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Stainless Steel Food Storage

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12 oz. Aqua & Stainless Steel Insulated Jar

Stay hydrated with our 12 oz. Aqua & Stainless Steel Insulated Jar. Proven to keep your beverages hot or cold, this versatile jar makes it easy to carry...

12 oz. Blue & Stainless Steel Insulated Jar

Keep food items hot or cold for hours with this 12 oz. Blue & Stainless Steel Insulated Jar. Pre-heated food can be kept hot to five hours while...

Stainless Steel Containers

Use these stainless steel containers to securely store your food items like sauces, fruits, side dishes, and dressings. It is constructed of plastic-free material so rest assured that...

Stainless Steel ECO Lunch Box

Keep your stored lunch from mixing with this Stainless Steal ECO Lunch Box. Made of high quality and food safe eco-friendly stainless steel, it gives you a reusable...

Stainless Steel Food Storage Buying Guide

Are you tired of bringing out your lunchbox from your tote every day at the office only to discover that either the liquid part of the food inside is seeping out, or the food has gone sour, or the temperature has totally cooled down? Stainless steel food storage is your gateway to fresh food every day at lunch hour. The convenience of use and maintenance of the food quality- these are the basic two things that we look out for in food containers, right? Stainless steel is the perfect material for that. Once you start using this, you are sure to fall in love with its features and when it comes to lunch container, we bet you won’t think of anything else but stainless steel food storage.

If you are a first-timer in the world of steel food storage, you need to know how you can choose the perfect containers. We are here to help you.

Things to consider before shopping for steel containers

1. How big steel storage containers do you need?

You will come across myriad sizes of containers when you opt for stainless steel. Determine which size you would need so that your storage criteria are met. Buying too small or too large stainless steel food storage units would end up in creating clutter.

2. How many containers in a pack would be enough?

Steel food containers often come in a pack of 3 or 4 or 5 (and so on). Would a pack of 3 be enough for the amount of lunch you carry? Or would it be more convenient to go for a set of 5 as that way you can sort the foods and keep them neatly stacked? It is your call to make.

3. How much nickel is there in the steel?

When you say stainless steel you actually talk of an alloy of iron, chromium and nickel. Stainless steel containing 8-10% nickel gives off the polished finish to the steel storage containers and those without the nickel falls prey to rust. These have a dull finish also. Check the amount of nickel present in your steel as that would ensure your value for money.

4. How do you want your stainless steel food storage containers to be?

These can be airtight, spill-proof, insulated etc. Do you want your lunch container to maintain the temperature of your food inside? Do you want to keep your cookies in a steel storage unit and retain their crunchiness? Decide what you need and buy insulated or airtight food containers.

5. Are the food storage units stackable?

Like every jars and container, stainless steel containers also need to be space-saving and hence you must invest in their stackability. Check whether the pieces you choose can be stacked one into another (with a lid you can fit them one above other) when not in use.

6. How durable are the containers?

Steel itself is more durable than plastic. But then again, there is a difference in the steel quality. Do not go only by the looks of the steel storage containers. Feel the strength of the material and then decide on buying.


You will always be spoilt for choices when you set foot into the world of stainless steel food storage and try to choose yours. What better way to make your choice than trust the market reviews and the reviews by customers who have long been using the same? We list out a few items which you may find useful as food containers or lunch containers which we believe to match the level of your expectations and demands.


Trending stainless steel food storage ideas


1. Lunch Container with compartments

Want to carry more than one food for your lunch but don’t wanna carry more than one container? Stainless steel has the problem solved for you. You will come across lunch containers with 3-5 compartments and can easily carry whatever you want. With 3 compartments you are able to carry larger items. No food gets mixed with the other. Made out of durable stainless steel, there is enough space to carry plenty of food to satisfy your hunger. The all-in-one design makes these steel storage containers one of the top choices of consumers and critics alike.

2. Food containers with layers

You can find stainless steel food storage units nested together in a set of 3. If you find compartments not enough, you can always opt for these layered steel storage containers. Not only great as a lunch container, but you can also use this as a food container at your kitchen. You can keep dry fruits, pasta, sandwiches- whatever you wish in these without worrying about it eating up a lot of space in your kitchen cupboard. What’s more, you can keep warm foods in these and retain the heat as well. This dishwasher safe item is preferred by a lot of users for its compactness and super utility.

3. Airtight stainless steel food storage

When stainless steel and silicone come together, you get airtight stainless steel food storage. Thought only plastic storage containers could be airtight? Well, think again. Leakproof? Check. Smell proof? Double-check. Corrosion-resistant? Yes. Anything to be concerned of? Absolutely no as the material is completely free from toxic BPA, phthalate, and lead. Be it cookies or freshly cooked items, these food storage units are sure to preserve the taste and original aroma for a longer duration. Convenience and versatility packed in a single product.

4. Insulated Stainless steel food storage

Want long hours of heat preservation? Try insulated stainless steel food storage. Want to pack food for your kid? Want to prepare food before your guests arrive and yet keep it warm enough to enjoy? An insulated steel storage container is your answer. From soup to sausage- you can keep anything in here. With heat preservation facility of as long as 8 hours, we guarantee it will become your most favorite piece of a food storage unit in no time. Separate levels of food containers with large capacity, stylish look, BPA free material- all these make this product a top-rated choice.

5. Watertight Stainless steel food storage

If airtight and leakproof was not enough, stainless steel food storage presents itself in its watertight avatar. It is not only about warmth. Want cold food to retain the temperature? This will do that for you. These food storage units are vacuum insulated and leak-resistant that saves you reheating or refrigerating food once cooked. Apart from the lunch container, you can store sacks in it and forget about losing the crunchiness ad freshness. This particular product comes with compartments and dividers sealed with positive pressure lid. All the food containers are placed within a shell cover which again is sealed and secured with latches placed laterally. Vaya Tyffyn brings this product in cute sail-themed print.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stainless Steel Storage

1. Is stainless steel safe for food storage?

Absolutely. In fact, it is better than most other storage solutions like plastic. Zero chances of chemical reactions with the food inside, stainless steel food storage are by far one of the safest ways to keep your food stored at home or take your lunch to your workplace. You can trust these blindfolded when it comes to packing lunch for your kid as they do not change the food composition or gives off any unfavorable odor.

2. What grade stainless steel are food storage containers made of?

Stainless steel food storage items are actually made of an iron alloy containing nickel. To render it safe for food, the steel storage containers two grades of blends are used namely 18/8, where 18% chromium is added to 8% nickel, and 18/10, where 18% chromium is added to 10% nickel. If the blend is 18/0 indicating a complete absence of nickel, it will not be granted as food grade. It will also make the polish lose its shine in a short time.

3. Which is better for food storage: BPA plastic or stainless steel?

Never ever go for BPA plastic. This particular compound, bisphenol A, available in plastic is such a harmful chemical that has adverse effects on health. It can seep in the food from the container and affect the brain of even the fetus. Children’s behavior is also largely affected by this. With stainless steel, there is no scope of any such toxicity. Also, the BPA plastic is non-reusable and hence not eco-friendly but stainless steel is.

4. How to clean stainless steel containers?

Mostly inert to soaps and detergents you do not have to use anything special for washing food containers made of steel. Some stainless steel food storage units are dishwasher safe too. So, you do not have to worry about it. But if you prefer to be a perfectionist you can certainly go for TriNova or CLR stainless steel cleaners. Some manufacturers prepare aerosol cleaners and wipes also. You can try them too.

5. Where to buy stainless steel food containers?

What type of shopper are you? Do you find it relaxing in scrolling through online sites and make your choice? Or do you find hitting the stores and walking through the aisles more satisfying as you pick the product and feel it in your hands and make the final buy? You can get stainless steel food storage items at both places. All the leading stores and supermarkets and online shopping portals have a wide array of products available for you to choose from.

6. Can steel containers be used in the microwave?

Not all steel food containers are safe to be used in the microwave. ECOlunchbox items won’t give you the option to microwave it. But relax, most of the steel storage containers can be put into the microwave while there is food or liquid like water in the container. But the problem is, only the top of the food will be heated as the metal will not allow the heat to penetrate; instead it will reflect.

7. Can milk be stored in stainless steel food storage?

Besides glass and borosilicate, steel is highly recommended for storing milk as there is no risk of pathogenic reactions. Moreover, the steel surface is convenient to clean and provides increased durability.

8. Do steel lunch containers keep food hot?

Yes, they do. Steel material itself is able to retain heat. Some lunch containers come with vacuum insulation. These are excellent for keeping food hot or cold. And you don’t need to refrigerate your lunch or reheat it before you decide to satisfy your rumbling tummy.

9. How can I choose the best steel containers for food storage?

You have to check a few points like the storage space you have and the storage space the containers have. You also have to check the material the container is made up of. To make the choosing process easier for you we have listed out a few points at the beginning of this article.

10. How do you store stainless steel food storage?

When not in use, stack the lids and the containers in a neat way. Make sure you wash and dry them before stacking or else there will be a terrible damp odor. You can always stack the containers with lids one after another if you have enough storage space at your home. You can give your kitchen a completely new look with colorful and various styles of stainless steel food storage, more so with the insulation and airtight versions of them.


With the help of this buying guide, we hope you will be able to switch to the more convenient form of food storage in stainless steel containers. Zero wastes and residues make this a perfect solution to storage issues. These are environmentally friendly also. The sturdy structure holds food in its place too. Be it dry fruits, salami, rice, or snacks- anything can end up in the stainless steel food storage units and retain their freshness.

Most of the containers come with lids which even kids can easily open also. Thus you don’t have to worry about your little one’s lunch either. You may find these products a bit pricey, but then again, it will provide you with long durability. Value for money guaranteed. Go for steel today to get a whole new experience in food storage.