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15 Best Vacuum Storage Bags: 2021 Edition 15 Best Vacuum Storage Bags: 2021 Edition

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15 Best Vacuum Storage Bags: 2021 Edition

Written by: Kevin Ashwe

15 unique Vacuum Storage Bags with features that make them stand out. They are travel friendly and cost-effective, space-saving, durable and secure.

There is no shortage of vacuum storage bags in the market right now, with many claiming to be the best of the best. It is clear that their respective brands have gone all out to create these stunning storage bags. After careful research, we have picked the best vacuum storage bags in the market: read on to know what they are. And if you want to achieve your dream interior design layout, definitely check out these storage ideas



15 Best Vacuum Storage Bags 2020 Edition - INFOGRAPHICS





Currently not okay with the state of your cabinet? Is it always messy and filled with clothes that are difficult to store? Your worries have come to an end today with the introduction of SunHorde solution. With their stunning hanging vacuum storage, which possesses a size of about 53 inches x 27.6 inches, you can be sure of storage that is big enough to contain a varying number of clothes which range from shirts to long dresses, coats, gowns, jackets, and others.



This storage bag is aptly known as a space-saver, and the reason is quite apparent. The bag can hold clothes that are up to 5 stemming from the 5 books hanger feature. With the design, the sealing of your clothes has become easier as there is a double zip seal. Plus, the safety of your clothing wherever you go is guaranteed. It doesn’t matter if the area has dirt, insects, and bad odor, your clothing will be safe. One Unique feature is the product’s durability as the bag is curated with PA + PE material.





The current most efficient vacuum storage bag in the market comes from SpaceSaver, and it has about 5 medium basses within it. These storage bags will fit about 8 to 10 sweaters at each given time, which makes it easy for every user to maximize space through effective storage.



Attached to every purchase of this bag is a travel pump for you. This will make it easier for everyone who does not have any vacuums at home. Another benefit is that on the occasion that a bag refuses to seal well, the customer can immediately get in touch with the brand and a free replacement is granted. Begin your space-saving journey today with these bags.




The second most efficient bag we have seen recently is from the Vacwel brand. One distinctive feature is its 25% additional strength plus thickness than competing brands. Also, the bags are all reusable. Large vacuum storage bags like these are best for keeping bug items. Plus, you can easily keep the king and queen-sized comforters within.



When sucking the air out of this bag, the customer can utilize any vacuum cleaner because it remains compatible with varying ranges of vacuum cleaners. To use it in the right way, make sure you check the manual. On the occasion that something goes amiss despite your adherence to the rules, reach out to the brand so they can replace the product.





When traveling on some occasions, you may need to carry big baggage along. However, that is not easy for most people. To combat this issue, XUTAI brings its unique product that can handle the storage issue. Being a reliable vacuum storage bag brand, it lives up to its reputation by coming with 9 bags that have 3 various sizes.



With 6 bags – three small and three big bags – it has enough space to pack your stuff into. If aesthetic looks matter to you, the strip design is beautiful. Also, the electric-pimp is as small as an iPhone, making it handy and travel-friendly. You cannot go wrong with this product, and that is enough surety.





Suob is a brand that thrives on excellence, and this is demonstrated in this vacuum storage bag product. The Suob 8 travel vacuum storage bags come with enough space to put in your pillows, bedding, blanket, etc., saving you more than 79% space. These bags protect your pieces of stuff from insect attacks, mildew, and moisture.



The bag is waterproof, keeping water away. Air can only go out, which is why your clothes and belongings can’t suffer moisture. However, the air valve doesn’t allow air to come in. What’s even more interesting is that you can use your home vacuum cleaner to suck out air from the bag.






Of course, everyone wants to save space in their cabinet. You want more stuff to be in it so that more stuff can be bought, or at least to give your room a very decent look. HIBAG 10-Combo is the solution. It saves you 83% space. With this storage bag, you have both a space saver and a bag that protects your things from insects, moisture, and elements of nature. With ten pieces of bags in each purchase, you definitely will be saving lots of space.



The sizes of the bags are 100cm x 70cm, 85cm x 55cm, 70cm x 50cm, 60cm x 40cm, and 38cm x 54cm. they have a wonderful replacement policy, so don’t be afraid to contact them and return any item that re-inflates. That is quality customer service!




There are brand names that are forgettable just as their products are not easily impressed on the mind of the public. Then, there are brand names like RoomierLife, which are not only memorable but have unique products like this 6-Pack Ziplock Vacuum Storage Bag. As the name implies, this ziploc space bag gives you more than enough room in your cabinet. RoomierLifes’s size is 40inches by 30inches, affording you ample space when you’re packing.



RoomierLife vacuum bags are efficient in that they protect your stuff from dirt, moisture, mildew and any other elements that plan to ruin your clothes. These bags are also durable. They are made with the finest materials, guaranteeing a long time before you’ll need to worry about any damages. Another brilliant feature of the brand is its incredible customer service which is as positively memorable as its vacuum storage bags.




Gongshi has come to stay for the long term. Steadily, it is growing to be a household name across the world, and the reason can be found in the unique vacuum storage bags that they create. In this case, the twelve-packs of premium storage bags are a lot of space to pack your belongings. That is what Gongshi vacuum storage bags give you: premium quality bags that come in four different sizes, ranging from small to jumbo size. These space bags are made from the best materials, guaranteeing you long-lasting storage space.



The durability of these bags is not in doubt; they last long. With a Double-seal zipper and a triple-seal turbo valve, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe from any form of attack from dust, water, heat, or any other elements. Furthermore, these bags have a lifetime warranty. You can return them anytime they are damaged. This is top quality customer service and one of the core reasons why buyers continue to troop in to get their 12 Pack Premium Vacuum Storage Bags. Trust me, and this is a deal that you do not want to miss!





This particular brand of storage bags is making waves in 2020. Its features are as stunning as it looks. Its name is what it is: storage master. This bag can store a ton of belongings in one container, saving you space for other things. They are made from quality materials, thick and durable, ensuring all your kinds of stuff are safe. The embossed films are proof of the safety measures put in place to safeguard your pieces of stuff.



You can use your vacuum cleaner to suck out the air. The product also comes with a hand pump, in case you don’t have a vacuum cleaner. Made of BPA Free PA + PE, these space saver bags are suitable for long term use. Its black and white waterproof zipper is style and effectiveness wrapped in one. How cool is that!




The Suoco brand is known for its quality vacuum bags. Many buyers who have purchased their vacuum storage bags over some time have attested to the uniqueness of their products and how much details were put into creating them. This product is not different. The 8-pack vacuum storage bag is designed with nylon and plastic composite. If you like variety, these bags come in two sizes – small and jumbo sizes. Each volume has four pieces with varying sizes. To prove that buyers will enjoy the durability of this bag, Suoco has a warranty that runs for more than a year.



You can return any bags with leaks, and you would enjoy the perk of a new one. This goes a long way to reassure buyers that the Suoco brand is loyal and determined to churn out quality.





Another vacuum storage bag you need to check out is the Airbaker Vacuum Storage bag with a pump space saver bag. This particular product consists of 9 pieces of bags, spanning across different sizes from small ones to jumbo pieces. With this vacuum bag in your possession, you’d do a great thing to reduce your wears; clothes, towels, comforters, and pillows. Regardless of the BPA-free, five layers co-it still a great choice to make use of even at lower temperatures.



For dire-hard travelers, this bag is sure a perfect fit. With it, they can get to save space more, and be able to come with more stuff. Inclusively, there is a travel pump that comes alongside this bag upon making your purchase. This pump can be handled and taken virtually anywhere you’d like to go.





Although it is no longer a surprise to see AirBaker’s product on the list of best vacuum storage bags, this particular one, however, offers something more. This bag is actually a 10-piece vacuum storage bag ranging across different sizes from either medium sizes or 70cm x 50cm. With storage sizes as much as this, users can get to store about 4-5 sweaters or even a pillow. As expected, you can trust that your clothes are safely stored. With the inclusion of the BPA FRee co-extrusion film, SGS Rosh certified and FDA, you’re sure that your storage is everything but unsafe.



With the added free travel pump, users can get to clean the bags without actually making use of a vacuum cleaner. Travelers are sure to have a field day making use of this bag for their voyage, especially for those visiting remote areas or basically going for off-road adventures.





It has been established that the Suoco brand is one that is very prominent and produces quality storage bags. Unlike the 8 pack vacuum storage bags with jumbo and small sizes, the Suoco 8 pack jumbo vacuum storage bags have all jumbo size bags. These bags can contain items like pillows, blankets, duvets, and many more. These bags are ideal for traveling and can be used in the home whenever you want to store any of your clothing. Made to ease the strain on the user, Suoco 8 Pack Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bag stands out in terms of how easy the users utilize it.



The travel pump means the bag doesn’t have to store unwanted air when you are traveling. The travel pump is small and is used to sucking off air from the container. Another exciting add-on is that Suoco has a lifetime warranty on the Suoco 8 pack jumbo vacuum storage bag. Go ahead and buy, they have got you covered at all times! To showcase how much the Suoco brand places value on the buyers, it is easy to contact them with complaints, and they are fast in responding.





The Hibag storage bag isn’t just like any other storage bag in the market; it is one that is steadily gaining prominence as a high-flier within the market. The reason for its steady rise can be easily deduced from its unique features. Quality materials like nylon and polyethylene are used in making these bags. But what loyal Hibag customers love the most about this vacuum bag is the durability and the variety of pieces it offers them.



Two roll-up bags and travel pumps make them the ideal travel bag. HIBAG vacuum storage bags are reliable to do the job of keeping your stuff safe, either while you’re traveling or at home. At any time, comfort is always guaranteed with the use of the Hibag 20 Pack Vacuum Storage Bag. Plus, the brand is very responsive to customers’ enquires and complaints at all times. With a storage bag like this, your travels are sure to be very lovely and comfy.





With the SPACE MAX Premium Vacuum Storage Space Saver Bags, users can now maximize the best of their closest by storing their ponderous and outdated gadgets in more secure storage as well as decluttering space. With every unit of this vacuum bag specifically designed to prevent air from getting in or going out when it’s sealed, you can trust that your gadgets would be free from anti-mold bacteria dangers. More so, the waterproof feature makes your gadget to be in condition always. Inclusively, the superior turbo, designed to specifically keep air out when the bag is sealed, hence protecting your gadgets from any form of danger for a long time.




Storing items can sometimes give you sleepless nights. You worry about the things you’ve stored getting damp, being raided by insects, and a host of attackers. But you don’t have to worry anymore. Especially if you are someone who loves space in your home. Vacuum storage bags were designed to provide you with space for your belongings while protecting them against other ‘unscrupulous’ elements.



The bags we have reviewed are guaranteed to keep your clothes and other pieces of stuff safe, save you space, and ease your traveling. There are several vacuum bags in the market to choose from. After you have decided what you want and how much space you want to save, do the needful, get yourself a vacuum storage bag, NOW!

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