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Spice Turntables & Lazy Susans

Black Spice Rack 2-Tier

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Product Description:

Systematically organize your kitchen spices with Black Spice Rack 2-Tier. You can put it inside your cupboard shelves or simply place it on pantries, free standing. It is very versatile and functional. Use this to place anything within reach so your work will be a lot easier. This rack makes work convenient and efficient. With Black Spice Rack 2-Tier , you don’t need to waste time in finding your small kitchen products.

Product Specifications

  • Can be used also for storing nail polish, craft designs, jars, and other receptacles
  • Multiple tiers allow for various levels of storage
  • Designed for Items to be within sight and reach
  • Made of sturdy steel material
  • 13″ x 2.75″ x 8″H

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