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Woven & Wood Bins

Woven bins and wood bins are an easy and elegant way to keep your house clutter-free. These storage bins are spacious, durable, and can be used to store a wide variety of things!

Best of Woven & Wood Bins

Woven & Wood Bins Products

Brown & Natural Lassen Rectangular Crate

The Brown & Natural Lassen Rectangular Crate organizes space and provides versatile storage for clothing, linens, bath and beauty products, toys, school supplies, magazines and more. It uses...

Gray Eli Basket

(please note that the brown version of this basket is no longer available) The Gray Eli Basket adds style to your home while keeping everything organized. It is...

Gray Ada Basket

The Gray Ada Basket provides a lightweight solution to your storage needs such as clothing, baby products, toys, or pet products. It uses attractive and original cotton thread...

Gray Lassen Rectangular Crate

The Gray Lassen Rectangular Crate is perfect for storing clothes, bath and beauty products, toys, school supplies, and more. It is designed with gray speckled recycled cotton woven...

Small Gray Montlake Bin

The Small Gray Montlake Bin is a multi-purposeBasket that keeps your small items neatly organized. It is made with a high quality cotton that is perfectly safe from...

Small Natural 7 Inch x 9.5 Inch Montlake Bin

The Small Natural Montlake Bin provides great storage for all sorts of small household items. It is made of woven cotton rope fabric that makes containers durable. The...

Woven & Wood Bins Buying Guide

With so many objects, appliances and accessories in our homes, keeping a home mess-free could sometimes become a challenge. Having good storage bins and boxes go a long way in keeping a home well-organized and functional. Woven bins and wood bins are a perfect way by which you can keep your essentials well-organized in a quick easy fashion. 

Purpose of Woven Bins and Wood Bins

Each room in a house should have a wood bin, in our book! Be it your laundry, towels, toys, linens or more, you can neatly store them in these woven bins. These storage bins are easy to clean, flexible, spacious and have a clean and modern visual aesthetic as well. So store all your things in bins that you will be proud to show off as well!

Wood bins are sturdy, durable, and equally useful in storing objects, documents, toys, linen and other objects in your house. To top it all, wood bins also add a natural, earthy touch to your home which can complement your decor and add a natural charm to your space. Not only that, you can keep outdoor wood bins to use them to dispose of your garbage. 

Benefits of Wood Bins and Woven Bins Storage

From keeping your rooms clutter-free to being easy to clean, having storage bins can mean a lot of benefits for your space, no matter what you choose to use them for. Let's find out more about their many benefits:


Wood bins and woven bins can be used for a variety of purposes all across your home. You could use them to store your children's toys, store your laundry or keep your towels. You can use the relatively smaller wood bins to keep all your cosmetics. On the other hand, large wood bins and storage bins can be used to store your kitchen appliances and cutlery as well. Any knick-knacks, whether they are small or large, can all be stored easily in woven bins. You can even buy colorful woven bins or wood bins, and use them as gift containers to make hampers for your loved ones. 

Keep your home clutter-free

If you need a quick-fix solution to clean up the clutter in your home, having woven bins may just be what you're looking for. These bins are incredibly easy to use - all you have to do is toss your knick-knacks off the floor and into the bins. This way, all the clutter is quickly out of sight and stored in a safe manner. Say goodbye to messy rooms and the chair that doubles up as a laundry bag! 

Visually Appealing

Who says you must compromise on looks for practicality? There are plenty of well-designed and high quality woven bins and wood bins available in the market. You can choose the style and the color of these bins to complement your home's decor and color tones. 

Tips to Buy Woven Bins and Wood Bins

There are a few simple tips you should keep in mind when buying woven bins. This way, you will pick the right ones that are perfect for your needs, and will serve you well in the long run as well:

Strong Material

Make sure you buy storage bins that are made with strong material and is of sturdy construction. It will ensure the woven bin's durability and will also make sure that there are no cracks and breakages when you store objects in them. This is especially important since the primary function of these bins is to store plenty of objects. 

Easy to Clean

Always pick wood bins and woven bins that are designed in such a way that they are easy to clean. Go for simple designs that do not have too many intricate engravings in them. Since these bins are filled with a wide assortment of objects, it is crucial that they are regularly washed to prevent them from getting dusty, dirty or contaminated. 


A woven bin or wood bin can only be used for storage if it's spacious enough to store your things! This is why you should pick wood bins and woven bins that are spacious and with enough capacity to store your things. You can choose the dimensions and size of the woven bins according to your needs - for eg. you may need a large sized woven bin for laundry if you stay with other people, and may only need a small wood bin if your cosmetic collection is limited. There are enough sizes of woven bins available in the market to accommodate all needs. 

With Handles

It's a good idea to buy organizer bins that have handles on the sides. Since you may have to carry these bins from one room to another, for eg. in the case of laundry, this will make it much easier for you to carry the wicker basket. Make sure that these handles are sturdy and firmly attached to the main body of the bin, to avoid any mishaps. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Woven & Wood Bins

1. Where to buy decorative woven bins for cheap?

There's a wide range of well-designed and decorative woven bins available both online as well as offline. You can buy these woven bins from any home improvement or home decor store in the city. These woven bins can also be bought at supermarkets in the home decor sections.

If you're planning to buy these decorative woven bins online, then there is a wide variety of colors, styles, and brands to choose from on home improvement e-commerce websites. You can compare the size, design, features as well as the prices of different varieties with each other, before deciding which one you'd like to purchase. 

2. What are the techniques involved in making woven bins?

Here are some of the things you need to know about the process of making woven bins:

The material

Woven bins can be made from a variety of materials and with different weaving techniques. Woven bins can be made from natural materials like rattan and cane, and they can also be made from synthetic materials like plastics.

Weaving technique

There are different weaving techniques to make woven bins, such as coiling, plaiting or the wicker technique - each technique binds the materials to each other in a different way, resulting in a different weave pattern and design. 

Parts of a woven bin

To make a woven bin, there are three parts involved - the base, the sidewalls, and the rim. You can also add handles, a lid and other decorative elements to it as well. 

The weaving process

First off, we start with making the base. The base can either be made of coiled fabric or braided material. Once the base is made, we move onto weaving the side walls one by one. Most natural baskets are made by plaiting flexible grasses or vines around hard, fixed spokes. Woven bins can also be made with machines these days, as most widely produced baskets are. 

3. What are some advantages of using woven bins?

There are many benefits to using good quality woven bins, some of which as given below:


Most high-quality woven bins are made with sturdy material, which makes them durable for years. This means no cracking or breakage even when you load it up with an assortment of objects. 


One important advantage of woven bins is that they are flexible. This means that they can stretch in size and form to accommodate more objects without any breakage, all without losing their original space. 

Wear and Tear Resistant

Since woven bins are usually made with sturdy materials, they are resistant to wear and tear and to damage. This increases the life of your storage bin.

Easy to Maintain

Thanks to their simple design, woven bins are quite easy to maintain and clean. Simply wipe them with a cleaning spray and a soft cloth to keep them dust-free. 


There is a wide variety of woven bins available in the market at budget-friendly prices. You can choose the size, style, and brand of the woven bins depending on your needs and budget, and you're sure to find options that meet your needs. 

Visual Appeal

Woven bins can not only help you keep your home or office clutter-free, but also enhance its look. These bins come in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you can pick designs that complement your decor. 


Woven bins are versatile enough to cater to most of the storage needs that you may have. You can use them to keep your laundry, store toys, books, clothes towels, cosmetics and so much more! The list is endless.

4. Where to purchase wood garbage bins?

Wood garbage bins are sturdy, durable and with lots of visual appeals. You can buy wood garbage bins from select home improvement stores in your city, though they may not be available in every brick and mortar home improvement store. A better bet is to purchase them online from a home decor or furnishing store. This way, you can check the type of wood used, construction, dimensions, features as well as customer reviews before purchasing the wood bin that works best for you. 

5. How much are wood potato bins?

Wood bins are a perfect way to store your dry veggies like onions and potatoes in a clean and hygienic way. They also help you get the most out of a compact space. Finally, having a wood potato bin in your kitchen adds a rustic touch. Wood potato bins are available in a wide range of prices online and in stores - the prices vary with the quality of wood, dimensions and other features. Pick the wood potato bin that suits your storage needs and budget. 

6. Why should I choose a wood bin over other types of bins?

Wood bins are a great addition to your home for many reasons - from looking fabulous to storing your things in a safe and clean way: 


High-quality wood bins are made with strong wood material, which makes them quite sturdy and perfect for storing a wide variety of things without the fear or cracks or breakage. 


If the wood bin you have is made with good quality wood, it can easily last you for years with some simple maintenance tips. 


A large-sized wood bin or a multi-tiered wood bin can go a long way in helping you make the most of a compact space whether it is your bedroom or your kitchen. Multi-tiered wood bins can be used to store anything from your cosmetics, accessories, to even dry veggies like potatoes in a space-efficient way. 

Aesthetically pleasing

Who doesn't like the rustic charm of a wooden piece? Wood bins come in a variety of colors and finishes and can add a natural, earthy look to your home or space. Look for wood bins that complement the furnishings and decor of your space. 

Woven and wood storage bins come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and designs. You should pick the organizer bins for your space depending on how much storage space you need, your budget, and your home's aesthetics. These bins are not only practical but have tonnes of visual appeal too. Wood bins add a rustic charm to your home, while woven bins can be bought in any shade to suit the decor of your home. Here's to clutter-free and beautiful spaces!