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Maytag Washing Machine Errors: Ultimate Guide to Resolve All Issues

November 9, 2023

Get the best solutions for Maytag Washing Machine Errors! Discover key symptoms, fix all possible issues, and maintain top performance in our comprehensive guide.


When it comes to the world of home appliances, Maytag has solidified its position as one of the leading brands. In particular, the Maytag washing machine lineup is filled with high-performance units built with durability and functionality in mind. However, like any appliance, they are not immune to occasional issues and errors. These can range from minor inconveniences like a door not properly closing to serious issues like motor failure. While some problems may require the aid of a professional technician, others can be solved with a bit of knowledge and some handy DIY skills.

Having a clear understanding of the common errors that may occur with a Maytag washing machine is not only important but also very beneficial. It allows homeowners to fix problems promptly, limit potential damage, and extend the lifespan of their machine. So let’s delve into what these errors might mean and how you can address them.

Understanding Washing Machine Errors

Error codes on your Maytag washing machine are not randomly generated, but are, in fact, integral to the system’s functionality. They are there to alert you to specific problems or conditions that need your attention. Just seeing the error flashing on the display might seem like bad news, but it’s actually helping you diagnose what’s wrong.

With these codes, you are informed immediately if your washing machine is experiencing a specific issue such as a water inlet problem, an unbalanced load, or an issue with the door lock. Understanding the meaning of these codes enhances your ability to quickly troubleshoot and, where possible, resolve the problem without resorting to a costly service call.

The impact of not addressing these error codes can vary. In some minor cases, it might merely mean sub-optimal performance of your machine. In more serious situations, it can lead to the breakdown of the unit, leading to expensive repairs or even the requirement for a complete replacement of the machine.

Maytag Washing Machine: Brief Overview

Maytag is a popular brand that has stood the test of time, having been founded back in 1893. Known for their reliability and durability, Maytag products are designed to deal with the rigors of everyday use. The company’s line-up of washing machines ranges from high-capacity units to energy-efficient models, each one engineered with innovative features designed with ease of use in mind.

Some of the unique features of Maytag washing machines include Advanced Vibration Control to balance heavy loads, a PowerSpray system that evenly distributes detergent, and power agitator for superior cleaning results. With a variety of models catering to various needs, Maytag has a machine to suit virtually every household. Understanding the common errors that can occur with these machines, and how to fix them, is necessary for all Maytag washing machine users. This knowledge will not only keep your washing machine in optimal condition but may also extend its lifespan significantly.

Common Maytag Washing Machine Errors

Like any other washing machines, Maytag models are not without their issues. Over time, you might encounter a few error codes indicating a problem with your washer. While some of these errors can be resolved through simple troubleshooting steps, others may require professional assistance.

There are numerous error codes that can appear, each representing a different issue ranging from door lock problems to draining issues. Some of the most frequently encountered errors include door lock issues, oversudsing, inlet water temperature errors, motor control errors, and draining issues. Understanding these errors and knowing how to address them can save you both time and money which might otherwise be spent on professional maintenance or repair.

Error: Door Lock issues

One of the most common errors you may encounter with your Maytag washing machine has to do with the door lock. An error may display if the door is not locking correctly or is unable to recognize the door as being locked. This is a crucial safety feature in all washing machines as the machine should not operate if the door is not securely locked. Common causes of this error might be a broken door latch, a defective lock, or a malfunction in the machine’s software.

To fix this issue, you could try unplugging the machine and plugging it back in to reset the computer. If the issue persists, inspect the door latch for damage and replace it if necessary. If it’s a software issue, a power cycle of your washing machine or a technician’s diagnostic might solve the problem. For more details and specific solutions, you can refer to this guide to fixing door lock issues.

Error: Draining issues

Draining issues are another common error with Maytag washing machines. Should the machine detect an issue with draining, you’ll be alerted with an error code on your machine’s display. This could occur due to a blockage in the drain hose, the pump may be clogged with debris, or the pump itself could be malfunctioning.

Firstly, check the drain hose for kinks or obstructions and clear them if any are found. If the problem isn’t with the drain hose, you may need to inspect the pump. Cleaning the pump may resolve the issue, but if the pump is faulty, you’ll need to replace it. For a more comprehensive understanding and specific guide to solving this issue, refer to this detailed resource on tackling draining issues.

Error: Oversudsing

Oversudsing occurs when there are excessive soap suds inside the washing machine. It’s usually due to using too much detergent or using a kind that isn’t suitable for high-efficiency washing machines. This can often lead to poor washing performance and can cause strain on the machine’s motor.

To resolve this issue, lessen the amount of detergent you’re using or switch to a different brand recommended for your washer. Also, consider using a washing machine cleaner to remove any soap residue inside the drum. Should the problem persist, the pressure switch might be faulty and require replacement. An in-depth guide on how to handle oversudsing issues can provide further help.

Error: Inlet Water Temperature Error

Maytag washing machines may also display an error when there’s a problem with the water’s inlet temperature. If the temperature of the water coming into the machine is too high or too low, this error may appear. This could be due to faulty water lines, a malfunctioning temperature sensor, or issues with the home’s water heater.

To fix this issue, inspect the water hoses to ensure they are correctly attached and not pinched or obstructed in any way. If no issues are found there, you might need to check your home’s water heater temperature settings. If there are no problems with your water heater, a defective temperature sensor in your washer might be to blame. A specialist should look into this Inlet Water Temperature Error.

Error: Motor Control Error

Motor control error is a serious issue that often signifies a problem with the motor control board. This error can prevent the washing machine from spinning or washing your clothes. Likely causes include overloading the machine, an electrical problem, or a problem with the motor itself.

As a first step, try to reset the washer by unplugging it and plugging it back in after a few minutes. If the error persists, a warped or overloaded load may be to blame – try reducing the size of the load and see if that resolves the issue. If none of these actions work, it’s recommended to call a professional as the issue might lie within the internal motor or control board. For more specific instructions on how to deal with a motor control error, check out details in this guide on motor control errors.

Error: Long Drain Time

A long drain time issue in a Maytag washing machine is typically signaled with an LD error code. This error implies that the washing machine is taking too long to drain the water out, which might be due to a kinked or clogged drain hose, the use of non-he (high-efficiency) detergent, or a malfunctioning pump.

For removing the problem, check and clean the drain hose for any potential blockages, including small clothing items or accumulations of lint. Ensure the hose does not have any harsh bends or kinks. Also, make sure to use only HE detergent in your machine. If you adhere to these steps and the problem still persists, it may be a sign of a faulty pump, which would require a professional or technical expertise for a proper diagnosis and repair. For a comprehensive understanding of a long drain time error, refer to the provided guide.

Error: Spinning Issues

Spinning issues, often signified by the error code F7E5, can be a common problem in Maytag washing machines. This error code alerts you to problems with the washer’s shifter or a malfunctioning clutch, resulting in the drum not spinning correctly or at all.

To address this issue, inspect the machine’s motor coupler for any signs of damage, and also check the lid switch assembly with a multimeter for continuity. If the issue remains unresolved, the drive belt might be broken or stretched and need replacement. Lastly, if these solutions prove ineffective, the drum’s bearings might be worn out or the motor may be defective, requiring a professional’s expertise. A structured guide on how to properly address spinning issues can be consulted for assistance.

Official Maytag Support: Importance and Usefulness

The Official Maytag Support provides a robust foundation for addressing any issues that may arise with a Maytag appliance. This service is essential as it provides step-by-step guidelines, technical information, and direct contact with Maytag customer service, which can be invaluable when you’re faced with complex problems.

Maytag’s support often comes in handy when dealing with critical issues that may not be easily resolved with simple DIY fixes. Moreover, they provide access to a wide array of resources, including user manuals, troubleshooting guides, part replacements, warranty information, and scheduling service appointments. Their official guides often provide clear and concise repair walkthroughs that ensure any diagnosed issue is correctly addressed.

In conclusion, while minor concerns can often be resolved through DIY methods or using the maintenance suggestions provided in the user manual, for more severe errors or other complicated issues, consulting the official Maytag support is highly recommended. Not only does it ensure a professional assessment of the situation, but it also helps maintain the longevity of the device. For the most accurate and updated information, visit the official Maytag website.

DIY Solutions Versus Professional Repair

Opting between DIY Solutions and Professional Repair services often comes down to factors like cost, the severity of the issue, and individual technical expertise. For minor issues, DIY solutions, which can often be found online, may be sufficient; however, more severe problems might demand professional intervention.

While DIY solutions are cost-effective, they require a certain level of expertise and comfort with handling appliances. Small tasks such as cleaning the inlet or drain hose, positioning the washer properly, or replacing minor parts, can be undertaken at home.

On the contrary, professional repair services come with a higher cost but offer skilled assessment and resolution of the problem. Issues implying malfunctioning of major components such as motor, drum, or control circuitry, are best handled by experts. An incorrectly done DIY repair can further escalate the problem in such cases, causing more expensive repairs or even a full replacement in the worst scenarios.

Essential Maintenance Tips for Maytag Washing Machines

Proper maintenance of a Maytag washing machine can extend its lifespan and ensure optimum performance. Below are some crucial tips for maintaining your Maytag machine.

Regularly clean the washer drum, filter, and detergent drawer with a machine cleaner to prevent build-up of detergent or fabric softener residue. Make sure the machine is balanced and not overloaded to avoid unnecessary strain on the motor and drum. Always use a high-efficiency (HE) detergent to prevent over-sudsing and residue formation.

Always remove laundry promptly after a cycle to prevent mildew or musty smells. Occasionally, run an empty hot-water cycle with a machine cleaner to deep clean the washer. Check hoses regularly for cracks or leaks and replace if necessary.

Common FAQs about Maytag Washing Machine Errors

Users often have questions concerning Maytag washing machines and their encountered issues. A few of these common inquiries are:

1. What does the F20 or F21 error code on a Maytag washer indicate?
The F20 or F21 error codes are associated with water drain issues. These errors have been discussed in more detail in this guide on F20 and F21 errors.

2. How often should I clean my Maytag washing machine?
It’s recommended to clean your washing machine once a month to avoid build-up of detergent, fabric softener, or mildew and maintain optimal performance.

3. Why is the washer not completing a cycle?
Several causes could lead to the washer not completing a cycle, such as a malfunctioned door lock, a motor problem or an unbalanced load. Depending on the displayed error code, you may refer to the corresponding guide provided above for more insights.

4. Where can I find the error code on my Maytag washer?
The error code typically displays on the washer’s digital display panel. In case of mechanical models, the washer may use a series of signals such as blinking lights or beep sounds to indicate an error.

Remember, when in doubt, it’s always a good idea to consult the user manual or contact Maytag customer service for help with your particular model.

Incorporating Smart Appliances into Your Home

In this era of technology, Smart Appliances are revolutionizing the way we carry out our everyday tasks. From refrigerators to washing machines, the integration of “smart” capabilities has reshaped home appliances, making our lives simpler and more convenient.

Smart washing machines offer several advanced features, including remote control via mobile apps, automated detergent dispensers, energy efficiency, and enhanced troubleshooting capabilities. Many new Maytag washing machines come equipped with smart features, allowing for notifications about wash cycle status, troubleshooting assistance, and even the ordering of detergent and fabric softener refills automatically. This integration of technology brings a new level of comfort and efficiency to managing your laundry chores.

Need for Replacement: Identifying the Right Time

A Maytag washing machine’s lifespan varies based on factors like usage, maintenance, model, and overall care. However, a typical washing machine can last up to 10 years or more. As your machine ages, its efficiency may decrease, and it may start developing frequent faults. While regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your washing machine, a time comes when replacement is more cost-effective than repairs.

Signs that indicate a need for replacement include frequent breakdowns, costly repairs, excessive noise, inefficiency, and outdated technology. If your machine has reached a point where it needs regular repairs or fails to perform optimally even after servicing, it could be time to consider a replacement. Also, advancements in technology bring about improved energy efficiency, and upgrading to a newer model could lead to savings on your energy bills.

Effective Replacement Strategy

When replacing your washing machine, consider factors such as the machine size, capacity, type (top-loading or front-loading), and your budget. It’s also prudent to consider energy-efficient models that can help in long-term savings. Brand reputation and after-sales services are other vital considerations.

Choosing the Right Maytag Washing Machine for Your Home

Selecting the right washing machine involves more than just choosing a brand. Within each brand, including Maytag, there are various models each with its unique features and specifications. To choose the right Maytag washing machine, you must consider your personal needs and preferences.

First, determine the load capacity you need, which will depend on the size of your family and the frequency of your laundry. Larger families or households doing laundry frequently may need a machine with a larger capacity.

Next, identify the type of machine you prefer: top-loading or front-loading. Top-loading machines are generally more affordable and ergonomic but may use more water and energy. On the other hand, front-loaders offer better efficiency and performance but come with a higher initial cost.

Consider the washing machine location and the available space in your home. Machines come in different sizes and designs, and it’s essential to choose a model that fits in your dedicated laundry space.

Furthermore, take your budget into account. While top-tier models come with advanced features, they also carry a higher price tag. Lastly, consider the machine’s energy and water efficiency to ensure your chosen model won’t heavily impact your utility bills.

Review of Maytag Washing Machines

Maytag is a highly reputable brand in the appliance market, known for delivering durable, reliable, and innovative products. Their washing machines, in particular, have solidified their place in many households due to their exceptional performance, efficient design, and advanced mechanics.

Maytag washing machines are praised for their powerful cleaning ability. They are designed to effortlessly handle heavy and soiled loads, eliminating tough stains and dirt. The unique PowerWash® System, for instance, is a stand-out feature present in most Maytag models. Made up of a robust motor, optimal dispensers, and a high-level agitator, this system ensures your clothes come out clean and fresh every time.

Besides excellent cleaning performance, Maytag washers are lauded for their ample load capacity. With a wide range of machines boasting capacities from compact to large-scale, Maytag caters to diverse laundry needs, whether for small apartments or larger households. This attribute minimizes the number of loads you need to do, saving both time and energy.

Regarding energy efficiency, many Maytag washing machines are Energy Star certified, ensuring they consume less power and water without compromising their performance. This aspect results in reduced utility bills, contributing to overall household savings.

One area that could be improved, according to some reviews, is the noise level. Some users have reported that certain models tend to become noisy during the spin cycle. However, this drawback is often outweighed by the many positive features and durable construction of these machines.


Understanding Maytag washing machine errors and knowing how to troubleshoot them can save significant time and money. Knowing when to hire a professional and when to perform a DIY fix is equally crucial. This guide offers valuable insights into common Maytag washing machine errors, their potential causes, and feasible fixes.

While error codes are common and may occur across various washing machine brands, Maytag washers are recognized industry-wide for their robust reliability and efficiency. Their extensive features and technology advancements, including Smart capabilities, position them as a solid choice for various household needs.

With regular maintenance and a commitment to understanding your machine’s function, you can prolong its lifespan, maintain its performance, and ensure it remains an invaluable part of your home for years to come. Remember, investing in a quality appliance like a Maytag washing machine and understanding its operation is an important step in making your home operations run smoothly.

For further information about specific error codes, you can visit various online resources to dive deeper into the subject. Each specific error code for Maytag machines has been thoroughly explored with a dedicated article, providing a comprehensive database of troubleshooting information and fixes.