45 Best Furniture Brands Of All Time

December 17, 2019

The idea of choosing a good furniture brand to decorate your home is indeed a great one sometimes. Professionalism will exude from the atmosphere you’ll get. This is not the only reason why you would want to check out this article that features some of the best furniture brands in 2020. The reason is that each of these brands is unique and they’ll offer a whole new style of decor to your home. The furniture brand you decide on solely depends on your personal taste.


Below, you’ll find in detail everything you need to know about purchasing furniture and choosing a furniture brand from the many furniture stores available. 



While plenty of furniture makers and shops are available in this day and age, some furniture brands are arguably a cut above the rest. Storables compiles a list of the top furniture brands in the world. So, let’s dive in.



1. The Pottery Barn

the pottery barn furniture

Photo from mydomaine.com


First on our list of recommendations is The Pottery Barn. They’re a chain of home furniture and decoration boutiques throughout the United States and with some branches abroad. Furthermore, Pottery Barn sells a wide range of furniture that is sustainable and ethically sourced. Moreover, they offer services such as interior design consultation and furniture installation.  Additionally, Pottery Barn products are available at stores and their website. Visit Pottery Barn here.



2. Ikea





Ikea has become one of the most well-known furniture brands in the world. They’re lauded for their minimal but highly functional designs and the Swedish names they give to each product. As most of Ikea’s furniture needs to be self-assembled,  instructions for assembly are also included with every purchase.  Visit Ikea here.



3. AmazonBasics





For those who prefer to purchase their furniture online, AmazonBasics carries multiple household items in varying designs. Compared to most furniture brands, AmazonBasics’ products tend to be more affordable. Furthermore, their site also enables its product to be easily accessible to everyone. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, your furniture can even be shipped out the very same day! You can find AmazonBasics here.



4. Rivet





Rivet is another Amazon furniture brand that some of you may already be acquainted with. Compared to AmazonBasics, Rivet caters to a more millennial audience with smaller mid-century modern pieces that can easily fit into apartments or cozy spaces. Moreover, their simple yet functional designs have gained the approval of most of the targeted demographic. Rivet products can be purchased easily through Amazon



5. American Furniture Warehouse

American Furniture Warehouse furniture

Photo from Phoenix Relocation Guide



From rustic styles to simple designs, American Furniture Warehouse boasts an impressive selection of furniture. Operational since 1975, AFW has 14 branches throughout Colorado and Arizona and is considered as one of the top furniture brands in the United States. And of course, AFW has also set up a website where people can order and have furniture shipped to their doorstep. Visit American Furniture Warehouse here.



6. Walker Edison Furniture Company




A leading furniture brand in the digital sphere, Walker Edison Furniture Company supplies home decor and lifestyle products online. They have a team of in-house designers that create exquisite contemporary and modern-style furniture. Furthermore, WE Furniture Company is also involved in charity and makes it a point to give back to their community as part of their company policy. You can purchase their products via their Amazon shop.



7. England Furniture Incorporated

England Furniture furniture

Photo from england-furniture-care.com


Crafting quality furniture in East Tennessee since 1964, England Furniture Incorporated or England, Inc. provides American built furniture that can be delivered to the buyer’s home within three weeks. They create classic American pieces that are both comfortable and made to last a lifetime. Visit England Furniture Incorporated here.



8. Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen furniture

Photo from woodworkingnetwork.com


Ethan Allan was founded in Vermont in 1932 to provide quality chic furniture and lifestyle products. Their designs veer towards contemporary and rustic styles that complement modern homes perfectly. Fans of Disney will be thrilled to know that they have an exclusive partnership with the company: how about some Mickey Mouse love for your house today? To top all of that, Ethan Allan also offers free design services. Visit Ethan Allan here.



9. Poliform

poliform furniture

Photo from Poliform


An international brand at the forefront of contemporary furniture, Poliform continues to shape and redefine the standards of high-quality furniture. Their designs veer towards modern yet natural looks, with shapes and form playing a central role in the overall presentation. However, they also have a diversified collection of furniture so that there’s always a piece that will suit their customers’ tastes. Visit Poliform here.



10. Kings Brand Furniture





Kings Brand Furniture provides budget-friendly furniture options that can be easily purchased through retail stores such as Sears and Home Depot. They are also available for purchase online through Amazon. Their styles vary from minimalist to antique-style furniture, so you’re sure to find something that you like. You can explore the Kings Brand Furniture collection here.



11. Furinno





For those who love minimalism and modern designs, Furinno offers affordable yet exceptionally sleek furniture that can be used in small spaces. The company’s name is derived from the term “Furniture Innovation”, which was subsequently shortened to “Furinno”. The company focuses on ready-to-assemble furniture made out of recyclable materials. Buy Furinno through Amazon today.



12. Value City Furniture


Value City Furniture

Photo from Value City Furniture


With its origins dating back to 1948, Value City Furniture has a wide array of furniture designs for furnishing guest rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and more. Its furniture pieces are sold at highly affordable prices in both physical Value City discount stores and online. Visit Value City here.



13. West Elm

west alm furniture

Photo from West Alm



West Elm offers a great selection of sustainably sourced furniture, home decor, and other lifestyle essentials. They specialize in using natural, non-toxic materials that are good for you. Furthermore, these products are curated by their very own design crew to ensure that each piece fits a modern style yet remains comfortable and functional. They also collaborate with renowned furniture experts to provide a wide array of quality items. Visit West Elm here.



14. Badcock Home Furniture

Badcock Home Furniture

Photo from Giftly


Badcock Home Furniture was established in 1904 in South Florida. This brand provides simple, modern furniture pieces that are ideal for any classic American home. Their furniture is mostly in bigger sizes so they’re perfect for families.  Visit Badcock Home Furniture here.



15. Haverty’s

Harvertys Furniture

Photo from Harvertys


Founded in 1885, Havertys is a brand that’s grown throughout the years and is constantly changing to suit the needs of the market. The only thing that Havertys has not changed are its affordable pricing, accommodating service, and consistently high-quality furniture. Their furniture selection is one of the most diverse with different styles to suit various tastes across the spectrum. Visit Harvertys here.



16. Bassett Furniture





Bassett offers unique experiences to buyers such as a room makeover crew that’s ready to help and customize furniture if needed. Moreover, Bassett Furniture guarantees that their pieces are built to last as they prioritize the lifespan of each product constructed. Having established a solid presence both online and offline, Bassett is a name many know and love. Visit Bassett Furniture here.



17. Restoration Hardware





Restoration Hardware or RH is a grand collection of luxury products that span from timeless classics to chic modern designs. The company provides furniture options to suit anyone’s tastes since one of their main goals is to be at the forefront of design and innovation. RH collaborates with multiple expert craftsmen and designers to ensure that they have the best selection possible. Visit Restoration Hardware here.



18. Kartell





Kartell is a furniture brand that originated in Milan, Italy in 1949.  Since its establishment, Kartell has been constantly innovating and researching furniture, making techniques, and creating designs that challenge and push forward the world of interior design. Under Kartell, famed designers and crafting experts collaborate to create the best products possible. Visit Kartell here.



19. La-Z-Boy





Creators of the iconic reclining chair, La-Z-Boy are masters of comfortable furniture. They have expanded their line since their inception in 1972: La-Z-Boy now produces a variety of seating including loveseats, sofas, and bedroom essentials. In line with the current sustanability movement, they are also dedicated to being eco-friendly when it comes to their business practices. La-Z-Boy pieces are available for purchase via Amazon.



20. Ashley Furniture





Ashley Furniture is sold by the Ashley Homestores. They specialize in budget-friendly yet great quality modern furniture that ranges from individual pieces to full room sets. The Ashley Homestore is also involved in charities such as the Hope to Dream initiative which helps provide beds to children who are less privileged than others. Ashley Furniture furniture is available here through Amazon



21. City Furniture




Started in the humble city of Waterbed in Florida during the 1970s, City Furniture provides an awesome selection of affordable furniture. Fun fact: City Furniture is one of the companies at the forefront of the green movement, aiming to be a completely eco-friendly establishment by 2040. You might be surprise to know that they’re also community-minded – City Furniture donates to several charities and raises funds for multiple causes as well. Visit City Furniture here.



22. Crosley Furniture





Crosley Furniture offers great indoor and outdoor living spaces through timeless pieces that ideally fit in American homes. Their furniture is built to last with materials being taken into account during construction. Ultimately, Crosley aims to create luxury furniture that’s affordable and will last people for years to come. Get your Crosley Furniture products here.



23. Roche Bobois 

Roche Bobois furniture

Photo from Lookbox Living



Fancy a more luxurious take on furniture and design? Roche Bobois is your pick. A world-renowned French furniture brand, the company collaborates constantly with top designers in both interior design and fashion industries. While most of its selection comprises ready-to-go pieces, they are also able to custom-make furniture for clients upon request. Visit Roche Bobois here.



24. Edra

Edra furniture

Photo from Edra


Do you prefer high-end furniture brands over budget ones? Then this is the brand for you. Edra is an Italian brand that’s gone international with its elegantly styled furniture that’s both luxurious and comfortable. Since their 1987 founding in Tuscany, Moreover, Edra has been combining traditional craftsmanship, innovation, and the best possible materials to create their line of furniture. Their designs are distinct with simple yet opulent characteristics. Visit Edra here.



25. Morris Furniture

Morris furniture

Photo from Morris furniture


Since 1947, Morris Furniture has produced great quality furniture of different styles such as farmhouse, classic, modern, and urban. Morris Furniture places a lot of emphasis in their good old fashion values, believing their service to be the most accommodating and courteous to all those involved in their company. Visit Morris Furniture here.



26. Classic Brands





Classic Brands is an amazing company that focuses on making quality rest possible. Their furniture pieces are mainly for the bedroom and include a variety of bed frames, adjustable beds, platform beds, and even mattresses. As of now, Classic Brands is running an initiative to donate products to medical facilities due to the COVID-19 crisis. Buy from Classic Brands through Amazon



27. Nathan James





Nathan James is one of the newer furniture companies on the list, but that’s because it’s a furniture brand made by this generation for their generation. They have a great selection of comfortable, minimalistic pieces that’s ideal for apartment living. Each piece requires little effort for assembly, making it hassle-free for its buyers. 




Nathan James is available online through their website and Amazon



28. Powell Furniture





An award-winning company that’s been in operation since 1986, Powell Furniture sells playful furniture that’s great for any home. Emphasis is placed on providing the best quality products through expert craftsmanship and finishing. While Powell is best known for their accent pieces, they now offer full-service home furnishings as well. Get your Powell Furniture in stores or online through their website and Amazon



29. Zinus, Inc. 





Zinus, Inc. creates furniture from natural materials. They began as a tent-making company in 1979 but have since expanded to home products that are biofriendly and long-lasting. Moreover, they stand out with their bedroom products (e.g. innovative yet natural mattresses and simple bed frames). Zinus products can be purchased through their website and Amazon



30. Lifestyle Solutions





Lifestyle Solutions has been in the furniture-making business for 25 years and counting. The designs of their pieces run the gamut from traditional to new contemporary. However, they also innovate and improvise when it comes to furniture making, which makes them one of the most progressive brands on our list. Their furniture fits in all spaces: whether it be huge mansions or small apartments, they are sure to have the right furniture for your space. Purchase their products from Lifestyle Solutions via Amazon



31. Hodedah





Hodedah has been manufacturing affordable but elegant furniture since 2005. They have a wide assortment of styles that can fit the living room, bedroom, or even the kitchen.



Hodedah constantly has new releases every month with its development team always innovating and researching the latest trends and styles. The company has partnered with several retail stores such as Home Depot, Walmart, Sears, and Staples to sell their products. Get their products from Amazon



32. Whitmor





Whitmor is a brand that specializes in home organization, making shelving units, cabinets, and other storage options stylish and readily available to the public. Their company’s motivation is to make life simpler by streamlining living areas with an organized and hassle-free environment. You can get your favorite Whitmor product from Amazon



33. Modern Leisure





When it comes to outdoor furniture, Modern Leisure definitely has you covered. Their brand has designed and tested its products to withstand the harshest outdoor elements including sunlight, wind, and rain. They also offer a variety of collections with different color themes and styles to suit any home’s outdoor needs. Modern Leisure is available online through Amazon



34. mDesign





mDesign is focused on creating products that make it easy to organize the way you live. From desks to cabinets, mDesign’s furniture shine with their simple and functional designs. They are ideal for those who like minimalist styles and wish to declutter their homes. Get your hands on a mDesign product via Amazon



35. HomeStyles





HomeStyles is based in Louisville, Kentucky, and creates furniture built to make your life easier. They have a development team consisting of both furniture craftsmen and packaging specialists. Their furniture is assured to be delivered safely and efficiently. Moreover, they provide simple instructions for assembling their furniture which allows buyers to build them with ease. Get your HomeStyles furniture from Amazon now!



36. Novogratz





Novogratz furniture was conceptualized and manufactured by husband-and-wife interior designers, Bob and Cortney Novogratz. Novogratz is a lifestyle brand that aims to bring the whole boutique chic experience to homes everywhere. The Novogratz family themselves is a family of seven kids and two parents. It is no wonder, then, that their products are quite family-oriented.




37. Serta





Serta is a brand that’s dedicated to producing the most comfortable and safest bedroom furniture. They create high-quality bed frames and mattresses that guarantee the best sleep of your life. Lately, they’ve branched into making sofas and other living room furniture. They also make it a point to source eco-friendly materials for their products. 




Get Serta furniture through their Amazon or online website



38. Sauder





Sauder started in 1934 as an out-of-the-barn woodworking family business. In the present day, Sauder is one of the leading manufacturers of ready-to-assemble wood furniture and accents. Furthermore, they have a top-of-the-line facility where they implement the latest woodworking techniques to their trade. 




Sauder has multiple global partners and can be bought through their website or Amazon



39. Convenience Concepts





Convenience Concepts lives up to their name as they offer a huge selection of furniture options that will suit different households. Since 1988, Convenience Concepts has constantly striven to improve and provide the best furniture for American homes. They are dedicated to creating high-quality products through innovation and research. To purchase from Convenience Concepts, head over to their page on Amazon



40. Yaheetech





Established in 2003, Yaheetech is an e-commerce company that produces different staples of household and office goods. The company operates globally, making its presence truly international with multiple offices throughout the globe. In terms of style, their furniture leans towards minimalist yet highly functional designs. Purchase Yaheetech products from Amazon



41. Milliard





Milliard is a diverse company with different product lines including appliances, electronics, and furniture. They are a family-oriented brand with furniture designed for the use of American homes. Milliard specializes in manufacturing bedroom furnishings such as beddings, bed frames, and cushions. Easily buy Milliard products through Amazon



42. Christopher Knight Home





Christopher Knight Home is one of the leading online sellers of indoor and outdoor furniture. The team consists of experts from the fields of design, marketing, and manufacturing to produce furniture of stunning quality. 




However, they do not sacrifice quality to make their products more affordable as they only produce great-looking and long-lasting furniture. Christopher Knight Home is available online through partner sites like Amazon



43. Keter





Another brand that focuses on outdoor furniture, Keter offers cozy urban-styled seating, tables, and storage options. The majority of their furniture is made of resin for extra durability against the elements. Purchase Keter furniture through Amazon



44. Round Hill Furniture





Round Hill Furniture is an online seller of reliable furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. Furthermore, they source their furniture from the best manufacturers possible and continue to improve their service for their customers. Their affordably priced furniture also makes them attractive in the market. Purchase Round Hill Furniture from Amazon now! 



45. Kingway Furniture





Producing high-quality furniture from California, Kingway Furniture mainly creates home furniture such as dining sets, coffee tables, sofas, and TV stands. Their designs are simple modern styles that would be ideal for all homes. In addition, they are known for their excellent customer support and service. Get your Kingway Furniture pieces from Amazon now! 




Of course, the list doesn’t end here. Other names you could consider looking into include Bernhardt Furniture and Lexington Furniture, both of which have loyal fanbases. Check back every day for fresh articles on storage and furniture!



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