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Wire Baskets & Bins

Wire baskets and bins can be used for a wide variety of purposes: use it to decorate and place ornamental items, to hold your fruits or even as a shopping container!

Best of Wire Baskets & Bins

Wire Baskets & Bins Products

Medium Classico Chrome Storage Basket

The Medium Classico Chrome storage basket is ideal for storing toiletries, food items, toys, craft supplies and other household items. Its built-in handles allow you to easily move...

Plastic Storage Bins

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Short Satin Classico 6 Inch x 16 Inch Wire Basket

The Short Satin Classico 6" x 16" WireBasket is the perfect storage for various house items. It is made with sturdy steel wire and rust-resistant finish that will...

Small Mesh Baskets

Our Small MeshBasket is a durable organizer perfect for storing small to medium items. Made from durable stainless steel wires, you won't worry about it breaking and getting...

White 4-Tier Cart

The White 4-Tier Cart is great for storing items in small spaces. It is ideal to use in any room in the house whether it is in theBathroom,...

White 3-Tier Cart

The White 3-Tier Cart is great for any room in the house that needs extra storage whether it is in the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. It comes...

Wire Baskets & Bins Buying Guide

Purpose Of Wire Baskets & Bins

Bins and baskets not only help you throw away your trash, but act as storage containers as well as decorate your house. No, this is not about kitchen trash cans or bins, but wire baskets and wire bins. Wire baskets act as any other kind of storage device but offer better durability and are available in a variety of amazing options too.

Materials for Wire Baskets and Wire Bins

When it comes to storage, decoration or any other purpose, your baskets and bins need to be durable and they need to be able to withstand heavy storage items. That is why usually it is best to go for metallic storage wire baskets rather than others. However, you can still get these baskets and bins in a couple of available materials:

1. Stainless Steel

Making use of a steel wire basket or bin is highly effective in lasting long time as a good storage option. You can make use of stainless steel wire baskets and wire bins across your home without worrying about them getting rust or broken. Moreover, you can keep them in any way needed, whether it is in the form of bins or baskets. As kitchen wire baskets, stainless steel is really effective in storing your utensils as well as other items in kitchen cabinets. Having a metal basket placed in your kitchen drawer is a good idea, and as a wire mesh basket, stainless steel lasts a really long time. It is perfect when you’re keeping big and small utensils alike and if you get a small grid wire mesh basket, it even prevents your spoons, forks and ladles to slip through. Additionally, installing them in kitchen drawers, and sliding shelves can act as multifunctional storage spaces for a lot of things in addition to utensils. Metal wire baskets last long compared to any other material.

2. Wood

You can also get wooden wire baskets to store your fruits, books or a variety of things from your home. These are ideal for your drawing, living or dining room where you can just pick them up and place anywhere you need. Moreover, wood makes for excellent storage baskets especially in living rooms where you need to pile and fold your clothes. The best part about getting wooden wire mesh baskets is storing fruits, veggies you need out on a table. You can even use wooden baskets in general around the house to store small things such as scattered toys, books, clothes among other items.

Functions of Wire Baskets and Wire Bins

1. Storage

Wire baskets and bins are really good containers, especially when it comes to storage. Storing all kinds of stuff, whether light or heavy is possible with wire baskets. The same applies to wire bins, where you can get wire bins lined up with polythene bags or other items to collect the items you throw away. You can place them in the kitchen, and they look nice and are durable too. With close-knit wire mesh baskets, you have countless uses and applications around your house.

The major use of wire baskets these days is in storage. Storing kitchen items such as jars, utensils, cutlery among other items is possible and with sliding drawers and kitchen cabinets, you can get custom or pre-made wire baskets for your home and kitchen specifically. Apart from kitchen metal baskets, the wire baskets can also be used to work as containers for your clothes. You can arrange your clothes, pile up small items and even books in custom or baskets with fewer items.

2. Decoration

Decoration with wire baskets and bins is also possible and you can place ornaments and flowers in small-sized wired bins around the house. For ornamental purposes, it would be best to get small-sized wire bins and ideally made up of wood or having a wooden texture and outlook. Small-sized decoration purposed wire bins are good for the overall aesthetic sense of your house.

Getting small and medium-sized wired bins to add to the look while multifunctioning as a storage basket is a great addition to your home’s beauty. Additionally, you can even use them as laundry baskets and flower holders. Place them at your mantelpiece or dining table or even get one for your child’s toys! The uses for wire baskets and bins are endless and you can purpose them to any application depending upon the size and style.

Factors to consider when buying Wire Baskets and Wire Bins

Not every wire bin and storage basket is the same, and purposing each and every one for the same purpose isn’t a wise decision. For example, ornamental wire baskets can only be purposed as per their size and style and not to hold utensils and cutlery. Here are some factors to consider before buying wire baskets and wire bins:

1. Size

If you are considering buying wire baskets for your home and specifically for the kitchen, it is best to measure the dimensions of the area you need for your basket. For example, in case you’re considering getting wire baskets for utensils, it is a good idea to get an idea of the dimensions required for the sliding drawer or cupboard. Another factor to consider here is the weight it would be holding. If you plan to load the basket with large utensils such as saucer pans, big bowls, it is best to get sturdier and thicker wire metal baskets.

On the other hand, if you’re purposing your wire basket for clothes and other items which you need to pick up and carry around, consider buying lighter wire mesh basket. Using the same metal basket in the same applications mentioned above wouldn’t work a long time and would only be uncomfortable. Another example would be to use wire baskets for your clothes and the same wooden or metallic light frame size metal or wooden basket wouldn’t work for your kitchen.

2. Weight and Material

The weight and material of your wire basket and bins also matters. For example, your wired metal bin would be prone to water, moisture and other substances, so an iron or plastic metal bin wouldn’t be the best idea.

Investing into a much more durable stainless steel wired bin would pay off not only in terms of cleanliness but also durability as cost effectiveness and it wouldn’t corrode or leave behind stains. The same applies to the wooden wire baskets, as you can only purpose it for small items such as fruits, veggies, small bins for flowers, and even using the larger ones as your clothes basket.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wire Baskets & Bins

1. What to put in wire baskets?

Depending upon the material and size of wire baskets, you can use them for a variety of applications around the house. You can use wire baskets in the kitchen to use as shelves for your kitchen drawers and sliding drawers. There are a lot of things you can put in wire baskets, and if you have small sized wire baskets, you can even use them for fruits, toys, books, and even clothes. It entirely depends on the type of wired basket that you have.

2. How to hang wire baskets on wall?

Using mounting pins, or hooks, you can just hang any wired basket on your wall. The best scenario would be to install an array or series of hooks and hang your wire baskets. If it is going to be used to store heavy items, it would also be a good idea to use a supporter for it beneath.

3. How do you stack wire baskets?

Use the handle to place it one on top of each other with the c shaped handle on the same side. This would not only enable you to take them out easily, but also save space and make sure they do not damage or get stuck in each other.

4. How to make wire shelving baskets look nice?

In case you are fed up of the look of your wire baskets, getting an overhaul without getting a new wire basket is very much possible. You can look into covering the wire baskets up with

5. How to make wire recycling bins?

By re purposing a wire bin, you can make it a wire recycling bin with the help of separations, it is an easy DIY project. All you need for this is either aluminum/stainless steel or cupboard sheet as per availability. Follow these instructions to convert your wire bin into a wire recycle bin.

    1. Cut your sheet in halves or thirds as necessary to create two or three partitions.
    2. Make sure that you create a slit in either of the parts of the sheet you cut to accommodate the other sheet(s).
    3. Color or paint them as necessary, which would help you recognize your separations better.
    4. Coat your sheet(s) with either cardboard or paper sheets and label them as per what you plan to put into them.
    5. Your wire bin is now a well segregated recycle bin.

6. How to organize the pantry with wire bins?

You can use several wired bins as it is or installed sliding shelves in your pantry. With the help of labels and metal wired baskets, you can organize your pantry by type, size or freshness of the food items. This is especially helpful in shops and labelling and organizing your pantry is made incredibly easy with metal wired bins.

7. How to put in wire baskets for decoration?

The best part about wire baskets is that they’re not only usable for storage purposes, but ornamental uses too. Here are some of the applications you can put your wire baskets to use in:

    1. Using small wooden wire baskets in your bedroom as pencil or stationery. You can organize your work space or study table or even bedside table with wooden or wired baskets in a way that it can accommodate and organize everything.
    2. Wooden baskets or wired small bins as flower holders and placing them around your house and dinner table. You can also put in fruits and veggies to further enhance the beauty and even use them for storage purposes.
    3. Hanging wooden baskets and covering the based with cardboard or other linings to use them for showing plants. You can use them as wall hanging cases for your wine, cases for your indoor plants, place lighting in the wire baskets along with other artistic elements.

8. How do you use a wire basket?

Wire baskets have innumerous uses and you can use them for both storage and decorations. Here are some ideas to get started:

      1. Using wire baskets in the kitchen cupboards to store food items and pantry in general.
      2. Wire baskets also work well as shelves for utensils, cutlery and other heavy items which wooden and glass shelves and cupboards wouldn’t be best for.
      3. For decoration, you can use wire baskets as wall hangings with items in it
      4. You can also use wire baskets for storing clothes, items from around the house.
      5. Organizing items from around the house such as books, toys, and other things.
      6. Storing pantry items or organizing shoes in your locker.
      7. Hanging around plants and other fauna to beautify your place.

9. How do you keep water high in a hanging basket?

Line up your wire basket or use a different covered basket to hold water. This is only useful when you’re using it to hold plants. Use your plant to see what works best to hold water and it