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8 Best Portable Washing Machine for Your Travel Needs 8 Best Portable Washing Machine for Your Travel Needs

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8 Best Portable Washing Machine for Your Travel Needs

Written by: Grace Wilson

Extended vacations doesn't always require overpacking. Get ready for a longer, more stress-free travels with a convenient portable washing machine!

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In the age where even the slightest mistake can quickly overwhelm the mind, a quick escape is just what we need to destress, recharge, and perhaps even reignite our creative juices. Any globetrotter, or even a regular traveler for that matter, knows that the secret to achieving the optimum level of relaxation is to pack light. This is where a portable washing machine comes in handy. This will certainly be in your favor if you want to extend your holidays, and the hotel’s laundry service isn’t available.


Why is Portability the New Travel Essential?


The last thing you need to worry about on your vacation is the stress and hassle of overpacking. Fortunately, there is a better and more sustainable way to combat that. Say hello to a lighter suitcase, stress-free vacations, and lesser baggage fees with the best portable washing machines in the market.



While packing the usual laundry bags and collapsible laundry hampers is a great solution to help compartmentalize your clutters, saving space is more convenient if you add a handy travel washing machine to your travel must-haves. These portable mini appliances may often be understated, but they provide a more practical and personalized solution to your laundry problems while on vacation.


How to Use a Portable Washing Machine?


Portable washers come in various shapes and sizes. Some units are compact while others are foldable, making them easier to fit in suitcases and carry around. Depending on the item of your choice, they can accommodate an individual’s average daily load or more. Just remember to sort your things before washing to avoid damage and discoloration.



Adding in some fabric softeners is also possible but make sure to dilute them first to prevent suds and stains. After the final rinse, remove your clothes from the mini washer and squeeze out the remaining water in them. If the spinner isn’t available on the unit you purchased, using a drying rack is your best option to help your clothes dry faster.


Choosing the Right Portable Washing Machine for You


A mini portable washing machine is convenient, energy-efficient, and sustainable. However, choosing the best device shouldn’t rely on these factors alone. With that, we gathered four crucial factors to consider before purchasing your first portable washer unit.





It is worth noting that some portable washing machines can make a lot of noise. This can be distracting and inconvenient, especially if smaller kids are around. For instance, the noise could interrupt their nap or disrupt their sleeping pattern. If you’re planning on staying in the same room, exposure to loud sounds could also interfere with your child’s routine and concentration. If this is a dealbreaker for you, ensure that the water hose fits your sink correctly and check for the noise reduction feature of the device.



Power source


Most travel washing machines are placed under two categories –electric and non-electric. It is best to know the functionality of each unit to know which one fits your lifestyle best. For example, electric units would naturally require an outlet to function. So if you are planning to spend your vacation in a cabin or camping up the mountains, it would be best to opt for the non-electric counterparts.



Water usage and temperature control


Whether you’re using a portable or a regular washing machine, doing the laundry could shoot up your water and electric usage. For example, while washing your clothes with hot or warm water could help kill germs and viruses, it often requires a lot of energy. So it’s best to compare models and look for equipment with sterilizing features to help monitor your usage and save cost.



Your needs


While compact washers are easily packed and stored, it is best to understand that each unit has different features and functionality depending on the user’s needs. Therefore, while a smaller unit is more convenient to carry around, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is enough for all your clothes, especially in one go. On the other hand, buying its bigger and bulkier counterpart may only interrupt your mobility, especially if you’re more into backpacking. Thus, it’s better to consider your itinerary, the type of activities you’ll be doing, and the number of people who will use it before swiping your card.



Pros and Cons of Portable Washing Machines


While mini portable washers are ideal and convenient, they may not work well for some individuals. They are a suitable alternative for those who travel a lot and don’t want to be burdened by overpacking and clutter. People who are always on the go and prefer washing smaller loads daily can also benefit from owning such units.



In contrast, a portable washing machine is not an ideal choice if you have a big family and plan on using it long-term. The slightly bigger versions can be pretty heavy, and moving them around is not a good option. And since they are portable units, most of them have limited capacity.



  • Energy and water-saving
  • Time-saving
  • Space-saving
  • Easy to pack
  • Quick set up
  • Fast and effective
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Sustainable


  • Limited capacity
  • Some units can be bulky and cumbersome
  • Not suitable for large families
  • Water/drain access can be challenging


Which Portable Washing Machine Is Best for Your Travels?


Perfect for Backpackers and Solo Travel Enthusiasts


If you have a passion for exploring the great outdoors, then this self-sufficient all-in-one wash bag and plunger set deserve a place on your travel essentials list. Despite its size, Dezitrek’s off-the-grid design can handle large loads up to six t-shirts, a few pairs of jeans, and nine undergarments. This feature makes the product ideal for backpackers, solo travelers, and campers who are always on the go.



In terms of water usage, this item only takes up a maximum load of 1.9 to 3.05 gallons for your wash and rinse needs. But don’t underestimate the simplicity of its design. It is packed with corrosion-resistant aluminum telescopic shafts and high-quality waterproof PVC components to ensure flexibility, elasticity, and mold resistance, making it an excellent choice for long-lasting usage.



This portable mini washer set comes in small and medium sizes with 16 inches long by 4 inches wide measurements that perfectly fit small suitcases and backpacks. 



How to use it:


Instead of the standard plug and spin, the Dezitrek Hand Wash Bag uses a revolutionary plunger and sack to wash and rinse your garments. To begin, fill in the bag with fresh water together with the recommended amount of detergent soap. Avoid using too much soap in your first wash to avoid unnecessary rinsing. Next, toss in your garments and plunge them in. Afterward, drain the bag and set it aside. To complete the process, wring out your laundry or place them in a microfibre towel to help absorb the extra moisture and hang them out to dry.



Traveling alone gives you freedom and empowerment. Chances are, you would want to invest in minimal ways to pack and get the most of your extra baggage allowance. The Portable Household Ultrasonic Cleaner is the perfect travel buddy for you.



This unit can generate enough power to wash and sanitize clothes, kitchenware, and even food despite its small size. What’s more, it only consumes 10% of the energy and 2% of the water that a traditional washing machine does.



How to use it:


The Ultrasonic Cleaner is a straightforward device that lets you wash your clothes in three easy steps. First, fill your basin, container, sink, or tub with enough water and detergent solution. Then, connect your ultrasonic cleaner to your power source and immerse it in water before turning it on. Next, make sure the device has warmed up before tossing your clothes in. Finally, wait for at least five minutes and rinse it as usual.



3. WonderWash Mini Washer

WonderWash Mini Washer Portable Washing Machine

This product has a rating of B.*What does this rating mean?

As the green movement becomes increasingly essential, many businesses and individuals are looking for ways to help reduce negative environmental impact and carbon footprint. So, if you are looking for an economical and highly portable mini washing machine for your travels, this eco-friendly appliance is the right one for you.



Although it doesn’t have a spin-dry cycle feature, it is equipped with functional and mechanical improvements that are much gentler on clothes, avoiding wear and tear on your delicates and favorite pieces. In addition, each cycle can carry up to a 5-pound load, making it an ideal laundry solution for solo travelers, campers, cruisers, and anyone with minimal wash loads.



How to use it:


Take note that the WonderWash Mini Washer operates manually; therefore, the machine needs some muscle power. Mix in water, detergent, and your laundry as usual. Secure the lid on top by turning it clockwise. Ensure that the draining hose isn’t connected to avoid water waste. Remember to place the suction cups at the bottom to prevent slipping while manually cranking the device.


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Ideal for Family Trips


4. Silk Lux Portable Washing Machine

Silk Lux Portable Washing Machine

This product has a rating of A.*What does this rating mean?

Say goodbye to hours of searching for hotels with a good laundry service or wasting time waiting for your turn in the laundromat. Bringing your own washer is possible with the Silk Lux Portable washing machine. This 46-pound unit can wash 15 items simultaneously, ranging from shirts, socks, jeans, and delicates. It is fully automatic and has a noise reduction feature, making it ideal for big family trips or staying in one room with your kids.


How to use it:


Since this is an automatic washer, the machine has three programs: wash, rinse, and spin. It also comes in medium, low, and high levels to suit your needs. It is recommended to leave the water on to avoid damaging the machine. The item includes a standard-sized faucet adapter, so there is no need for shower or sprayer heads.



Washing your delicates, baby clothes, face masks, towelettes, and other small personal items in a public laundromat can be risky when you’re on the road. Experts say these public spaces are a breeding ground for various pathogens. Thus, owning a multifunctional washing machine is your best solution yet. The lightweight East Doll portable washing machine can take up to five small loads. In addition, it can fit almost anywhere, thanks to its compact and foldable feature.



How to use it:


A single button controls this foldable mini washer. After pouring water and mixing in your detergent and clothing items, simply touch (not press) it for two seconds, and you’re good to go. Take note that it doesn’t drain automatically, so you need to wait for it to finish before you can drain and rinse your laundry.



Wearing your favorite outfit again or washing away stains and dirt from your baby’s clothes and toys is made easier with the new and improved foldable mini washer. Perfect for extended family trips that require light packing, this upgraded version of the East Doll portable washer should definitely be your go-to. You can also use this to wash your accessories, jewelry, and glasses as a bonus feature.



Now more energy-efficient because of its updated internal structure and lower heating rate, this allows you to wash larger loads with fewer worries. In addition, its three-dimensional wave wheel serves as effective sterilization to ensure your family’s safety from harmful bacteria.



How to use it:


Pour in the necessary items for your washing needs and connect the device on a 110-220V. Touch the button for two seconds to start washing. Wait for 10 minutes, and you’re done! Note that this mini washer doesn’t automatically drain, but it has a drain valve that you can unplug after.



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Best for longer road trips and RV camping


If you’re looking for a non-electric straightforward machine that can do small and big loads, this hand-powered device is your perfect alternative. Unlike the previous items on the list, the Lavario portable clothes washer uses the piston and cylinder approach for more eco-friendly cleaning power.



The process is simple: the basket will contain your laundry, and the bucket will carry the water. The up and down motion will help generate the continuous flow of water through the fabric, which will then help blast the dirt and stain out of your clothes. What’s more, its ultra-lightweight and revolutionary design makes the product easy to use for all ages, ideal for any laundry needs.



How to use it:


Add water and detergent to the bucket and place your laundry in the basket. Attach the lid and cycle it up and down 10 times. Soak your clothes for five minutes and cycle them up and down for another 10 rounds. Drain. To rinse, do the process again with fresh water. Drain the bucket and place the wet clothes in. Press it down using the empty basket to wring out excess water. Hang to dry.


Doing the laundry on extended vacations is convenient but let’s face it, it can also be daunting. So if the manually operated washer doesn’t sit well with you, the Costway portable mini laundry machine is your solution. It features a 2-in-1 function to quickly wash and dry your clothes for faster and better results.



How to use it:


Dump in your dirty clothes and add detergent of choice. Then, connect the upper water pipe to the water inlet and the other end to your faucet. Fill it with water and adjust the wash time. Drain the water using the water hose on the side and place the spinner inside. Toss in your wet clothes and set the spin time. Hang dry if needed.



Frequently Asked Questions about Portable Washing Machine

Yes. Portable washers work pretty much the same as their regular counterparts, minus the standard plumbing requirements. They are, instead, equipped with a manually operated draining and inlet hose that you can connect to your faucets or sink. Moreover, some compact washers simply require you to pour water directly in a basin or the equipment itself. So, it is best recommended for people who live in small spaces, prefer washing small portions of their laundry every day, or travelers who like to pack light.

  • Can I use a portable washer in my apartment?

Yes. Most portable mini washers can fit in tiny spaces and don’t take much energy and water usage. However, if you’re planning on using a slightly bigger version, you may want to review your lease agreement and consult with your landlord to discuss potential damage, leaks, and noise problems.

  • How do portable washing machines drain?

Most of these products are manually operated. Some will have a draining pipe connected to the side or require you to pour the water out in sinks or bathtubs.




Choosing the best portable mini washer may sound simple. But with the growing number of options online, it’s best to stay vigilant and do thorough research. Whether you opt for an easy-pack, manual, or automatic equipment, ensure that you put your personal needs and requirements first to get the optimum level of satisfaction.

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