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Extra Large Vacuum Bags – Set of 2

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Product Description:

Make storing bedding, comforters and pillows much more easier with the Extra Large Vacuum bags – Set of 2. Excess air in the bag can be sucked out using your vacuum’s hose attachment which allows clothes to be shrunk down into a fraction of their original size. This makes storing and moving bulky objects much more easier and is ideal for travel. It is also airtight and watertight to protect its contents from moisture, bugs and mold which is great for long-term storage.

Product Specifications

– Six 40″ x 30″ vacuum compression bags
– Fill bag, zip and remove air using vacuum to compress contents
– Durable multi-layer construction
– Airtight and watertight double seal zipper
– Ideal for storing coats, blankets, sleeping bags and comforters