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Glass Food Storage

Strong and durable, glass food storage containers look elegant and are excellent choices for keeping food healthy and tasty (even when on the go). 

Best of Glass Food Storage

Glass Food Storage Products

Prep Naturals Glass Storage Containers with Lids, 20 Pcs

Prep Naturals are your best pre-prepared food partner. Made from borosilicate glass, which makes them much stronger than other cheaper containers.  The clear glass helps in identifying what...

Bayco Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids 24 Piece

BAYCO glass containers are made from high-quality borosilicate glass, which can be used for storage, cooking and microwaving. All glass containers are FDA approved and BPA-Free. Three rimmed...

24-Piece Superior Glass Food Storage Containers Set

FineDine holds a very high standard for kitchenware. Our company develops high-quality glassware, serve ware, and kitchen tools that not only look great but make the cooking and...

Premium Glass Food Storage Canister With Lid (5 Pack)

Made from heavy-duty, strong borosilicate glass, this is one food storage canister you wouldn't want to miss out on. Apart from being more resistant to cracks than normal...

Glass Food Storage Buying Guide

Pot-bellied glass jars with heavy lids containing homemade choco-chip cookies and the fresh summer air breezing from the south- that reminds you of your summer holidays at your grandparents’ place, right? Well, what kept your tummy happy? The fresh cookies, isn’t it? Apart from the expertise of your grandma, do you know what contributed to the freshness and the sustaining taste? Yep, you got that right! - The humble glass jar. Now, we have come a long way and glass food storage units are becoming increasingly popular. More so, with the adversities of plastic- both environmental and physical, glass food storage is getting all the attention.

If you are also planning to ditch the hazardous plastic go for the hygienic glass containers. But before you hit the supermarket, consider which glass storage will be perfect for you and which you would better give a miss.

How do you select the appropriate storage containers?

Here we list a few points for you:

Are they food-grade?

Choose products that have the FDA approval mark printed on them, only. Or else, it might cost you heavily in terms of health hazards.

Are they chemically inert?

Check for once whether the glass food storage you choose is okay for any type of foods- acidic or alkaline.

Are they airtight?

Unless the glass container is airtight, your food will lose its freshness and nutritional values. Glass storage is also capable of maintaining the optimal temperature of the food in addition to its aroma and flavor. However, this is only possible if the glass container is airtight and prevents moisture intrusion and bacterial contamination.

Do you want clear glassware?

From the point of view of aesthetics, clear glass containers look more beautiful and elegant than the frosted ones. Besides, clear glass containers allow visibility of the content inside.

What the storage containers are made of?

You should check this for the durability and strength of the item. We recommend tempered glass as it lasts longer. It is more convenient as you can put the glass storage directly into the microwave oven from the fridge without thawing.

How is the stackability?

If you have limited storage space and a perfect set of pantry organizer is what you are looking for, opt for glass food storage of round or square shapes as they fit together well. Greater space will be saved if you choose to own stackable glass containers.

How easy is finding a lid?

Always choose ‘easy’ lid system as the lids snap to the storage containers and fit together. Space-saving? Yes. Easy-to-find? Of course! You are assured to find a lid matching the container base without rummaging through your cupboard.

Are they dishwasher-safe?

You wouldn’t want a fuss over cleaning the pantry organizers, would you? That is exactly why you should check whether the containers can be used safely in dishwasher or not.

How many of them do you want?

Different storage organizers come in a set of different numbers of containers. Know which would be perfect for you. They come as individual pieces also. So, you can build up your own collection by choosing one of each shape and size.

What is the manufacturing brand?

It is up to the manufacturers whether the products are durable, safe, and eco-friendly. So, do a little bit of research on which are the best brands in glass food storage.

What are the best glass food storage options?

There are myriad options from which you may choose the glass containers you think would look good and serve your purpose. Here we list a few of them that you might give a look:

1. Assorted set of containers

These pantry organizers come in a set of 18 pieces of all shapes and sizes. The lids are airtight and spill-proof too which further facilitates food storage. Comprising of both round and rectangular-shaped storage containers, these sets of glass food storage are safe to be used in the microwave, freezer, dishwasher or oven. Stash leftovers or store freshly cut herbs- the glass container is perfect for all purposes.

2. All-inclusive glass storage

These glass containers give you plenty of options in shapes (round, oblong, rectangular) and sizes- from 1 cup to 7 cups-capacity. The extra advantage is the push-on or pull-off lids. Also, the lids are commonly colorful so that there is a dash of color pop in your kitchen storage. From leftovers to cooked items- you can keep anything in them. And what’s more, is that you can put these glass food storage containers in a preheated oven also. The lids are good to go on the top rack of your dishwasher.

3. Baby food glass containers

Secure nourishment in the food for your tiny tot in glass storage for baby food. These airtight storage containers come with measuring marks to make portioning an easy task for you. Easily stackable, freezer and microwave oven safe containers have snap-on lids that seal the contents securely. Worried what you will do with these once your baby grows up? Well, don’t. The sizes are perfect for storing oregano, freshly squeezed lime juice, herbs for garnishing. Multitasking- anyone?

4. Glass canisters

Looking for containers for storing dry fruits, pasta, sugar, flour, etc? Or maybe, you learned the cookie recipe from your granny after all these days and want to recreate the nostalgia with glass containers? Look no further for glass canister sets are here for your rescue. You can often come across such pantry organizers in a set of 4. This makes your neat storing more impeccable. There are silicone-made sealing gaskets with clamps for lid. Now, stack up your cookies or stock the pasta of your choice in a secure and airtight manner.

5. Glass food storage with sleeve

Storage containers with lids and sleeves are extra convenient for the glass body is kept safe from being bumped into accidentally. The sleeves are made of silicone and gives off extra protection. Worried whether the sleeve would be microwave oven safe? Yes they are. Oven, dishwasher, freezer- you can use these anywhere without being concerned of dropping and breaking it into pieces. You don’t even need to remove the sleeve for cleaning. Opt for these if you consider yourself as clumsy as a bear!

Frequently Asked Questions about Glass Food Storage

1. Why use glass food storage?

FDA grades glass as GRAS, that is, Generally Recognized as Safe for keeping and storing food and drinks. All glass storage containers are chemically inert leading to absolutely no chance of infection caused by the interaction between chemical and the food. Glass containers retain the nutritional value and freshness of the food kept in them for long hours as there is no way external moisture and oxygen can intrude the glass storage. Thus, it will always be wiser to use glass instead of other food storage units.

2. How to use glass gallon jars in long-term food storage?

Glass jars are excellent for any type of long term storage as they arrest bacterial infection, moisture seepage, and external air intrusion. When it is gallon jars, it gives the extra facility of storing increased amount of foods. If you are using gallon jars for a long term, make sure you store them away from light as light deteriorates the food stored in it. Additionally, cushion the jars with an extra protective layer of socks or old sleeves to reduce damage. If you have access to colored glass gallon jars, go for them as they will allow less light penetration.

3. What are the safest glass food storage containers?

Though this will depend largely on the manufacturing process also, material plays a pivotal role. As we have already mentioned, compared to plastic, all glass containers are safe. But among all of them, storage containers made of borosilicate glass are considered the safest for cooking, baking, storing or even serving food. A complete absence of toxic ingredients makes these glass food storage units safe. In addition, they are thin and durable too which makes it more convenient also.

4. How to decorate plain glass food storage?

In any way you wish to! Bring out the creativity in you and decorate them as your imagination allows you to. You can put hot glue on the glass jars and sprinkle glitters or sparkles on it. Paint the plain glass container with pops of colors of your choice and give them a new look. You can always turn them into a centerpiece by sticking quotes or small pictures on it and tying a cute ribbon around the neck. If you do have an artist in you, draw as you wish on them and color them. There you have it!

5. How to store glass food storage containers?

If you are speaking about the container only (when not in use), we would recommend stacking the lid and the glass container base one after another for easy finding. This is why you should opt for an easy find lid system while buying glass storage units. If you are asking about storing food items in them, you should keep them away from light. Or else, there will be a higher risk of deterioration of the nutritive values of the foods.

6. Where to buy large glass food storage containers?

From Amazon to Wal-Mart, you can find glass food storage containers available anywhere. If you are fixed particularly upon buying the large ones, you can always trust IKEA and Amazon for online shopping. Make sure you check the sizes before ordering and also give a quick glance at the reviews of the users of the items.

7. Which is the best airtight glass storage container?

There are a number of reputed brands selling airtight glass food storage. According to the critics, Glasslock is topping the list with its 18 piece container set as the most favorite of the users. The reviewers claim that the snap-down lids and the silicone gasket make the seal of the containers more airtight and leak proof. This makes carrying your lunch an easy and hassle-free venture every day without worrying about spillage.

8. Will the food be fresh for longer in glass storage?

Yes, it will. The nonporous characteristic of glass does not allow absorption of the smell or the stain of food. It acts as an impermeable barrier to external moisture or air (more so with its lid on). Thus the nutritive value and the freshness are retained when you store food in glass storage even for longer hours. The glossy surface of the glass is also responsible for this. The taste and aroma are not lost.

9. Can liquid items be stored in glass storage?

Of course! It is recommended by Federal Emergency Management Agency that you store water in clean glass containers. Just remember to seal it tightly and store it in a dark, cool place. But don’t store water in glass storage for more than six months. Rotate the stored water out every six months and you are good to go.

10. Can glass storage containers be kept in the fridge?

Yes, they can be. Not only fridge, but you may even keep your glass food storage in the freezer also. It is easy and safe at the same time. Just to be sure, check the labels of the glass containers stating I to be fridge and freezer safe. Refer to the article above for knowing which storage containers can be put directly into the microwave oven also after pulling out from the fridge. You don’t even need to thaw!

11. Are glass food storage items BPA free?

Absolutely! BPA has been a headache for long and FDA has been warning us against the usage of it. The chemical, bisphenol A, is present widely in plastic and in some metals only. But with glass containers, you can be absolutely tension free as glass is chemically inert and does not allow any chemical reaction with the food ingredients.