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Custom Closet Components

Are your clothes so jumbled up that finding the right outfit becomes a chore?  Easily sort and access items by creating your own closet with these custom closet components.

Best of Custom Closet Components

Custom Closet Components Products

24 Inch x 8 Inch Honey Maple Melamine Wood Shelving

(please note that the 10-inch version of this product is no longer available) Create your own storage solution with this 24" x 8" Melamine Wood Shelving - Honey...

24 Inch x 8 Inch Walnut Melamine Wood Shelving

(please note that the 10-inch version of this product is no longer available) Turn that bare wall into extra storage space with this 24" x 8" Walnut Wood...

9 7/8 x 7 3/8 Inches Brass Shelf Brackets with Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Add a vintage touch to your home with the Brass Shelf - Oil Rubbed BronzeBrackets. These simple yet elegant shelf brackets can hold up to 8” or 10”...

24 Inch x 12 Inch Melamine Wood Shelving - Honey Maple

Create strong storage spaces in your shelves with the 24" x 12" Melamine Wood Shelving - Honey Maple. Made of melamine, it provides a green as well as...

10 Inch x 12 Inch White Wire Shelving

  Wonder where to orderly put your ties, belts and scarves? Here is the answer, the 10" x 12" White Wire Shelving! Designed so you can neatly stack...

10 Inch x 12 Inch Wire Shelving - Nickel

Never again misplace your neckties with the 10" x 12" Wire Shelving - Nickel. This storage option allows you to optimize space and organize countless accessories with its...

Custom Closet Components Buying Guide

A neat home is a happy home, and ample closet space is crucial to that! Sometimes, it becomes hard to keep your clothes, accessories, and shoes well-organized. Curious to know more? Read on!

What are Custom Closets?

Simply put, a custom closet is a tailor-made closet to store your clothes, accessories, and shoes. It is a built-in closet area that is constructed according to the space you earmark for it. The closet has a number of custom closet components such as shelves, drawers, rods, hangers, and cabinets so that your things stay organized, well arranged and are easily visible. 

Why Do You Need A Custom Closet?

A well made custom closet can be the jewel in the crown that is your beautiful home. Having a custom closet is a great way to keep your clothes, accessories, and shoes well-organized. It helps you use your house’s space more efficiently, thanks to custom closet components such as shelves, cabinets, and drawers. Custom closet systems also help you easily pick out what outfit to wear, since you can easily access anything from your wardrobe. It also helps you raise the value of your home in case you plan to resell it in the future - buyers are ready to pay a premium for custom closet storage. 

What are Custom Closets Made Of?

Closet storage and custom closet components can be made with different materials. Most custom closets are made from laminate material that comes in a variety of finishes, colors, and textures. 

  • Melamine is a popular laminate material for custom closets, as some of the most popular brands use it to build their custom closet components. It’s known for being durable, water-resistant and scratch-resistant. Melamine is a thin layer of paper that is applied over particleboard using a heat-based procedure, 
  • Thermofoil is a thicker laminate material that can be used for covering doors and drawers. In the case of thermofoil, the material is heated and this makes it stretchable. Because of this, it easily takes the form of the piece you’d like to cover it with. 
  • Wood veneer is a good option for those who’d like a real ‘wood’ finish on their custom closet components. Wood veneer is actually a  thin layer of wood that is glued onto a thicker layer of a particle of fiberboard. Since real wood could warp and change in shape with time, it is not a practical option for crafting custom closets. A wood veneer is a much better option since it gives the finish of real wood, without any warping issues. 

Caring For Your Custom Closet

Cleaning your closet organizer with a mild cleanser that doesn’t have oil is a good idea. This will remove the dust and light marks that may appear. In case of more stubborn patches, you could use a cleaner that is non-abrasive, so that it doesn’t damage the veneer and the finish. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Closet Components

1. How much to build a custom closet? 

Custom closet systems can vary quite a bit in their cost, depending on your needs, space, and material preferences. If you decide to build your own materials like melamine, edge finishes, screws, shelves, and L brackets, you may be able to build your own custom storage in a few hundred dollars. If you’re looking at getting a relatively basic closet storage solution designed professionally, you could be looking at spending around $500 and upwards for it. In case of a more spacious area with fancier material and lavish finishes, the price could go up to tens of thousands of dollars. 

The average price, however, for a full solution of custom closet components could be anywhere between $3000 to $5000. You can, of course, customize this based on your choice of material and finishes. Keeping a budget of $125 per linear foot could be a good idea when planning for your closet storage system. 

2. How durable are custom closet systems? 

Custom closet systems can be a durable and elegant solution for many people looking to organize their wardrobe and storage. You can ensure a long-lasting closet storage space by choosing sturdy and water-resistant materials for custom closet components such as melamine and thermofoil. These materials are scratch-resistant, strong and can be easily cleaned. These materials are durable and available in a wide variety of finishes and colors. 

While wood is also an option to build custom closet components out of it, it is generally not a good idea because they are less durable and more prone to moisture and warping. If you’re still looking for a wood-like finish, then going for a wood veneer is a durable option. 

3. Are custom closets worth it? 

Custom closet systems are a must-have for every well-organized home. They can transform your wardrobe space from messy to visibly neat and elegant. Custom closet components like shelves, drawers, and rods can be installed in nearly any amount of space even if limited, and help make efficient use of your space. 

Custom closet systems help you arrange your clothes, accessories, jewelry, shoes and other belongings beautifully. A well-built closet organizer looks nothing less than a stunning showroom! By having all your belongings neatly arranged, you can view your entire wardrobe at a quick glance and decide what to wear or pack. 

By safely storing your valuable clothes and accessories in custom closet systems, you also extend their life. This way, your accessories are protected from wear and tear and the damage that would otherwise have occurred if they were improperly stored. 

4. How do I design my own closet? 

You may not always need a closet designer to plan custom closet systems. It is possible to design your own custom closet storage, by following a few tips and keeping these steps in mind:

  • Pick the right area: First things first - you need to choose the area in your home where you’d like to build your closet organizer. This depends on how much space you will need - it could be big or small. There’s no need to build unnecessarily big closet storage if you don’t need it.
  • Decide the hanging space:You’d be surprised to see how efficiently you can build your custom storage by allowing enough hanging space for your clothes. Clothes organized on hangers will take up less space than drawers, so this could be a good way to create closet space in a limited area. 
  • Organizer similar clothes together: Decide 3-4 rough configurations in which you will be organizing your clothes - for eg. folded shorts, hanging formal trousers and shirts, shoes and accessories. Having a rough idea of the various types of things you will be storing will help you design enough space for shelves, drawers, and hangings without wasting any space. 
  • Easy to reach: Design your closet in such a way that all the custom closet components are within easy reach and easy to see. Otherwise, what is the point of having closet storage if you’re not able to access it easily! 
  • Choose Material: It’s important to choose the right material for your custom closet components to ensure their longevity and durability. Go for a sturdy and versatile material like melamine or thermofoil. These are water-resistant, scratch-resistant and available in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and textures. Choose the color and finish: The color and finish you choose for your custom closet components depends on your aesthetic and the decor of the rest of your house. You can go for brighter colors like white or ivory to add vibrancy to your closet storage. 
  • If you prefer a wood-like finish, then you could choose wood veneer as your preferred material. Wood veneer is also available in a variety of shades and textures - from lighter brown shades to darker wood hues. 
  • Choose the right lighting: It is important to have a well-lit closet organizer. Fix your lighting such that all parts of your closet are bright and well-lit even at night. 

5. What is the most affordable custom closet option?

While custom closet systems were looked at as a status symbol in the past, it is well within the reach of the average shopper now. It is possible to design and pick a closet storage system online in as little as a hundred dollars or so. There are brands that allow you to customize and pick custom closet components like shelves, cabinets, and drawers as well as the material and finishes. You can choose the pieces you need and do away with the rest. 

6. How to divide a closet in half for custom shelves? 

Here’s a simple guide to diving a closet in half for custom shelves:

  • First, remove everything from your closet and sort the clothes and belongings in the way you plan to organize them after installing the custom shelves
  • Then, roughly decide how much storage space each group of accessories/items will need. Decide if you plan to hang one group, fold them up on a shelf or put them away in a drawer. 
  • When trying to decide how many shelves you will need, stack up against your clothes as you normally would in your closet. Also, remember to leave some room for extras
  • Measure your closet’s height, depth, and width using a measuring tape and sketch out a scaled drawing on a graph paper. This way, you will be able to accurately put down how many shelves you will be needing. 
  • You can leave one half of the closet for hanging long dresses and shoes, while the other half for custom shelves for your t-shirts, shorts and more
  • Buy ready to use custom closet components such as shelves and rods according to your needs and in the desired dimensions. 
  • Install the custom closet components as per the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer. You can also hire out the installation at a cost if you wouldn’t want to handle the installation yourself. 

7. How to design custom closet? 

You can design a custom closet yourself if you keep a few simple tips in mind.

First of all, it is important to pick the right space in your home to fit the closet organizer. The area can be big or small, depending on your storage needs. 

  • Next, take out all your clothes, shoes and accessories that you intend to store in your closet, and divide them into groups. Then, see how you’d like to organize each group of items and assign a custom closet component to them - for eg. hangings and rod for long dresses, shelves for shoes, t-shirts, and shorts, and drawers for lingerie and jewelry. 
  • Then, measure the entire space that you intend to use as the closet storage. Once you’d measured the space, earmark the area where you’d like to install the rod for hangings, for shelves, drawers and other custom closet components. Make sure the dimensions of the custom closet components are in a way that it fits the earmarked custom storage. 
  • Then, pick the material and the finish you’d like to use such melamine or wood veneer. These are both popular and durable material options. 
  • Once you’ve decided the right custom closet components in the desired finish and dimensions, you can either cut them out and build them yourself or purchase readymade custom closet components online. You can install them according to instructions or hire this step out to professionals. 

8. How to install custom closet drawers? 

If you buy a readymade custom closet drawer system from a brand, then it should ideally come with all the components you will need to install it. You will also need a screwdriver, a drill, a hammer, wall anchors as well as a level to make sure the installation is happening perfectly straight. 

If you’re planning to store anything under your closet drawers, mark the height of that item from the floor. This way, you ensure that your closet drawers are installed while leaving enough space to store that item under them.