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Instantly elevate the look of your house with these gorgeous decor picks! Industrial, bohemian or otherwise, we're sure you'll find the perfect items for a more stylish interior overall. 

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JayDee Decorative Floating Wall Shelves with Jute Rope

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Rae Dunn Inspired Vinyl Stickers

The Rae Dunn Inspired Pantry, Kitchen Labels is a good way to keep your jars organized. It is waterproof and easy to install. Its design is also attractive...

Décor Buying Guide

Home décor basically consists of various accessories and items that spruce up the ambiance of your room. They include a number of small and large items that are chosen to either accent, elevate, or match whatever theme you’ve incorporated in your home interiors. Let’s take a look at everything that you need to know about décor and how to choose the perfect items for your own home.

Factors to consider when buying décor

The following are factors that you need to consider when buying décor for your homes:

  • What are you trying to do with it? Is it for adding contrast? Is it for filling up an empty space? Or is it for adding contrast within the space? When you figure out what you want to do with it, you’ll automatically understand what kind of a décor accessory you need.
  • After that, you need to focus on size. Whatever you want to buy has to be proportional to the dimensions of the room that you’re going to put it in. For example, if you’re buying an oversized statement art, you have to make sure that the frame complements the size of the wall. Similarly, if you’re buying a bookcase, it has to be scaled to accentuate the wall design.
  • Lastly, you have to pick what kind of a finish or color scheme you want your décor to be. Metal accessories and items look pretty great in modern, contemporary, eclectic, and boho-chic style interior design themes. Understated finishes look good in modern, Scandinavian, and minimalist style spaces. Bold colors can bring brilliant contrast in even the most boring of spaces. You need to trust your instinct on which finish will suit your space the best.

Popular Home Décor Categories

There are a number of décor items that can be used to spruce up an interior design, but here’s a list of some of the most popular ones:


Shelves are an interesting décor category. They come in a number of styles. From corner shelves to tower units to glass cases and even traditional style bookcases, you can find them in a number of designs. The other good thing about bookcases is that they come in a variety of sizes. They can be small, large, or even medium-sized. They also come in both floor-bound as well as wall-mount designs.

The best thing about bookshelves is that they allow you to feature a number of other décor items inside them. The shelves can be decorated with small accessories like vases, books, crystal objects, porcelain items, wicker baskets, picture frames, etc. This not only helps emulate a lived-in look inside a home but also provides greater opportunities to delve into more extensive decorating. You can also put daily use items inside these shelves as well, such as magazines, wires, remote controls, containers for other everyday use items, etc.


The artwork is the kind of décor that you can have the most fun with. Art has no boundaries, so first of all, you won’t be constricting yourself. It can be anything – from a small sculpture to a jar full of shelves, a self-made frame, a painting, or even just a photograph. You can design a number of room décor scenarios with different types of artwork.

First off, you can craft a gallery wall of your own. It could be framed photos, different sized artwork canvases, or any kind of wall-mount décor you can think of. You can even use refurbished empty frames, vintage clocks, and wall-mount planters for this purpose.

In contrast to the structured clutter of a gallery wall, you can also opt for statement artwork that only consists of one oversized canvas to accent an empty wall.

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are the type of room décor that can artfully accentuate an empty wall. They can consist of a number of things, including tapestries, wreathes, accent mirrors, wrought iron hanging sculptures, and other miscellaneous accessories. Wall hangings are used to artfully spruce up empty walls. They can either match with or contrast the interior design theme that they are being incorporated into.


All types of lamps are considered a home décor accessory. The most impact-worthy ones of the lot are definitely floor lamps. Their tall physique, unique designs, and bold presence make them the perfect décor steal to accent your space with. They look best when featured in living rooms, bedrooms, dens, drawing rooms, and even dining areas. Pro tip: floor lamps with gold accent lighting have even more of a visual impact!

Then we have desk lamps. They’re smaller and provide great task lighting. They also come in many unusual designs. From moveable armed ones to stylishly sleek LED concoctions, there are a number of classy and distinct designs that you can find these in. You can use them to accent your study desks, living room end tables, and even bedroom nightstands.

Lastly, we have the nightstand lamps. They are a requisite bedroom accessory and also come in a number of tasteful and elegant designs. From colorful tiffany shades to wall-mount lamps with movable arms, you can choose any design you need. They also come in many traditional and classical style designs. Aside from bedrooms, you can also feature these on your living room end tables.

Tabletop Accessories

There are a number of flat surfaces in an interior design, and many of them need to be topped off with an accent décor items to deliver a holistic impact. These include sideboards, coffee tables, end tables, media wall shelves, dining tables, and more. You can accentuate these spaces by featuring different accessories on them.

An oversized statement vase can be placed in the center of the coffee or dining table to create a great focal point. Alternately, you can also design your own DIY tray setting with a number of different items like candles, potpourri bowls, etc. You can also place table lamps on end tables, while console and sideboard surfaces can be decorated with a number of items including a cluster of vases, candle stands, frames, small planters, etc.


Lastly, we have different types of planters that can also be used as décor. Indoor planters require a lot of care, so only choose them if you’re confident about your green thumb. You can opt for hanging planters above picture windows, oversized planters placed in corners of large rooms, and tiny planters on your windowsill. Pro tip: you can keep twins of each planter so when one is inside, the other one can be outside. When the one inside starts wilting, you can just exchange it with the one outside.

Frequently Asked Questions About Decor

Here are some commonly asked questions about décor for your perusal:

1. What is modern décor?

Modern décor is just simple decorations that suit the modernist style. It spans all categories, such as accent mirrors, tableware, vases, lamps, wall hangings, artwork, and bookshelves. Each of these categories embraces a minimalist look and have zero frou-frou accouterments. Their natural materials are highlighted. Their surfaces are sleek. And basically, everything just embraces the concept of “less is more.”

Modern décor is suitable for many types of interior designs. It looks great in modern-contemporary spaces, the eclectic style, and can even be used to emulate a sense of newfangled appeal in vintage, country-chic, and rustic style themes.

2. What is bohemian décor?

Bohemian or boho-chic style décor is unconventionally artistic. It consists of accessories that draw inspiration from various cultural and traditional aspects. It comprises of both understated as well as bright colors. It’s a mish-mash of various unique aesthetics. Many bohemian style décor elements are designed by hand as well.

If you want to know what might constitute as bohemian style décor, you can use Moroccan style hanging lamps, beaded curtain partitions, vintage candelabras, retro style wall art, colorful tapestries, floral print vases, and tablecloths. Old-school lamps, DIY vases, deeply patterned rugs, etc. can also be used to decorate this style.

3. How to find your home décor style?

Finding your home décor style is actually quite easy. All you have to do is figure out what appeals to you. The simplest way to do so is to collect images of various styles, place them side-by-side in a collage, and look at them carefully.

It’s natural to be drawn towards certain looks. Some people are automatically inclined towards the clean and austere looks of modern décor. Some people naturally appreciate the structured clutter of vintage, bohemian, neo-classical and eclectic style décor. While others feel more attracted to the timeworn, classic, lived-in appeal of rustic, country-chic, and farmhouse style décor. It all depends on your aesthetic. You’ll immediately know what attracts you the most once you put everything on the table for close perusal.

4. What kind of décor to add to a living room?

Decorating a living room depends on two things: whether you want to contrast your existing theme or if you want of complement it.

If you want to add some contrast to your existing theme, then you need to incorporate accent décor that will contradict the base style. For example, a modern style living room can be contrasted by adding a neo-classical style table lamp or a vibrantly colored statement art.

If you want to match the theme, then you can find décor that actually matches the living room style. For example, a retro themed living room can be complemented by chintz patterned table runners, eclectic vases, and warehouse art.

5. How to make wall décor at home?

There are so many different ways you can make wall décor at home. It’s a fun DIY project that you can even venture on with your better half and children. The easiest wall décor item to make is a painting. You can easily have it framed. You can also design beautiful paper art on different pieces of cardboard/boxboard, have each one framed, and make a gallery wall out of it. You can also use beautiful mirrors and design their boundaries with different materials. There are endless suggestions for such projects on Instagram and Pinterest. You can choose anything that suits your skill set and goes well with your theme.

6. What to hang on front door for décor?

The most common answer to this one would be wreathes. They’re a total classic. Plus, they don’t just come in the Christmas theme. You can easily make one out of colorful ribbons, deco mesh, and washi tape to suit your style. There are infinite DIY tutorials on the internet that can be of help to you.

Other types of décor you can hang on your front door can include a felt board, a small planter, an artistic name sign, a welcome plate, or even a basket full of artificial flowers.

7. What kind of décor is the best of kitchens?

Since the kitchen is a functional space, it’s one of the hardest places to find décor for. But you can definitely make-do with many unique items. You can go for a wall-mount shelf that also acts as a wall hanging. Pendant lights over the breakfast bar are also a good option. Artistic fruit baskets, spice jars, and unique hardware can also suffice.