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Baskets & Bags

Keep your knick knacks neatly organized and within reach with these premium baskets & bags! Stylish and durable, they're not just functional, but make for great display pieces as well. 

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Woven Plastic Storage Basket

Tidy up your room in an instant with the black laundry basket. This is the perfect place to put your dirty clothes right after a long day. It...

Clear Laundry Basket

STORAGE BASKET: Plastic storage bin with handle perfect for holding hair products, makeup, toys, craft supplies, office tools, bath products, t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, purses, hats, towels, and other...

Gray Eco-Fabric Foldable Laundry Tote

Take your dirty clothes to the laundry shop with this Gray Eco-Fabric Foldable Laundry Tote. This chic product can hold all your items so you can store them...

Large Grey Plastic Storage Basket

Maximize your storage space with the help of this Large Grey Plastic Storage Basket. Perfectly designed to store small to large items, you can use it to organize...

Large Round Beige Soft Storage Bin

Tidy up your bedroom with the Large Round Beige Soft Storage Bin. This stylish bin can hold your toys, books, and other home essentials. It can also double as a...

Extra Large Round Grey Soft Storage Bin

Store your everyday items with Extra Large Round Grey k Soft Storage Bin. It is fashionably crafted so it can perfectly match any part of your living room...

Bags & Baskets Buying Guide 

Origin of Bags and Baskets

As far back as 38,000 BCE, early humans used to make bags and pouches out of animal skin and fiber to store grain, vegetables, weapons and other items. Such bags came especially handy to transport items when tribes used to travel over long distances, from region to another. It’s easy to see why these simple items are so useful and versatile, from then to now!

Benefits of Using Baskets and Bags

There are several ways in which bags and baskets can help keep your house or office looking fabulous. Here are some of the reasons why they’re a must-have in every home:

Keeps Your Space Well-Organized: If you don’t have well-defined bags and baskets in your space for storing different things, it’s easy for a home to become a hot mess. Marking out baskets and bags to store things like your laundry, magazines, toys etc helps you make the most of the space you have. It also makes it much easier to find your things easily without much of a hassle.

Gives A Neat, Minimalist Look: Storing essentials away in baskets and bags makes your space look neat and clean. No more piles and piles of laundry upon a chair, or stacks of magazines on top of your tables. Picking a good quality laundry bag and bookshelf can go a long way in decluttering your space. And a neat space always looks great!

Enhances Aesthetic Appeal: A well-organized space can look way better than a space that has a hundred different items crammed within it. ‘Less is more’ is definitely true. Having things like hanging baskets to hold your plants in can add a dash of greenery and vibrancy to your home. Since these hanging baskets don’t take up floor space, they also help you make the most out of limited space.

Tidy Home, Tidy Mind: Mess causes stress - This is true! Psychologists have mentioned that having a cluttered environment around us can add to a person’s anxiety and stress. This leads to poor decisions and a feeling of being out of control. Keep your home or office well-organized home with appropriate storage bags and baskets, and you’ll feel more in control of your life and decisions. 

Types of Baskets and Bags

There is a wide variety of bags and baskets available in the market, with each serving a different purpose in your home. Let’s read about some of the most commonly used baskets and bags in daily life:

Laundry Bags: Thank god for laundry bags! These simple but super-useful bags help you store unwashed clothes in a neat manner. They’re usually quite spacious and made of flexible fabric, so they can comfortably hold a lot of clothes till its time to do the laundry. These bags can be made of natural fabric like cotton, or can also be made of plastic fiber such as nylon. Some laundry bags such as mesh bags can even be used inside the washing machine! 

Grocery Bags: If you’ve ever gone grocery shopping, you’ll know just how useful a sturdy and reusable grocery bag can be! Keeping a large and good quality grocery bag not only helps you get your groceries easily back from the market, but they also help you live an eco-friendly life. Reusable grocery bags reduce the need to buy plastic bags every time you visit the market, helping you reduce your carbon footprint. Grocery bags can be made from various materials, from cotton, jute to linen.

Hanging Basket: Want to keep your space filled with flowers and greenery, but don’t have a garden? Then hanging baskets are the perfect solution. These baskets are usually made from wire and plastic and are great for growing decorative plants and flowers even when you don’t have garden space. Simply fill the basket with the appropriate compost, water-retaining gel, and the right fertilizer granules. Once you’ve done this, you can add in the seeds/saplings and watch them grow as they hang from your walls and windows.

Fruit Basket: Baskets can also be used to store fruits as well as different types of foods such as loaves of bread, eggs and more. These baskets can be made from cane or wicker and add a homely touch as they sit atop your kitchen counter or dining table. Feeling hungry? Simply pick fruit right off the basket - easily within your reach!

Materials Used To Make Bags and Baskets

Bags and baskets can be made from different materials - from cotton, leather and much more. You can choose the material for your bag or basket depending on what you will be using it for.

Cotton Bags: These are sturdy and can be used to store things that are slightly heavy such as groceries, or laundry.

Paper Bags: Paper bags are usually quite delicate and should ideally be used to carry light items such as light groceries, documents, lightweight books, etc. Using them to carry or store anything heavy will not work as they can be easily torn under heavier weights.

Jute Bags: Jute is an eco-friendly material that has great fiber strength. This makes jute bags extremely durable and strong. It’s no wonder why they’ve been used for several years to store and transport heavy objects and grains such as wheat and rice. In recent years, jute has made a fashionable comeback and you can find laundry bags and handbags made from jute as well. These new designs make this versatile fabric look trendy and in style as well.

Cane Baskets and Bamboo Baskets: Cane baskets are lightweight, strong and durable. These can be used to store food, fruits, books and can also be used as decor for your home.

Wicker Baskets: Wicker is a technique that is used to weave flexible plant material, or even plastic strips to create baskets and boxes for storage. Wicker baskets are sturdy and can be used to store everything from magazines to clothes. Wicker baskets made from cane or bamboo can also be used as decorative items and can be hung on walls to spruce up your home decor.

Plastic Bags: Plastic baskets and bags came into use as recently as in the 1970s, and have taken over the world ever since. Plastic bags are used to store everything from food, clothes, shopping items and much more. In recent times, people have been favoring eco-friendly or reusable bags, instead of single-use plastic bags.

Wooden Baskets: Wooden Baskets are sturdy and can be used to store a variety of items in your home. These baskets look great and can also be used as serving trays.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bags and Baskets

1. How to hang baskets on wall? 

You can hang your wicker basket or any other basket on wall in 3 easy steps. You will need a scissor, a sturdy and thick plastic thread along with the needle and a nail or fishing hook to fix on the wall. 

Step 1: Decide and mark out the points on the wall where you would like to hang your baskets. Make sure you take into account the sizes of the various baskets you intend to hang, to make sure they don’t overlap. 

Step 2: Take your fishing hooks/ nails and hammer them into the wall at the spots marked out by you. 

Step 3: Take your needle and plastic thread and push it through the weave roughly in the center, through to the other side of the basket. Repeat this step till you have both ends of the thread coming out from the back of your basket. 

Step 4: Once you have both ends of the thread, create a loop and tie them in a knot. You can also tie a double knot to secure it further. 

Step 5: Now, hang your baskets from the thread loop onto the nails that you’ve hammered into the wall. Simple!

2. How to clean baskets? 

You can clean your wicker basket, wood basket or cane basket by dipping a soft microfibre cloth into warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid. Make sure to gently wipe down all areas of the basket, especially the bottom to wipe away the dust. Once this is done, wipe your wicker or cane basket with a fresh dry microfiber cloth and let it fully air dry before using it to store items again. 

3. Where to buy cheap baskets? 

If you’re looking to buy offline, you can buy affordable baskets anywhere from a multi-purpose supermarket or a home utilities store. However, there are a number of cheap and good quality baskets available online. You can readily compare the items, their prices, and reviews as well. 

4. How to hang hanging baskets?

You can hang your hanging baskets using these easy steps:

  • It’s a good idea to hang your hanging baskets on the edge of your porch, on deck edges or your fence posts. Make sure you don’t hang your baskets in a spot where someone could walk into them, both for their safety and the safety of your plants!
  • Plant brackets and plant hooks are easily available in the market - make sure you pick the appropriate size that can handle the weight of your planters. (Most average sized planters weigh around ten pounds).
  • Take your drill and drill a pilot hole into the wood/ wall. Then, push in the threaded side of the screw into the hole, and keep turning it clockwise and tightening it till the screw is properly fixed in place.