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Storage Baskets & Bins

Not only are storage baskets and bins important for their ability to store items, they're also great for separating by category! Hooray for a tidier, more organized house.

Best of Storage Baskets & Bins

Storage Baskets & Bins Products

7.5 x 4.5 x 3 inches IP Clear Stacking Bin

Organize office accessories using the 4" x 10" IP Clear Stacking Bin. Its narrow stackable bins are ideal for storing and organizing small goods. A great way for...

5.5 x 4.5 x 3 inches IP Clear Stacking Bin

Organize office accessories using the 5.5 x 4.5 x 3 inches IP Clear Stacking Bin. Its narrow stackable bins are ideal for storing and organizing small goods. A...

6 Inch x 13 Inch IP Clear Stacking Bin

Organize office accessories using the 6" x 13" IP Clear Stacking Bin. Its narrow stackable bins are ideal for storing and organizing small goods. A great way for...

6 Inch x 11 Inch IP Clear Stacking Bin

Organize office accessories using the 6" x 11" IP Clear Stacking Bin. Its narrow stackable bins are ideal for storing and organizing small goods. A great way for...

5 Inch Felt Bin Gry/Gry

Sometimes, it's the little things that matter - and what better place to store them than the 5" Felt Bin Gry/Gry? This compact, soft, yet sturdy bin is...

7 Inch Felt Bin Gry/Gry

Clear out your deskspace or any room with the 7" Felt Bin Gry/Gry. A polyester felt body makes this bin light yet sturdy. This medium-sized piece is great...

Storage Baskets & Bins Buying Guide

Purpose of Storage Baskets and Bins

Whether it is your home or a hospitality establishment, storage baskets and bins are essential in every kind of residence.Their main function of storage and segregation makes them too important to ignore and invest into randomly. You want to take care of the things you store in them, the places you put them on, as well as how you classify the various storage baskets. 

Materials for Storage Baskets and Bins

Storage baskets and storage bins are available in a variety of materials and each kind determines their own unique function in a way. For example, a wicker basket cannot be used to hold the same heavy items as a metallic storage basket can, and the same case can apply to woven baskets.

1. Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are perfect for storing clothes, as pantry baskets, and a variety of countless other small and large applications around the house. You can use miniature wicker baskets as gardening pots inside the house as well as use them in the pantry to store all kinds of groceries you have. Moreover, wicker baskets also look attractive and give a uniform warm touch to the house and any room you’re going to use them in. Wicker baskets can also be used as storage bins for your dirty laundry and the same applies to a fresh batch of clean laundry to store and organize.

2. Metal basket and bins

Metal baskets are useful in storing a huge variety of items and the best thing about this is that it’s durable. Metal baskets aren’t the heavy trunks you use for clothes, but you can use them in kitchen shelves, sliding shelves in the kitchen as well as pantry among several other uses. Moreover, metal baskets are important in storing clothes, pantry items, and utensils in your kitchen cupboard among other uses. The same applies to metal bins where you can use them as trash cans, miniature metallic bins as pen and stationery holder, as well as use a medium-sized one as trash cans in offices and hospitals. Metal baskets also find their use in offices and hospitals as well as supermarkets in trolleys.

3. Plastic storage baskets

Perhaps one of the most widely used and known, plastic storage baskets are all-rounders in terms of storage. You can use them for storing clothes, small items around the house such as toys, books, carry laundry and even store away food items in your pantry. Moreover, they’re mostly designed to save space by stacking one on top of each other. Most importantly, plastic is widely used in bins- garbage, storage, and other kinds too. You can use plastic bins to hold your stationery, your clothes, books, any household, office or medical supplies you can think of.

Factors To Consider when buying Storage Baskets & Bins

Your storage baskets and bins have ample uses around the house. Storage baskets can be used for long term storage, organizing, preserving, or even as decorations. Here are some of the factors you should keep in mind when making a purchase decision:

1. Space requirement

Storage baskets are effective as long as you know the purpose behind them. This is especially true when it comes to long term storage. Getting oversized storage baskets and not being able to adjust certain items or having too much left out space will just create more issues. The more space you’re trying to save, you would end up wasting because of oversized storage baskets. So, before putting them on pantry shelves, or in your storage closet, or any other space, do consider the dimensions and volume to keep in mind.

2.Usage requirement

Your use of the baskets also should be the first and primary reason to consider before buying anything. If you’re planning to buy storage for your pantry, the same style of wicker baskets cannot be used for your laundry and the same applies to other materials. If it’s ornamental or storage centric, your storage baskets have their own functions, and usually you can get them by stack at your nearby store or the Storables website. Moreover, a storage basket for your laundry or storage bin would only be best suited to that purpose rather than purposing the same for every application around the house.

3. Material required

The material you can use also depends on the purpose your storage basket is going to be used for. For example, woven baskets would be good for decorative or storage options for your bedroom, but the same wouldn’t be a good idea to use for laundry, or the pantry. Moreover, some material like metal might not be good to place on glass shelves or within reach of children in case it has sharp edges. Another factor to consider here would be the time you intend to use the storage basket for. Although plastic baskets and bins would last longer than wicker baskets, it would be best to consider how the material you’re storing would stay inside it in the long term. Pantry items stay best preserved in wicker baskets, and having plastic or woven baskets wouldn’t suit it.

Ideas On How To Use Storage Baskets & Bins

1. Storing books

If you see your bookshelves too overcrowded or burdened, using a storage basket can help layer and store them properly. You can get an open ended (one side open), to see what books you’re storing and thereby not only reducing the mess of your bookshelf, but also arranging them properly. You can do the same with decorations and other small items to keep them out of view and arranged properly.

2. Pantry Storage Baskets & Bins

Your pantry is one of the best places to use for storing items and pantry storage baskets can help you achieve this easily. Store all of your spices, condiments, bags of food, veggies, and the items are endless. For your pantry, you need something that is able to store all the heavy and light items as well as stay durable and most importantly make things easier to reach to. So, getting wicker baskets or metallic mesh baskets can be a good idea. Moreover, storage bins can help in organizing items that are more prone to spill.

3. Rooftop Storage Baskets

If you are a traveler at heart and your car is your home, you can get a rooftop storage basket for your car or SUV as well. It makes it easy to carry all of your luggage without compensating on the interior space and spoiling your seats or trunk storage. With rails on the sides, and ample space on top of the roof, these storage baskets are metallic mesh baskets and help in distributing the weight evenly. Moreover, you can even cover your luggage with a sheet to withstand any rain and dust while traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions about Storage Baskets & Bins

1. How to use rooftop storage baskets?

Using rooftop storage baskets on top of your car is easy and you can use it to hold all of your luggage such as suitcases, backpacks and other items you can safely store outside under a weather cover. Despite ample height of the rails on the side, you still need to hold your luggage together with a rope and weather sheet. This makes it incredibly easy to carry your luggage and creating more space inside the vehicle.

2. How to arrange storage shelves and baskets in master bedroom?

In you master bedroom, you can choose to arrange all the storage shelves and baskets in an extended closet room. Or you can also carefully place them in a large cupboard, but it has to be medium to large sized. This makes all of your storage space more organized, optimized and easy to get to.

3. How to decorate with canvas storage baskets?

Canvas storage baskets can be used for ornamental purposes. You can even color them to some extent and design anything you want to. But, they’re best for concealing small items. Additionally, miniature storage baskets and bins are also good for placing indoor plants and can also be hung to give a better aesthetic effect.

4. How to hide storage bins in plain sight?

The best way to hide storage bins in plain sight is to decorate them with DIY methods such as painting or covering them along with the interior color of your room. Moreover, using indoor plants can also be a good idea and help you get better storage space all the while hiding things and bins behind them or couple them like a vase.

5. Why are storage bins measured in quarts, gallons and liters?

Storage bins are cylindrical in shape and when purchasing often, it is meant to categorize them by how much they can hold inside instead of the dimensions. This helps in making sure that the storage bins that you buy have ample space for everything you intend to use it for, and going by its volume is the first step.

6. How to make a compost bin out of plastic storage bins?

Your compost bin is easy to make and with a few tools, you can convert your storage bin into a compose bin. Here are the steps to convert your plastic storage bins into compost bins:

a. Get a drill machine and drill holes all around the sides of your plastic storage bin, including the base.
b. Choose the materials you need to make it a compost bin and you can start your own composting practice in your garden in no time.

7. What is a storage bin?

A storage bin is one of the smallest storage options you can get. You can use them in warehouses for storing small items, machine parts, among other items. Moreover, you can also use storage bins to decorate your home and place indoor plants inside them. They’re also a good use for office supplies and have a lot of uses.

8. How to hang wire baskets on the wall for storage?

Since you’re going to be using wire baskets on the wall for storage, it is important to have ample support and strength to hold the entire thing up along with the storage weight. So the first thing to do would be to get an approx. idea of how much the entire basket would weigh with the items inside. Next, you can drill holes in the wall and use brackets to uphold the wire baskets from the bottom. Simultaneously, using wall hooks for the mentioned weight support would be a good idea too.

9. Can I use bamboo for storage baskets?

If you are getting bamboo storage baskets, it is a good idea to keep it for light uses such as decoration, holding things such as books, showpieces among other items upon the shelves. You can also make DIY bamboo storage baskets at home, but their use is generally for lighter items.

10. What kind of storage baskets and bins are best for my pantry and closet?

The best storage baskets for your pantry and closet depend entirely on usage. But, here are the best case scenarios for your pantry and closet:

a. Pantry storage baskets

Storage baskets for your pantry can be either of plastic, wicker, metal mesh or even wood. It all depends on the requirement and the space you have available. Additionally, a storage basket and bin in the pantry has to be able to protect your food from insects, dust and the best material for this would be plastic, wood or metal mesh.

b. Closet storage baskets

Storing your clothes in and off season in storage baskets is essential for the long run. Moreover, the material you choose has to be able to store them without giving off any fumes or allowing dust, pests and other natural elements inside, especially in seasonal storage.