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From towel racks to utensil holders, delve into the delightful world of accessories: minimalistic, unconventional, or downright whimsical, we have the perfect collection of accessories to meet all your household needs.

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Chrome Cookbook Holder

The Chrome Cookbook Holder will keep your hands free while following a recipe. Its durable steel material allows it to carry even the heaviest of cookbooks. Apart from...

Framed Black Cork Board Bulletin Board

The Brushed Metallic Wood frame is a two-tone charcoal and brown wood frame with wide slope and silver metallic face. The finish shows grain-washed, charcoal and bright silver...

TR Industrial Multi-Purpose Cable Tie (100 Pcs)

  Made with UV resistant industrial strength 6/6 Nylon. 100 8 inch pieces. 50 lbs tensile strength. Working temperature:- 40 to 85 degrees C or -40 to 185 degrees...

Hunter Douglas Duette and Applause Continuous Control Cord (4' Foot Kit)

  This handy cord control kit also fits M&B and Alta 3/4 Honeycomb Shades. Product Specifications: Hunter Douglas Duette and Appaluse Easy Rise Continuous Control Cord String Color White...

Closet Rod Bracket

SUPER STRONG - All components are of thick metal, with all connections being welded. You really won't find a more robust closet bracket anywhere! SUPERIOR FINISH - Has...

Zip Cable Ties

Universal Packaging 1,000 piece bulk VALUE BAG zip cable ties are 5.5" inch long, white, cord & wire fasteners. Use these smaller sized zip ties to organize, hang...

Accessories Buying Guide

What Are Accessories?

If you’ve ever had a watch, used a laptop charger or worn a pair of lovely earrings, you already know what an accessory is! Simply put, accessories are things that can be added to an existing product to make it more useful or attractive. For example, if you have a computer with you and you decide to buy a mouse to navigate the screen more easily, the mouse becomes an accessory. But not all types of accessories need to have a specific use - some can simply be pretty and enhance your look.

Types Of Accessories

Since the word accessory is a broad term, there are many different categories that come under it.

There are accessories for products like cameras (lenses, tripods) and computers (mouse, keyboard, printers) that can be connected to the devices and expand what they are capable of. Each of these accessories serve different purposes - for example, while different camera lenses help shoot pictures and videos at different distances, a tripod will ensure that the camera stays stable while shooting).

Then there are also accessories for certain spaces, such as bathroom (towel racks, soap dishes, bath mat), kitchen (pots, knives, microwave) and office accessories (diary, pens) that help you with the main purpose of that space. This is true for both residential and commercial spaces.

There are accessories that have aesthetic value, such as fashion accessories or decor. Jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are available in a wide variety of metals, styles and precious stones. These can be worn according to your personal taste and depending on the occasion.

Finally, there are also accessories that are a blend of functionality and aesthetic value. These can be used or worn to express your individual sense fo style, and also are helpful in some way. Watches and bags belong to this category. You can buy a wide variety of watches and bags in different shapes, colors, and styles to suit your personality. However, these accessories are also useful to you. The best of both worlds, we say!

It is also important to note that even accessories that are purely functional in nature can also be used to express yourself and your style. For example, even though we normally buy laptops to do our work and not as a fashion statement there is still a wide variety of shapes, colors, and aesthetic features available that we can choose from. So, even the otherwise ‘serious’ accessories give you the scope to express yourself.

The Benefits of Accessories


One of the biggest benefits of most accessories is just how useful they are. By adding the right accessories to your product, you can upgrade its features and unlock a lot more out of the product that it originally could do. It’s like giving yourself an upgrade.


Accessories make you or your product a lot more versatile. For example, fashion accessories such as hair clips, hair bands, and earrings can be mixed and matched with various outfits to add freshness to your look. Similarly, buying a printer for your computer will allow you to take printouts and scans of important documents and photos, allowing for more creative possibilities on your computer.

Enhance the look

The power of accessories to spice up your look is massive! Buying a good quality laptop bag can create a positive first impression at meetings. Adding a sparkling hairband to an otherwise plain outfit can take it from simple to sophisticated in one simple step.

Allow Customization

Another crucial benefit of accessories is that it allows you to customize your products and look to your specific needs. For example, you can choose to buy only those accessories that will serve your purpose. This saves you money and time and helps you focus your effort only on the things that you want to do.

Express Individuality

Every person is unique and should have the freedom to express their individuality. Here is where accessories let you truly shine. By picking the right accessories that are according to your preferences, you get a chance to show the world who you are. This applies to all kinds of things - whether it’s buying your favorite brand of watch, picking fashion accessories that are of your favorite color and much more.

Taking Care Of Your Accessories

With so many accessories available for various needs and purposes, it is important to also properly care for them. Fashion accessories such as hairpins, hair bands, earrings, and bracelets could be made of delicate material and should be stored in jewelry boxes. These accessories are also small in size and can be easily lost, so storing them in a dedicated box is a good idea.

When it comes to electronic accessories such as Bluetooth headsets, printers etc., it is important to ensure that they’re stored in dry, dust-free surroundings. Moisture can ruin electronic gadgets quite quickly. For camera lenses, using the right lens cleaning liquid will ensure the longevity of the glass. There are also special bags and pouches that come for storing different types of accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions About Accessories

Now let’s answer some of the most common questions people may have about accessories, their purpose and more.

1. What is considered accessories?

To put it simply, accessories are things that can be added to improve a product’s use, versatility or a person’s aesthetic look. It is a broad term under which various categories of accessories can be included - such as computer accessories (printers, webcam), fashion accessories (jewelry, bags), home decor accessories (paintings, flower vases) and much more.
Accessories can also be a mix of usability and aesthetic value. Things like handbags, watches, shoes are available in many styles and brands. These are not only useful in our daily lives, but people have the freedom to choose them in the style, color, material, etc. of their preference to reflect their individuality.

2. What are computer accessories?

Computer accessories (also called peripherals) are devices and gadgets that may either be crucial to operating the computer, or they may enhance what the computer does. Components like the CPU, keyboard, and mouse may be considered essential computer accessories, without which operating a computer may become impossible or quite difficult.

But that’s not all - there are other computer accessories that, while not being absolutely crucial to using the computer - may boost its functionality and features. Accessories such as printers, scanners, Bluetooth headphones, speakers, external hard drives, USB drives are all examples of computer accessories that can help you get more out of your computer than you thought was possible.

3. Where to buy bathroom accessories?

It is possible to buy bathroom accessories both online and offline. If you have the time and patience to buy bathroom accessories offline, then you could visit a hardware store or a store that specializes in bathroom fittings. There are also supermarkets and hyper marts that have a dedicated bathroom accessories section.

If you’re thinking of buying bathroom accessories online, there are websites that specialize in the same. Here, you can tailor your search according to the type and features of bathroom accessories that you’re looking for - whether it’s towel racks, bath mats, soap dishes or something else. You can also compare the features, reviews, and prices of various brands to decide the accessories that work for you and fit in your budget.

4. How to organize hair accessories?

From scrunchies, hairpins, headbands, tiaras and more, there is a wide variety of hair accessories available. It is important to care and store them the right way to make sure that they maintain their newness and so you don’t lose them.

For headbands, you could buy a headband holder where you can easily wrap all your headbands around a single hollow holder. For hairpins, you can use a tic tac holder, or use a glass mason jar to safely store them all in one place. You can also use a jewelry box with different compartments to store all hair accessories in one place.

5. How to use accessories?

There are countless ways in which you can use accessories. Some accessories could be indispensable for the use of a product. For example, attaching a video game controller to a console allows you to play video games with ease.

Also, you could choose accessories that enhance the existing functionality of your product - for eg. your phone may already be working great, but buying a handheld tripod or selfie-stick may allow you to take photos in a way you previously couldn’t.

Thirdly, you could buy accessories simply to express your unique fashion sense and aesthetic. Fashion accessories such as shoes, sunglasses, headbands, jewelry, and more can make quite a style statement and allow you to set yourself apart from the crowd.

6. How to decorate with accessories?

Accessories give you endless possibilities not only to adorn yourself but also to the space you’re in. Fashion accessories such as shoes, belts, bracelets, and rings help you customize your outfit and your look according to your personality and the occasion that you’re wearing the outfit for. In fact, it is famously said that accessories make up half of your look.

You can also use accessories to decore your home or office space. Paintings, curtains, flower vases can be used to decore your living room, bedroom, and other spaces. You can spruce up your bedroom by picking beautiful accessories such as a rug, dreamcatchers, wall hangings and lights in the colors and styles that you prefer. With the stunning variety of accessories available in the market, there is something for everyone!

7. How to make your own hair accessories at home?

It is possible to make beautiful hair accessories at home using simple materials that are extremely affordable. First, you need to buy basic materials such as ribbons, fabric, beads, stones, needle, thread and glue.
If you’re thinking of making an interesting headband, you could simply buy a plain fabric headband and use ribbons to wrap it around the headband with the help of a glue. You can also add beads and stones into a single thread, and glue them onto the headband to add a bit of sparkle to it.

It is also possible to customize hairpins - you can buy plain and inexpensive white or black hairpins from the market. Then, pick the embellishments and glitter that you’d like to add to the pins, and you could glue them on with glue strips or a glue gun. Once you’ve covered the hairpins in the glitter/beads of your choice, you can add a clear coat of varnish to the clips so that the beads/ glitter doesn’t fall off.

8. How to make accessories with beads?

It is easy to make beaded accessories as well, with the right materials. You would need beads of various colors, strong thread, needle and clasps to attach. There are glass, stone and plastic beads available in the market, so you can pick the ones that work for the look you’re going for.

To make beaded bracelets or anklets:

  • Take a stretchable or elastic clear plastic thread, make a knot at the bottom end.
  • Decide the length of the thread by wrapping it around your wrist/ankle and checking if the length is comfortable for you.
  • Next, begin adding the beads into the thread via the holes that are between each bead. You can choose either a single color or multi-colors beads to make them more vibrant.
  • You could also add a pendant somewhere in the middle for extra bling.
  • Once you’re done adding all the beads, tie the loose ends of the elastic thread together.
  • To further secure the knot, you could add superglue over it. Let it dry, and voila! Your beaded band is ready.

From making your products more useful to enhancing their beauty, accessories are useful in so many ways. With countless types of accessories available in the market, it is sometimes easy to get overwhelmed with the choice. It is important to pick accessories that work for your specific needs, are of good quality and fit the budget you’ve set. With these simple tips in mind, it is possible to pick the accessories that are tailormade for you. Here’s to easier and simpler living!