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Makeup Organizers

A must-have for every lady out there, get your beauty stash (lipsticks, powders and all) organized pronto with these multi-functional makeup organizers.

Best of Makeup Organizers

Makeup Organizers Products

12-Compartment Acrylic Nail Polish Organizer

Make organizing nail polish easier with the 12-Compartment Acrylic Nail Polish Organizer. Its use of a compartmentalized and tiered design allows for items to be separated, organized and...

12-Compartment Lipstick Organizer

Make organizing lipsticks easier with the 12-Compartment Lipstick Organizer. Its individual multi-level slots are designed for most lipsticks to fit into them. Ideal for displaying lipsticks, mascara cream,...

3-Drawer Slim Countertop Organizer

Keep makeup and accessories conveniently stored with the 3-Drawer Slim Countertop Organizer. Made of durable plastic, it securely stores any of your items. You can easily see the...

3-Compartment Clarity Tall 9 Inch Vanity Organizer

Create an organized bathroom counter with the 3-Compartment Clarity Tall 9" Vanity Organizer. Its single-piece construction creates durable storage for your bathroom items. It has simple cut-out handles...

4-Drawer Clear Organizer with Bamboo Frame

Nicely store and display all your vanity items in one place with 4-Drawer Clear Organizer withBamboo Frame. This stylish and modernBamboo framed item provides a great storage for...

8-Compartment Cosmetic Tray

Organize your cosmetic palettes and other beauty products with 8-Compartment Cosmetic Tray. Its modern and clear design will match your vanity desk. This compartment tray Specifications eight safe...

Makeup Organizers Buying Guide

Makeup organizers are various moulds, chests, trays, and dividers that can be used to compartmentalize all your cosmetic products. Just like cosmetics vary in shape and size, these organizers also come in different shapes and sized to accommodate them. Some are specifically designed for lipsticks, while others for nail polishes. Some are multipurpose and consists of several compartments where many of the products can be kept according to their size, usage, and any other variable that you might see fit.

Types Of Makeup Organizers

Following are the most popular and widely used types of makeup organizers:


This type of makeup organizer consists of a flat tray with 3 or more compartments where you can easily keep all of your different cosmetic accessories neatly organized and handy.


Makeup organizing chests either consist of a number of drawers or open up to reveal multiple tiers that can be used to store various items. They are pretty large in size and come in transparent as well as printed or opaque designs.


This type of makeup organizer is tall and shapes like a cylinder. These usually consist of several sections that are built into the cylindrical body. They’re sized in a way that you can keep multiple things in them, including skincare products, makeup tubes, brushes, etc.


Mostly used for nail polish organization, rotational organizers consist of mostly 2 tiers that can be rotated. There’s usually a compartment in the middle with various sections where you can keep all the other stuff.


This type of makeup storage is the most common. There are actually different types of compartment organizers. Some have 3  sections, some have 12, while others have even more. They’re usually used for storing lipsticks, nail polishes, and other small accessories.

Factors to consider when buying makeup storage

Here’s everything that you need to consider while browsing for makeup organizers:

Know what your make-up collection consists of

Many people have preferences when it comes to their make-up collection. Some like to collect lipsticks while others are crazy for nail colors. Similarly, there are women who love experimenting with eye-shadow palates while others prefer contouring kits. Some even have a wide range of mascara colors. All of these products vary in size, shape, and styling. Therefore, you can’t really keep them all in one place. You’ll either need to buy several makeup storage organizers for each of your preferred products or get a few similar ones to properly organize and care for your extensive collection of a single product. Note that there are some people out there with a very limited or minimal makeup collection. They can make do with a single multipurpose organizer.

Figure out whether you want your makeup storage to be transparent or opaque

Many makeup organization products are made out of transparent acrylic but there are ones that are made from colored plastic as well. It all depends on your choice, your aesthetic, and your need.

Consider the style of your makeup organizers

Some people tend to love the boxy, organized look of a multi-tiered chest while some prefer the single-tier multiple compartment organizer. Similarly, some people go for tall makeup storage while some go for flat trays. It all depends on which product you want to store and which style seems preferable in that regard.

Frequently Asked Questions About Makeup Storage

1. Where to buy makeup organizers?

Makeup organizers are quite easy to buy online as well as walk-in stores. However, you can find a much better collection online. There’s quite a variety that you can find in e-stores that caters to all the different products either individually or in clusters. You’ll definitely be able to make a better selection when you have a diverse collection at your disposal. All you have to do is find the one that suits your needs and click on that add-to-cart icon!

2. How do I organize my make-up drawer?

Normally, organizing a make-up drawer is a very personal endeavor. You keep what you use the most at the forefront, while the rest is just relegated to the side. The back of the drawer consists of the least used products. You can organize the various items in your cosmetic collection by furnishing your drawer with makeup trays, lipstick/nail polish organizers, or other different types of such compartments. They’re very easily available in online as well as walk-in stores. They make organizing makeup in a single drawer so much more efficient. Alternately, you can forego the drawer completely a buy a multi-tiered make-up chest to accommodate better organization.

3. What are the best nail polish organizers?

Nail polish seems to be a popular cosmetic choice. People tend to have vast collections, which can be hard to keep track of. The following two organizers are the most popular choice when it comes to storing them:

Clear rotating nail Polish Boutique

This rotating organizer is the best choice for collectors who also love indulging in personal manicures and nail art. The two tiers of this organizer consist of several slots where you can keep all of your nail colors neatly organized. There’s also a cup-like slot in the middle, which can be used to keep your nail filer, manicure accessories, scissors, clippers, and nail art brushes. This one is definitely recommended for large nail polish collections.

All-in-one nail station

This one might not be able to feature as many nail polish bottles as the previous one, but it’s got a fan and UV let drying station where you can quickly set your nail art before hurrying out to your next appointment! Plus, its back compartment allows you to keep extra manicure accessories all organized in the best possible way.

4. What to put in makeup organizers to keep brushes?

The most classic and popular way to keep the brushes firmly grounded in the makeup organizer is coffee beans. Many people tend to use them in homemade brush organizers as well. All you have to do is pour an adequate amount of beans in either your store-bought brush organizer or even a tall jar/glass/mug at home and stick your brushes in them. It will keep them anchored no matter how tall they are.

5. How to clean acrylic makeup organizers?

Acrylic makeup organizers are transparent and sturdy. They can be easily maintained with regular dusting. But if yours has become grimy and too dirty to maintain good cosmetic hygiene, then you can actually wash it. Just take out all your makeup and accessories, put it under the water, and wash it up with soap or detergent. You can use an old toothbrush to get all the corners and nooks. Afterward, you can dry it with a clean microfiber cloth and voila!

6. Is it bad to keep make-up organizers in the bathroom?

It’s definitely not recommended to keep makeup storage in a bathroom. It’s because the temperature of a bathroom tends to run between hot and humid – especially when people take a lot of hot showers in them. This can adversely affect your makeup collection. This is why you should keep your makeup organizers in a cooler and drier place. The dressing table or nightstand in your bedroom is the best option.

7. What are the best makeup organizing hacks?

Some common and popular makeup organizing hacks include putting grid dividers in your drawers to keep the lipsticks from rolling around. You can also use an acrylic organizer to compartmentalize all your favorite shades. You can use organization trays to keep your brushes, highlighters, foundation tubes, and extra accessories all within handy reach. It’s all about utilizing different organizational tools.

8. What are the best places to keep makeup organizers?

It depends on the size of your makeup organizer. If it’s large and oversized like a multi-tiered chest, then you can keep it on top of your dressing table or nightstand. If you’ve got multiple small organizers, then you can keep them inside a drawer, cabinet, or shelf. Most people like showcasing their makeup accessories in places where others can see them. You can even design a special shelf or wall mount case to keep all your cosmetic paraphernalia handy and neatly organized.

9. Is it okay to store lipstick upside down?

Storing liquid lipsticks upside down is not recommended at all. It may help you better figure out which color is where and keep it handy, but the liquid will pool into the cap and spill when you actually screw the lid open. Alternately, there’s no harm in storing solid tube lipsticks upside down.

10. How do I declutter my makeup storage?

Girls tend to hoard make-up like dragons hoard gold and jewels, so you might be struggling with your makeup organizers when trying to compartmentalize all your things. The best thing you can do to help yourself is to stop hoarding those free samples. Either use them, gift them, or throw them away. Secondly, you have to throw away all the outdated products. It can be hard to part with many of your best products, but it’s a necessary evil if you want to keep your collection as skin-friendly as possible. The broken compacts or lipsticks that you don’t use anymore should either be thrown away or donated. After embracing these steps, you’ll see an amicable reduction in your collection, which will make it easy to organize everything that’s leftover.

11. Does heat ruin makeup?

Yes, heat and high-temperatures can definitely ruin your makeup and cause the growth of dangerous bacteria. It can also cause your makeup to melt, change consistency, even color, and go bad. This is why it’s recommended to store your makeup essentials is a cool and dark place when summer hits in full swing. Also, definitely do not leave your makeup inside a hot car or any other such space.

12. How often should I replace make-up brushes?

Makeup brushes comprise a major part of your makeup storage and organization. So it’s important to know the shelf-life of this product. The sponges tend to break off and become holey at the end of their lifespan. You should replace your makeup brushes every three to four months. And it’s recommended to clean them with hot water every 7-10 days. This helps neutralize the bacterial growth that might have started on the bristles. If you don’t use your makeup brushes often, then it’s recommended to lie them in drawers to keep them dust-free.