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Canvas Underbed Storage Chest

Maximize the space under your bed using Canvas Underbed Storage Chest. Made of durable fabric with a clear top, you can use this to free up extra items...

Clear Under Bed Bag

Find a better storage for your blankets, comforters, clothing, and other items using the Clear Under Bed Bag. Made of clear durable vinyl, the storage Bag allows the...

Gray Underbed Zip Top Tote

Make use of the large space under your bed using the Gray Underbed Zip Top Tote. Made of breathable linen and thick PP plastic board inside, it is...

Large Clear Underbed Box, 36 Inch x 16 Inch

Make the most of the unused spaces under your bed with the Large Clear Underbed Box. These sturdy and clear plastic boxes keep your clothes, pillows, or extra...

Narrow Underbed Drawer

This Narrow Underbed Drawer is designed to fit under most beds. Its slide-out drawer easily slides across most surfaces for convenient accessibility without compromising any interior storage space....

Stackable Mahogany Bed Risers

Lift your bed for extra space with the help of this stylish set of Stackable Mahogany Bed Risers. With its universal design, it can fit different bed styles....

Buying Guide for Underbed Storage

What is the one thing that we are always running out of at our home? The unanimous answer should be storage space. We are never short of items to store but always short of where to store them. Closets? Oh, they are filled first! Garage? - No space to store even a needle there. Anywhere around the house? Bingo! Did you check down under? - Under the bed, we mean! Be it the clothes that you want to lie flat or knick-knacks- you will always find the underbed storage to be a great savior. In this article, we bring to you a buying guide for underbed storage units and how to wind up magic with them!

Before you step into IKEA or scroll through Amazon to buy storage units, you need to check a few things.

How do you know which underbed storage would be perfect for you? We list out a few points for you:

1. What is the volume of the space you have?

You must measure the height and width of the space under your bed. Without the measurement, there is a fat chance that you will end up with units that are either too short or too high than the bed. Who wants the fuss about returning the products time and again? Be ready with the measurements written in a neat manner and keep it in your purse so that you can easily find what you need next time you visit the supermarket. You can also take a picture of your bed to make your shopping venture even more hassle-free.

What do you want to keep in the underbed storage? Just because the storage space is out of sight, keep in mind its black hole nature! It is easy to forget what you kept in there mostly because you do not see them regularly. ‘Out of sight’ will really make the items ‘out of mind.’ From luggage to knick-knacks, you can store anything but just make a mental note of how frequently you will put your hands upon them.

2. Do you already have a bed with storage?

Sometimes your bedroom is already complete with a bed with storage space. Do not try to go for flattened storage boxes in the minimum amount of space still available. It will be tough to bring them out and stash back again on a regular purpose.

3. What containers should you choose?

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the units for bed storage. While plastic containers will be perfect for some items, canvas bags or bins with wheels will be okay for some other items waiting to be organized.

4. Where is the bed under which you want to store?

What we actually mean is, is it your bedroom or the children’s room or the guest room? Wondering why? Well, in the children’s room, underbed drawers will be a perfect solution for storing their toys and other itsy bitsy things. In your bedroom, you can stack your shoes, linens, woolens anything that the closet refuses to take in. while in the guest room, you can keep your art and craft supplies, towels and bed linens for the guest etc. So, you need to understand the placement of your bed with storage underneath.

So, now that you have sorted out all the issues and points to consider while buying underbed storage units, you now have to look into the options available in the market.


Trending underbed storage ideas

1. Plastic bins

Think storage, think plastic bins. As finely they fit into your closet or garage storage units, so perfect it is for the underbed storage. Plastic bins have enough space to store pictures, photo frames, documents and so on and so forth. No space in your kitchen still you just got two cutlery sets on Christmas or on your house warming party? Plastic bins will come in handy. Did you just cleaned up your closet and identified some clothes you want to donate? You can fold and roll them and keep them one after another. Some plastic bins come with wheels which make taking those out and tucking in an easy task. These bins come in various sizes. Choose which suits you.

2. Overall bag

Bags are the best option for storing cloth or linens as there is no risk of breaking or no need of having a structured side for maintaining the shape of the contents. These bags come in a number of shapes and sizes. You can store your bed linens, jackets, and pullovers in them. A big advantage of these bags is you can fold them up when not in use as bed storage. While vinyl tops make it easy to see what is in there some brands like Whitmore make these materials that repel dust. Clean storage at one go!

3. Underbed Drawers

Sounds new? This storage item is very much in and users find underbed drawers a great idea to store clothes and have easy access to them at the same time. Don’t have a lot of dresser space? Or, the dresser space is already overflowing? Underbed drawers are at your rescue. The open construction and gliding wheels on these drawers entitle you to seamless effort in pulling it out from under the bed or sliding it back again. You may come across individual drawers or sets of two (you can check out IKEA) which generally fits under any bed. Do you have a queen-size bed? No worries. Full or twin beds? They'll fit perfectly either way.

4. Rolling Storage Shelves

Want a smart and unique under bed organizer? Rolling underbed storage shelves are here for you. If you are a hostelite (as they call you in India if you are staying at a hostel) this shelf will be of great help to you. Stack your books one after another, store your shower caddy- organize your shoes on them- anything you wish. The open structure allows you to access the contents from any side. Wheels are added advantage. These under bed organizers are made of carbon steel which provides extra durability. Be it your children’s room or your elder one’s dorm, the rolling shelves are excellent options for underbed storage.

5. Underbed shoe organizer

Thanks to the fashion magazines, every season your shoe rack gets a few new members, right? It is really difficult to resist the new styles designer brads come up with every spring, winter, autumn, Christmas and so on. But what about their storage? Manufacturers of storage solutions are coming up with just what you need- shoe organizer for your underbed storage. You can tuck away flip flops, formal shoes, special stilettos etc seasonal footwear that you wear occasionally. If you find it fit, you can use it for the regular purpose also. With the capability of storing up to 12 pairs, underbed shoe organizer is a hot favorite among the users.

Frequently Asked Questions about Underbed Storage

1. What is underbed storage for?

Whatever you wish! You can store seasonal clothes, photo frames, bed linens, towels, sewing supplies, documents, craft supplies, children’s toys, shoes- anything you cannot find any other place to stash in. All you would need is a proper measurement to make sure the contents are all right according to the size of the storage container. You can also keep your extra pillows under your bed with storage. so, no one is putting any bar on what you can store. you can do so with whatever you find necessary.

2. How big of a bed clearance for underbed storage?

If your bedroom is bejeweled with an antique bed, you are entitled to a good 36-inch clearance in height under the bed. While with a queen bed the clearance you get is around 25 inches. This is lower in platform beds (1round 18 inches). The rest of the clearance area available will depend on how big a bed you have in your bedroom. More space, the higher the availability of the storage area.

3. How to assemble underbed storage for a bed?

Each and every underbed storage units like underbed drawers etc which reach you in an unassembled state and you are completely on your own while assembling them, there are detailed descriptions of the assembling process attached to the products. If you do not find them helpful, numerous videos are available on YouTube showing you step by step how to assemble particular products for bed storage. If all these fail, you can always give a call to the manufacturer company and associates or relevant service providers would visit you. Commonly, the assembling procedures are simple. While buying do choose those with easy assemble/disassemble capability.

4. How to divide underbed storage using a storage divider?

This will be far too easy with underbed drawer units. You can place a foldable storage divider and maximize the space available. You can place cardboard pieces standing upright in a storage container and divide the space within. You can also set storage dividers in an underbed clothes storage bag and stack your underwear or lingerie in them separately. Again you can take refuge on YouTube and see for yourself how you can make storage dividers at home and apply them effectively.

5. What are some great underbed storage ideas to try?

We have pointed out the top 5 underbed storage solutions we think you would find suitable in the article above. Kindly refer to the portion in the article and you will find what you are looking for. Apart from the 5 mentioned solutions, there are myriad other storage ideas too such as, clothes storage box, vacuum storage bags, underbed organizers etc. You can choose your storage unit idea when you go to buy one.

6. How to cover the underbed storage?

We choose underbed space for storage purposes for many reasons; one of them being you do not have to worry about making the storage look pretty. Buy bed linens for your bed higher than the measurements you would have taken. The bigger sizes would cover all your hidden treasures under the bed. You can also opt for bed-skirts which would hang around the bed in a covered manner and the underbed storage would be out of sight of the guests visiting your abode.

7. Bed with storage or underbed storage containers- which would be better?

Both are useful depending upon the contents you need to store. The extra advantage with separate underbed storage units is that you can move them from one place to another or fold them up when not in use. But in bed with storage, you have no such option. Absence of wheels would make transporting it impossible. You can always shift the containers from under your children's bed to under the guest room bed when you have separate storage.

8. Where to buy underbed storage containers?

Storables is your best bet - we have the best and widest collection of underbed storage containers. Go through the reviews of users and the features offered by the product before you make your choice.

9. Are the hydraulic lift storage beds advantageous?

Well of course! Here the only mechanism that is applied is the gas lift. The storage space is underneath the mattress portion. These are even more convenient if you are living in a small apartment or a home with tight space. With no drawers, you can never be stuck with any sliding fails. No chance of broken handles or knobs either. In addition, the storage space available can be maximized with this. All in all, this is one option you can definitely go for if convenient and smart storage is in your mind.


So, move over jam-packed closets, overflowing dresser drawers, items in desperate need of being organized scattered around in the bedroom and get organized in the most effective way you could ever imagine. With our buying guide, you can easily choose how to stay organized with unique storage options. Plunge into shopping and prepare your home so that the guests coming over are made to say “Wow” at the neat and clean storage solution!