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Collapsible Storage Bins Designs for Your Kids – 9 Novel Ideas Collapsible Storage Bins Designs for Your Kids – 9 Novel Ideas

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Collapsible Storage Bins Designs for Your Kids – 9 Novel Ideas

Written by: Copley Sutton

These 9 best collapsible storage bins are sure to excite you like never before. Tidying your room is NO LONGER a tedious task (for kids & adults alike)!!

How tired are you of yelling ‘tidy your rooms please!’? It’s a reality in most households, so you’re not alone. But we want to ask one question: would it go a little smoother if you make it easier for your kids to find space for all their toys, pencils, books and clothes? That’s why many wise parents invest in collapsible storage bins for kids’ rooms. And the secret is that you’ll probably find them handy all over the house.





So, educate yourself on how to use them and which ones to pick, so you can save your breath for more important discussions.


Why Pick Collapsible Storage Bins?


A lack of storage can easily lead to items lying all over. If you create easily accessible storage space your kids may perform their cleaning duties with fewer complaints. And if your current storage space is overflowing with clutter, don’t waste time repacking it to perfection each weekend; it will only get messy again, especially if you have small kids. Rather, add a bin or two and make ‘tidying the room’ an easier task.


Of course, you can pick just about any storage solution you deem practical, whether it’s a new cupboard or a chest that’s a family heirloom. But there needs to be some sense in investing in collapsible containers and plastic storage drawers. These are designed to be space-saving because you can often stack multiple units on top of each other. Then you sacrifice less floor space.


Also, with collapsible storage bins, you have an option of putting them away when they’re not in use, so you’re not adding unnecessary clutter. Simply fold up and put it away until you need it, or load it into the car when you’re visiting family and you don’t want kids’ toys messing up other people’s personal space.


And let’s be honest: you want your rooms to look impressive, right? You only have to do a quick browse for Amazon or Walmart storage bins to see the many options available to you AND how intricately they’re designed: every theme and color you could think of will be available. So, if you put effort into decorating your child’s room, don’t let collapsible storage bins ruin the vibe; let them blend in with the aesthetics.


Handy tip: don’t think these Amazon and Walmart storage bins are only for bedrooms. Why not keep collapsible storage bins in the living room, in a drawer or under a couch cushion? If visitors arrive you have an easy-to-reach container to pile in loose toys and books. Then simply shove it into a cupboard and your guests will be none the wiser!


Now that you know the value of the plastic storage drawers and collapsible bins you’re going to buy, let’s share details on some of the best ones on the current market.


The Best Collapsible Storage Bins for Your Kids’ Rooms


1. Sorbus Foldable Storage Cube Basket Bin

Colorful collapsible storage bins

Photo by Sorbus



We’ll start with a minimalist design that you can consider for almost any age group. Sorbus offers you foldable fabric bins in six different colors. The basic design allows you to add it to existing décor without it ruining the room’s look—as long as the colors work with your décor.


They’re lightweight, so even small children can carry them to where they need them to tidy up. Measuring 11” x 11” x 10.5” they won’t take too many toys, but the size is appropriate for the little ones to handle so you don’t have to do all the carrying.


These are also practical if you have a cupboard with the right sized gaps that you can simply slide them into, so they don’t take up floor space. Just note that they will bend easily and the yellow is not a pretty pastel hue.



  • Beautiful colors
  • Lightweight for kids to handle
  • Neat design
  • Can act as drawers in a cupboard setup


  • Limited size
  • Fabric may wear over time
  • All colors may not fit your room palette


Check the latest price and Read More Reviews here


2. MoKo 30L Collapsible Bins

collapsible storage bins

Photo by MoKo



So, these may not look as attractive as the pretty ones above, but here’s an important thing to consider when purchasing ANYTHING for kids’ rooms: durability. And if you’re raising a very energetic child he or she is bound to enjoy a little rough playing. Then you need plastic containers that will survive being jumped on and hit with a toy sword during imaginary play.


Storage containers also tend to travel: between rooms, going on holiday in the car or being placed outside on a sunny day. All that movement will damage a container if it’s not strong enough. And if we’re describing your scenario here, then you should consider this MoKo unit.


The size is attractive too, so you can clean up many items with simply creating one additional storage space.


We also love multi-use items! Thanks to the sturdy side panels and solid lid your kids can use this as a surface to press on when they draw or if your little princess needs a table for a tea party.


And, as with all our units, if you don’t need it anymore, simply collapse it and put it away.



  • Durable
  • A lot of space
  • Can serve as a table
  • Stackable
  • Handles for easy carrying



  • Not aesthetically pleasing
  • Only two colors available


Check the latest price and Read More Reviews here

3. Pack of 3 Collapsible Storage Bins

storage bin

Photo by KINGBO


Here is another option that doesn’t necessarily win in the looks department, but we love the 3-pack that gives you different sized plastic storage drawers or containers. Use the one appropriate for the task at hand so you don’t waste unnecessary floor space.


This brand has made efforts into designing a sturdy product, so if you know you’ll carry heavy items or your containers will go through rough handling, these make for a wise investment.


Kingbo also considered your comfort: you’ll appreciate the comfortable handles. And when you use them as plastic storage drawers in your cupboards, they’re easy to pull out.


And then there’s the bonus feature! The lids and some side panels are transparent so you don’t have to guess what’s inside or struggle to look for a specific item. You’ll know at a glance.



  • Sturdy design
  • 3 different sizes
  • Comfortable to carry
  • See-through panels



  • Not pretty enough to serve as décor
  • Brand only manufactures two colors


Check the latest price and Read More Reviews here


4. NewHeightsHome Storage Cube Organizer

4 colorful collapsible storage bins

Photo from Amazon




Parents who do prefer a themed approach and eye-catching aesthetics will probably appreciate this design: it has a kids’ school room feel with the chalkboard label on one side of each collapsible storage bin. This also makes it ideal for perfectionists who want to keep their kids’ toys organized. For small kids: simply draw a picture of the items they’re supposed to throw into each bin and turn clean up time into a game!


Bonus: a chalkboard pen is included.


The four colors should suit most kids’ room décor and these are a little bigger than bins mentioned above. They measure 12” x 12” x 12”, offering a sufficient amount of space for books, larger toys and more.


They will also fit into many shelving units, so use them along with plastic storage drawers to create a neat environment where all kids’ belongings can be stored out of sight.



  • Bright colors
  • Erasable chalkboard labels
  • Easy to set up and collapse
  • Fits many storage cupboards



  • Fabric may wear over time with too much handling
  • Whiteboard marker is low quality


Check the latest price and Read More Reviews here



5. HKEC Rectangle Storage Basket with Handles

HKEC Rectangle storsge basket

Photo by HKEC


If you’re looking for one large container to solve all your kids’ storage problems, we suggest you try the HKEC model. These collapsible storage bins come in a variety of designs, so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste. And if you’re shopping for older kids, let them pick their favorite animal or floral design.


The unit is known to be lightweight and it’s resistant to moisture, so you can even use if in the bathroom. Or, if laundry is part of the challenge of keeping order in the house, this can serve as a bathroom laundry basket with some character.


You get a linen and cotton basket, but you’ll find durable handles on the sides, so they’re sturdy enough for regular use. They’re also comfortable to carry. The length of 15” makes this basket practical for large toys too.



  • Large basket
  • Sturdy handles
  • Multiple fun designs
  • Moisture resistant



  • Not as sturdy as plastic containers


Check the latest price and Read More Reviews here


6. Zonyon Storage Bin with Lid

Zonyon storage bin

Photo from Zonyon



Whenever you’re buying décor or other room items you need to think long term, especially if you’re working on a tight budget in your household. So, if you don’t want to replace your collapsible storage bins in the near future, why not make them timeless instead of kid-focused?


You’ll find man Walmart storage bins like these as well, but we really liked Zonyon’s bins that have an understated elegance to them. You can pick one of four colors—khaki, gray, orange and blue—so you can still match them to the room’s overall look. But once your kid reaches his or her teens they won’t find them outdated. They’ll still be happy to use these for storing odds and ends. Or, use them in the kitchen or living room where you need additional storage space.


Each bin has a lid so you can stack them if you want. Just don’t put a very heavy loaded bin on top of another, because these won’t be as durable as plastic containers. You get two bins with each purchase and the 14.6” x 9.3” x 9.3” size is suitable for most storage needs.



  • Elegant design
  • Multiple colors available
  • Decent size
  • 2-pack
  • Lightweight



  • Less durable than plastic
  • Not a kids themed container


Check the latest price and Read More Reviews here


7. Kangaroo Walk Toy Storage Basket

Fabric storage basket with Toys description

Photo from Amazon



If a minimalist approach is your goal, we’ve got a solution too. You can opt for this large toy basket from Kangaroo Walk. And you’ll probably only need one because it’s one of the bigger fabric collapsible storage bins on our list: it measures 22” x 15” x 13”. You can pick from a few basic colors and each one has a printed label of the word ‘Toys’ or a tree. So if you’re looking for something stylish to use for toys your kids want to keep in the living room, this will work.


It’s strong enough for multiple toys or even to use as a laundry basket so you’ll find many uses for this purchase.


Just take note that the sides aren’t designed to give much resistance. If your child is leaning against the side it may very well collapse and spill out some toys. But we love that it collapses easily and looks ultra-modern.



  • Stylish design
  • Durable handles
  • Large
  • Lightweight for easy carrying



  • Will collapse when leaned against
  • Not stackable
  • No lid


8. XXXL Storage Basket

XXXL Storage Basket

Photo by XXXL


If size is your number one priority then give this basket a go! At 21.7″ x 21.7″ x 13.8″ it’s one of the largest collapsible storage bins on our list that’s made of fabric. This one is woven, giving it a stunning look that will suit any baby, kids or living room. The light colors will match almost any color scheme.


When you’re done using it as toy storage, simply turn it into a laundry basket or other container around the house.

The handles are double stitched, so don’t be concerned if you’re carrying heavy items around the house. This will hold!



  • Large size
  • Stunning look
  • Multiple uses



  • No lid
  • Will collapse when a child leans against it


Check the latest price and Read More Reviews here


9. CleverMade Collapsible Plastic Grocery Shopping Baskets

 CleverMade Collapsible Plastic storables

Photo by CleverMade


We’ll end off with another multi-use item that can solve more than one problem in your household: get your grocery basket and toy storage unit in one purchase!


These stackable baskets may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but they’re budget-friendly and very practical. You can use them for kids’ items in their rooms and when they’re not needed, do the shopping with them. The handles make them easy to carry around and for storage solutions when you’re packing the car for a holiday, these are your ideal go-to.


It’s an all-rounder option for the parents who rate practicality above looks.



  • Stackable
  • Handles for easy carrying
  • Appropriate for many storage and carrying tasks
  • 3 pack



  • Not the prettiest on our list


Check the latest price and Read More Reviews here


You have your options AND your reasons to put collapsible storage bins on your shopping list. It could solve more of your home challenges than you think: no more toys on the floor, easier cleaning and it can even act as stunning décor.


Storage is versatile, right?

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