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25 Best Gun Cabinet Picks (For 100% Safety)

Storage Ideas: The Ultimate Guide • January 30, 2020

25 Best Gun Cabinet Picks (For 100% Safety)

Written by: Johara Badsha

Best gun cabinet options that are guaranteed to keep your little ones safe! Enjoy peace of mind knowing your weapons are locked away safely.

If you own guns, make sure you have the best gun cabinet to store them. This is a necessity in order to avoid theft, misuse, and unauthorized access. Besides, in some countries, it is the responsibility of gun owners to invest in reliable gun cabinets.


A gun safe is a protective storage container for firearms that can be locked and secured. Thus, people apart from the guns’ owner can’t gain access to its contents. Depending on the model you choose, a gun safe may also be able to protect your gun from damage due to floods, fires, and other natural disasters.


Here, we have picked out 25 best gun cabinets for maximum safety!


1. SentrySafe Gun Case



This is a perfect mixture of a classic design with modern technology. The lock uses biometric identification, requiring your fingerprint in order to open it. Besides, there’s also a keypad that you can use if you prefer. In addition, this model comes in two different versions.  One of these models holds just one gun, while the other has sufficient space for two. 


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2. Stack-On 18, Best Gun Cabinet

Stack-On, 18 Gun Safe


This gun cabinet made of steel can hold up to 18 rifles or shotguns. Furthermore, it features adjustable shelving, so you can adjust it to hold up to 9 long guns. For convenience, its center partition and shelves can be added or removed according to the size of your collection.


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3. Sentinel Best Gun Cabinet

Sentinel Gun Security Cabinet


If you are looking for compact gun safes, this is the best gun cabinet for you! It has a steel shelf at the top, and can hold up to 10 rifles or shotguns. This can be removed if you need more space to store long guns. Other than that, it features a foam-padded bottom and barrel rests, while a locking system with key codes provides an extra layer of security.


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4. HQ ISSUE, Best Gun Cabinet

HQ ISSUE Gun Cabinet


A fan of the rugged aesthetic? Then you will probably like this steel gun cabinet. This solid and durable option features double doors and can store up to a maximum of 12 guns at a time. Moreover, the handles can be padlocked for safety.


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5. AmazonBasics Security Safe

AmazonBasics Security Safe Box


If you are looking for the best compact gun cabinet, this might just be the one for you! Despite having a digital keypad that requires batteries to function, the cabinet is very convenient to use: it comes with two override keys in case the batteries run out. Furthermore, it’s made out of high-quality steel, which allows it to be safe and durable. The safe is fairly easy to use, with indicators that show whether it’s locked or not. Also, as it comes with removable panels, you can organize the interior any way you like.


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6. Hornady, Best Gun Cabinet

Hornady Gun Cabinet


This case can be used to safely store a pistol. It is well built and hence tamperproof. Its interior has a foam pad to cushion your gun and protect it from scratches. On top of all that, a 3-foot steel cable (weighing 1500 lbs) ensures thieves won’t be running away with your possessions any time soon.


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7. SPIKA Large Gun Organizer



These are gun organizers that can be attached to a safe lock cabinet. They have several clips at the sides, top, and bottom to make it easy to install. In total, this large organizer has 19 pockets including 2 large zipper pockets. It can hold 3 long guns as well.


Learn more about this useful gun organizer here


8. GunVault, Multi Vault Pistol Safe

GunVault gunsafe


This is another unique cabinet that stores your guns safely and far from intruder’s reach. One of its most noteworthy features is its need for a passcode, without which you cannot open this unit. Even if you’ve forgotten your password, worry not: there are recovery methods through which you can gain access to your gun(s).


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9. Liberty, Best Gun Cabinet

Liberty Gun Safe


Looking for a spacious safe to store your multiple guns? Then this is the best gun cabinet for you. It comes in two sizes that can hold 64 guns and 48 guns respectively. In addition, this system monitors and alerts you if there is any suspicious activity.


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10. Barska, Best Gun Cabinet



With this cabinet, you can easily access your firearms without sacrificing safety and protection. Since it features biometric technology, it is quite convenient and safe. Additionally, it also comes with a deadbolt locking system, which effectively prevents it from being tampered e.g. prying, hacking, and drilling.


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11. Amsec Gun Safe

Amsec Gun Safe


This is the best gun cabinet that provides you a multitude of options to organize your firearms. You can arrange your long guns, pistols handguns and other valuable items inside it. The door of the cabinet features a steel-plated coat. Moreover, its patented technology can provide fire protection for up to 90 minutes. In addition, it has an engaged lock with thick bolt clamps to prevent theft.


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12. Stack-On, Double-Door Steel Cabinet

Stack-On, Double-Door Steel Cabinet

Photo from Amazon


If you are looking for double-doors, this is the best gun cabinet. The section meant for guns can hold 10 rifles or shotguns. Other than that, it has 4 steel shelves with foam pads. In addition, the lock system with double bits ensures maximum security.


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13. Fort Knox Pistol Safe

Fort Knox Pistol Safe


Don’t let its small size fool you: with reinforced steel plates, this heavy case is very safe. However, due to its special lock system, you can access your handgun in less than 2 seconds. In addition, it is one of the few gun safes/cases that meet the CA firearms safety device requirements.


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14. FCH Gun Safe

FCH Gun Safe


This is a large security unit that is well built for storing five long guns, with a separate compartment for handguns inside. It also has a memory code and is upgradeable to newer versions. If its batteries die, the code will remain active in the lock system. In short, this is the best gun cabinet for home use and especially for keeping weapons away from kids. 


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15. Vaultek Gun Safe



With features like biometric identification and a keypad, this is the best gun cabinet according to many existing users. With its application that runs on the phone, you get absolute control and monitoring over your safe. Furthermore, you can modify the internal brightness of the safe for when you open it. Of course, these modern features come at a price. However, considering the features it boasts, this gun cabinet is definitely worth every cent.


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16. Golval, Best Gun Cabinet



This steel box made of light metal features a smart locking system for security. Furthermore, this cabinet can store up to 10 long guns. The cabinet is sold with hardware that can allow the box to be mounted on the wall. Additionally, it provides quick access to firearms while keeping them away from small hands.


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17. Quicktec Best Gun Cabinet

Quicktec best gun cabinet


A large and durable safe, this cabinet is accessible both via key and security code. Its cushioned interiors protect your guns from scratches or damages. On top of that, its slim and simple design means it can fit readily in closets or other tight spaces.


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18. Paragon Lock & Safe

Paragon Lock & Safe


This unit is made from steel slabs that resist prying and other methods by an intruder to gain access to your firearms. Its electronic lock system is quite user-friendly, with a digital keypad entry providing quicker access compared to physical keys. The safe also uses a pinwheel three peg opening system which further adds to security. Moreover, this cabinet can store five long guns.


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19. Stack-On, GCB 900 Cabinet

Stack-On, GCB-900 Cabinet


This is security cabinet ideal for pistols. It features two removable shelves and bottom padded with foam. In addition, it has mounting slots so that you can easily install it any floor, ceiling or walls.


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20. INVIE, Best Gun Cabinet

INVIE best gun cabinet


 This is a sleek gun cabinet that can be fitted in a closet or other tight spaces. As it is made of solid steel this cabinet is quite durable. Furthermore, it has a digital keypad for easy access. Additionally, there are wall mounting holes for easy installation.


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21. AmazonBasics Quick Access Firearm Safety Device

AmazonBasics Quick Access Firearm Safety Device


This is the best gun cabinet with an electronic keypad. It has rubber buttons to make access very convenient, and boasts a solid build thanks to powder-coated steel construction. Also, mounting holes make it easy to mount it on the wall, if that’s what you prefer.


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22. V-Line, Best Gun Cabinet

V-Line Quick Vault


This is a safe that can be mounted on the wall, giving a concealed effect. This cabinet provides ample storage space for your firearms. Furthermore, it features an adjustable shelf. Additionally, the quick vault locking system provides enough security against prying.


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23. GunVault-SpeedVault, Handgun Safe

GunVault, SpeedVault Handgun Safe


Keep your handgun secure and ready with this gun safe. It features a lock mechanism that is difficult to pry open with ordinary tools. Further, it provides back up for keys to ensure uninterrupted access. In addition, the interior has foam pads and lights that are handy in low-light situations. 


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24. Verifi Smart.Safe

Verifi Smart.Safe


If you’ve had poor experiences in the past with other biometric safe systems, you should try this! With a larger and more accurate fingerprint sensor, it ensures smooth and convenient access to your firearms. What’s more, it notifies you immediately whenever someone tampers with or attempts to access your safe without authorization. 


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25. BILLCONCH  Gun Safe

BILLCONCH Best Gun cabinet


There are 4 ways to unlock this pistol safe. Firstly, you can connect it to Bluetooth and access it via your phone or laptop. Secondly, you can unlock it using the biometric fingerprint system. Using a password combination is another way to open this safe. And finally, the traditional key-and-lock system, which may be outdated but still trustworthy all the same.


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Gun cabinets are crucial to every American household: they keep your valuables safely locked away, so you won’t have to worry about your children accidentally stumbling upon them. Invest in a high-quality gun safe today for ultimate peace of mind!



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