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4pcs Door Stopper Wedge Finger Protector

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Product Description: 

These door stoppers reduce noise effectively, prevent the door from slamming and squeezing your little baby finger or accidentally get locked in the room. 4 Silicone leaf door stoppers with brown hang rope, can be hung on the door handle or on the wall.

Leaf cartoon door stopper can be flexibly placed anywhere on the floor, the weight about 33g, enough for stationed at one position and non-slip.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Colors: Green, blue, brown, yellow
  • Sizes: 9cm in length, 5cm in width, 5cm in height, and slope height about 0.4cm-2cm
  • Package includes: 4 x Silicone leaf shape door stopper

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