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Red Pop Up Strainer

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Product Description:

The new pop-up sink strainer and stopper by Polder is simple to use due to it’s innovative patented design. The flexible silicone basket collapses to open and close making it easy to drain or stop water flow. The stopper design is a 2016 GIA (Global Innovation Awards) finalist. Polder Solves Problems…We are the solutions resource, making items for everyday living throughout the home. We focus on taking universal daily tasks, studying and applying our user-centered design philosophy to create products that are useful, beautiful and better. Whether it’s kitchen prep & storage, home organization & laundry or personal care items, we are passionate about products, design and the evolution of how people use products in the home every day. We’re also about quality and customer satisfaction and work to make items that last and perform to deliver on their intended promise. Polder…life.style.solutions.

Product Specifications:

  • Simple-to-use function and exclusive patented design
  • Durable construction made from stainless steel and silicone
  • Push down to drain, push up to stop water flow
  • 100% silicone body for a watertight seal
  • 4.5-Inch (11.3 cm) diameter Fits standard sink openings