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Bathroom Accessories

From bins to racks, maximize the potential of your bathroom by turning it into a blissful place for rest and rejuvenation - let your mind wander, even if for a little while.

Best of Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Products

Mini Gray & Ivory Ellis Knit Bins - S/2

Store your small vanity items using these Mini Gray & Ivory Ellis Knit Bins - S/2. With two piece set with one open and one divided bin, it...

Over the Door Towel Rack

Create additional storage for your bathroom essentials with the Over Door Towel Rack. Made of durable steel, it is designed for every day storage of towels, robes and...

Pebblz Bath Mat

Create a spa-like atmosphere in your bath tub and shower with the Pebblz Bath Mat. Made of durable plastic, it has a pebble design to recreate the feeling...

Rollerz Shower Curtain Rings - Satin

Have less worry when attaching shower curtains with the Rollerz Shower Curtain Rings - Satin. Made of durable and rust-resistant steel, it is meant for long lasting use...

Spotless Squeegee

Easily clean tiles, mirrors and windows with the Spotless Squeegee. It is designed for a comfortable while thorough quick cleaning. It has an ergonomic grip that lessens the...

White & Satin Formbu Bath Storage Ladder

Create a spa-like atmosphere in your Bathroom with the White & Satin Formbu Bath Ladder. Made of steel with a white finish, this storage ladder creates a stylish...

Bathroom Accessories Buying Guide

Who wouldn't love unwinding after a long day under a hot shower? Having a well-equipped bathroom is a must-have for every home. And the right bathroom accessories can enhance their beauty and functionality even more. Investing in high-quality bathroom essentials is important for our wellness and hygiene. Not only that, the right bathroom accessories can enhance the beauty of your bathroom as well. 

Purpose of Bathroom Accessories

The importance of bathroom accessories in our daily life is huge! These items enhance not only the functionality but also the decor of our washrooms. These items also help you make full use of your bathroom space. So, something as simple as a towel rack can help you stack up many towels in a compact area.

Bathroom accessories also help preserve the quality and shelf life of your bathroom essentials such as soaps, toothbrushes and more. As if that's not enough, bathroom accessories come in beautiful shapes, materials, designs, and colors too. So, you can use them to spice up your bathroom's look. 

Types of Bathroom Accessories

There are many types of bathroom accessories that every home should have. You can pick from simple bathroom essentials to luxury shower accessories. Each of them helps keep your washroom clean, beautiful and functional. Let's take a look at the bathroom essentials that every washroom should be equipped with:

1. Towel Racks

Having a towel rack is a must in every washroom. They are a simple and space-saving way of arranging your dry towels. These are metal bars that you can hang or place your towels. They could be metal shelves that are fixed onto the fall. Or, you can go with free-standing towel racks as well.  The size of the rack you go for depends on the number of towels you're looking to store. We recommend going for one that accommodates a larger number of towels. 

2. Soap Dishes

Soaps are infamous for getting slimy if not protected from water when not in use. This is why a waterproof soap dish is one of the most crucial bathroom accessories to have. A good soap dish helps keep your soap dry and drains away any water that falls on it. They can be made from waterproof materials such as plastic, ceramic, metal or even glass. 

3. Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers are a great way to store your liquid soaps and shower gels. They are usually small enough to easily fit on your bathroom counter. You can get a standalone piece, or buy a complete bath set that includes other pieces like a soap dish, toothbrush holder. These are also an eco-friendly way to store your liquid soap. This is because you can simply refill the dispenser, instead of having to buy new bottles every time. 

4. Bath Set

Yes, bathroom accessories are about practicality. But, they're also about aesthetics. A bathroom essentials set can make your washroom look luxurious. You can buy beautiful sets of soap dishes, dispensers, holders and more in different designs and colors. You can choose from ceramic, plastic, clay, glass or even metal bath sets.

5. Toothbrush Holders

Storing your toothbrush in a clean, dry place is important. To keep your toothbrush dry, you should store it vertically and at an adequate distance from the commode. Which is why a toothbrush holder is a must-have in any bathroom. 

6. Bathroom Mirror

A high-quality bathroom mirror is a good investment to make in your washroom. By choosing the size, shape, and framing of your mirror, it can also be used as a statement piece. Go for one that is of a good enough size and length, and absolutely distortion-free. 

7. Knit Bins

Say no to messy bathrooms! With so many bathroom essentials - from hand towels, shampoos, soaps, tools and more, having a knit bin is a must. These storage bins are great for storing your personal care products, tools, and accessories. You can choose from a  variety of designs, sizes, and colors, depending on your preference.

Types of Shower Accessories

There are so many shower accessories available that are useful as they are durable. These accessories, when fitted in and around your shower, can help keep the area, clean, dry and well-organized. Here are a few of the items that every shower area must have: 

1. Bath Mat

Things can easily get slippery when you're taking a shower. This is why a bath mat is one of the bathroom essentials. A good bath mat should be slip-resistant and made with waterproof material. You can also keep more than one bath mat in your washroom. Place one immediately out of your shower, one in front of the mirror. Finally, place a bath mat outside your bathroom to avoid a wet floor!

2. Shower Curtain

Go for a shower curtain - you'll thank us for it! Having a shower curtain prevents water from spilling over to the drier area of your washroom. It also gives privacy to the person taking a shower. And who says that you've gotta buy a dull-looking curtain? Pick one with vibrant colors or an interesting design to spruce up space. 

3. Shower Curtain Rings

If you plan to have a shower curtain, you'd definitely require good quality shower curtain rings. We recommend going for ones made of rust-resistant metal like stainless steel. Also, buy curtain rings in simple shapes, so they're easy to clean and don't accumulate dirt. 

4. Wiper Blade Squeegee

A squeegee a day, keeps wet doors and walls away! This simple tool can help keep your bathroom walls and doors dry and mildew-free. Simply wipe them down once you're done with your shower. You can also spray a bathroom cleaning liquid before wiping down, for best results. 

5. Shower Basket

You wouldn't want to stumble around in the shower looking for your shampoo, would you? Keep all your products such as shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and more in metal shower basket. Go for a two or three-tiered one that has enough space to keep all your bathroom essentials in.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Accessories

1. Where To Buy Bathroom Accessories? 

Bathroom accessories can be easily bought both online and offline. If you're looking to shop offline, you can pick them up at hardware stores. These items are also available at specialty bathroom accessories stores. If you're looking to buy them online, there are a wide variety of bathroom essentials available on websites. You can compare various brands and compare the products based on the price, features, and material as well. Pick the ones that are good quality, durable, and fit into your budget. 

2. How To Decorate Your Bathroom With Accessories? 

Bathroom accessories are as much about functionality as they are about beauty! You can choose from a wide range of colors, materials, and designs to spruce up your washroom's decor: 

2.1 Bathroom Mirror

Choose a bathroom mirror with an eye-catching frame to add an elegant touch. You could go for a variety of shapes too - rectangle, square or round. 

2.2 Aroma Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser can transform your bathroom into a spa! These are mostly made of ceramic pottery and are available in many colors and ornate designs. 

2.3 Bathroom Accessory Set

You can pick from beautiful accessory sets that are made from stone, glass, ceramic and metal. Bathroom essentials set come with a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and a soap dish. These go for glossy or rustic designs that enhance the appeal of your washroom. 

2.4 Shower Curtain

Turn your shower curtain into a statement piece by picking interesting patterns and colors. You can pick one in a color that complements your shower floors and walls. If you have an all-white bathroom, then choose a vibrant shade to add a pop of color.

2.5 Bathroom Faucets

To add a luxurious touch to your bath, pick bath faucets with beautiful designs. You can find them in modern styles or traditional designs. You can also choose from a rose, gold, silver or copper finish. 

2.6 Bath Mats

Complement the overall aesthetic of your bathroom with bathroom mats. If you're going for a minimalist look, pick hues like grey, dark blue or forest green. For a more playful style, go for pinks, yellows, and purples. 

3. Who Makes The Best Luxury Bathroom Accessories?

If you're looking for luxury bathroom accessories, then there are a few brands that you can explore. Brands like Kohler, Jaquar, Grohe, Hindware, Duravit, and Colston are worth considering. Delta faucets, Moen and Villeroy and Boch can also be counted among luxury bathroom accessories brands.

These brands make luxury mirrors, bath faucets, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and showers. They also create high luxury items like towel bars, towel rings, soap dispensers, toilet tissue holders and more. It's important to pick bathroom accessories that are a combination of functionality, quality, form and finish. 

4. How To Clean Bathroom Shower Accessories?

It's important to be careful while cleaning your shower accessories. Most bathroom faucets and fixtures are made of stainless steel or chrome. These surfaces should not be cleaned with standard cleansers or detergent, as these could damage the specialty surface. Add one cup vinegar with a cup of water, and use a soft washcloth to clean the faucets and bathroom sink. For stubborn grime, clean the sink using a medium-abrasive washcloth. 

For shower accessories with bronze or oil-rubbed finishes, we recommend cleaning them only with water. These specialty fixtures come with the manufacturer's cleaning instructions, which you should refer to. 

To clean your ceramic or porcelain bathtubs, use a mix of water and vinegar, or a paste of baking soda with water. You could also use a mild general-purpose cleaner. Don't use undiluted bleach on porcelain or ceramic bathtubs. This could 'pit' the surface - turning it rough and jagged. If the surface has rusted, then use a stain-removing cleaner. 

If your bathtub is made of fiberglass or acrylic, then you could wash it with some dish soap and water.  In case you use bath oils, then it's a good idea to wipe the tub down after bathing. this will prevent any build-up of grime or scum. 

5. How To Make Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories?

Have unused mason jars lying around? No problem! You can make a number of fun and useful bathroom accessories with them. They are an easy and affordable way to organize your bathroom essentials. Mason jars can be painted and customized as well - decorate them in all-white or vibrant colors - as you wish!

5.1 Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

To make a soap dispenser, you'd need a mason jar, a lid, a pump from any old lotion bottle, wire cutters and a precision knife. First, cut out a small hole in the center of your mason jar lid with the precision knife. Slowly make that hole large enough for the pump to pass through the lid. then, use a hammer to flatten out the sharp edges that may have come up while making the hole. Then, slide the pump through the hole in the lid, and glue it using a strong glue. And voila! Your mason jar soap dispenser is ready.

5.2 Toothbrush Holder

Mason jars without their lids make perfect toothbrush holders. Simply remove the lid from the jar and you're all set. To add a bit of fun, you can paint these with acrylic paints in vibrant hues to add pops of color to your bathroom. 

5.3 Cotton Swab And Cotton Ball Holder

Mason jars make for fabulous cotton swab and cotton ball holders too. In case you're looking to turn it into a cotton ball holder, go for a large jar with a bigger mouth. This will make it easier for you to store more cotton balls at a time. 

From keeping your washroom organized to enhancing its decor, bathroom accessories serve many purposes! Be it bath faucets, towel racks, or shower curtain, each accessory improves the functionality of your bathroom. It's important to buy accessories that are made of waterproof and rust-resistant material. Go for finishes and colors that complement your aesthetic. You can choose from metal, glass, ceramic or porcelain accessories. Here's to a relaxing and luxurious bathing experience!