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Towel Holders

An indisputable bathroom/kitchen essential, the humble towel holder makes accessing paper towels easy, and allows fabric ones to dry naturally.

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Extra Large Paper Towel Holder

Fumble no more! Have this Towel Holder on your wall and easily access your tissue paper and towels whenever you need them. This high-quality product can be installed...

Small Accordion Drying Rack

Danya B. accordion drying rack is an attractive, functional space saver for your laundry room or bathroom. When needed it extends out easily to provide 10 hanging racks;...

Stainless Steel Towel Rack

If you're looking for an all-in-one bathroom solution, this is it: this towel rack is multi-functional, reliable, and adds instant classiness to your space. Product Specifications Material: 304...

Towel Holders Buying Guide

Towel holders are bars, rods, rings, hooks, or racks that you can hand your towels on. They come in many unique designs and are an absolute bathroom design essential. If you imagine a bathroom without a towel holder, you can be sure to foresee some veritable disasters in the shower and vanity areas. Let’s take a look at everything that you need to know about them:

Types Of Towel Holders

There are many different types of towel holders. Some of them vary in function while some set them apart through distinct designs. Some distinguish themselves by being futuristic and highly unique. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular types of towel holders:

Paper Towel Holders

This one is to dispense paper towels and comes in many designs. Usually made of either stainless steel or plastic, this device easily lets you access paper towels in your time of need. They’re usually installed on tiled walls, right beside the WC. This holder always has to be on the right side of the WC and should be just 18-24 inches high for easy accessibility.

Ring Towel Holders

Designed like an oversized door-knob, ring-shaped towel holders are usually installed near the shower or beside the vanity. They can only hold one towel at a time, so they’re not the most efficient choice when you live with a large group of people. They come in both plastic and metal, so you can choose your pick depending on your budget, aesthetic, and interior design needs.

Towel Rods

Towel rods are the most common type of towel holder that you can find in the market. Their simple aesthetic, ergonomics and easy installation have made them a fan-favorite. What’s better is that they come in many unique designs. You can find sleek modern towel rods that fit the modernist bill quite well. Then there are the matt copper ones that can emulate a moody, materialistic edge in rustic or industrial style bathroom themes. Some towel rods have stylistic handles that even evoke a classical effect. And lastly, there are the plastic ones that are both classic and functional to the fullest.

Accordion Drying Rack

Hanging racks are specially designed to be multi-functional. They consist of multiple towel rods and can act as a make-shift laundry wire in dire situations – especially the ones that come with extendable designs. They’re sturdy, space-saving, and perfect for making your bathrooms as ergonomic as possible. You can also install them in your laundry area. They’d made a great addition to small-style bathrooms that can be challenging to install multiple hardware pieces in separately. These accordion racks are a handy solution and are becoming more and more popular by the day.

Swing Towel Rods

Swing towel rods consist of multiple horizontal bars, each of which can be swung forward so that you can hand your towel on it. The swivel design is unique and provides multiple surfaces to hand different towels. It’s definitely a futuristic design that’s classy, minimalist, simple, and perfect for bathrooms shared by large families or multiple people.

Factors to consider when buying a towel holder

Here are some design considerations to understand before buying a towel holder:

  • Function is the most important part to consider when buying a towel holder. The smartest question to ask is: what would you be using it for? Is it for hanging shower towels, hand drying towels, or paper towels? Knowing the answer will help you determine which type you should go for.
  • If you’re buying a towel bar or rack, you should know what size you’re looking for. Larger ones can accommodate more than one towel. Racks can be used to safe-keep the folded towels, which you can replace on the bar when it’s time to pick out a new one. Same can be applied to towel rings – the smaller ones can be installed on your vanity backsplash to hang hand-drying towels while the larger ones can be affixed next to your shower area for bigger ones.
  • The last factor to consider when buying a towel holder is what kind of style you are looking for. This largely depends on what type of bathroom interior design theme you’ve got going on. If it’s sleek and modern, then you can go for chrome or metal finished. If it is general and homely, then plastic is fine as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Towel Holders

1. Where to hang towel holders?

Towel holders are generally installed right beside the shower stall. The reason for this is because that you mostly use your towel for drying the body after taking a shower. However, one can argue that the most common use of towels is for drying hands after washing them. This is why most people have two types of towel holders in their bathroom. The bigger bar is closest to the shower area, whereas a small ring is installed beside the vanity. This takes care of both problems.  But if push comes to shove, and you can only choose one option, then go for the towel bar beside the shower stall.

2. How often should I change my towel?

It is usually recommended to wash your towels after two to three days max. The bathroom is a ball pit of microorganisms. It gets especially bad if you don’t have a ventilator that lets in enough sunlight. Therefore, it’s best to do a towel laundry as often as possible. If you even leave it for a week, the microorganisms will not only make your towel grungy and icky, but will also effect your overall health. It’s also important to put expose your towel to regular sunlight. If it’s wet, just hang it on the terrace railing or bedroom window until it dries in the sun. that will leave it crisp and fresh again.

3. Should I go for metal or plastic towel holder?

Metal towel holders are sturdier for sure, but they do have their drawbacks. If your metal towel rack or bar is not of high quality, it’s probably going to start oxidizing soon. Fast forward a few years and it will be completely rusty. Therefore, don’t just look at the physical durability, but also check on the qualitative longevity of your bathroom storage.

On the other hand, plastic towel racks may not have the longest lifespan, but they do retain their aesthetic quality throughout the run. Just make sure not to overload them, and they can last you more than you can imagine.

4. What are the worst places to install a towel rod?

The worst place to install any towel racks is underneath or beside your shower fixture. Just turning on the spray will immediately drench your towel. The other worst place is on top of your WC, as it makes accessibility to the rack quite difficult.

5. How do paper towel holders work?

There are two kinds of paper towel holders: automatic and manual. The automatic ones dispense the towel mechanically and are usually used in public restrooms. The manual ones have a small handle where you loop in your paper towel roll. Note that the starting seam of the roll should face outwards so that it’s easier to pull on the paper towel manually. They come in many designs and are widely used in residential settings.

6. Do towels dry better on hooks or bars?

Any type of cloth dries better when it is completely stretched out. When you hang a towel on a hook, it essentially bunches up, which makes it harder for it to dry completely. On the other hand, when a towel is hung on a rack or a bar, it has much more room to be stretched out. No one part of the cloth touches the other. This makes it easier for it to dry. In conclusion, it is a tried and true fact that towels definitely dry better on bars than hooks.

7. How high should a towel holder be installed?

The installation height of a towel holder is at 4 feet, but it ranges between 42” to 48” on average. This is because it’s the most ergonomic choice for people of all heights is four feet. No matter how tall or short you are, this particular height is medium ground that everyone can easily and comfortably reach.

8. How to install bathroom towel holders?

It’s all about taking accurate measurements and being tool savvy. First off, you need to measure the distance in x-axis. How far is it going to be from the edge of the wall? Take a tape measure and do the distance from both sides. Mark this spot, as it will be where your towel holder goes from one end to the next. Now, it’s time to measure in y-axis. The height can be anywhere from 42-48 inches. Take a level and see if both your marks are at the same level.

After that, take the brackets of your towel holder and use them to trace the holes on the wall. Then take a drill and plug-in some holes in the center of all the marks that you’d traced. Then hammer wall-anchors into the holes. Then take the screws, put them through the brackets, and install them into the wall. Then take one of your towel bar handles and insert the slots at its back into the brackets you just installed. This will anchor the handle to the wall. Then take the rod, put it in the holes at the side of the handles, and slot in the other handles into the bracket as well! Viola!

9. How to label towel holders behind the bathroom door?

There are no hard and fast rules of labeling the towel holding hooks installed behind a bathroom door. You can tack on name stickers on top of each hook. Or you can color code it according to which one belongs to which person of the family