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5 Types Of Awnings To Keep You Cool At Your Deck 5 Types Of Awnings To Keep You Cool At Your Deck

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5 Types Of Awnings To Keep You Cool At Your Deck

Written by: Anjali Patodi

5 premium awnings that guarantee to keep you cool this hot summer! Sit back and enjoy your beverage from the comfort of shade.

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They say, ‘Home is where your heart is’ and we can’t agree more! We are ready to do anything, spend a lot of money to make our home a place where we can relax after a hard day. However, we keep ignoring awnings when it comes to decorating the outdoor of our house. But if we think rationally, awnings can be a real game-changer.



Apart from having a green lawn, a scenic location or a beautiful interior, if you can choose a proper design and plan a perfect place to install an awning, it will give a transformative effect to your house. Placing an awning over a deck or patio, not only make the outdoor usable but also help in creating an enjoyable place in there.



What Is An Awning?

Awnings are the shades, usually attached to a wall of your house that leads to backyards and covers a deck or patio. Now, as we have beautiful varieties in fabrics, patterns, the use of awnings become very versatile in nature. The variety of fabrics can bring an aesthetic vibe to your house. Besides, Awnings play a crucial role in temperature control and increase the longevity of furniture.



In summer days, you can easily take a sunbath beside the pool with an awning installed over your head. In winter, awnings are very helpful in protecting the roofs by sliding down the snows. Imagine yourself stuck in the house for rain and not being able to step outside. Now, imagine yourself enjoying rain in the lawn, beneath the shed of an awning! Awnings can be a real mood-setter.



Install a colourful awning in the middle of your garden to keep the green more vibrant or use it to cover a deck or patio for a beautiful evening get together or a family dinner. Awnings can change the mood all by itself.



5 Common Types Of Awnings And Their Benefits


While one can be easily confused with the usage of different types of awnings, here are the 5 types of awnings that will keep you cool and relax at your deck.




1. Retractable Awnings

retractable awnings

Photo by theshadeshop.net


This is probably the best and popular awning people opt for. Its flexible characteristics have made it the one among others. This type of sun setter awnings can be extended to provide shelter or retract to enjoy a sunny day as well.


The best part about these retractable or sun setter awnings is that it can be used when necessary or can be kept aside when unused. You can install it anywhere. After some snowy days, keep aside your sun setter awnings and enjoy the heat of the sun.


In one way, it keeps your lawn clean from the snow and besides you can spend an entire day in the deck. You can fold up, or even roll it and then store it safely inside your house.



2. Portable Awnings

Potable Awnings

Photo by windowworks-nj.com


You can always use a portable awning to create a cosy, comfortable place in your backyard. Imagine that your friends come over. The children are playing on the lawn while you are having some refreshments and chit-chatting with your friends under the shed of your awning.


You can always move your portable awnings around the deck or patio. There are 3 varieties of portable awnings




It is probably one of the most used awnings. If you want to create a private space where you can enjoy some perfect family time in an outdoor mode, then you can always opt for a canopy.



Umbrella Awnings

Umbrella awnings are the least expensive ones. If you want to make your deck a little more casual, then the umbrella awnings are your thing. It is widely accepted as patio awnings. You can install two of the umbrella awnings instead of a huge canopy and you are done!



Freestanding Awnings

The Freestanding awnings have supports in the middle and the corners are open. You can place the tables in the middle, and that’s how you are set to experience some cool breeze, fresh air while having lunch on the lawn.



3. Wall-Mounted Awnings/Stationary

Wall-Mounted Awnings

Photo by communitynbc.com


These types of awnings are fixed and more likely to be long runners. If you have decided to keep a place reserved for some cool shades, then wall mounted awnings are the best. It has very long durability and the pillars support the shade in a way, that it cannot be affected by heat, rain or snow.



To create a permanent shelter in deck or patio, opt for this type of awning without a second thought. These types of awnings are very strongly attached to the exterior walls which allow them to easily stand up against rain, strong winds and a lot more.



4. Window Awnings

Window Awnings

Photo by coppercreekgroup.us


Have you tired of the sunlight directly beaming inside your room? Or does your bed easily get heated despite having the doors and windows open? Then, use the window awnings specially designed for the windows to prevent direct sunlight and sun rays to keep your house cooler. These types of window awnings are made customizable according to the size and pattern of your windows. These are very helpful in every season as it also prevents rain and snow. It is also a very good option to keep your windowsill clean during snow times.



You can also install them just to add a special look. Maybe you can opt for a vintage or aesthetic look to your house with the choice of metals, fabrics, and colours.




5. Motorized Awnings

Motorized Awnings

Photo by pinterest


If the manual retractable awnings seem expensive to you, then you can go for the motorized awnings as it is cheaper and more convenient to install.  Similarly, it gives you the control of your patio space.



In addition to this, an electric motor inside the tube controls the position of the patio awnings with remote control. These kinds of patio awnings use sensors that can be programmed to detect excessive sun or wind to automatically open or retract.



Awnings do not just help to protect your house in the long run but also makes your outdoor usable. You can easily arrange a get-together or party just by installing the right awning in your deck or patio. Your choice for the awning will definitely make your first impression as a good host.

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