price is also a major deciding factor when purchasing shower panels.


Here are the 12 best shower panels options available on Amazon for an ultra-modern bathroom!

1. Blue Ocean SPA392M

Blue Ocean SPA392M

Photo from Amazon


This is the best shower panel system for its design, price, usability, huge list of features, and overall value for the money. It is made of aluminium alloy stainless steel and tempered glass. The satin finish gives it an elegant look.


4 Different Water Outputs

An overhead rainfall shower.

A multi-functional handheld shower with several spray functions.

A tub spout.

8 adjustable nozzles for relaxing body massage.


Digital temperature display

It has a modern digital temperature display with temperature either in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The water is maintained at the exact temperature using a thermostatic valve and it limits the maximum water temperature to 102 degrees Fahrenheit by default.


Other specifications

This lightweight shower panel comes with the dimensions of 54” H*13” W*7” D. This makes it is appropriate for most bathrooms.



Batteries are required for the temperature display.


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2. ELLO & ALLO Stainless Steel PS-S3

ELLO & ALLO Stainless Steel PS-S3

Photo from Amazon


PS-S3 comes from the well-known manufacture ELLO&ALLO. As a stainless-steel shower panel, it’s durable and feels solid to the touch. They have an ultra-modern look and the price falls in the medium range.


5 Different Water Outputs

A top-mount rainfall showerhead.

A waterfall shower option.

4 horizontal massage sprays.

Hand shower with a flexible hose.

Bidet sprayer with another flexible hose.


LED lights

The LED lights are powered by water pressure, so batteries are not required.



There is a large shelf above to hold several shower gels or even a towel which makes it very handy when you want to save some space. It fits nicely without spoiling the overall design.



It measures 8.7 x 53 x 19.7 inches. This panel requires a standard plumbing connection. So it is easy to install. The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty.



It does not have a digital display.


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3. Decor Star 004-SS

Decor Star 004-SS

Photo from Amazon


This 64-inch shower tower features a stainless steel frame and is easy to install. Decor Star 004-SS is one of the more popular shower panels on the market.


4 Different water Outputs

A top-mount rainfall and waterfall shower.

A handheld shower with a 59-inch flexible hose.

A horizontal spray with 100 massage nozzles.

A Top-mount shower head with 50 nozzles.


Independent Valve Control

The independent valve control allows each shower function turned on at the same time. The Decor Star manufacturer offers 2-years of warranty.



The horizontal spray of this shower tower is not adjustable.


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Photo from Amazon


The ELLO&ALLO PS12-S2 is another affordable range of shower panel that comes with several attractive features. It is made of high quality 304 stainless steel which makes it resistant to corrosion, durable.


There are two finishes to choose from. The mirror black version is more suitable for bathrooms with black fixtures. The brushed nickel finish looks better in traditional bathrooms with chrome fixtures.


5 Different Water Functions

A small tub spout at the bottom.

A hand shower with several spray functions at the side of the panel.

4 adjustable water jets for soothing water massage at the middle of the panel.

Rainfall and waterfall output is located at the top.


The temperature display

The temperature display is located above the top two water jets which maintained at 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit by default and can be varied according to preference.


LED lights

The rainfall shower is equipped with 10 LED lights which do not change color. They are powered by a pack of batteries which is not included in the package.



This is one of the best shower panels but it comes with a plastic hand shower.


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5. Pulse 1013-GL Kihei II

Pulse 1013-GL Kihei II

Photo from Amazon


The Pulse 1013-GL Kihei II is a stylish shower panel made of anodized aluminium. All fixtures have a chrome finish and the panel is covered with white tempered tough glass.


4 Different Water Outputs

A rainfall shower mounted on an adjustable brass shower arm.

A multi-functional hand shower with five different functions ranging from full massage to light mist.

A tub spout that works just like a regular faucet for when you don’t need a spray pattern.

6 dual-function body jets that can provide either a soothing mist or massaging spray function. All 6 body jets can be used at once.



There is a mirror on the top of the panel and covers the upper area of the panel. Above the glass is a large shelf for storage.



The downside of Kihlei II is the price. It falls on the higher range.


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6. AKDY AK-787392M

AKDY AK-787392M

Photo from Amazon


It is an attractive shower panel made of aluminium and tempered glass. It has an ultra-sleek mirrored finish.



4 Water Outputs

The top-mount rainfall shower consists of 100 spray nozzles

The hand shower features several different spray nozzles that provide four spray options (high efficiency, mist, massaging jet, and stream).

There are 8 powerful body sprays for a soothing massage in the middle.

A tub spout at the bottom.

All water outputs work independently to ensure proper water pressure.



The temperature display of this shower tower requires batteries.


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7. Rozin R7052007

Rozin R7052007

Photo from Amazon


Rozin offers some of the best shower panel system in the lower price range. The R7052007 has a durable stainless steel frame and is unique in many aspects.


It features five water functions

A rainfall shower.

A waterfall function at the top.

A hand shower is mounted on the side and is attached on a flexible 59″ hose.

6 body sprays are aligned vertically and adjustable in every direction.

A faucet is located at the bottom and is made of brass.


LED lights

They have LED lights placed in the middle of rainfall shower sprays and does not require batteries.



The horizontal sprays of this shower panel are not adjustable.


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8. Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0056

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0056

Photo from Amazon


The sensitive knob help to control the pressure, temperature and flow rate according to your specific needs.


4 Water Outputs

An overhead rainfall head

A waterfall shower head

A body massage jets

A handheld shower wand with high-efficiency spray



This shower panel has very few control knobs.


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9. Vantory VS061

Vantory VS061

photo from Amazon


The tall Vantory VS061 is another modern shower tower. They come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.


Water Output Options

The rainfall shower is fixed and has only a single spray function.

There are 5 massage options which are hidden in the frame.

The hand shower is quite small and feels great in hand but offers a single spray pattern.



The non-adjustable rainfall shower is a downside.


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10. DreamLine SHCM-25780

DreamLine SHCM-25780

Photo from Amazon



DreamLine features a unique retro design shower panels. It looks pleasant with a frame made of anodized aluminium and satin-finish cover.


3 Water Outputs

The top-mount rain shower is adjustable.

6 adjustable body jets are placed through the entire panel from bottom to top.

A multi-functional hand shower with 6 different spray patterns.



Though it is the best shower panel system for retro designs,  it does not provide the best of features.


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11. AKDY 63″Stainless Steel SP0047

AKDY 63"Stainless Steel SP0047

Photo from Amazon


This highly flexible shower system accommodates four independent control valves. It has a thermostat for the temperature variation.


Water Features

Rainfall Shower, water shower and hand shower are the 3 water output options they provide.



This shower tower does not come with a temperature display.


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12.Golden Vantage 63″ GV-SP0046

Golden Vantage 63" GV-SP0046

Photo from Amazon


This stainless steel shower panel system has simultaneous functions and thermostatic controls and is definitely worth the price.


Water Output Options

A rainfall shower with 50 nozzles.

A waterfall style with 100 nozzles.

A tub filler is found at the bottom, for rapid filling of buckets, washing of feet and pets.

A handheld shower wand


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Now that you have read all about the major shower panels, what’s stopping you? Go get that perfect shower panel and enjoy your shower every day!

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