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8 Amazing Toilet Light for 2024 8 Amazing Toilet Light for 2024


8 Amazing Toilet Light for 2024

Written by: Daniel Carter

Illuminate your bathroom with these 8 amazing toilet lights for 2023. Enhance your nighttime bathroom experience with the perfect toilet light.

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Introducing the 8 Amazing Toilet Light for 2023! Illuminate your bathroom experience with these innovative and stylish toilet lights that are set to transform your ordinary restroom into an extraordinary oasis. With a range of vibrant colors, motion-sensor technology, and easy installation, these toilet lights provide a fun and functional solution to ensure your nighttime visits to the bathroom are both convenient and visually appealing. Stay tuned as we explore the top picks for the best toilet lights for the upcoming year, making your trips to the restroom a truly illuminating experience.

Top Picks:

Overall Score: 8.5/10

The Toilet Night Light 2Pack by Ailun is a motion-activated LED sensor that automatically turns on when it detects movement. It provides a soft and colorful illumination to make navigating the bathroom at night safe and convenient. The light is water-resistant and easy to clean, ensuring a hassle-free experience. With the option to choose between 8 different colors or a color-cycle mode, this nightlight adds a touch of creativity to your toilet. It is easy to install and operate, using three AAA batteries. The pack includes two nightlights and can fit any toilet type with its flexible PVC neck. Overall, it offers a practical solution for those who want a gentle and efficient night light for their bathroom.

Key Features

  • Motion-Activated LED Sensor
  • Ultra-water resistant and easy to clean
  • Creative lighting design with 8 colors
  • Easy installation and cleaning
  • Two-nightlight pack with flexible PVC neck


  • Color: White
  • Dimension: 0.47Lx0.62Wx0.93H


  • Motion-activated for convenience and safety
  • Variety of color options for customization
  • Water-resistant and easy to clean
  • Flexible design fits any toilet type
  • Easy installation and battery operation


  • Plastic may not stay bent on certain toilets
  • Thick cable between light and detector
  • One reviewer found the light too bright

The Toilet Night Light 2Pack by Ailun is a practical and fun addition to any bathroom. With its motion-activated LED sensor, it provides convenience and safety during nighttime bathroom trips. The option to choose between 8 colors or a color-cycle mode adds a touch of creativity to the toilet. Installation is easy, and the water-resistant design allows for hassle-free cleaning. Some users may find the plastic neck doesn’t stay bent on certain toilets, and one reviewer mentioned the light being too bright. However, for most users, this nightlight offers the perfect amount of illumination for late-night visits to the bathroom.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

The BSASHF Color Changing Toliet Night Light is a motion-activated LED light that helps illuminate your toilet bowl at night. With a built-in motion sensor, it turns on when it detects movement and stays on for 2 minutes after the last movement. The light also automatically turns off when it detects light to save energy. It features 16 colors that can be set manually or set to rotate seamlessly every 15 seconds. The light is lightweight, portable, and easy to install onto any toilet. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries and has a low voltage current for power-saving and safe use. With a 4.1/5 customer rating, this toilet night light is a convenient and fun accessory for your bathroom.

Key Features

  • Body Motion detection Sensor & Light Sensitive
  • 16 Colors, 2 Modes
  • Lightweight & Portable Design
  • Easy & Safe To Use
  • Perfect Warranty


  • Color: 16 Color
  • Dimension: 3.54Lx3.54Wx2.36H
  • Size: 1 Pcs


  • Motion sensor for automatic illumination
  • Variety of colors and modes
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Portable design
  • Low voltage current for energy-saving


  • Motion sensor may be too sensitive
  • Can get dirty easily
  • Batteries may need frequent replacement
  • May not fit securely on all toilets

The BSASHF Color Changing Toliet Night Light is a fun and practical accessory for your bathroom. Its motion sensor and light-sensitive features provide convenient illumination when needed, while its variety of colors and modes allow for personalization. The lightweight and portable design make it easy to install and clean. However, some users may find the motion sensor too sensitive, and the light may get dirty easily. Additionally, the batteries may need to be replaced frequently, and the light may not fit securely on all toilets. Overall, it offers a unique and enjoyable bathroom experience and comes with a satisfactory warranty.

Overall Score: 8.2/10

The MIEFL Toilet Light Motion Sensor is a fun and practical addition to any bathroom. This toilet light features 16 colors to choose from, creating a vibrant and entertaining atmosphere. It is motion-activated and light sensing, ensuring it only turns on when needed in the dark. With 5 brightness levels, the light automatically adjusts to the ambient lighting. It is easy to install and clean, requiring only 3 AAA batteries for power. The MIEFL Toilet Light Motion Sensor is not only a cool and funny decoration but also makes an ideal gift for dad, teen boys, girls, men, and women. Enhance your bathroom experience with this smart and entertaining night light.

Key Features

  • -🚽 Motion-activated & light sensing
  • -🚽 16 toilet light colors
  • -🚽 5 brightness levels
  • -🚽 Cool & funny decoration
  • -🚽 Easy to install & clean


  • Color: 16 Colors
  • Dimension: 4.00Lx2.75Wx2.00H
  • Size: 2 pieces


  • Motion-activated for convenience
  • Multiple color options for customization
  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • Easy installation and cleaning


  • Light sensor may not work well with bright overhead lights
  • Battery life may be shorter if the light is constantly on
  • Some customers experienced durability issues

The MIEFL Toilet Light Motion Sensor offers a convenient and enjoyable solution for nighttime bathroom visits. With its motion-activated and light sensing features, multiple color options, and adjustable brightness levels, it brings fun and functionality to your bathroom experience. While some customers have reported durability issues and sensitivity to bright overhead lights, the overall performance and value of this product make it a worthwhile purchase. Whether you’re looking to add some entertainment to your bathroom or searching for an ideal gift, the MIEFL Toilet Light Motion Sensor is sure to impress. Say goodbye to stumbling in the dark and make your bathroom trips a fun and hassle-free affair!

Overall Score: 8/10

The Chunace Toilet Night Light is a fun and practical gadget designed to add some illumination to your bathroom. With motion and light sensors, it automatically turns on when it detects movement within 5 feet and glows inside the toilet bowl, making it easier to navigate in the dark. The light can be set to 16 different colors, adding a decorative touch to your bathroom. It also has five brightness levels, allowing you to adjust the illumination to your preference. The Chunace Toilet Night Light is easy to install, with a soft and flexible arm that can be attached to any type of toilet bowl. The battery life can last up to 12 months depending on usage. This novelty gag item is a great gift for birthdays or Christmas and brings a smile to everyone's face.

Key Features

  • Motion and light sensor
  • 16 colors decor
  • 5 brightness levels
  • Useful accessory
  • Easy to install


  • Color: White
  • Dimension: 0.79Lx2.36Wx3.15H


  • Motion and light sensor for convenience
  • 16 color options for decorative purposes
  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • Easy to install on any toilet bowl
  • Long battery life


  • May not fit all toilet bowl designs

The Chunace Toilet Night Light is a fun and functional accessory for any bathroom. Its motion and light sensors provide convenience and its various color options offer a decorative element. The adjustable brightness levels and easy installation make it a user-friendly product. While it may not fit all toilet bowl designs, its long battery life ensures durability. Whether as a gift or for personal use, the Chunace Toilet Night Light is sure to add a touch of whimsy to any bathroom.

Overall Score: 9/10

The 2 Pack Toilet Night Lights are a fun and unique bathroom accessory that is perfect for Christmas stocking stuffers. With motion sensor and light sensing technology, the nightlight automatically turns on when you enter the bathroom in the dark and turns off after 128 seconds of no motion. It offers 16 LED colors that can be set to rotate or as a solid color, allowing you to personalize your toilet bowl. The glowbowl light also features 5 different levels of brightness control, ensuring appropriate illumination. This cool home decoration makes for a great gag gift and brings a mini midnight party to your room. With a worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Key Features

  • Motion sensor and light sensing technology
  • 16 LED colors with rotation or solid color settings
  • 5 different levels of brightness control
  • Cool home decoration and gag gift idea
  • Worry-free 12-month warranty


  • Color: White
  • Dimension: 3.15Lx2.36Wx0.79H


  • Automatic motion detection
  • Wide coverage of 170 degrees
  • External facing controls for easy settings change
  • Versatile and funny gift idea
  • Worry-free 12-month warranty


  • One unit may fail after some time
  • Batteries not included

The 2 Pack Toilet Night Lights are a practical and fun addition to any bathroom. With their motion sensor technology and wide coverage, they provide convenient and safe illumination during nighttime visits. The 16 LED colors and brightness control options allow for personalization and create a unique ambiance. While there may be occasional issues with one unit failing or the need for batteries, the overall customer satisfaction is high, thanks to the excellent customer service provided by Chunace. Whether for personal use or as a gift, these night lights are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Overall Score: 8/10

Illuminate your toilet with the IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light. This motion-activated night light provides a soft glow, allowing you to navigate your bathroom in the dark without blinding lights. With 9 different color settings and adjustable brightness, you can customize the lighting to your liking. The flexible design fits any toilet, and installation is a breeze. This night light is not only functional but also convenient for potty training. Say goodbye to stumbling around in the dark and make your midnight trips to the bathroom more pleasant with the IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light.

Key Features

  • Toilet night light with motion sensor
  • 9 color settings and adjustable brightness
  • Flexible design for a perfect fit
  • Ideal for potty training
  • Satisfaction 100% guaranteed


  • Color: Multicolor
  • Dimension: 2.36Lx2.17Wx0.59H
  • Size: 2"x2"x1"


  • Motion-activated for efficient battery use
  • Customizable color and brightness
  • Easy installation without tools or adapters
  • Helpful for potty training


  • Requires pitch-black room to activate
  • Not suitable for all purposes like walking in the bathroom
  • Does not come with batteries

The IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light is a fun and functional gadget that adds a touch of whimsy to your bathroom while providing practical benefits. With its motion-activated and customizable features, it is a great addition for both adults and children. The easy installation and strong hold design ensure a perfect fit for any toilet. However, it may not be ideal for those who need light for walking around the bathroom in general. Overall, the IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light is a clever solution for those late-night bathroom trips and a useful tool for potty training.

Overall Score: 7/10

Add a splash of colorful light to your bathroom with the Energizer Toilet Light Motion Sensor. This motion-sensing light turns on when it detects movement within 15ft, providing you with just the right amount of light during your nighttime trips to the bathroom. With 20-color changing LED lights, you can create a stylish ambience or use it for potty training. It's battery-operated and easy to install, making it a convenient addition to any bathroom. Despite some concerns about its durability and battery life, overall, customers are satisfied with this unique and funny gift idea for their bathrooms.

Key Features

  • Fun Bathroom Lighting
  • Motion Sensing
  • Color Changing
  • Battery Operated
  • Easy Install


  • Color: Color Changing
  • Dimension: 4.62Lx4.62Wx3.37H
  • Size: 1 Pack


  • Adds colorful light to the bathroom
  • Motion sensor turns on when needed
  • 20-color changing LED lights
  • Battery-operated for no cord clutter
  • Easy to install


  • Durability issues with the bendable arm
  • Short battery life
  • Some lights may stop working
  • No batteries included in the package

The Energizer Toilet Light Motion Sensor is a fun and practical addition to any bathroom. It provides just the right amount of light, whether you need it for potty training or creating a stylish ambience. The motion sensor ensures that the light turns on when you need it the most, while the color-changing LED lights add a touch of vibrancy. The easy installation and battery-operated design make it convenient to use. However, there are some concerns about durability and battery life. Overall, it is a unique and funny gift idea that brings a splash of color to your bathroom.

Overall Score: 7/10

The Aanrasey Toilet Night Light is a motion-activated LED sensor light that makes it easy to navigate to the bathroom in the dark. It features 8 vibrant colors, allowing you to choose between a single color or color cycle. Made with upgraded materials for durability, this toilet night light is easy to install and suitable for any toilet. It also makes a great gift for birthdays and Christmas. However, some customers have reported issues with the light not fitting securely on the toilet and not lasting very long. Overall, the Aanrasey Toilet Night Light is a fun and useful addition to any bathroom.

Key Features

  • Motion-activated LED sensor
  • Choose between 8 colors
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for any toilet
  • Great as a gift


  • Color: White
  • Dimension: 2.75Lx2.65Wx0.78H


  • Motion-activated for convenience
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Durable materials
  • Easy to install and replace batteries
  • Makes a great gift


  • May not fit securely on all toilets
  • Short lifespan reported by some users

The Aanrasey Toilet Night Light is a fun and practical lighting solution for your bathroom. With its motion-activated sensor and vibrant colors, it adds a touch of convenience and style to your nighttime bathroom trips. However, some customers have experienced issues with the light not fitting securely on their toilet and not lasting very long. Despite these drawbacks, the Aanrasey Toilet Night Light remains a popular choice for those looking to enhance their bathroom decor and make navigating in the dark easier. Overall, it’s a great little gadget that brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Buyer's Guide: Toilet Light

Illuminate your bathroom with a touch of magic! The humble toilet light, also known as a motion-activated toilet nightlight, is here to revolutionize your bathroom experience. Say goodbye to stumbling around in the dark and hello to a vibrant, illuminated throne! In this buyer's guide, we will explore everything you need to know before embarking on your quest for the perfect toilet light.

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Key Considerations

Before diving into the vast sea of toilet lights available, take a moment to consider the following points:

  1. Motion Detection: Seek a toilet light equipped with reliable motion detection capabilities. After all, it should only light up when it's needed, ensuring energy efficiency and preventing unnecessary wakefulness during those late-night visits to the loo.
  2. Lighting Customization: Look for a toilet light that offers multiple lighting options. You may crave a soothing glow, a vibrant rainbow of colors, or even rotating hues to create an instantaneous disco party in your bathroom. Embrace your personal style and choose accordingly!
  3. Ease of Installation: Opt for a toilet light that is effortless to install. Remember, the bathroom is not an amusement park for frustration and confusion. Simplify your life with a hassle-free setup process.
  4. Battery Life: Ensure the chosen toilet light possesses an impressive battery life. It should accompany you on many nighttime bathroom trips before it requires a recharge or fresh batteries.
  5. Cleaning Compatibility: Let's face it, bathrooms can get messy. Look for a toilet light that is waterproof or water-resistant, so it can survive the occasional splash or cleaning spree. Unleash your inner cleanliness ninja without fear!

Features to Evaluate

Navigate the flood of toilet lights available by examining the following features:

  • Lighting Modes: Check if the toilet light offers various lighting modes, such as a single color, rotating colors, or even a dimming option for those who prefer a subtle glow.
  • Color Options: Consider if the toilet light provides a wide range of color choices. Find the perfect shade to match your bathroom decor or embrace the opportunity to create a whimsical, ever-changing ambiance.
  • Brightness Settings: Ensure the toilet light offers adjustable brightness levels. Some nights, you may prefer a soft glow, while on others, you may need to blind any monsters lurking in the dark corners.
  • Auto On/Off: Confirm if the toilet light is equipped with an automatic on/off feature. This nifty capability saves energy and spares you from fumbling for switches in the dim light of dawn.
  • Motion Sensitivity: Determine whether the toilet light boasts adjustable motion sensitivity. This ensures it is triggered only when needed, avoiding false activations caused by random movements or passing pets.
  • Battery Life: Assess the expected battery life of the toilet light. A long-lasting companion will be appreciated during those bleary-eyed nights when stumbling to the bathroom is challenge enough.
  • Cleaning and Durability: Delight in the benefits of a toilet light that is both waterproof and easily cleaned. Let your toilet light shine brightly even in the face of splashes, bathroom mishaps, or overly ambitious cleaning endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions about 8 Amazing Toilet Light For 2024

Can I install a toilet light in any bathroom?

Absolutely! Toilet lights can be installed in any bathroom with a traditional toilet. Whether your bathroom is small, large, modern, or classic, a toilet light will add a touch of magic to any porcelain throne.

Will the toilet light disturb my sleep if it activates during the night?

Fear not! Most toilet lights are designed to emit a soft, soothing glow that won’t disrupt your sleep. Rather than blasting brightness like stadium floodlights, they provide a gentle guide for your journey to the toilet.

Do toilet lights require professional installation?

Not at all! Toilet lights are designed for easy installation and require no professional assistance. Simply follow the provided instructions, and you’ll have your bathroom illuminated in no time.

Can I change the color of the toilet light?

Indeed! Many toilet lights offer a variety of color options, allowing you to transform your bathroom from an ordinary loo to a vibrant oasis of light. Embrace your creativity and select the hues that align with your mood or bathroom decor.

Can young children use a toilet light?

Absolutely! Toilet lights can actually be a great tool for motivating children during potty training. The captivating colors and gentle glow create a positive association and make nighttime bathroom visits less intimidating for little ones.

While using your smartphone flashlight might work in a pinch, a dedicated toilet light provides a more convenient solution. It activates automatically, saving you the trouble of fumbling for your phone, and is specifically designed for bathroom use, ensuring safety and longevity.

How long do toilet light batteries usually last?

The battery life of a toilet light depends on the model and usage. On average, toilet light batteries can last several months, but this may vary. Opting for a model with a long-lasting battery will save you from frequent replacements.

That concludes our epic journey through the magical world of toilet lights. Illuminate your bathroom, embrace the nocturnal adventures, and let the glow guide your way! Happy shopping!

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