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Fabric Bins & Baskets

Fabric bins and baskets are not just foldable, they come in an assortment of colors, shapes and sizes too! Choose one of these handy options for convenient storage any time, anywhere.

Best of Fabric Bins & Baskets

Fabric Bins & Baskets Products

5 Inch Felt Bin Gry/Gry

Sometimes, it's the little things that matter - and what better place to store them than the 5" Felt Bin Gry/Gry? This compact, soft, yet sturdy bin is...

7 Inch Felt Bin Gry/Gry

Clear out your deskspace or any room with the 7" Felt Bin Gry/Gry. A polyester felt body makes this bin light yet sturdy. This medium-sized piece is great...

9 Inch Felt Bin Gry/Gry

Never lose track of your documents and office supplies again with the 9" Felt Bin Gry/Gry. Soft and sturdy polyester felt makes a reliable storage bin that stays...

Blue Box Seat

The Blue Box Seat is the perfect addition to any room with its durable construction and the luxurious feel of the linen upholstery. The soft and stylish ottoman...

Blue 12 Inch x 12 Inch Soft Storage Cube

Cubes have equal dimensions, and so will your storage spaces with the 12" Soft Storage Cube. Trusted polyester material will hold your household items in one place. This...

Dark Gray Box Seat

The Dark Gray Box Seat stores your household accessories, exercise equipment, or extra linens while doubling as a foot rest or extra seating. This ottoman is made of...

Fabric Bins & Baskets Buying Guide

Fabric bins and baskets are usually used to organize both clean and dirty laundry. They come in many sizes, styles, and designs. Over the years, they’ve become a requisite part of the laundry room and closet organization systems. They can also be used to keep other items, such as children's toys, books, pillows, etc. organized. They are an essential daily item that can completely change how you organize your clothes. But finding the perfect fabric bin or basket for yourself can be a challenge when you don’t even know what you’re going to use it for. So below, we’ll look at a comprehensive

Types Of Fabric Bins And Baskets

It’s quite amazing how much difference having a fabric bin or basket can make in your space. We all have that one chair in our bedroom where we load up clothes that are too clean for the laundry but too dirty for the wardrobe. Having a fabric bin can help you organize those in a more cohesive and user-friendly manner. Moreover, the wide variety of these bins and baskets can help you pick one that suits your needs the best. So below, we’ve listed some fabric bin and basket types that you can pursue:

Soft Storage Cubes

These foldable cube storage bins are very neatly designed and minimalistic. They’re largely made out of polyester and are the perfect way to neaten up your room. They look great in modern bedrooms, offices, and study areas. The best part is that they come in many different sizes. You can find one as small as 12” big that can even fit onto a shelf. Their collapsible design also ensures the added bonus of portability.

Jute Storage Baskets

Jute storage baskets evoke that old-school vintage vibe with a modern flair. Jute is a soft yet sturdy material, which makes it perfect for storing your laundry and clothes. You can also stow away your bedding essentials, washroom, and other types of clutter that haunts your home in there. Most jute basket designs are tall and consist of side handles to ensure better mobility. They’re also great for enhancing the decorative potential of a space, which makes them a trendy accessory. You can find similar designs in braided cotton as well.

Box Seats

Storage ottomans with removable lids are the next big fabric bin and basket alternative. They’re usually upholstered in polyester and the lid features a tufted top. The great part is that these box seats are sturdily constructed and can definitely withstand the tests of time. They are also highly stylish, and the fact that they can double as sitting only works in their favor. You can definitely camouflage them as your dressing room sitting stool, or even as an accent piece in your living room, home office, etc. These are incredibly lightweight, and you can certainly find foldable designs as well.

Felt Bins

These are usually small and sturdy. Felt bins are not only designed to hold fabrics, laundry, and bedding items but also hard plastic items such as office stationery, etc. The lightweight and mostly foldable design of these bins make them a must-have accessory for small-scale organization. They can be especially handy in home offices and study areas where you find trouble storing and organizing small items. You can also keep your bathroom accessories in such bins because they are mold and age resistant. In fact, many felt bins are made from recycled PET material, so they are also an eco-friendly choice.

Folding Crates

Folding crates are specially designed for children. They are perfect for teaching kids how to keep their toys and other things neatly organized. Most of these crates have a colorful design or character on their front, which makes them the perfect interior design element to have in a children's room. They are also foldable, so you can easily stow them away when they’re not needed. Most of them also have built-in taps, which makes them easy to put on and pull off shelves.

Eco Fabric Bins

This type of fabric bin is highly portable and comes with handles so you can easily carry it from one place to another. It’s not just reserved for fabric storage, but can be used to stow and organize all sorts of items cluttered around your home. The lightweight design is very sturdy and usually comprises of a unique blend of cotton and polyester. The interior of the bin is polypropylene-coated, which makes it stain free. This fabric bin can become a handy essential around your home.

Factors to consider when buying fabric bins and baskets

Following are some major factors that you need to consider before buying your fabric bin and basket:

What exactly do you want to use it for?

Defining the purpose of your fabric bin and baskets can help you narrow down the type that you’re looking for. For example, the kind of basket you’ll need for storing bathroom accessories would be completely different from what you’ll be needing for a children’s bedroom. Similarly, an all-rounder multi-purpose basket would differ from a single-purpose laundry bin. Basically, the function defines the kind of basket you need.

How large do you want yours to be?

Once you’ve pin-pointed the purpose of your cloth basket, you’ll need to determine what size do you want to buy it in. This basically depends on the size of the things you want to store in them. The basket for laundry rooms will be bigger than that you’ll need for office stationary, etc. Similarly, a basket for children’s toys will be larger than that you’ll need for the bathroom. It’s all in the details and usage purpose.

What kind of a style are you looking for?

The style always comes after you’ve determined the function. Whether you want to opt for a minimalistic single-tone fabric bin or whether you want one that’s made out of braided cotton or jute just depends on your own personal taste and if such a design would complement the overall ambiance of your space or not.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fabric Bins & Baskets

Which kind of material do you need for your basket?

The type of material that you need for your fabric bin or basket totally depends on the functionality and availability of the said unit. For example, some bins are made from recycled PET materials but they only come in certain sizes. If you want a bigger one, you’ll need to find something else. Similarly, braided cotton or polyester baskets have different aesthetics, so you can also make your choice based on what looks more visually pleasing in your space.

1. Where do you plan to put yours?

Where you’re planning to put your fabric bin can determine the size and aesthetic of the design that you buy. For example, the ones that have to be featured in your kid's bedroom have to be at least medium-sized and need to have catchy cartoon illustrations in order for the kids to be attracted to them. The bins that you need to place in your home offices have to be professional looking and sleek in order to suit the ambiance and function.

2. Where to buy fabric-lined baskets?

Fabric-lined baskets are quite easy to buy in both online as well as walk-in stores. You can find a large collection of these in the supermarket or department store. But e-stores definitely provide better and more versatile collections. Instead of having to look at each basket, you can just click on the product, browse through the product description and easily decide which fabric bin suits your purpose the most. The added benefit of shopping online is that you have a better idea of materials, make, and functional/aesthetic possibilities of the cloth basket you’re looking to buy.

3. How to clean fabric baskets?

If your fabric basket is starting to smell foul, then it’s time to wash it. Most of these baskets come in foldable designs, which makes washing them quite easy. You just need to fold them up, adequately wet them with lukewarm water, and wash them with mild soap. Do not use any acidic cleaners or you’ll end up damaging the fabric. After proper rinsing, you can wash the suds off with clean water and leave the basket to dry.

4. What sizes do the fabric storage bins come in?

Fabric storage bins come in many sizes. They can be as small as 7.5”, 12”, 13”, to 17”. The idea is to make them easily accessible and to be able to conveniently store them. That said, some fabric baskets can also be longer than average. Jute and cotton-weave baskets usually reach a height of 17” which makes them convenient for storing laundry.  Then there are the 5” deep felt bins that are perfect for storing bathroom essentials and office supplies. Lastly, we have the box-seat storage, which can span a wholesome 15” x 15” in dimensions.

5. How to label fabric storage bins?

The best way to label your storage bins is by using label holders or laundry clips. You can print out the text name of whatever you want to label, have it laminated, and attach it to the bin with laundry clips or tight paper clips to keep them in place. Try to avoid anything sticky such as double-sided tap, etc. as it can end up completely ruining the integrity of the basket’s fabric.

6. How to get odor out of new fabric storage bins?

It can be highly difficult and challenging to get nasty odors out of your fabric storage bins. The best way to do so is by using essential oil sprays and ivory soap. The soap can be chopped into pieces and stored in a mesh bag, then put inside the fabric bin. It will suck away the bad odor over time. Alternately, you can also put in a tray of either baking soda, charcoal, or coffee beans inside the basket. All of these materials are said to have amazing absorbency, but sometimes, they don’t work either.