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8 Living Room Wallpapers To Make Your House Flamboyant

Interior Design • November 19, 2019

8 Living Room Wallpapers To Make Your House Flamboyant

Written by: Copley Sutton

These 8 living room wallpapers are guaranteed to brighten up your hiome with vibrant & lively colors. They are 100% UNIQUE, COST-EFFECTIVE & STUNNING!

Wallpaper is outdated, right? Or is it? For your living room wallpapers could be the key to creating an effect that will enthral anyone entering your space.

But it has to be done right.

Browse our short guide to get the knowledge and some creative ideas and get started with cool wallpapers in your own home.

Why is Living Room Wallpaper Important in the 21st Century?

You may think living room wallpapers aren’t trendy. Perhaps you’re used to seeing it on TV in old homes when watching Downton Abbey, rather than in a décor magazine. But look closely. In many cases, all that’s changed over the past few decades is HOW living room wallpapers are used.


Yes, you can use it to cover all the walls in your living room, but this technique IS somewhat outdated. The experts have started using it in unique ways to complement other design approaches. It’s an effective decorating tool in modern homes if done right. The experts can often be found using cool wallpapers in one of these methods:


– Decorating your fifth wall: Your fifth wall is your roof. Draw visitors’ attention to the top of your living room for a ‘wow factor’. But you must use bold colors and designs or it won’t work.


– Decorate sections: You can create stunning feature walls or decorate parts of your walls for an original look. You can even use two different types on one wall.


Pick two designs or colors that complement each other. Use a minimalist wallpaper on the top and another simple patterned one on the bottom section of your walls. These can add character to a room without spending much on décor. Modern wallpaper options also include 3D wallpapers, some showcasing nature scenes. Use it as a feature wall and let your room seem bigger.


– Add wallpaper to objects: Pick cool wallpapers and transform areas or objects in your living room. You can decoupage it onto furniture to tie in with your walls or cover the inside of your bookcase. You can even frame a stunning piece of wallpaper and display it as art.


In these applications of cool wallpapers, you use it to tie themes and color palettes together effectively. You also guide your visitors’ attention to certain sections of the room; a perfect way to show off a piece of art or furniture.


So, it’s clear that using wallpapers is a smart way to decorate. Now, which ones should you pick in 2019?

8 Best Living Room Wallpapers for Your Home

You can shop at your local store or simply order some of the most popular living room wallpapers from Amazon. Here are some winners.


1. Crimson Red Luxury Damask Wallpaper

Red damask living room wallpapers

Photo from Amazon


Let’s start off with the ultimate in opulence and style: damask patterned living room wallpapers.


With this design, you can help people understand your love for stylish living. You can decorate your entire room, but rather create a feature wall so it’s not too overwhelming.


The damask pattern is easy to find on décor items because it’s so popular. Use pillows, art and other objects with a similar pattern throughout the room so all your elements tie together easily. Alternatively, use it to add drama as background and tone the rest of your room down for striking, memorable contrast.


2. Faux Brick Textured Wallpaper for Livingroom

Brick living room wallpapers with cupboard and seat

Photo from Amazon


If you love rustic, transform your painted walls into a brick background in one day! Without any dust or hard labor necessary!


Faux brick wall paper can add some character to a room that previously seemed bland. And this is a practical option you’ll appreciate for years since almost any type of furniture and décor will match. So, no need to change your wallpaper if you want to change your color palette in future.


A quality faux brick wallpaper will seem authentic because manufacturers try to give it a 3D wallpaper effect.


3. Wood Plank Wallpaper Wall Mural for Livingroom

wood plan wall paper with chair

Photo from Amazon


You can’t go wrong with wood and yes, it works for living room wallpapers too. This wallpaper resembling wooden planks can be used horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference. Let the pattern run horizontally and let your room seem a bit larger! Or add it to a pillar as an eye-catching feature.


Wood goes well with a variety of styles, so you won’t have to change all your current furniture when using this.


4. Minimalist Curve Tree Patterns Non-Woven Wallpaper

Blue and gray living room wallpapers with lounge suite

Photo from Amazon


We absolutely love this subtle, yet powerful use of color. This blue & gray pattern resembles trees and make for a stunning feature wall or the backdrop for your couch.


The colors are timeless so it’s a long term investment.


5. Matte Silver Flower Wall Paper

Matte silver wall paper

Photo from Amazon


Here’s another option for those who love opulence, but silver is more practical than the red damask pattern above. It’s easy to match a range of colors to this wallpaper so you can use it for years to come, even if you redecorate.


And just imagine how the silver will reflect off mirrors! So, add a few as décor items to optimize the effect.


6. White Faux Foam Brick Wallpaper


white faux tile wallpaper

Photo from Amazon


You can save a lot of money on renovations by using wallpaper instead of retiling a wall or uncovering bricks underneath painted walls.


This textured white faux foam brick design is the perfect minimalist wallpaper and any furniture will match.


They’ll even help soundproof the room!


7. Tree Wall Decal, Removable Vinyl Sticker

tree decal wall paper

Photo from Amazon


Don’t ever feel limited when your creativity gets going. Today’s market contains more options than a few years ago and if you’re opting for cool wallpapers, why not give vinyl a try? It will look new for more than five years when used indoors.


With natural themes including trees and birds, you can give your living room a fresh look. Use this tree wall decal to create a feature wall. And if you want something different—or you just want something unique for the coming holiday season—peel it off. It won’t leave a residue so you can just try out your next creative idea!


8. Modern Leaf Flow Embossed Textured Wallpaper for Livingroom

Pattern Wallpaper

Photo from Amazon


Here’s a creative approach to decorating your living room and adding some flair without going over the top. The unique, flowing pattern is subtle as a backdrop and takes a step closer to appreciate the texture. This wallpaper LOOKS and FEELS exceptional.


It is also a practical and safe option as it’s fire retardant and repels water.

Last Words

Wallpaper is STILL an important decorating option to consider for your living room. You can boost your home’s resale value and without adding furniture you can add some character or even opulence to bland space.


Sound like a good idea? Pick your color scheme and start decorating.

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