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Bath Totes & Storage

Instantly de-clutter your bathroom with these handy bath totes, which are available in a myriad of shapes, sizes and designs. They're perfect for carrying items from place to place, too!

Best of Bath Totes & Storage

Bath Totes & Storage Products

Espresso & Satin Formbu Bath Ladder

Create a spa-like atmosphere in your Bathroom with the Espresso & Satin Formbu Bath Ladder. Made of espresso wood, this storage ladder creates a stylish organizer for Bathroom...

KidsBathtub Storage Saddle

MakeBaths for kids easier with the KidsBathtub Storage Saddle. Made of neoprene and mesh, it provides an easy to reach storage that can be hung over the side...

Large Bath Binz

Store and organize your bathroom items with the Large Bath Binz. Made of clear and durable plastic, it allows you to organize as well as securely store your...

Short Bath Binz

Store and organize yourBathroom items with the LargeBath Binz. Made of clear and durable plastic, it allows you to organize as well as securely store your items. Its...

Small Teal Spa Basket

Maximize the storage spaces for your small items at home with the Small Tea Spa Basket. Made of durable plastic, it allows for lasting storage for toys, crafts,...

Small Taupe Spa Basket

Maximize the storage spaces for your small items at home with the Small Taupe Spa Basket. Made of durable plastic, it allows for lasting storage for toys, crafts,...

Bath Totes & Storage Buying Guide

The Importance Of Bath Tote Storage

Bath totes are small baskets, caddies, or bags that can be used to keep several of your bathroom paraphernalia neatly organized. Some of them even have separate compartments for better organization of things. Let’s look at some commonly asked questions about bath totes.

Factors To Consider When Buying Bath Tote Storage

First of all, you have to determine what you’re going to use your bath tote for? Is it for storing cleaning supplies, kiddy bathroom paraphernalia, vanity products, or something else? Do you need it for traveling or just for organizing your regular bathroom storage items? When you have the answer to this question, you’ll move on to…

What size of a bath tote do you need? This is where you have to appraise the overall size of your bathroom. Is it large enough for an oversized caddy? Or is your vanity countertop big enough to accommodate one or more bath totes? And if you’re buying one for traveling, how many items do you plan to carry in it?

After determining the purpose and size, it’s time to figure out what design you need. The plastic bath totes come in various colors – both bright and understated – so you can pick one that suits your tastes. Black and white colored totes are always a classic. Steel or wire totes can complement any bathroom style quite nicely. And if you’re carrying a simple bath tote bag, then you can find many in different translucent colors as well.

Types Of Bathroom Storage Items

Bathroom storage can be divided into 3 parts. Let’s take a look at each one of them in details below:

Vanity Storage

The vanity is the most visually attractive part of the bathroom, but that never takes away from its functionality. About 70% of all your bathroom storage is actually carried out in the vanity cabinets as well as countertops. It’s a popular storage area because of the under and over cabinets – plus you also have the vanity countertop surface to put miscellaneous storage items on. Let’s look at all the small and large bathroom storage things that can be accommodated by and on the vanity:

Cosmetic Organizers

If you’re a make-up aficionado who has a small vanity, then the cosmetic organizer would be your best friend! These are usually multi-tiered and consist of a number of compartments where you can easily keep all your make-up items safe. The best part is that they are small enough to be featured on the vanity countertop but can also be kept away in a vanity cabinet as well.

Lipstick Organizers

Lipstick is an everyday make-up staple for women and the bathroom vanity has some of the best lighting for applying it. Therefore, you can keep all of tubes organized and handy by placing an acrylic lipstick organizer on the countertop. If you live in a dusty area and don’t want to put them outside, then these are small enough to be easily kept in the vanity cupboard.

Drawer Organizers

These are flat acrylic organizing pieces with a few compartments where you can keep your jewelry, hairclips, and safety pins and other small items. They can be put inside drawers (if you have one in your vanity) but can also be placed on the countertop and cupboard.

Toothbrush Cups

Toothbrush cups are an essential, although many people now go for plastic holders that can be directly stuck onto the vanity mirror. They’re efficient, attractive, and take up a lot less space than the cups.

Shower Stall Caddies

The second place in the bathroom that requires a lot of storage is the shower stall. This is where the shampoo, soap, loofa, and other such items are kept. Many bathroom designs have in-built niches in the wall where shelves are installed for storage purposes. However, it’s not a very feasible option for bathrooms that are already constructed. In such cases, it’s best to go with a shower caddy, which is a wall-mount shelf that is made out of industrial grade wire steel. It’s multi-tiered so you can keep all your shower items organized. It’s also low-maintenance – you just need to wipe it up so that the water doesn’t make it rust.

Laundry Area

Most bathrooms have a small laundry area. This is not where the washing takes place, but it’s the place where dirty clothes are discarded before taking a shower. You don’t need much here. A medium sized clothes hanger or a large laundry basket are enough and highly convenient options for this type of bathroom storage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bath Totes & Storage

1. What can I put into a bath tote?

There are a number of things that you can put inside your bath tote. Larger ones can be used to organize cleaning supplies like liquid cleaners, brushes, soaps, and other such paraphernalia. You can buy ones with different compartments to keep all the supplies compartmentalized.

Smaller bath totes can be used to put daily use vanity items on. You can put brushes, skincare items, shampoos, conditioner, shaving kits, etc. in them. If you’ve got kids, then all the kiddy items can be easily organized in them. You can also use different compartments to keep your hair products, clips, and other such stuff in a separate bath tote.

2. Can I find bath totes in bag format?

Yes, you can definitely find bath totes in bag formats. They’re also available in different sizes and are mostly used for travel purposes. Many of them are transparent. They usually consist of several pockets so that you can organize all of your things in a neat way. The pockets are of different sizes as well, so that you can accommodate all your small and large bathroom paraphernalia with ease. They definitely make travelling with your wash related essentials quite easy.

3. What sizes can I find bath totes in?

You can find bath totes in various sizes. There are the large ones that come without any compartments. You can outfit them with your oversized bathroom supplies. Then there are the medium sized ones that come with various compartments. Lastly, there are the small ones that are more suitable for small vanity-oriented products like tiny bottles, hair clips, etc.

4. How do I maintain my bath tote?

Bath totes are usually made up of plastic. This makes them highly easy to maintain. All you have to do is wash them and wipe them and they’ll look good as new.

However, some bath totes – also known as caddies – are made from steel wires. These should be mostly kept away from water and you should ensure that they come in good quality. They can be maintained by regular wiping and avoiding excessive contact with wet areas. Too much exposure to water will make it rust, oxidize, and eventually snap quite quickly. Plus, the rusty look doesn’t suit any bathroom aesthetic at all.

5. Where should I put my bath tote?

The placement of the bath totes totally depends on what size you’ve got and how large or small your bathroom is. They’re typically placed inside the vanity cabinet or on top of the vanity countertop. Larger totes can be kept in the corner of your shower stall, but if that’s not large enough then you can make some space on the floor beside the vanity and keep the tote there. If your bathroom ventilator is large enough, you can also place a small caddy there.

6. What kind of designs can I find bath totes in?

While the general blueprint of a bath tote remains like that of a classic basket, there are certainly some great modifications that you can find in many designs. The most common one is where you find just a large basket with a handle balanced on the center. There are also double-sided bath totes that have two baskets with a handle that also acts as a separator.

Some bath totes come with designed perforations for a better aesthetic. Some of them have in-built levels or compartments and where you can keep things all organized. Some have sleek, un-perforated bodies with beautiful prints to match a modern or contemporary style bathroom interior.