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Zip Cable Ties

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Product Description:

Universal Packaging 1,000 piece bulk VALUE BAG zip cable ties are 5.5″ inch long, white, cord & wire fasteners. Use these smaller sized zip ties to organize, hang or secure wires, cords, cables, models, crafts, wreaths or flowers. They are made for more delicate tasks and fit through smaller openings. Use in your home, office, workshop, garage, garden, or warehouse.


Product Specifications:

  • 1,000 piece value pack, strong 18 lb. tensile strength
  • Self locking, industrial quality PA66 nylon plastic
  • Tapered, angled tip for easy threading, UV resistant, indoor/outdoor use
  • Use for crafting, bundling flowers and tubing, clamping glued wood, hanging holiday lights, locking wire/metal shelves and framing
  • American company, Satisfaction guaranteed