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Kitchen Bins

From storing equipment, cutlery, and food items to helping you dispose of kitchen waste, kitchen bins do it all: take your pick from our growing collection. 

Best of Kitchen Bins

Kitchen Bins Products

Large Split Storage Bin

(please note that the 14"x 12" of this item is no longer available) Bring a clear sense of order to your kitchen with the help of Large 12”...

Large 14.5 Inch x 8 Inch Storage Bin

(please note that 14" x 8" of this product is no longer available) Better storage for your favorite snack foods, drinks, condiment bottles, cans, and dry foods, Large...

Short 10 Inch x 4 Inch Storage Bin

Get the best storage for your food using the Short 10” x 4” Storage Bin. Perfect to keep your food and pantry items secure and organized. This durable...

Short 10 Inch x 6 Inch Storage Bin

Stack your goods in a better yet simple storage place using the Short 10” x 6” Storage Bin. Ideal for dry goods, such as canned goods, food packets,...

Short 16 Inch x 8 Inch Storage Bin

Keep your kitchen neat and organized with the help of Short 16” x 8” Storage Bin. The durable, clear container is ideal for keeping boxed foods, food packets,...

Short 16 Inch x 6 Inch Storage Bin

Maximize your storage space with the help of 16” x 6” Storage Bin. Ideal for cabinets, fridges, craft rooms, and more, it is made of durable, clear plastic...

Kitchen Bins Buying Guide

A well-stocked kitchen is a sign of a happy home! But with so many food items in your kitchen, it is important to store them properly. Having good quality kitchen bins are a great way to organize your kitchen. Neatly organizing your cutlery, condiments, vegetables, fruits, and other items in kitchen bins preserve their freshness and shelf life and ensure hygiene. 

Purpose of Kitchen Bins

Kitchen bins are sturdy containers that can be used to store a wide variety of items in your kitchen. You can store anything from vegetables, fruits, snacks, and other food items. Storage kitchen bins can be stored on shelves and kitchen cabinets. There are also fridge and freezer bins that you can use to store your perishable food items in the refrigerator. 

The purpose of trash bins is to store all your food and plastic waste in a safe and hygienic manner. It is a good idea to keep separate trash bins for wet and dry waste so that it is easy to segregate and recycle the same. We also have trash bins that double up as a recycling container. There are specialized recycling bins that segregate organic waste and treat it over a few days to turn it into indoor compost. 

Benefits of Kitchen Bins

From keeping your kitchen clean, hygienic and well-organized, there are many reasons why you should get good quality kitchen bins for your home. Here are some of the top reasons:

Ensure freshness of perishables

Using good quality fridge storage bins help you get more storage into your standard fridge shelves. You can use these kitchen bins to store vegetables, fruits, bread and other perishable and non-perishable food items. This helps segregate different types of food items. 

Help keep the kitchen organized

By labeling different kitchen bins for different types of items, everything becomes more organized and intuitive. For eg. you know exactly where your rice, lentils, and snacks are stored, which makes it easy for you to access them.

Visually pleasing

Imagine having all of your food items, snacks and other things neatly arranged in storage boxes. It gives a clean and elegant visual appeal to your kitchen. 


Having big and well-categorized storage bins help you get more out of a compact space. These boxes help you de-clutter your kitchen because you don't have to keep tens of bottles on the kitchen top anymore - you can keep them all in kitchen bins marked out for them. 

Ensure proper disposal of food

Good quality trash bins and recycling bins are very important for keeping a clean and hygienic kitchen. These bins help you safely dispose of your organic as well as inorganic waste. This reduces the risk of food contamination.


Using trash bins and a recycling container to segregate your waste for recycling ensures that your waste gets recycled and doesn't end up in a landfill. This makes it an eco-friendly measure for your home. 

Types of Kitchen Bins

Storage Kitchen Bins

These storage bins are meant to store food items, cutlery and other knick-knacks in your kitchen. You can place them on your cabinets or shelves. These kitchen bins help you categorize different food items and store them in a neat and space-saving manner. 

Fridge or Freezer Bins

These kitchen bins are meant to be stored inside the freezer or the fridge. You can use these to store your fruits, vegetables and other perishable food items. Fridge bins help you separate different types of foods that you store in the fridge, and also help you maximize the storage capacity of your fridge. 

Trash Bins

Trash bin or a garbage bin is meant to store your organic and inorganic waste. Be it your leftover food, vegetable peels, paper or anything else,  a trash bin should safety and hygienically store that waste before it is handed over to the garbage truck. 

Recycling Bins

These bins store your recyclable materials like paper, plastics, and metal before you hand them over for recycling. You can also take your eco-friendly initiative one step further and use a hi-tech recycling container that can create indoor compost to be used for your plants. This ensures that all your organic waste gets converted into highly fertile and useful compost to use for your plants!  

Qualities of a Good Kitchen Bin

While there are many kitchen storage bins available online, it is important to keep a few things in mind to make sure you buy a good quality kitchen bin:


It is important to go for a kitchen storage bin that is made of a strong and durable material such as food-grade plastic or metal. This means that it will not break easily and will last you for years.

Easy to clean

Since kitchen storage bins store a wide variety of food and drink items, it is important to wash and clean them regularly. This is why it's crucial to choose kitchen bins that are of simple design and easy to clean. A storage bin or trash bin with too many intricate cuts and engravings will mean food can get stuck there and rot, which may become a health issue. 

Good storage capacity

We don't need to tell you the sheer number of things that a kitchen can have! This is why you need to buy kitchen storage bins that are spacious with enough room to keep a decent number of items per box. This is also true for a trash bin - get yourself a trash bin or a recycling container that has a lot of storage capacity so that you never run out of space to dispose of your waste.

Visually Appealing

Yes, kitchen bins have a very practical purpose in your kitchen. But that doesn't mean they can't look good! You can pick from a variety of colors and materials to fit the visual aesthetic of your kitchen. You could go with color-coded storage bins as well - with different colored bins meant for different types of items. You can also go for clear kitchen bins to make it easy to see what's store in the bin.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Bins

1. What size are kitchen bins? 

You can find kitchen bins in a wide variety of sizes. A garbage can comes in different storage categories from anywhere between 15-30 liters for a 1-2 person home, and 30-40 for a small home that doesn't produce too much waste. A 40-5o liter garbage can would work for a 2-4 person home, while 50+ liters are perfect for bigger families that churn out lots of waste on a daily basis.

You should choose the one that works for you, depending on how many people live in your house, how much rubbish is generated on a daily basis, as well as how often the garbage gets collected from your home. 

2. Why are kitchen bins so expensive? 

While there are some pricey kitchen bins out there, you can easily find good quality and affordable kitchen bins in most supermarket stores as well as on online websites. In fact, shopping for kitchen bins online makes it really easy for you to compare the features, size, as well as the price of various options before you buy them. You can go for simple and sturdy kitchen bins that are super practical. But if you have a higher budget set aside, then you could look at stainless steel kitchen bins that comes in finishes such as rose gold, gold and other colors too. These bins, while slightly pricier than others, enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen.

Sturdy plastic kitchen bins work really well and are less expensive compared to metal kitchen bins in stainless steel. We do recommend going for a kitchen bin that is of high quality since they will store food and food-related items. Compromising on the quality of the kitchen bins means your food is stored improperly. 

3. Where should I put my kitchen bins?

A good kitchen format is one where the preparation, cooking and cleaning zones are well defined. This keeps all three functions with enough distance between each other to ensure hygiene.

You can place your kitchen storage bins in cabinets or shelves to keep them organized. You could also place them on the countertop, especially the bins with ingredients you often use. 

It is a good idea to place your kitchen recycling bin in the cleaning zone for eg. under the sink in the sink cabinet or the kitchen island- this way it stays far away from the fresh foods like vegetables and fruits to prevent any kind of contamination and is still close to the outer area or the exit of your kitchen so that it is easy to carry the trash out. 

4. How to clean kitchen rubbish bins? 

You can clean your kitchen bin with these easy steps:

  • First, give the kitchen bin a quick rinse to remove any obvious residue from it
  • Then, fill a portion of the bin with hot water and add detergent and let the water swish around the bin thoroughly. 
  • Take a scrubbing brush and clean all areas of the kitchen bin - the inner area, the inner lid, outer lid, base, seals and any other areas. This is also why you should buy a kitchen that has a simple clean design. 
  • Finally, rinse again with hot water and detergent, and after giving it a final rinse with plain hot water, leave it to thoroughly dry

5. How to use storage bins in kitchen? 

You can use your kitchen storage bins in a wide variety of ways:

  • You can use it to store packaged foods such as pasta, rice, cookies, and other opened packaged food.
  • You can also use it as a fridge or freezer storage bins to store your perishable food items such as fruits and vegetables. 
  • Use a garbage can to segregate and dispose of all your organic waste (food waste) as well as inorganic waste (paper, plastic, metal). This helps with safe and hygienic disposal of waste and make it easier to dispose of it for recycling.
  • You also get recycling containers that can covert your organic waste into compost. such indoor compost makers are eco-friendly since they convert all your organic waste into useful fertilizer for your plants. 

6. How to hide recycling bins in your kitchen? 

You can hide your recycling container in various places across your kitchen, depending on your preference. You can hide it in a pull out drawer so that it is neatly out of the view unless you have to dispose of your waste. Keep in mind that you will have to buy your recycling bins according to the size of the pull-out drawer that you intend to use. 

You can also place your recycling container in a cabinet that works such as under the sink in a sink cabinet, or a kitchen island. Placing the recycling container in the sink cabinet is a go-to choice for most people. Since a lot of cleaning happens on or near the sink, it is also a logical way to place your garbage can. This way, all of the waste produced goes directly into the recycling container.