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Fridge & Freezer Organizers

Easily keep food and drinks segregated and fresh using our assortment of fridge and freezer organizers: they're highly affordable, durable and aesthetically pleasing to boot.

Best of Fridge & Freezer Organizers

Fridge & Freezer Organizers Products

14 Egg Fridge Bin

Eggscellently store eggs in your refrigerator with this 14 Egg Fridge Bin. Avoid any scrambled eggs with this compact container that maximizes any available space in any refrigerator...

Blue Silicone King Cube Ice Cube Tray

Effortlessly have your ice cube with this Blue Silicone King Cube Ice Cube Tray. This tray is made with flexible square silicone so ice cubes pop out easily...

Clear Linus Soda Fridge Bin with Lid

Upgrade your refrigerator and pantry organization with Clear Linus Soda Fridge Bin with Lid. This plastic can storage bin is transparent and clear for trouble-free visibility. This style...

Deep 10 Inch x 6 Inch Storage Bin

(please note that Deep 14"x 8" of this item is no longer available) The Deep 10" x 6" Storage Bin can easily transform a dirty kitchen into a...

Linus Fridge 'n Pantry Bins

Can your storage go as deep as our Linus Fridge 'n Pantry Bins? Have your kitchen necessities 1 grab away with the built-in handle of this product. This...

Linus Kitchen Bins

Store all those items cluttering your space with our Linus Kitchen Bins. This set comes with 8 pieces of bins, in different sizes, that will fit all your...

Fridge & Freezer Organizers Buying Guide

Purpose of Fridge and Freezer Organizers

There's arguably nothing more enjoyable than chilling with some snacks and drinks after an exhausting day, but doing so can prove frustrating if your fridge is unorganized. That is why, as important as it is to have an tidy room, you should also sort out the contents of your refrigerator.

Types of Fridge and Freezer Organizers

Fridge Organizers

Yes, it is essential to organize your food and other items in your refrigerator - to get started, however, you'll need to know what you can use. Labeling food and using airlock bags sure are two surefire ways to keep your food preserved and organized. But you could also take things one step further by functionally segregating your food based on factors like size, type, and ideal temperature. Let’s explore the various kinds of fridge organizers and freezer organizers.

1. Refrigerator Organizer Bins

As one of the most basic fridge organizers, the organizer bins are easily available and widely used. You can store your bottles of dressing, fruits, cans among other items. This not only groups them together but also prevents them from spoiling each other. For example, grouping one kind of fruit and veggies (say, tomatoes) can prevent them from getting soggy and affecting other items. Keeping them together also ensures they maintain their form as well as durability as no external agents affect them. You can do the same with cans, bottles, and cups. Usually, you can find fridge organizer bins in groups of 4's or 6's and they do their job of segregating well.

2. Refrigerator Pads

Apart from segregation, an additional function of fridge organizers can also be protection. If you use your fridge, ensuring the durability of the shelves is also possible by using fridge protection pads. These pads not only protect your shelves from the effects of long term use but also protect any potential leaks from seeping into the layers below and spoiling your food. They’re usually available as transparent, are also available as multicolor. You can also go for pads that provide extra grip and come in the form of dotted mats to hold your items in place.

3.Wine Holders and soda can organizers

You have some cases of exquisite wine in your home and they need to be in a certain position and most importantly, organized and kept with care. Spilling wine in case of a broken bottle or a leak can not only ruin your fridge for a long time but also your food. That is where wine holders come in as one of the best fridge organizers you can put to this use. The wine bottles need to breathe and you prefer keeping them horizontal. Fridge organizers such as wine holders are the perfect solution for this conundrum.

Soda cans take up a huge portion of space if kept haphazardly. Soda can organizers work as the perfect form of fridge organizers for this problem. With a soda can organizer, you can not only organize them to take minimum space but also use take out with ease. It lets the cans in the back move forward as you take out one. All beverage organizers work great in this principle and let you organize your drinks to not leak into the food section and make it easy to take them out too.

4. Egg Holders

Eggs are the most prone to breaking and the same goes for creating a mess. If you have children in your home, you are more than familiar with this event. If you are looking for fridge organizers for your eggs to prevent them from breaking or leaking out, an egg holder case can come into use. You can get them as all covered forms, half covered and as per the size requirement.

5. Refrigerator pitchers

What to do with your leftover mojito or lemonade or you just made a batch for the entire day? Surely preserving carbonated drinks in plastic bottles is not a good idea. You can go for glass refrigerator pitchers that let you store substantial amounts of margaritas, mojitos or other drinks without spoiling. You can get them in the traditional jug form as well as other funny and fancy shapes. On the same lines, getting some mason jars to work as fridge organizers can also make it easier to store your milkshakes, punch, and other drinks. They prevent your drink from spilling as well as maintain their freshness without mixing any plastic essence in your drink.

6. Fridge Jugs

If you have a large volume refrigerator, it would be worthwhile to go for installable fridge jugs. You can install these containers to hold water for you instead of several bottles. The best part about these is they not only act as fridge organizers and storage containers but also as jugs/taps. You wouldn’t need to put your bottles inside the fridge again and take them out every time you need chilled water. They store and chill water as huge containers similar to a jug, but also have taps to allow you comfortable access to water straightaway.

7. Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan can be one of the most effective and productive forms of fridge organizers. Simply rotating a storable disc around to get access to the multiple items you can place in it makes it incredibly easy to use. Moreover, you can get rubber-padded ones, which not only let you move it around freely but without it slipping off. A lazy Susan also has handles to make it sure you can use it outside of your refrigerator too. The high sides of his fridge organizer prevent your bottles and jars to fall over or spill too. With a lazy Susan, you can get to anything you need with a simple twist.

Freezer Organizers

Apart from the above-mentioned fridge organizers, you can also check the freezer organizers mentioned below

8. Ice Trays

Everyone has ice trays, usually reinstalled in their freezer. As a freezer organizer, it is one of the most essential basics to separate and store your ice cubes. But, if you are on the lookout for something better, you can look for no-spill ice cube trays to prevent spilling the water on the way to, and inside the freezer. You can get them as silicone covered ones, and even other options are available to get fully covered options.

9. Fruit storage and ice cream tubs

There are so many forms of fruit freshness preserving containers, that it is hard to generalize them into one form. As fridge organizers, you can make use of fruit storage preservers to label, store and keep your fruits fresher by avoiding external influence from other items in the fridge. The same goes for freezer organizers in the form of ice cream tubs, ice cubes, and air-locked bags, to keep your ice cream, meat, and other items fresh and unaffected by other items.

If you have fruits, veggies or other items that you store as salads or need to keep away from external influence, it is best to go for custom containers in the form of fruit freshness preservatives.

10. Storage Labelled Containers

This is one thing you can do if you love labeling everything from your food to personal items. It is especially useful if you’re sharing your fridge with a roommate and is useful in segregating your favorite items from the countless other items in a fridge. It is not always possible to divide sections of the fridge, so a labeled box can help you in not only segregating items but also help in keeping their best-by date. You can find them in both plastic and glass forms, as well as airtight bags.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fridge & Freezer Organizers

1. How do I keep my fridge organized?

Keeping your fridge organized is an easy task and you can make use of the following methods to keep it organized:
• Using labelled containers to segregate and keep in mind best date to use by
• Using airlock bags to keep meat, and other items preserved and secluded
• Use storage jugs, mason jars to store your drinks
• Make use of lazy Susan storage

2. How do you organize fruits and vegetables in the fridge?

Fruits and vegetables lose their freshness quickly unless they’re preserved in optimum conditions. So, a good idea to organize fruits and veggies in the fridge would be to use crispers (the low humidity section of the refrigerator), airlock bags, fruit preserver containers, bins among several other types of fridge organizers. The best idea would be to store them in the crisper section with labels.

3. Where should cheese be stored in the fridge?

Ideally, you should store cheese in a separate cheese preserver much like the same for fruits. To keep the cheese (blue, mozzarella, Gouda or any other) preserved for longer, it should be kept away from the coldest sections of the refrigerator. This means, the best idea would be to keep it away from the freezer towards the lower sections of the fridge.

4. How do I maximize my freezer space?

The freezer is ideally a low volume section and keeping boxes of any form wouldn’t be a wise decision if you have too many items to keep in there. Using freezer organizers such as ice cube trays, air-locked bags to stack over one another and labeled containers to make sure you don’t lose anything in the stack. Instead of ice cream boxes, use ice cream tubs. The overall item orientation should generally be horizontal instead of vertical.

5. How do I organize my freezer without shelves?

Ideally, using shelves in a large volume refrigerator would be perfect, but not in a medium to low volume one. So, using stackable air locked bags, as well as ice cube trays would be a good idea. The best thing you can do while using freezer organizers would be to go for stackable containers, usually labeled.

6. Can you put plastic baskets in a freezer?

Using plastic baskets in a freezer would be a good choice if you are storing ice or using them to segregate air locked bags. With plastic baskets, you can make sure your stack of items doesn’t fall over or leak and create a mess. A plastic basket would also work as a freezer organizer. Some freezers also have plastic baskets installed to collect ice cubes when flipped over from the tray.

7. What is the difference between deep freezer and chest freezer?

Deep freezers and chest freezers are nothing but monikers of the same thing. Adapted from the old refrigerator styles, the deep freezers are just chests that are good to store and use as secondary freezers. They can also be seen as freezer organizers, but the main function is to be portable freezing options. You can store your snacks, drinks and other items for optimum and constant freezing.

8. What is the coldest place in a side by side refrigerator?

Side by side refrigerators works on the principle of hot air rises and cold air sinks. So, their cooling vents are usually placed at the top to make it sink all the way down. The coldest place in a side by side refrigerator would be the top sections.

9. Is it better to have a freezer full or empty?

The best way to organize and maintain your freezer temperatures is to stack freezer organizers in a way that it almost seems full. It is because the lesser the air in the freezer, the greater things touching each other keep themselves cold. When you place a new item in the freezer, instead of relying entirely on cooling from the air vents, it would be better and more efficient to lose heat to already frozen items that divide the new heat and the freezer works uniformly to work on the stack uniformly.