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Drawer Organizers & Cutlery Trays

Sorting out your items is a breeze with drawer organizers and cutlery trays: compartmentalize, organize, and free up space for what truly matters.

Best of Drawer Organizers & Cutlery Trays

Drawer Organizers & Cutlery Trays Products

3 Inch x 3 Inch Linus Drawer Organizer

Find a better storage for your stuff with a 3 x 3 Linus Drawer Organizer. This non-skid feet organizer is perfectly designed to store your cosmetics, office supplies,...

4 Inch x 12 Inch Linus Drawer Organizer

Keep your kitchen drawer organized with 4” x 12” Linus Drawer Organizer. Ideal for storing forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks, sauce packets, other cutlery, utensils, and more. This non-skid...

4 Inch x 16 Inch Linus Drawer Organizer

Keep your refrigerator or pantry clean and organized using 4” x 16” Linus Drawer Organizer as food storage. Ideal for keeping ketchup bottles, mustard bottles, jam, peanut butter,...

4 Inch x 12 Inch x 3 Inch Interlock Drawer Organizer

Keep your vanity products secured and organized with the 4" x 12" x 3" Interlock Drawer Organizer. Customizable drawer storage that can be fitted in almost every drawer...

4 Inch x 12 Inch x 3 Inch Interlock Drawer Organizer

Keep your vanity products secured and organized with the 4" x 12" x 3" Interlock Drawer Organizer. Its modular design allows for customizable drawer storage which can be...

4" x 12" x 3" inches Interlock Drawer Organizer

Keep your vanity products secured and organized with the 4" x 12" x 3" inches Interlock Drawer Organizer. Customizable drawer storage that can be fitted in almost every...

Drawer Organizers & Cutlery Trays Buying Guide

Drawer organizers and cutlery trays have extremely varied functions. The former can be used in all types of drawers throughout your homes, but the latter is specifically designed for kitchen paraphernalia.

As one of the most function-oriented spaces in a home, the kitchen deserves some extra organization and storage. You use it for cooking, preparing, and eating – all different activities that require different utensils. 

What Is A Drawer Organizer?

Drawer organizers are compartments of various sizes that you can install inside your drawers to keep them compartmentalized. They come in many shapes and sizes. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Factors To Consider When Buying Drawer Organizers

  • As with every kind of accessory or hardware that you buy, it’s highly important that you understand the function of your drawer organizer. Just ask yourself, “What do I want to use it for?” Is it for organizing your office supplies? Is it for keeping track of your vanity-ware like cosmetics, hair accessories, etc? Or is it for organizing your kitchen cutlery?
  • When you know the function of your organizer and where you’re going to place it, you’ll automatically know what size you need – small, large, or medium? It all depends on the placement surface and whatever you’re going to keep in it.
  • Lastly, the style of your drawer organizers is mostly function-based. You’ll find what you need when you browse through the e-store options. Most have a versatile variety that you can pick from!

Types Of Drawer Organizers

Custom Divider Kits

Customized divider kits allow you to create compartments inside your drawers that are specifically sized to how big or small you need them to be. These kits consist of divider strips and adhesive clips that help you set up customized compartments for your stuff. The highly adjustable and flexible system is perfect for those who don’t like to be bound by the hardware during the organization process. The adaptability is the main selling point of this type of drawer organizer, and it’s definitely something that you can always rearrange or even expand later.

Expandable Smart Drawer Organizers

This multiple compartment drawer organizer type is great for when you’re slowly working towards expanding your collection. It’s mostly just used to organize kitchen cutlery. Most of them can be either contracted or expanded to a certain dimension. They easily fit into standard sized drawers and are highly flexible. The different compartments make organization such a breeze.

Non-Skid Linus Organizers

This type of drawer organizer comes in many sizes and shapes. You can find small ones that you can use to store your cosmetics and jewelry. There are medium-sized ones that can be used for a number of other objects. And then there are the large and rectangular ones that are usually used for kitchen drawers to organize different types of cutlery. You can put your spatulas, rice spoons, table & teaspoons along with cake cutters and strainers in these.

They are made out of transparent and highly durable plastic and some designs even offer multiple compartments. The transparency element allows excellent visibility but also makes the organization much more visually pleasant. What’s even better is that you can easily see what object is put inside each organizer, which makes it handy for use.

Pull-out Drawers

Kitchens have large utensils like Dutch ovens and woks that are extremely challenging to store. Installing a putout drawer in your cabinets is a great way to organize them. You can buy prefabricated ones that fit all standard-sized cabinetry, or you could opt for personalized ones. The former is definitely cheaper and more efficient if you want quick results with little effort.

What Is A Cutlery Tray?

As the name suggests, a cutlery tray is basically where the entire kitchen cutlery is organized in neatly separated compartments. You can find them in many sizes and most of them are standard enough to be accommodated in all types of drawers. The various compartments make it easy and efficient to organize all the cutlery types so that you wouldn’t have to dig too deep in.

Factors To Consider When Buying Cutlery Trays

  • The number one concern is always what size of a cutlery tray you need. It has to respect the size of your drawer, otherwise, your purchase is going to be redundant.
  • Secondly, you have to consider the type of cutlery you want to organize in the tray. If the cutlery is not compatible with the tray size and design, then you’re just wasting your money.
  • Thirdly, you have to consider how many compartments you actually need in your cutlery tray. You can find as many as five or six compartments in a single tray. If you want to buy one of these, you must know what each compartment is going to be used for. This will help you work out if you can do with a smaller tray with fewer compartments. If you’re buying several single-compartment trays, you have to figure out how many can fit inside the drawer.

Types Of Cutlery Trays

In-drawer Knife Mat

Knives are the kind of cutlery that usually gets relegated to a wooden block that’s featured on the countertop. But if you want to store them even more safely, then it doesn’t get any better than in-rawer knife mats. These basically consist of non-slip compartments with a mat-like base for your knife’s handle. They’re super stylish and ergonomic – perfect for storing all sizes of knives in a neat and organized way.

Roll-out Trays

Roll-out trays are great for storing plates in a neat and organized manner. They can be easily installed and pulled out whenever you need one. The best part is that you wouldn’t have to put them in stacks like one is typically prone to you. This hardware is definitely an ergonomic solution to an age-old problem.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drawer Organizers And Cutlery Trays

1. Can I only use drawer organizers in kitchens?

Not at all. Drawer organizers can be used in all kinds of drawers. You can install them in nightstand drawers, dresser drawers, and even your vanity cabinet drawers. You just have to be very observant of the kind of stuff you store inside each different type of drawer and choose an organizer accordingly. Drawer organizers are function-based hardware, so if you pick ones that don’t match what you’re putting inside your drawer, you’re simply making this space and investment redundant.

2. How do I keep my drawer organizer from sliding?

Drawer organizers mostly come with non-skid bases these days, but if yours is not one of them, then you can use vinyl bumpers to keep them in place.

3. How do you measure for a drawer organizer?

Most drawer organizers come in standard sizes, which means that you seldom have to measure your drawers to accommodate them. However, if you feel like your drawer size is not typical, you can take a tape measure and take dimensions of the inside. Start with the length of the base and finish with the breadth. You’ll get X” x Y”. You can then check these measurements out against the drawer organizer or cutlery tray that you want to furnish with. You’ll find that most of the time, these drawer dividers are smaller than the size of the drawer itself. This is a bonus because you can add as many as you want with as many compartments as can be fitted given the size of your drawer.

4. What is the best way to organize your kitchen drawers?

The best way to organize your kitchen drawers is to separate whatever you keep in them according to size, usage, and efficiency. For example, things like cake and pizza cutters along with ice-cream scoops, cookie dough moulds, egg white separators, etc. are only used on special occasions. So you can organize them in a separate drawer.

The cooking utensils like spatulas, ladles, rolling pin, whisk, colander, etc. can all be assigned a separate drawer, so you’ll know where exactly to reach out when you’re in the middle of cooking something.

Lastly, the most commonly used kind of kitchen utensils like table & tea spoons, knives, forks, etc. can be organized in the top drawer. This is because everyone inside a home needs them and they are extensively used throughout the day. Therefore, they must be easy to reach, and the top drawer is always the one everyone automatically reaches out for.

5. How to make homemade drawer organizers?

If you want to make box-shaped homemade drawer organizers, then you can gift-wrap fancy chocolate boxes and made-do with them. You can also make custom-sized boxes out of box-board, bleach board, or cardboard, then clad them in gift wrap for aesthetic purposes. Lastly, you can use pieces of bleach board to create differently sized dividers within your drawers.

Note that this is not a long-term solution. At some point, the board is going to bend, sag, or break. It’s better to invest in ready-made drawer organizers as they are sturdier, more durable, and are available in better designs.

6. What cutlery tray material is the best one?

The kind of material you choose totally depends on your needs, aesthetics, and budget. Linus or plastic cutlery trays are the cheapest kind. But if you want to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum, then you can also opt or bamboo, wood, or MDF cutlery trays as well. Of course, the choice of material also depends on what design you like the best. At the end of the day, it all just boils down to personal taste.

7. How to load cutlery trays in a dishwasher?

Most dishwashers come with in-built cutlery trays. The best way to load them up is to make sure that your spoons and forks are facing up while the knives are facing down. If you’re not sure, you can always consult our dishwasher manual.