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There’s something decidedly magical about interior design: whoever knew that a new rug or some framed paintings could make such a huge difference to the entire vibe of a house?


Storables.com is a one-stop interior design website for everyone. For the uninitiated, there’s a ton of information on design basics as well as quick & easy ideas to try. Then there are DIY ideas for those who fancy a good challenge, and want to add a more personal touch.


Our interior design ideas cover all the rooms/areas a house could possibly have: looking for home gym and laundry room ideas? No sweat, we’ve got ‘em! Have fun experimenting with these ideas, and let us know which (ones) you like the best.


Feeling stressed by the lack of space at home? Get more storage for less space, and learn hacks to maximize every inch of your house! Ideas include minibar and attic ideas and are – for the most part – fairly simple to execute, and guaranteed to work well.


Reckon your house needs a complete makeover? Head straight over to the renovation section for major processes/works such as flooring, wiring and wood paneling.


Keep your house in tip-top condition with these amazing home maintenance tips: give away or sell what you don’t need for uncluttered, pleasant-looking spaces! We think interior design is as much about the process of organization, as it is about the physical objects themselves.


If you have some spare time on hand (and a fair bit of patience), we’d definitely recommend giving our DIY ideas a go: never be afraid to stand out from the crowd!


In our shop, you’ll find items such as shelves, fans & ceilings, tools and many more: essentials for your house which are indispensable to everyday living.


No house is complete without pretty furniture, so pamper yourself with a plush armchair or soft beanbag from our furniture section.


Make bedtime special with the right choice of bed: whether queen size, king size, or ones for the kiddies, these beds and beddings are sure to give you hours of quality ‘zzz’s, and possibly improve your mood in the mornings too.


Looking for cool kitchen storage ideas? You’ll definitely need to check out our kitchen tools, kitchen organizers, pantry bins, shelving options, etc.


Under fans & lighting, we have ceiling fans, ceiling lights, fairy lights, wall lights and more lighting fixtures/choices to light up your house, and which are perfect for special occasions.


A little bit of decor can instantly elevate the look of your house: carpets & rugs, blinds and cushions, throws and table runners.


Renovation work cannot be done without the help of tools: toolbox, tool organizers, or ladders, you name ’em, we have ’em.


If you have any queries or feedback you’d like us to know, feel free to contact us. We welcome partnerships too – just hit us up, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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