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Spice Storage

Sweet, aromatic or savory, spices like cinnamon and tumeric add instant zing to any dish. Get your stash sorted out with our spice storage options!

Best of Spice Storage

Spice Storage Products

10 Inch 2-Tier Bamboo Lazy Susan Turntable

Create extra space on the table with the 10" 2-Tier Bamboo Lazy Susan Turntable. With two tiers instead of one, it can hold twice as many items and...

10 Inch Bamboo Lazy Susan Turntable

Keep everything within reach with the 10"Bamboo Lazy Susan Turntable. This chic product will make sure that you won't need to stand up and stretch your arm to...

12 Inch Linus Divided Turntable

The 12" Linus Divided Turntable is the perfect way to keep your table organized. Make your items more accessible with its spinning feature. It is also divided into...

3-Tier Expandable Cabinet Shelves

Keep your spices organized with the 3-Tier Expandable Cabinet Shelves. It has 3 levels of storage that can be expandable to 4. It is perfect for storing your...

3-Tier Linus Shelf Organizer

What better way to organize your kitchen than with the 3-Tier Linus Shelf Organizer? It Specifications three layers of storage so you can easily locate and grab what...

4 oz. Spice Shaker

Store your herbs and seasonings safely in the 3 oz. Spice Shaker. It is made with stainless steel and features a glass window so you can easily view...

Spice Storage Buying Guide

When you say spices, it doesn’t just mean India anymore. It’s famous throughout the world, as the basic foundation of flavor in the food. Stepping ahead, a Spice Storage is something you need to pay adequate attention to before buying. Every spice has its own mark and results only into a disaster when mixed up with another and Spice Storage essentially prevents that.

Clever Solutions For Spice Storage

Are you a spice hoarder? If yes, then from exotic spice you bought for one special flavor and never utilized again to the seasonings you use regularly, spices have a way of accumulating, and if you’re not careful your spice containers, spice drawer will soon be overflowing. With these compact and easy to store solution can help you organize your spices while saving valuable counter and cabinet storage space with best spice organizer.

Where To Store Your Spices: Counter Or Cabinet?

Choosing where to keep your flavors can vary from one individual to another depending on several factors, such as how often you require your spice containers, how much space you require for it and whether you want to display or hide them. Before you make a choice for any of the spice storage you should be clear with few things such as uses & the purpose of spice storage and what to look for while you purchase any of the spice storage. It will help you make a wise choice for the storage that suits your requirements.

Uses & Purposes Of Spice Storage

Spice Storage essentially contributes toward organizing the kitchen. It’s an exceptionally important part of the kitchen to giving your space an elegant look where you can easily locate the things and make use of these for a longer time. Here’s how

Contributes to Long-Lasting Fragrance

The most engaging thing about spice is its stunning aroma. It symbolizes the quality of the same. If not stored in an airtight container, a spice may lose this amazing characteristic. Moreover, it may lose its punchy flavor. Apart from maintaining the tang, Spice Storage also helps to enhance it over time. Moreover, it needs to be stored in a dark and cold place and that’s supplied by a Spice Storage.

Withstands, the Bacterial Attack

Air, Water & Light never shake hands with the spices. It results in various external microbial attacks. Spice Storage protects you against the same and effectively maintains the flavor. Along with the taste, spices & herbs also contribute to certain health benefits like perfect digestion, improved circulation of blood, dental improvement, enhanced immunity & strong heart.

Prevents the Mixing Up

Many Spice Storages come with an inappropriate design which results in mixing up the spices. Consequently, it becomes nearly impossible to separate them apart. This means, your money’s wasted, time’s wasted and your dream of a delicious meal for a special night is gone. Instead, you should use separate jars for all the spices so that you couldn’t find such problems.

Retains the Taste

Taste is the central figure to the meal & spices are the central figure to the taste. Storing spices in airtight containers won’t do any kinda injustice to the taste. It maintains the quality of the spices and safeguards its utility for several months. Moreover, you need to keep it away from Impurities, Light, Air & Moisture and that’s where Spice Storage becomes your hero.

Shelters the Spice Color

Yeah that’s right! Spices also behave like an admissible edible color in the food, especially the Turmeric. If not stored properly, the color of spices starts to fade and affects the aesthetic value of your meal. It is probably more important among restaurants and hotels, however, you may impress many of your guests and friends visiting your house.

Spice Storage - Before Buying Guide

You might have a Spice Storage in your kitchen, but how appropriate it is according to the décor and safety measures? Ever thought of that? Or else, your Spice Organizer, Spice Containers or Spice Drawer is old enough to store fresh spices and going to ruin your next dinner. There are so many reasons why you’re ready to decide on a Spice Storage, but with a matter of fact, how to decide? Here are some of the factors to you need to keep in mind before a suitable purchase on it-

Decide on a Storage Idea

The very first thing is to decide how to organize your Spice Containers & Jars. There are so many innovative ideas you may think of like- Spice Grippers for Small Spice Containers, Steel Spice Rack (Wall Mounted), Wooden Spice Shelves (Wall Mounted), Revolving Countertop Rack with multiple sections, Spice Drawer Liner, Magnetic Wall Mount, Adjustable Drawer Spice Organizer, Spice Test Tubes with Rack, 3 Tier Spice Organizer, A Wooden Pallet, Pull Out Cabinet, Rack & Cabinet with inbuilt Spice Containers, Slide-Out Drawers, and more.

Decide on Jars & Containers

Spice Storage consists of the Spice Containers & the Spice Container Storage together. Where you have passed on the container storage, let’s head towards the Spice Containers and Jars. Some of the best options are- Mason Jars, Mason Canning Jars, Montana Glass Jar, Mason Regular Mouth Jars, Indian Style Steel Containers with rounded sections, Plastic & Fibre Containers & Boxes (Different Shapes, Sizes & Designs), Traditional Wooden Containers with inbuilt sections, etc.

Material to Be Used

It depends on many factors. If you consider a steel container with different sections, you’ll find them open from the top so as to see what’s there in a specific section. However, there’s a drawback. There’s a common cap to the whole container and that’s why you need to keep it steady while carrying to places or else, your spices get mixed up.

On the other side, there are glass jars with different sizes and shapes. The best thing about it is that you can easily see throughout the jar and pick it up. Moreover, it comes with an airtight cap that maintains the flavor of the spice and also stands specific with a particular spice. But, you need to open all of them separately, every time and stay conscious about the glass. Therefore, it’s all about your choice, likes, and dislikes. The same applies to the Spice Storage idea you’re planning to pick.

Visit the Right Market

Whether online or traditional, everything has a market. You should never approach alone sales setup. Where there’s a market, there are choices, servicing, competition and consequently quality. Now the next step is to see for the right market. There are always specific marketplaces for all kinds of products. You must conduct detailed research regarding the best marketplace for Spice Storage in your region. Moreover, you’ve got various online shopping stores and product reviewing websites to wisely choose what’s right for you. So, never ignore a market!

Make a List

Another important thing is the quantity of Spice Storage you need. You know it doesn’t comprise a single product. It’s a blend of so many things. It is very essential that you’re clear on your buying needs to prevent irrelevant wastage of monkey and time. If you’re interested in a complete Spice Storage kitchen setup, you may decide on the Cabinets, Racks, Shelves, Organizers, Wall Mounts & Pallets. When it's about Spice Containers & Jars, pen down a few of your most favorite types to choose the best among them later.

Compare the Prices

Once you get clear on what you need to buy, let's head towards the price. Well if you’ve got a whole fleet, why care about one boat. A marketplace never runs with a sole trader accept monopoly. So, you’ve got a great number of showrooms & online stores to compare. You must go for the best at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spice Storage

1) How to put a spice organizer in a cupboard?

One of the best ways to organize your herbs and dried spice in the cupboard is to ensure that everything you have got, not just the material you use all the time. After all, it goes waste when a spice disappears placed into a corner and you forget to make use of it. You can make use of various shapes and sizes of spice storage containers, spice organizers. Keeping your pantry organized will help you enjoy cooking more by easy access to spice drawers, save your money and time.

  • Clean it out & decide what to keep
  • Measure & line your spice drawer
  • Choose your spice organizers, placing things in front that you use often

2) Where can I get a spice organizer?

Storable.com offers tips ‘n tricks on the hottest design trends for spice storage. We have storage ideas that ensure you’ll never run out of space organizing everything in your kitchen by perfectly placing everything in Plastic & Fibre storage containers & boxes with airtight built with sturdy & durable material to keep your spices fresh for a longer time.

3) Can you put spices in the refrigerator?

It is best practice to store herbs in a cool and dry place. It is recommended to purchase a spice rack to store your dried spices in the refrigerator and keeping it out of direct sunlight for better results. But you have to take care that the spice storage you are making use is sealed properly, may not lose its flavor when stored for an extended period of time.

4) How big should spice containers be?

You are cramming 40 bottles of spices and placing in a tiny cabinet or jar that spills over every time you cook a cinnamon toast. Nobody uses that many spices and seasoning regularly and if you did they’d to be organized. You need to figure out your space where you want to store your spice containers then you would get a complete idea of how big spice storage containers you should have.

5) How airtight are spice containers?

Airtight glass containers are best for storage of spices and when kept away from light can make the spics stay fresh for up to 2 years. One of the best glass spice storage includes mason jars. Even you can get the cork-top spice bottles for spice storage that are a more attractive solution that can keep your spices safe from being degraded by air or moisture.    

6) How to repurpose spice containers?

  • Toss up those spice containers or jars that are not anymore in your use. There are many ways to repurpose spice jars around your house. Here are some of the ways you can repurpose the spice container.
  • Use them for DIY cleaning products by organizing everything in the pantry.
  • Fill the jar with Powdered Sugar
  • Make your own spice blend by adding oregano, basil and garlic powder to the old spice container
  • You can make use of empty spice jars to hold paint brushes
  • Use old spice jars in the garden by filling it with diatomaceous earth or salt.
  • Make use of empty spice jars to store sewing pins, needles, buttons, small nails, tacks, or other small things.

7) How to organize your spice drawer?

You can feel like a chef if you have a fully organized spice drawer. It’s not a big deal but plays a crucial role and can lead to a big difference in your meal prep routine as if you have organized spice at your place you will have easy access to them while cooking. Check out these amazing ways to store and arrange your spices and seasonings.

  • Store them in stackable tins.
  • Make use of spice drawer inserts to arrange them.
  • Can make use of chalkboard paint to label lids.
  • Use magnets inside your cabinet doors.
  • Place them under your cabinets.
  • Container with a cool pattern.
  • Get a pull-out spice rack.
  • Hang spice jars from hooks.