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15 Best Outdoor Cushion Storage Box (In 2021) 15 Best Outdoor Cushion Storage Box (In 2021)

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15 Best Outdoor Cushion Storage Box (In 2021)

Written by: Kevin Ashwe

Durable and practical, an outdoor cushion storage box is great for storing items including tools and toys. Check out our top 15 picks!

Never underestimate an outdoor cushion storage box – it is an essential need in every home. It is useful for so many reasons, but most notably to keep things secure and have sufficient space. Contrary to popular belief, it is unnecessary to store outdoor furniture, outdoor cushion, and more inside the house. This is because there are tons of outdoor storage boxes you can purchase to save space indoors and avoid stress.



We decided to compile this list to assist you with purchasing the right outdoor cushion storage. Here are the top 15 outdoor cushion storage ideas that you will need for your outdoor cushion organization.





Keter Westwood designed this outdoor cushion storage box with resin to have a natural wood look. It’s a large outdoor storage box that features a 660lbs weight capacity and 150-gallon storage capacity. Moreover, it is made out of weather-resistant polypropylene that will prevent it from peeling, rusting, and denting while keeping the appearance of real wood.




Keter Westwood’s large outdoor storage box can serve as a comfortable seat for two adults and serve as a plant stand for your garden. Unlike some storage boxes that close almost instantly, this one comes with a slow pull that makes it safe and effortless to use for adults and children alike. Furthermore, it is perfect for storing your outdoor cushions since it has a large capacity and is weather-resistant: you can be assured that your cushions will remain dry.





Looks can be deceptive: this Keter Borneo product is actually made from polypropylene and not rattan. It’s large enough to accommodate 110 gallons of items, and two adults can sit on it comfortably. The material used to manufacture it is weather-resistant and effectively prevents it from peeling, denting, and rusting.




When you store your outdoor cushions in this storage box, they will remain dry and clean for as long as they are in it. Thanks to its standard padlock and weather-resistant feature, Keter Borneo is straightforward to assemble, clean, and maintain. Its sturdy and durable build means you won’t have to buy a replacement for years to come. To top all of that, it’s safe for children and adults to open and close, courtesy of its automatic opening mechanism pulls.



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