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Garment Racks

Bring home a beautiful and useful clothing rack, and give organizing a new meaning. Adios, struggle of getting ready; hello, clutter-free garment storage!

Best of Garment Racks

Garment Racks Products

Bamboo Clothes Rack

Maximize your clothing space with the help of this modern and stylish bamboo Clothes Rack. Made of sturdy bamboo stacks, it is efficient to use as a spare...

Black/Chrome Clothes Rack

Organize your clothes in this simple yet stylish Black/Chrome Clothes Rack. It has an adjustable height feature and bars on the bottom which can accommodate long or short...

Chrome and White Closet Doubler

Production Description Keep your closet space clutter-free and organized using the Chrome and White Doubler. Maximize the double rod to organize your clothes, hang the short pieces, like shirts, on...

Chrome Folding Clothes Rack

Hang your clothes using the strong and flexible designed Chrome Folding Clothes Rack. Designed as fully malleable storage for garments, it supports everything from winter coats to costumes....

Chrome Closet Doubler

Maximize your clothing space using the stylish Chrome Closet Doubler. Use this closet double rod extender to hang the short pieces, like shirts, on top while the long...

Double Hang Clothes Rack

Create extra hanging space for your crowded closet or laundry room using the Double Hang Clothes Rack. This adjustable rack with double rod hanging space provides room for...

Garment Rack Buying Guide

Remember “27 Dresses”? The cupboard of everyone’s favorite bridesmaid could not be kept closed. Does it remind you of your own garment arrangement? And have you been Googling for perfect garment racks to stack some of them up in a neat manner? Well, look no further for we bring you the perfect buying guide of garment racks to make your search an easy one.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Garment Rack

So, how do you choose garment racks from a pool of choices? You need to take note of several things, as below.

How busy are you?

Busy as a bee that doesn’t even get time (and energy) to even fold clothes? Do you find garment racks written “organized” all over them? You should definitely go for them which come with extra hanging space and options.

Are you going to hang clothes for faster drying from your clothing rack?

Clothing racks are very good for drying wet clothes also. Look out for the material you choose. Going for wooden or ply-made will turn out problematic while steel body will serve your purpose just right.

How heavy-duty do you want your clothing rack to be?

Though it depends a lot on the material and durability of the product itself, you need to check it once with your need. Are you just planning for additional storage space for your daily wear clothes? Or are you looking at hanging as many clothes as you want (even the laundry)? Buy accordingly.

Do you like the garment rack- static or movable?

Most of these racks, wardrobe racks as many people call them, come with wheels attached. This gives you quite a lot upper hand like moving it out of the way while cleaning, carrying the whole wardrobe rack with you while doing your laundry etc. If you prefer stuff remain at their place, it’s your choice!

How big is your apartment?

Yes, of course, the racks are of foldable designs, but when you are using them they will eat up some space. Be sure about the size you want.

How much are you willing to pay?

Sometimes, higher quality can only be availed with a big hole in your pocket. Research the price and material of racks before grabbing one. A number of online sites and offline manufacturers offer products at a reasonable price and good quality material also.

Now as you know which factors determine your choice of wardrobe rack, you need to what you would choose. Well, you do need a buying guide of garment racks, right? Here we present you with the options you would come across while shopping.

Types Of Garment Racks

1. Rods: 2, Shelf: 3

Want your closet shelf to be most functional? Go for this type of open design closet shelves. It has enough space to store not only your garments but shoes, accessories also! You will find them with customizable hanging rods so you can make space as you require. Among numerous pros, this closet shelf gives you the scope of removing the bottom rod also allowing you to hang longer garments without a hiccup. Hooks attached to the sides make way for scarves, handbags, hats.

The four wheels, heavy-duty ones, enable you to move it to anywhere conveniently. Quick assembling feature gives it a boost. If you have been eying for multi-functional garment storage unit, this clothing rack is just what you need.

2. From ‘Top’ to ‘Bottom’

15 minutes is all that such clothing racks take to get assembled. What do you want to hang and store? Winter garments and coats? Or is it just your daily heap of clothes? Do you need space for shoes and other accessories as well? Basic garment racks with only top and bottom are the only ones you should fix a deal about.

Do you know what’s great? Both top and bottom racks can be moved and adjusted to make it suitable for you. Oh, and it also comes with a hanger rod! Don’t go by the sleek design and consider it as a weak design. Such clothing shelves can carry as much as 176 lbs weight. With functionality and sturdiness, these garment racks (with wheels that can be locked) add to the beauty with aesthetic of modernity blended together.

3. Collapse and Carry

It is just poles and bars for this wardrobe rack. Horizontal rods make up this type of racks which can again be adjusted in height and can be pulled up to almost 64 inches. So, whatever garment you wanna hang in there, it can provide you with adequate space! Why leave out the bottom poles unused? Apart from your clothes, you can also use it as a space for stacking storage boxes and keep the smaller items, accessories neatly in them.

Most people who own this wardrobe rack go gaga over its effectiveness. Easy to assemble is another pro of this storage unit. The chrome getup gives them an extra elegant finish. Practicality and aesthetics come together in this type of garment rack. If you want a sturdy solution for keeping your wide variety of clothes, definitely go for this particular type.

4. Black and Chrome Garment Rack

Worried whether a full steel body rack would match your interior? Well, worry no more and grab the closet shelf with black and chrome finish. We would give anything to find a perfect match of utility and style in one single piece, wouldn’t we? You can find closet shelves with steel rods polished in chrome. Of course, you can always customize one with the desired height of the rods and hangers. You would not find durable items like this commonly to be lightweight. But some brands like Whitmor are producing such garment racks.

The colour chrome blends perfectly with any interior décor. You can also use it for drying clothes as the material is water-resistant. Want to add more height to it? You can always do that as the complete arrangement comes with height increments. This also has the facility of the bottom rack which you can again use for storage boxes sized adequately. Lastly, move it and place it wherever you want as there are good quality wheels attached.

5. Commercial Rolling Rack

As we talk about colour and you find monochromes not your cup of tea, how would you like a vibrant orange base? Sounds interesting? Well, some companies are coming up with such versions of garment rack in commercial-grade style. The commercial-grade gives you amazingly higher durability and more storage space than ever.

Wouldn’t you love to hang all your garments at one place only? This is the option you should settle upon. Easy to assemble? Of course. That is why you can always put it away neatly when not in use. The design of this sturdy clothing rack is unique from the point of view that it has three-part z-shaped base which you can snap together to give it the final look.

Its functionality is beyond doubts as department stores and other merchandisers use such racks extensively. They are undoubtedly the best when you want to retain the practicality of your garments in a stylish manner. Apart from all these, the biggest pro is- it comes at a pocket-friendly cost.

6. Commercial Adjustable Rack

Efficient? Check. Foldable? Check. Enable storing many clothes at once? Check. Stylish design? Check. What more can we really ask for from a closet shelf? Making a place among the top choices of critics, this commercial grade adjustable rack (marketed by manufacturers like LANGRIA) is creating buzz for all the right reasons.

With a brilliant finish in chrome, it adds to the simple yet beautiful design and adds another dimension to your home décor. On both sides, the rods are commonly extended to several inches. This gives you more convenience for hanging clothes. The bottom rack for shoebox or other storage unit is present here as well.

The unique feature? It comes with rust preventive oil-coated casters. You can thus move it as you wish even though there are loads of laundries hanging from it.

7. Double hanging racks

If you are the proud owner of a studio apartment and also a good collection of clothes, a single rack may of solve all your problems. But you cannot fill up your apartment with as many closet shelves as you want, can you? Get introduced to double clothes’ rack.

Utterly convenient and impeccably practical, this one comes with two racks- an upper hanging rack and a lower hanging one. With adjustable bars, you can further increase the heights and make space for more garments. Wait, there’s more. The length of it can also be adjusted. And also, don’t forget the bottom bars for extra storage.

This item is particularly built for small living space where it won’t eat up much room but at the same time allow ample storage. Being rust proof is another pro that it packs. Made of heavy-duty metal this particular storage item of clothes can be extremely durable with high longevity (not to mention, easy-to-assemble). The double racks double up the convenience and space of storage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garment Racks

1. Where can I buy garment racks?

Which one do you prefer, online shopping or offline? Online shopping sites have a a wide arrays of garment racks for you to choose from. You can buy any as per your affordability as they will offer items of various costs. At Storables, we've curated the very best options for you, so you'll find all the information you need and more.

2. Who has garment racks under 20.00?

When you put your hands upon it, you will find not many options are there which will give you such a pocket pinch. But among the few available options, we have plenty of garment racks under USD 20.00. Check the reviews first before jumping at the price. Bear in mind that price isn't always indicative of quality, so always keep your options open.

3. How to protect garment racks?

Covers for garment racks are available for wrapping them up and protecting them from external harms like moisture. Covers made of canvas or other waterproof clothing rack covers can be used for protection purpose of both the garments and the hangers or rods and racks. They can come with buttons or zippers. Using them will put off dust and sunlight from spoiling your clothes. Covers made of breathable fabrics are the best ones to go for.

4. How to strengthen garment racks?

If you are into buying a wardrobe rack, go for heavy-duty sturdy steel body. If you are making one yourself, be extra cautious about giving it more stability and strength. Fix additional PVC elbows on the holders so that they reach the floor. Use adhesive to attach the pipes and wheels more strongly. This would more or less settle the matter for you in terms of durability, strength and sturdiness.

5. How sturdy are copper pipe garment racks?

Depends on the material quality with which it is made. Copper itself is not as sturdy as steel or iron. So when you are opting for copper pipe garment rack, you should know that you are compromising with the sturdiness to some extent. With a wardrobe rack made of copper, you should not hang as many clothes as you want to keep in mind the flexibility. After a few years, you will find the copper rod or the hanger has bent a little. Do not get disheartened if you had your heart set upon a copper pipe-made rack, just don’t use it for heavy-duty purposes.