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Kitchen Tools

Effortlessly cut, chop and cook with our collection of knives, spatulas and other kitchen tools. Make last-minute runs to the store a thing of the past with a well-stocked kitchen!

Best of Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Tools Products

Cooking Utensils

Avoid the hassle of looking for kitchen utensils while preparing your favorite meal with this set of Cooking Utensils. This set includes 23 different cooking utensils that will...

Household Hand Tool Kit with Plastic Toolbox Storage Case

The tools comes with attractive orange accents. It is heat treated and chrome plated to resist corrosion. All the tools meet or exceed ANSI critical standards. It contains...

Printable Kitchen Pantry Organization Labels

Product description: The Pantry Labels, Printable Organization Labels, Pantry Organization, Kitchen Labels, Kitchen is a great way to organize your pantry. It is reusable, removable, and dishwasher safe. You also...

KitchenAid KPEXTA 6-Pc Pasta Maker

Make your own pasta with the KitchenAid Mixer Pasta Press Stand-Mixer Attachment KPEXTA 6-pc Pasta spag maker. It can make six different types of fresh pasta from scratch....

Stainless Steel Black 2 Tier Kitchen Counter Rack

Keep your counter top clean with the eModernDecor Stainless Steel Black Dish Drying Rack Over Kitchen Sink- All in One Kitchen Space Saver and Washing Dishes Solution FSDR-85-BLK....

Rae Dunn Inspired Vinyl Stickers

The Rae Dunn Inspired Pantry, Kitchen Labels is a good way to keep your jars organized. It is waterproof and easy to install. Its design is also attractive...

Kitchen Tools Buying Guide

Purpose Of Kitchen Tools

Your kitchen is home to not only food, storage, a refrigerator, but your kitchen tools as well. Your favorite plates, grocery items, kitchenware, kitchen supplies such as cooking utensils and cooking tools are all essential in their own ways. All of your cutting, chopping, handling, baking among others require kitchen tools.

Kinds of kitchen tools you can get

1. Bowls

Perhaps the most essential and basic of kitchen tools, your kitchen bowls indicate what type of cooking you usually start with. Entire bowl sets are a good idea because you can look into not only one singular use for a particular sized bowl but many as per size. Moreover, bowls are versatile in both materials, shape and style. You can have special exotic looking bowls as well as plain glass bowls for serving and mixing. Moreover, bowls can also be used for ornamental purposes. A crystal glass bowl with fruits, candies or even a mini indoor plant for it can be a great addition to your kitchen.

2. Tongs

Wearing gloves is a great idea to handle hot pans and baking trays. But, when it comes to flipping food on the pan or grilling meat on the barbecue, you need a good pair of tongs. As an absolute essential, tongs are also available in a variety of colors and sizes. Although you’re more likely to use just one for the kitchen, having multiple pairs of tongs depending on the item you’re cooking can also be a good idea. Usually available in stainless steel, with either plastic or wooden handles or fused metal to not allow the handling end to become hot to handle.

3. Can opener

A can opener is a must if you have frequent parties or find yourself cracking open a can of beer or juice after work. Available in a variety of sizes and types, usually can openers are good to open tinned food cans, beer cans and even soda cans. They are especially good for adding a level of ease to your parties and can also be used to open pickle jars.

4. Mortar and Pestle

A mortar and pestle in your kitchen tools setup is another great idea. This is good to ground spices, make mixtures of spices, among other uses. Moreover, a mortar and pestle are great for coffee grinding and getting that texture and grind perfect for your coffee.

5. Pepper Mill

A pepper mill is a great addition to your kitchen tools and having freshly ground pepper right into your food tastes even better. Ideally available in wooden options, you can find medium to small sized pepper mills for your daily use.

6. Salt and Pepper shaker

The most basic and quintessential of kitchen tools, a salt and pepper shaker are present everywhere. Because of this, you can find them in a lot of variety, in shape, size and even using style. You can go for really simple and elegant looking wooden salt and pepper shakers as well as exotic looking metallic and even glass crystal or porcelain ones.

7. Ladles

Using ladles is essential in your kitchen and having a couple of them for different purposes is recommended. The same wooden ladle would not be a good idea for frying as it would be for stirring items. You can use ladles for stirring, serving and even pouring soups and drinks. There are a lot of uses you can put a ladle to and they’re also available in a variety of options. You can get ladles in mainly plastic, wood and even stainless steel.

8. Mashing tool

A masher is mainly purposed to mash potatoes, as the name suggests. With grill like openings on one end and the handle on another, it makes things incredibly easy when mashing potatoes, or other veggies or fruits you may need. You can get them in both plastic and metallic options, although it is best to go for metallic handles.

9. Peelers

Peelers are as essential to the kitchen as any other kitchen tools. You need peelers for your veggies and fruits and there are more than enough options to look into and not get bored. Moreover, peelers are also available in a variety of styles. This is mostly to help them peel to a particular movement or even collect the peelings.

Materials to consider for your kitchen tools

As these are kitchen tools, and mostly in contact with water, moisture, fruits, veggies, oil and other things it is essential to consider the material. Not only should the material for your kitchen tools be more durable but not react or spoil anything too. Here are some factors and materials to consider before getting a kitchen tools set.

1. Stainless Steel/Aluminum

Stainless steel or aluminum is a good choice for most of the kitchen tools, but no material can be used for all purposes. For example, your metallic spoons and ladles cannot be used to stir fry or serve the same way as wooden ladles can. There are specially crafted tools to assist with all kinds of uses you might need. Moreover, stainless steel, aluminum among other materials such as copper are exceptionally good and widely used for utensils and getting that is a better choice than wood or plastic any day. Even more so, all the tools you can get such as knives, peelers, tongs among others are only available as metallic kitchen tools.

2. Wood

Polished wood is another great option for your kitchen tools, but is not used as much as metal because over time wood can get colored or smell with reactive liquids and moisture. However, wood is a great material for bowls, certain kinds of cutlery, salt and paper shakers, among others. You can use it in salad bowls or even ladles and wood is even in use in holders and organizers for your kitchen.

3. Silicone

Apart from the flexibility and the attractive colors, even silicone is becoming a widely used choice for kitchen tools. You can go for silicone handle spaghetti servers, and container cleaners to reach the really hard places. Moreover, silicone is also a good option to use in handles for your kitchen tools because it prevents the heat and moisture to reach your hands and doesn’t get as easily spoiled as plastic and nylon.

Frequently Asked Questions On Kitchen Tools

1. What are kitchen tools?

The category of kitchen tools consists of anything you can find or would put into your kitchen. Kitchen tools consist of anything from spoons, forks, plates to functional items such as can openers, tongs and even storage and serving options such as bowls. There is a lot of variety in each of the options and kitchen tools make your life with cooking and serving anything much easier. Moreover, kitchen tools such as knives, peelers and ladles help in cutting, pouring and stirring your delicious meals.

2. What are the different kinds of kitchen tools and equipments?

The various kinds of kitchen tools and equipment are :

    1. Kitchen knives
    2. Spoons, forks, ladles to help with stirring and eating.
    3. Plates, bowls and heating utensils
    4. Cutting boards
    5. Measuring cups and spoons
    6. Sieves and funnels

3. Why are single use kitchen tools popular?

Single use kitchen tools are often made up of recyclable materials such as wood. They’re mainly popular in parties or gatherings where it is better to use single use kitchen tools such as plates, forks, and spoons among others.

4. How to clean kitchen tools?

Cleaning kitchen tools depends entirely on the material and kind of tools you have. If it is sharp objects, especially metallic spoons, knives and others, it is best to wash them after boiling them in hot water or using your dishwasher. Moreover, you can also use a mixture of hot water and white vinegar to clean the inside of metal containers just as bottles, cans among other items.

5. How to remove rust from kitchen tools?

Using a mixture of vinegar and water is your best case scenario to get rid of the rust on your kitchen tools. Overtime your tools can get rust or corrode in other ways. But, with a mixture of hot water and vinegar, you can make sure that your kitchen tools remain rust free. Follow these steps to clean any rust off from your kitchen tools:

    1. Prepare a mixture of hot water and white vinegar in a separate container. This can be equal parts water and vinegar.
    2. Next, let the kitchen tool sit in the mixture for at least five minutes before taking it out.
    3. Use a sponge to thoroughly scrub any rust you see on the item, which should make it much more rust free and better than before.

6. What is the difference between kitchen tools and utensils?

The main difference between a tool and utensil lies in their purpose. While utensils are only used to store your food or pick your food up, kitchen tools are different. A tool is anything you can use to perform a certain function which your hands cannot, or you would prefer not to. But with a kitchen tool such as a ladle, can opener, mortar and pestle, you make use of their physical abilities to perform different functions. You can not do those functions with your bare hands such as grinding coffee, stirring hot curry or cut fruits and veggies. In the case of utensils, it is your hands which act as tools and utensils just lie there. So a difference of functionality is the main separation between a utensil and a kitchen tool.

7. What is the most useful kitchen tool?

One of the main kitchen tools everyone needs in their homes is a nice set of knives. A sharp and clean kitchen knife is the first step to anything you cook or prepare. All the other tools come into play later. Even though knives are mainly for cutting, their uses are versatile even though the main function is cutting and slicing items.

8. Why are plastic spoons not used for cooking?

Plastic in anything can lead to toxic fumes and chemicals leading into your food. This is all the more true, especially when cooking on the stove. Even though plastic has a much higher melting point than your curry or meals, but over time, the general nature of plastic allows its outer surface under heat to give away toxic polymers, which find their way directly into your food. So, it can be seen as food adulteration to some extent, except it is minute amounts over time and you would not see any immediate effects. Such things lead to chronic diseases which are built up over time.

9. Is a frying pan a utensil?

Yes, a frying pan is a utensil since you use it to fry something inside it by putting in the ingredients and effort. It doesn’t automatically carry out the function of frying, so it cannot be classified as a tool which you use for frying your food.

10. What is the best material for kitchen tools and utensils?

For the kitchen, anything metallic in nature is generally much better than plastic, wood or other variants. So, it can be aluminum, stainless steel, or coated/anodized iron that would be perfect for your kitchen tools and utensils. The second best option would be wood and then other artificial variants such as plastic, nylon and silicone.

11. Which metal is best for cooking?

For cooking, you should use anything that doesn’t give off toxic compounds when heated. Since most of the kitchen tools and utensils used for cooking are metallic, you should also be aware of which one would be the best. Using stainless steel and anodized cast iron is the best for cooking purposes.