50 Best Outdoor Furniture For All Budgets

October 2, 2022

Outdoor furniture refers explicitly to the types of furniture built primarily for outdoor use. Also commonly referred to as garden furniture, outdoor furniture is found nearly everywhere, from roadsides, parking lots, public facilities to private work environments, homes, gardens, and etc. They are often used to serve the purpose of decoration and general utility. Now, the aim of this guide is to supply you with every vital information you require on outdoor furniture, its uses, how to get it, and etc.


You can fully utilize the time you have this quarantine by budgeting and planning for your patio. 



When you’re decorating your outdoor living space, you’ll discover that options span the gamut, from strictly practical to the downright whimsical. Enhance your outdoor living space simply by adding outdoor furniture that can boost both the functionality and aesthetics of its surroundings.



To help you settle in for a little sun, we’ve rounded up the most eye-catching essentials that won’t break the bank. 



How To Choose The Best Outdoor Furniture

When evaluating outdoor furniture, you’re probably going to look for many of the same characteristics that you value in indoor tables, chairs and sofas: durability, comfort, and of course price. The primary difference, however, is that patio furniture has to endure prolonged exposure to the weather outside. While no outdoor furniture can promise to be 100% waterproof, the durability of products can vary based on the materials that are used.



Before you decide, it’s important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of various material options. Determine how well each aligns with the requirements of your residential or commercial environment, as well as your personal preferences and priorities. Since each situation is unique, choosing the “best” material for outdoor patio furniture is dependent on matching your specific needs with the inherent qualities of each substance.



Listed below are 50 budget-friendly best outdoor furniture you can opt for today.




Outdoor Rug



Maybe it’s the pop of color, or maybe it just feels better to have something underfoot, but one thing’s for sure: rugs can definitely tie an outdoor space together. Made from materials ranging from nylon to polypropylene, make sure you find one that is mold and mildew-resistant. Better yet, look for rugs that have been specially treated to resist harsh exposure from UV rays.





These hand-woven colorfast rugs are made from 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic. They’re highly durable, resistant to stains, and easy to clean. 





Reversible and easy to care for, this handwoven indoor/outdoor rug adds texture and color to any outdoor space.





Machine-woven in India with a blend of 90% yarn and 10% cotton, this low-pile rug features a modern chevron pattern in grey for a neutral, calm feel.



Wicker And Rattan Furniture

Outdoor Wicker Furniture



Before you think wicker furniture only belongs in grandma’s house, take a look at this generation’s wicker: it’s sleek, lightweight, and most importantly comfortable. Wicker can be used both indoors and outdoors, so it works well in sunrooms and porches.





With an elegant frame inspired by mid-century style, this 6-piece set includes an all-weather wicker daybed and features plenty of space for lounging.





Available in 2 shades (khaki and turquoise), this three-seat outdoor couch features backs of all-weather resin wicker on a solid steel frame. It’s a minimalist look for maximum style.





This faux rattan basket chair provides a luxurious seat for lounging on a slim, powder-coated frame.



Fabric Furniture

Outdoor Fabric



If your dream afternoon involves a couch and some sun, look no further than an outdoor sofa. Usually made from a blend of wood/powder-coated steel with fabric cushions, outdoor couches offer a level of relaxation that just can’t be matched by  a dining room chair. Specially treated fabrics mean that these gems can hang outside, no matter what the weather is like.





This eye-catching outdoor sofa features a tubular aluminum frame that cradles comfy inset cushions upholstered in high-performance Sunbrella fabric. Available in charcoal or tomato.





Available in light grey, dark grey and brown, we love this sofa for the eye-catching contrast between linen and stainless steel. It can comfortably seat 2 people and has a massive weight capacity of 770 pounds. Hbaid products are known for their great quality, and this one is no exception.





Made from sturdy, rust-resistant steel, this compact loveseat comes with soft gray fabric cushions that fit most types of decor schemes perfectly. It supports up to 400lbs and can be wiped clean easily with a damp cloth.



Plastic Furniture

Plastic Furniture



Plastic may have a reputation for being flimsy, but new technology proves that it’s actually a great material for creating outdoor furniture. High-density polyethylene is highly durable, doesn’t require painting or sealing, and can be moulded easily into a range of products. Of course, there are still some poor-quality plastic products out there, but even low-end furniture can be treated with UV-stabilizing pigments to reduce fading. The best part? Plastic is easy to wipe down and won’t peel, unlike other materials.     



Telescope Casual St. Catherine MGP Swivel Rocker

Telescope Casual St. Catherine MGP Swivel Rocker


Made from eco-friendly recycled plastic, this all-weather collection is available in many different colors and finishes, and includes everything from coffee tables to sofas.





Available in 7 beautiful colors, these outdoor loungers made from polywood lumber provide the ultimate modern take on the classic American Adirondack chair.





This chic dining chair comes in a set of 2 and is made from high-quality polypropelene. It feature clean, precise lines for a sleek, mid-century-inspired look, and class that’ll endure the test of time.



Metal Patio Furniture

Metal Patio Furniture



Thanks to the steep price tags of wooden outdoor furniture, metal is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Aluminum furniture is lightweight, durable, and doesn’t require much maintenance. Steel, in comparison, is a heavier option. To prolong their lifespans, both types of metal usually need to be coated with a protective finish that is known as “powder coating”. The good thing about metal outdoor furniture is that there are plenty of options at all price points.





Try out the modern look with this classy and elevated rustproof aluminum table that can seat up to six.





With its minimalistic, no-nonsense design, this faux leather pick can help enhance your outdoor experience significantly. 2 drink holders located in the middle make it perfect for movie night under the stars with your SO or BFF.





Apart from being stylish, this 3-piece bistro set is also super durable. The pieces are weather-resistant and rust-resistant, saving you from having to maintain them much – or at all. 



Wood Outdoor Furniture

Wooden Furniture



Wooden patio furniture is sturdy and long-lasting, but tends to be on the pricey side. Look out for dense-grained tropical hardwoods (e.g. teak) that are able to resist warping and swelling, or opt for cheaper variants and throw on a cover for protection.




Other popular woods used in outdoor furniture are cedar, pine, and eucalyptus. Do note that wood furniture often requires staining and oil to maintain its original appearance.





Elegant curves and dramatic angles take center stage in a semi-reclined lounge chair made from acacia wood and featuring a teak finish.





These delightful chairs feature collapsible designs which allow them to be folded away and stored underneath a complementary table (available for purchase separately) when not in use.  No assembly is required.



Amazonia Rome Square and Durable Side Table



Made from high-quality eucalyptus wood and available in a tantalizing shade of brown, this side table could be your perfect after-work companion. Read a book, sip on a martini, and enjoy those little moments of bliss.



Outdoor Lounging

Outdoor Lounging



Enter the living room in any house, and one of the first few pieces of furniture you see will probably be a coffee table. Without a nearby surface to rest a good book or a wine glass on, the act of lounging doesn’t feel quite as comfortable as it should. This is also true of outdoor living. Adding a coffee table to your deck, porch, or patio can go a long way towards making your outdoor space an inviting one.





Simple and modern, the Iron Side accent table from the Christopher Knight Home collection introduces style and functionality to any outdoor space, be it a sprawling backyard patio or a cozy apartment balcony. Pair the petite piece with a couple of folding chairs to create an instant, cafe-style sitting area, or position the table so that its bright, teal finish adds spirit and visual interest to more subdued, neutral patio furniture. 





With stylish curves and ample storage, this storage cart is your essential outdoor butler, ever at the ready for dining al fresco. A platter of finger foods or a set of glasses can sit neatly atop the Cosco bar cart’s top tier, while its bottom shelf provides ample room for an ice bucket and your favorite drinks. Slip three wine bottles into the designated caddies, and they won’t even tip when you wheel the food-and-drink station up to your Adirondack chair.





Pull up a pouf! These low-to-the-ground seats are encased in a weather-resistant navy knit, and have the ability to create the perfect outdoor corner for hours of banter on end. Cozy up to these for some quality time with your friends.





To make the most of summer weather, swap your recliner for this large Brazilian Hammock Chair by Hammock Sky. Its cotton weave is durable and comfortable, creating the perfect environment for lounging on the patio with your morning coffee or after-dinner glass of wine. What’s more, the hammock’s vibrant colors will add playful style to any outdoor setting. Best of all, the cozy chair doesn’t have to retire when patio season ends: simply relocate it to a bedroom or living room to create a year-round retreat.





Finding attractive outdoor furniture that withstands weather conditions isn’t an easy feat, but homeowners need to look no further than the Keter Rio patio set. The two chairs and small table are made from rust-resistant polypropylene resin and finished with low-maintenance dark brown rattan. Place the metal-legged pieces on your patio as a go-to summer seating option – it’s perfect for enjoying a meal or lounging next to a pool.





When your backyard is a little bigger than your porch or deck, it can be a challenge to find furniture that serves its function without overwhelming your small space. The Costway folding balcony table is the perfect solution for anyone who’s stuck in that dilemma. It can be mounted to a deck railing with ease, and provides a convenient spot to enjoy your morning coffee or BBQ dinner outside. When you’re done, just fold the table to keep it at the ready, yet out of the way. 





The Adirondack chair is a staple of American outdoor living. Its design is simple, comfortable, and built to withstand harsh weather. If there’s one problem with typical chairs, it’s that its sturdy construction makes it awkward to move or difficult to store. Best Choice Products solves that storage conundrum with this foldable Adirondack chair. Sit back and relax with a cool drink. When you’re ready to call it a night or move closer to the fire pit for s’mores, you can easily fold and carry the lightweight chair.





Is it a chair or is it a storage unit? This resin wicker storage seat from Suncast is both! Park it on the patio when you need extra seating at a backyard barbecue, or place it near the pool to hold towels, toys, and other outdoor delights. Changed your mind? No problem. Thanks to its lightness, it’ll be a breeze to re-locate this piece of furniture.





There when you need it, and gone when you don’t: that’s the beauty of using fold-up furniture in your multi-functional outdoor living space. Choosy shoppers have many options when it comes to buying fold-away patio furniture, but few designs come as highly rated as this 3-piece folding set by Cosco. Moreover, the charming bistro-style set injects a jolt of color into any outdoor living area, whether on the deck, porch, patio, garden or situated alongside the pool.





This is one of the nicest-looking aluminum sets we’ve found, and it goes for a fairly affordable price. Lighter than other metal sets, it is easy to move and ages well due to its scratch-resistant and weather-resistant finish.





If you like the look and feel of wood, but not the typically high price tags that come with wood furniture, this acacia patio set offers a stylish design at a fraction of the cost of higher-end teak models. Moreover, it also comes with the widest selection of seating options we’ve found.





If you want a no-fuss patio set, steel is a great material to go for. This set has a larger table and chairs that are more comfortable than most other sets. Additionally, its powder-coated finish means the table and chairs should remain in excellent condition even after a long time.





This reliable umbrella will resist sun and wind damage more effectively than cheaper models and likely last four times as long. For those who love your colors, you’ll be spoiled for choice as it comes in dozens of colors and finishes.





Bring the Bahamas to your doorstep with this blue-and-yellow lounge chair that’s reminiscent of sandy beaches and delectable ice-cream. Two things stand out immediately with this product. Firstly, sitting in it is nearly as comfortable as lounging on a fluffy cloud. Secondly, and more importantly, it’s great value for money. We assure you that you’ll struggle to find a cheaper, more comfortable way to kick off your summer with.





Comprised of 2 arm-less chairs, 1 corner chair and a tempered glass coffee table, this is a great sofa set for outdoor relaxation. It’s constructed out of tough PE rattans for enduring durability, and the covers of its cushions can be removed for easy cleaning. If you’re a little strapped on cash but yearn to get out of the house and into the sunshine, this set will do the trick.





This 2-seater is a terrific choice for the homeowner with a large garden or patio. It’s made from eucalyptus wood, a material that is hard and has a slightly oily texture that’s great for repelling moisture. Granted, a wooden bench might not sound the most comfortable, but this one is an exception. That said, we’d suggest popping down a cushion pad if you’re planning on spending a lot of time on it. 





Stylish and practical, this dining bench set ticks plenty of our boxes. Wooden dining sets can be large and bulky but this one manages to remain elegant and well-proportioned, perfect for gardens and patios of all sizes. Comfortably seats up to 4 people at a time.                                 





If you have the garden to house it, this swing seat won’t fail to impress. Pop it into a cozy corner or place it at the bottom of your garden as a retreat to get away from it all. Sturdy and strong, the bench is 100% free from toxins and will last you through the seasons.





This very special umbrella comprises a total of 104 Leds and 13 LED lights that can be switched on and off easily using a remote control. It works exceptionally well once darkness sets in, casting just enough light to see what you’re eating and imparting a pleasingly gentle glow over the table. 





Although they’re not the prettiest of garden chairs, relaxers are among the most comfortable ways to grab a slab of sunshine. Lightweight and foldable, this budget option from Best Choice makes a great choice for summer. It folds up into a relatively tidy package, and can be stored in a discreet manner when not in use. A top buy at a very affordable price.





If you’re looking for something a little more unconventional, this hanging wicker chair might just hit the mark. It offers enough space for two people to sit and relax, or nap time for one. This product can be hung from a tree if it’s strong enough to support its weight.





Available in beige and blue, this stylish weatherproof dining set comprises 7 individual pieces including 1 corner table and 2 corner sofas. Granted, PAMAPIC products aren’t cheap but they’re solidly built and hardy enough to survive outdoor life without falling apart at the seams. That said, it’s always advisable to remove seat cushions and cover outdoor furniture during winter, because even the best materials will struggle against months of rain and snow.





There are so many flimsy parasols out there, ones where, with just one gust of wind, they’ve made a bid for freedom and you have to chase them down to the other end of the garden. This very elegant looking parasol from ZA features a sturdy base that anchors it firmly to the ground. A great choice for the stylishly well-heeled.






Whether you want to relax or catch forty winks by the pool, this chair is sure to help you. It features a 3-level adjustable recline for greater comfort and a tri-fold design for easy carrying. Moreover, its steel-coated frame ensures that this will be a purchase to last you for a long time.





Sturdy and durable, you can always count on this outdoor daybed for a quick mid-noon nap. It’s easy to assemble and comes with a retractable canopy for greater comfort and privacy. This ridiculously cozy day bed is guaranteed to be a hit when friends come round for a glass of wine. 





If you buy this bar table with drinks cooler, you’re going to have to resolve yourself to the fact that it’ll be your place that everyone comes to socialize this summer. Strong, durable, and rot-resistant, teak is one of the best woods for garden furniture. Moreover, it also ages very well, so your outside bar will only get more attractive as the years go by. To use, simply fill the large container with ice and stuff your beers and champers in it. Simple, effective, at least until the ice melts.



Y-STOP Hammock Chair



When there’s that one spot in the garden that you know will make the perfect retreat, we have just the thing to fill it. This hard-wearing and comfortable hammock chair is designed to be the perfect accompaniment to a good book and a glass of vino, and, most attractively, it swings just a little to provide ultimate relaxation. 





If you know that you and your family are going to make a concerted effort to sit outside this summer, go out all guns blazing by investing in this 6-seater outdoor dining table. Featuring a steel frame, rattan body, glass top, six chairs, four stools, an umbrella, and a winter cover, this outdoor dining table may tug on the purse strings but you do receive an awful lot for your money. Moreover, with the chairs sliding neatly underneath the table when not in use, it keeps a uniform appearance that won’t make your patio or garden appear out of sorts.





Celebrate summer with a bright, semi-flamboyant hammock like this option from E EVERKING. This swinging chair is handcrafted using a blend of polyester cotton and canvas, and can hold up to 300lbs.



Farmer’s Cottage 7 Seater Rotating Garden Pod   

Farmer’s Cottage 7-Seater Rotating Garden Pod

Photo from Daily Mail



It comes with a circular waterproof vinyl bench pad with room for up to seven guests, plus a center table that can be lowered so you can add a center cushion pad to turn it into a bed, or even a garden bedroom. Moreover, the stainless steel exterior touches and mirrored louvers above and below the UV protected acrylic tinted windows reflect heat and add an extra touch of class. You can get this product from John Lewis.



Garden Trading Log Store 

Log Store       


If you’ve ever tried to burn unseasoned wood in your log burner, you’ll notice a sticky black tar on the glass. So whether you’re seasoning your own wood or storing the wood you ordered from a local company, this log store will keep them dry and ready to burn when the colder evenings set in. Moreover, its stylish in appearance and very practical. However, because it’s made from untreated FSC fir, it’s best to locate it in a sheltered area to prolong its life. You can get a similar product from Garden Trading.





Made from 100% eucalyptus, this sideboard is an eco-friendly choice that’s durable and can withstand exposure to the elements. Not only is it stylish, it is also UV ray-resistant and moisture-resistant.

Things You Must Know About Outdoor Furniture

Large terrace patio with rattan garden furniture in the garden on wooden floor.



There is about as much information about outdoor furniture as there is about furniture in general. However, you may require a few specific details to help you distinguish it from the lot. Here are some notable highlights:



  •  Outdoor furniture can be made from metals, glass, concrete, ropes, plastic, bamboo, and, of course, wood. However, teak, wood, wrought iron, and aluminum are the most commonly used materials.


  • Teak is believed to be the best material for outdoor furniture since it contains powerful components like silica, which ensures that the furniture is protected from fungal decay and damages caused by water, acid, fire, and etc.


  • Concrete-made furniture is most preferred for places with extreme weather conditions. Also, with the use of stones like marble and granite, it can be very aesthetically appealing. However, concrete-made furniture isn’t the best for mobile furniture; they are heavy, and often best when made to remain static at a spot.


  • Ideally, outdoor furniture is made from rustproof and durable materials like, aluminum, wicker, teak and etc. which are able to withstand every kind of weather.


  • Due to its constant exposure to different harmful materials of all sorts, there is a need to clean them with soft clothes and cleaning solutions constantly. Really dirty furniture can be thoroughly but safely cleaned with soft brush, oxygen bleach, and/or detergents.


  • The type of outdoor furniture you have, what they are made from, and the environments in which they are kept are the key factors that determine how you should care for them.


  • Outdoor furniture is typically built to last for long periods of time. Some standard outdoor furniture comes with as much as twenty years guarantee!


  • The most aesthetic types of outdoor furniture are made from metal. However, the disadvantage of metal-made furniture is that it often retains heat. It is not the best for hot weather, but ideal for cool weather.


  • Wooden furniture is ideal for hot weather, as it retains a warm or comfortably cool temperature irrespective of the weather. It is also highly preferred when considering mobility purposes.


  • Plastic outdoor furniture is the cheapest of the lot. It is also the best choice when considering mobility options. However, they may not be very ideal for the hot weather; they may crack, break, or become weak when they spend long periods of time outdoors. Nevertheless, some modern plastic furniture is well treated to maintain such harsh weather; but they are quite expensive.



Uses Of Outdoor Furniture

rattan chairs



Even though they are generally meant to aid comfort and used for decorative and aesthetic purposes, outdoor furniture has lots of specific purposes:



  • It is used to serve recreational purposes: This explains why you find some beautiful outdoor chairs and tables arranged strategically at recreational spots, amusement parks, and other interesting spots. They are meant to comfortably accommodate visitors.


  • It is used for relaxation purposes: It can occupy outdoor spaces at homes or open places to help people relax. It is the right furniture for private gardens at home. Some sort of outdoor dining set can be a lot of fun, as it helps families experience a picnic-like experience within their homes.


  • It can create the ideal place to receive visitors: With a few aesthetic outdoor chairs, tables, and a nice shade, you can create a place to receive visitors within your home yard.


  • It is used to create a space for public gathering: With sufficient outdoor chairs and/or tables in strategic places, it is easy for people to gather for public gatherings and discussions.


  • It is ideal in schools and learning environments: Outdoor furniture can serve as reading, discussion, or relaxation spots in learning environments.



Where To Buy Outdoor Furniture

There are a few places and platforms to buy outdoor furniture. Here are a few of the most reliable platforms:



Wayfair Outdoor Furniture

Wayfair is surely one of the most reliable go-to places when you are considering buying quality outdoor furniture. Their website shows a collection of outdoor furniture, including patio bars, lounge outdoor furniture, etc. The website arguably boasts of thousands of brands, thus, offering buyers a wide range of choice to choose from; thus, buyers find it easier to locate and opt for the choice that perfectly meets their budget.



Amazon Outdoor Furniture

Everyone knows Amazon quite well as one of the most patronized and biggest online retailers. Hence, no cause to worry about the quality of their furniture. They also boast of some of the most astounding collections of outdoor furniture. One of the huge advantages of patronizing amazon is its great price and quick delivery system.



Crate & Barrel Outdoor Furniture

The unique and astounding thing with Crate & Barrel is the fact that they have carved a legacy of beautiful outdoor furniture. They also boast of different collections of all kinds of outdoor furniture. They have over 120 retail stores in Canada, the USA, and in a few other countries.



Home Depot Outdoor Furniture

Home Depot is one of the largest stores you can find that boasts of a large collection of reliable outdoor furniture. Their website is designed to let you select the exact category of outdoor furniture you want. One attractive benefit of patronizing Home Depot is the fact that they offer free shipping.



Walmart Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to affordability, Walmart is always a top choice. Hence, it is the most ideal place for buyers with average or low budgets. The store boasts of a wide range of outdoor furniture for buyers to choose from, all at amazing prices!



Different Materials for Outdoor Furniture



Wood Outdoor Furniture

empty wood table and chairs on the terrace at summer day



Furniture made from wood is generally aesthetic and often ideal for outdoor use. Outdoor chairs made from wood, for instance, are much more comfortable when compared to a host of other alternatives. Besides, they are perfect for hot weather or sunny places, as they only retain warm or comfortably cool temperatures. Wooden furniture can also be light, movable, and foldable, making it just suitable for non-static uses.



On the downside, wooden furniture may not be appropriate in places infested by termite or other wood-eating organisms. Unlike a few other alternatives like furniture made from aluminum or teak, wooden furniture may not last for very long when constantly used for outdoor purposes.



Metal Outdoor Furniture

White metal bench in beautiful flower garden, Garden bench.



Furniture made from metal tends to last much longer than wood and plastic-made furniture. Of all the kinds of metal, aluminum-made pieces of furniture are often most preferred for the rare natural durability that aluminum has. Unlike wood or plastic, you may not require preservative chemicals or polishes to preserve or maintain any piece of furniture made from aluminum. However, on the downside, aluminum-made metals are a lot more expensive.



Of course, pieces of furniture made from stainless steel require less cleaning or dusting. Wrought iron is also great for making strong and solid pieces of furniture. However, wooden pieces of furniture are generally not the best choice for in the tropics or hot environments. Besides, there are chances of experiencing some sort of rust.



Plastic Outdoor Furniture

plastic outdoor furniture



If mobility is your priority, then plastic-made pieces of furniture are just excellent for you. The basic advantage of plastic-made furniture, compared to wood or concrete, is the fact that they can be carried from place to place just as easily. However, the lightness of plastic furniture may depend on the size and thickness of the product.



Besides the fact that they are light, plastic-made furniture can also be very aesthetic. Plastic chairs sits, and tables are often made in different attractive styles and patterns which make them very eye-catching. Most importantly, they are the top choice for buyers who are considering low-budget furniture; they are the most affordable of the lot. However, on the downside, they can also be the weakest of the lot. When exposed to very harsh weather, plastic furniture tends to crack or fade. They are, nevertheless, just apt for low-temperature environments.


Types Of Outdoor Furniture


These are those kinds of outdoor furniture which are primarily built for comfort, beauty, and leisure. They are often best suited for outdoor spaces like the balconies and gardens.
Wicker furniture refers to those kinds of furniture made from cane, rattan, or bamboo. They can be very aesthetic, lightweight, and are often best suited for garden environments.
Pergola kits refer to the kinds of furniture that come in a collection of different parts that are meant to be assembled together to make a solid piece of furniture. 
Outdoor tables, just as their name suggests, refer specifically to multipurpose tables which are designed specifically for outdoor use. They are often designed to be astoundingly aesthetic to serve as decorative purposes.
Patio furniture refers to those kinds of outdoor furniture that come in sets of chairs and tables which are perfectly blended for uniform use.



Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

Buying any piece of outdoor furniture that suits you can be just easy as long as you have your cash. However, to ensure that you are buying the perfect furniture, there are a few things to consider when buying outdoor furniture. Some key important factors you may need to think about are:



The Reason For Which You Want It

Getting a piece of outdoor furniture goes beyond just the love of outdoor relaxation or the aesthetic additions they can add to your environment. An understanding of the specific reasons why you’ll love to have any piece of outdoor furniture will help you decide the exact kind of furniture you require. If what you require is a place to receive visitors outdoors, a few single outdoor chairs won’t be the ideal stuff you are looking for. What you are looking for maybe a pergola kit furniture that serves as a shelter and, perhaps, porch furniture that suits a conference setting.



The Amount Of Space You Have

Space is a very key factor to consider when buying a piece of outdoor furniture. You may need to consider the space available to keep the particular piece of furniture you are looking forward to purchasing. Consequently, there is a need to have a clear idea of the size of the furniture you plan to purchase. Also, try to have a mental comparison with the kind of space you have available for it, and how you look forward to utilizing it. Consider if there is a better alternative for the space you have on the ground.



Compare Quality And Durability

The quality and durability of any piece of outdoor furniture would depend, to a large extent, on the brand (or its makers). Also, it would depend on the kind of material the furniture is made from. Hence, if you are considering a piece of furniture that would last for a certain period of time, you may want to do a little investigation on the reliability of the brand, or the durability of the product itself. You may also go for products with warranties, as this shows that the producers are confident in their products.



The Weather Conditions In Your Area

The kind of weather in your environment should inform the kind of outdoor furniture you are going for. If you stay in an environment with harsh weather conditions, you may not consider metal-made furniture. Plastic or wood-made furniture, for instance, is much more preferable in the tropics. Concrete-made furniture may also be ideal to cushion the effect of extreme weather, especially in places where rain is prevalent.



The Size, Shape, And Color You Really Want

These features are primarily important for aesthetic reasons. Based on the color most prevalent in the surroundings where you’d like to keep the furniture, the specific space you have available for it, and etc., you may need to consider the size, shape, or color of the piece of furniture you are looking forward to buying.



The Material From Which The Furniture Is Made

Any outdoor furniture product made from aluminum may just be the perfect one for you if you are particular about reliability. Aluminum-made furniture is not likely to get damaged quickly and are often not prone to rust like wrought iron. Another strong material is teak. Teak-made furniture is unique as it is not susceptible to decay as other woods. Besides, it is less likely to be damaged by water, harsh weather, or other harmful exposure. If you are considering mobility, plastic-made outdoor furniture will be just fine for you. If the beauty of the furniture is your priority, you may be interested in the specific materials that you like.



The Product’s Price And Quality

Well, this may not necessarily relate to everyone. However, if you do not fancy expensive stuff just for the fact that they are expensive or “classy,” then you may have to consider the price. It is possible to get much more beautiful and comfortable products for cheaper prices or at the same price as the piece of outdoor furniture you have in mind. Hence, doing sufficient price and quality checks on products before purchasing them is a way of ensuring that you get the most satisfactory products.



The Comfort The Product Offers

Now, comfort is about the most prevalent reason for the purchase of outdoor furniture. The primary reason why most people love to have outdoor furniture is so that they can have a nice place to relax after a long day or a piece of nice furniture that helps them savor the beauty of their surroundings.



Hence, it becomes of extreme importance to consider the design of the piece of outdoor furniture you are thinking about purchasing. Based on the design and the materials from which they are made, outdoor chairs, stools, and tables (e.g. small coffee tables) offer different levels of comfort. Doing a little bit of research about these would prove to be of fundamental help.



How To Buy Long-Lasting Outdoor Furniture

Exterior white couches on ocean front pool deck



One of the most-sought features when considering outdoor furniture is its durability. When you purchase any piece of outdoor furniture, one of your foremost expectations is that it lasts long enough. Given this, it is quite important to pay attention to how and where we buy outdoor furniture. There are a few tips to help guide you through buying a durable and long-lasting piece of outdoor furniture.



Do A Little Investigation/Research On Materials Used

This is fundamental to helping you determine the ideal long-lasting outdoor furniture for you. If you are planning to keep a piece of furniture in a place where it is likely to come in contact with water, you should know that any piece of furniture made with wrought iron or regular wood, would not last too long. Hence, you may consider products made from more durable materials like aluminum, teak, and etc.



Go For Trusted And Reliable Brands

This is a very key rule to follow when considering any product at all. Some brands, depending on their goals or target markets, may focus on making low budget products, thus making use of substandard materials. Other brands may focus on high-quality products, thus, making use of top-notch materials in the production of their furniture. It is left to you to understand the brand you are patronizing. You can do this by reading reviews about their products or the product you are thinking of purchasing.



Go For Products With High Warranties

Outdoor furniture products with high warranties show that the makers are confident about their products. Hence, some brands come with warranties of five years or more. A warranty also means your product will be repaired or replaced upon encountering any damage before its warranty time expires. On the downside, products with high warranties tend to be a little bit too pricey. Nevertheless, they are usually very strong and reliable, and you are most certainly going to get your money’s worth.



Go For Weather-Resistant Cushions

If you are considering a cushioned furniture, you may have to go beyond just doing research about the brand or the warranty. The fact is that regular cushion outdoor furniture wouldn’t do well in an environment that is prone to constant rainfall. Hence, your best bet might be to opt for weather-resistant cushion furniture. It will be extra helpful to ensure that the cushion has high UV ratings, which are helpful to help avoid any form of damage or potential threat from the sun.



Consult Professionals

You can seek the advice of furniture professionals or decorators for the most reliable or dependable piece of furniture for your environment. In most cases, they are better positioned to understand the best suiting and most-durable piece of furniture for your environment, and, specifically, for your space.



Best Ways To Protect And Care For Your Outdoor Furniture

Asides purchasing the ideal outdoor furniture for you, there is a need to see to it that your furniture is well taken care of. Without proper care, there are chances that your furniture wouldn’t be able to live to its potential. Some vital tips to help you effectively protect and care for your outdoor furniture are:



  • Use soft clothes, detergent, and warm water to clean dirt on plastic furniture to ensure that they are kept constantly clean and to help them retain their color.


  • Keep plastic furniture away from sunlight when they are not in use.


  • Paint your wooden furniture with wooden preservers, and give them constant periodic treatments


  • Clean your wooden furniture with damp soft clothes; dry with a towel when you are done cleaning, and apply some preservative oil on its surface after cleaning.


  • Constantly clean or wash-off every kind of dropping on your metal and wood furniture.


  • When you notice any rust on your metal furniture, make use of fine-grit sandpaper to totally get rid of it.


  • Treat your furniture to stay fine through the difficulties that come through every season (spring, summer, fall, and winter).



Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Furniture


1. What Is The Best Material For Outdoor Furniture?

Well, there is no single, universal, and all-applicable best material for outdoor furniture. However, different materials are best for certain kinds of weather or applicable to certain kinds of environments. Also, every material has its advantages and disadvantages. While plastic-made furniture, for instance, is light and movable, it is very easily broken. In the same vein, pieces of outdoor furniture made from concrete can be strong and ideal against all weather; but they are not as movable as other kinds of furniture. Hence, different kinds of materials are best for you, depending on what quality you are most interested in.



2. How Long Should Outdoor Furniture Last?

The average outdoor furniture is expected to last tens of years (that means a minimum of ten years). Pieces of outdoor furniture, depending on the material with which they are made, how they have been cared for, the environments they have been exposed to, can last as long as 100 years. Some can last for just less than that, 60, 70, or 80 years. However, they are likely to fade and change from their original colors to some old greyish look. Now, some low-standard furniture isn’t expected to last for more than 10 to 15 years, or even much less.



3. How To Properly Store And Maintain Outdoor Furniture?

Even though outdoor furniture is meant to be kept constantly outdoors, there is a need to keep it safe from harmful weather. Wooden furniture is safest when kept away from rain and moisture. In the same vein, plastic chairs and tables are best stored away from sunlight as much as possible. Generally, outdoor furniture lasts longer when kept away from harmful chemicals.



4. How Do You Weatherproof Outdoor Furniture?

To waterproof any piece of outdoor furniture, first, you need to get a waterproofing fabric spray and a brush. Now, with this in place, you begin by brushing off the dirt from your furniture. With this done, ensure the furniture is dry, and spray thoroughly with the waterproofing spray. After spray, keep the furniture somewhere it will be safe from any moisture till it gets dry. Ensure the waterproofing product you are using is applicable to your furniture (you can do this by reading through its label).



5. How To Keep Outdoor Furniture From Molding?

You can prevent molds on your outdoor furniture by constantly treating it with natural anti-mold chemicals like white vinegar or tree oil. Simply note the parts of your furniture which are susceptible to molds and apply some on them. Alternatively, you can go for chemical products that have been made specifically to address molds on furniture.




It is certainly a good idea to own some outdoor furniture. They are aesthetically appealing and ideal for leisure. However, before purchasing some, you have to be certain you are ready to give it all it takes to ensure longevity and to maintain its beauty.



How long your outdoor furniture would last isn’t only dependent on the makers, the crux of the work actually depends on how you care for it. With sufficient information on the buying and maintenance of outdoor furniture, as provided in the article, you shouldn’t have much challenge in securing ideal and long-lasting furniture.

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