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Chrome Parts & Accessories

18 Inch x 36 Inch Chrome IP Steel Ledge Shelf

Product Description: Keep your living room and storeroom organized with 8" x 36" Chrome IP Steel Ledge Shelf. It can hold up to 800 pounds per shelf so you can...

Item# 11514
Chrome Hooks & Connectors

Product Description: Give your tools, utensils, and aprons a home using these Chrome Hooks & Connectors. These lets you increase the functionality of your shelves and workspaces. It can be...

Item# 11603
Chrome IP Steel Wire Baskets

Product Description: Keep your small items protected and within reach with the Chrome IP Steel WireBaskets. It is made of heavy duty metals that allow for storing heavy things with...

Item# 11612
Chrome Slide-Out Cabinet Baskets

Product Description: Add storage to your cabinets using the Chrome Slide-Out Cabinet Baskets. It can be used to store a variety of items such as cookware, cleaning products, cans and...

Item# 11617
Chrome Storage Baskets

Product Description: Level up your organizing game with this Chrome Storage Basket. The grid-style makes your items accessible. Designed to fit regular 14" and 18" industrial shelves. This basket will...

Item# 11618