Best Storage Bins: Your Ultimate Guide

November 25, 2019

Storage bins in a playroom

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Frankly, it’s already 2020 and you’re still stuck on what the ultimate storage bin is for 2019? Then again, there is a conundrum on what is indeed the best storage bin out in the market.


We’ve saved you time by compiling a guide of storage bin know-hows: listed below are the top storage bins right now, tips on taking care of your storage bin, and much more. 



Why You Need Storage Bins?

Storage bins are the answer to the otherwise chaotic environment that we are in. Let’s face it: with the passage of time, even the cleanest of environments will eventually be filled with items. These are often used items that we normally reach out for, every time we need them. But later down the line, as time progresses, we tend to discard these items for others. Either it’s a brand new item or a better tool, we then move on to using those more often. Then the old ones get overlooked and become unused.


Storage bins allow us to set aside items we do not currently use in an orderly fashion. Thus, we can clear our desktop or work space from items that are of no current use to us. Not only does our work space become cleaner, we’ll find ourselves becoming more productive too. 


100 Best Storage Bins To Declutter Your Area

A clutter free life begins from a clutter free home, and that’s where the importance of organization comes into place. However, in order to maintain a clean and chic looking surroundings, what you might be missing on are the best storage bins to help keep your stuff sorted and in place. 


To declutter your area and heave a sigh of relief for a longer time period, check out these amazing storage bins. You will find storage bins, baskets and containers in all shapes and sizes, as well as those that are truly versatile and offer carefree usage. 


These collapsible fabric storage bins by AmazonBasics are a must-have to declutter your wardrobe. The fabric is sewn and breathable, and it has easy to grab handles on either side. You may also use it to store toys, laundry, and more. Besides, these are easy to wash, or you may perhaps fold them in when not in use.


The IRIS plastic storage bins are complete space savers. You can put them to use for storing items in almost any nook of your house. They have great built, and buckle up latches to keep the items safe. Besides, these 19-quart capacity storage bins can be stacked or placed on shelves as well. 



If you are looking for an even larger storage bin, here’s one. Moreover made of galvanized metal, these are decent enough to be placed in your bedroom, kitchen, or even living space. The wooden lid on top makes it convenient enough to be used as a stool, and the storage remains hidden.


The cationic fabric of these best storage bins features a blend of polyester, with the faux leather handles accessorizing the look. These work as excellent shelf organizers, or declutter your desk and wardrobe. Also, these won’t collapse as the upper part features a metal frame for stability. 


The Welaxy foldable storage bins are made of felt material and are good to organize your books, newspapers, magazines, wools, or baby diapers and toys. The charcoal gray color looks amazingly soft to the eyes, though there are more color variants to choose from. The material is also soft and collapsible. 


Here’s a collapsible basket set that will declutter as well as level up your shelves. These are lightweight yet durable and offer versatile storage options. For a better finish, it features a cotton & PVE lining with linen lining in the interior. Fabric woven handles are added to make it easy to slide over shelves. 


Though made of cotton and linen fabrics, these storage bins have been strengthened by inserting durable PP boards within. Besides, the inner oxford cotton cloth is much more resistant to wear and tear. The best part? You can wash it when dirty!


The pack of six Sterilite storage baskets is an ideal solution for all your storage ways, be it in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or laundry area. It has a sturdy built with titanium inserts and the contoured handles make it convenient to carry around. 


Rubbermaid storage bins are known for their durability and have a higher weight-bearing capacity than their counterparts. These clear storage totes make it easy to view the items without opening the strongly latching lid. Also, since they are stackable, they help you save on space. 


The Lubasket laundry hampers storage bin is specifically designed for storing your dirty linen. But you may also use it for storing toys, towels, and whatnot. It is large in size, and the handles are also convenient to hold. Besides, it also has a drawstring closure, and the inner linen is waterproof as well. 


The Ollivia storage bins are eco friendly, foldable, decorative, and are great organizers. While you stack them on a shelf, you can place labels in the label holder for quick access to your items. But these are not washable as it has cardboard inserts, though they also add structure to it. 


The clear plastic storage bins by Bino come with inbuilt handles. You may use them in the kitchen to store fruits and vegetables, or your cosmetics in your cupboard. It can also be placed in the fridge, and thus can also help you organize your refrigerator. 


The wire grid cubes by AmazonBasics can be used solo, or stacked, one atop another. But you can also place them horizontally in the form of shelves. Aren’t these amazing? Also, teh bins are made of powder-coated steel wires, and the plastic corner connectors keep the bins in place. 


One of the best large plastic storage containers, these by Homz have a 56-quart capacity. While the see-through container makes it easy to check the items, the snaplock lid ensures airtight storage. These are stackable as well. 


Get a complete set of 20 plastic storage boxes that are going to declutter almost all the nooks of your house. The snap-tight lids can be used for moisture-free storage of your cosmetics, jewelry, craft supplies, toys, socks, and a lot more than what you can think of. 


For heavy-duty storage like your tools and important equipment, you love this commercial Rubbermaid storage bin. The handles are designed ergonomically to reduce the chances of strains on your fingers and back. The tight snap lid also keeps your items secure. It is stackable as well. 


The storage cubes by AmazonBasics are great for shelving and sorting items. One of the best storage bins, these are flexible, while the material is breathable, non-woven, and can be wiped clean with a wet sponge. To make them easy to carry to feature grommet style handles, and they fold flat for storage. 


A neat and chic wire mesh design works great for storing your fruits, vegetables, and other groceries in place. The bin can be washed like usual kitchen utensils, and the mesh design allows storing items of all sizes. The inbuilt handles consume no extra space, yet provide convenience. 


The white lids of these storage containers stay tight and secure unless you apply force to open. Besides, they make the boxes easy to stack on each other. The clear base makes it easy to view items within.


The mDesign plastic storage containers are a convenient way to store and organize all your clutter. From cosmetics to toys, sewing kits to kitchen items, there is hardly a limit on the kind of items to place within. You may also use them in the bathroom, as it is waterproof.


The mold proof wooden storage bins by Creative Scents Store are very aesthetic to have in your home. Besides, it is extremely portable thanks to the inbuilt handles and lightweight design. Also, a removable fabric liner is inserted into the container which can be removed and washed.


The extra large plastic organizer storage bins can be used to declutter a lot of spaces, from your refrigerator to your cupboards. These are easy to carry and stackable as well. The capacity is enough for efficient storage, while the base is sturdy to store expensive items. 


These plastic storage bins are virtually indestructible, with high resistance to wear and tear. Therefore, these are ideal for storing non perishable food, as the lid keeps the items moisture proof. Besides, these are also stackable, and great for even heavy items. 


The polyester cotton fabric baskets and the cotton ropes together makes them a convenient organization option. The design is minimalist, elegant and saves storage space. To keep it clean, it just needs to be wiped with damp cloth. 


The high quality linen of the Senbowe storage bins are very pleasing to look at. Besides, these are also non woven, eco friendly and easy to maintain. Additionally the partitions are removable in case you need more space per compartment.


The Storage Works bins are specifically designed for your closet. The cotton rope handles make it easy to pull or pick around. Besides, the size is suitable to organize your inners, socks, and other smaller accessories. 


The Granny Says Store storage bins are resistant to dust, and are stackable and convenient to store. It has thick cardboard inserts for sturdiness. To keep it clean, all you will need to do is wipe with a clean damp cloth.


The SimpleHouseware Cube Storage Bins are foldable and easy to store when you don’t need them. Otherwise, the set of six is sufficient to organize your clothes, toys, and other kinds of stuff. Besides, these are lightweight and sturdy, so they will last for long.



The gray colored Granny Says fabric storage bins come in three different sizes, medium, large and jumbo. SO you can choose as per the size of the items you need to organize and store. Though lidless, the handles make them easy to carry.


These small wooden storage crates are a more rustic and durable option to organize your stuff. These work great for sorting books, magazines, craft supplies and stationary. The jute rope on either side enhances its portability.


Grey wire baskets that come with taupe fabrics for enhanced look and storage. So you can remove the fabric when dirty and wash the basket as well. Plus, it is versatile enough to store your kitchen groceries, bathroom accessories, nursery items, toys and much more.


The canvas storage bins are great to store as well as carry a lot of items. It has a sturdy construction featuring fifty percent cotton and polyester. The interiors are also stain resistant. Additionally, it has a steel wire rim, that keeps its structure upright, but it is also collapsible.


The eco friendly fabric of these best storage bins is equally elegant when placed on a shelf or on a desk. It has ribbetted inbuilt handles with steel that are also rust resistant. At the same time they collapse and are easy to store when not required. 


The 13 by 13 cube boxes are easy to place in any closet, desk or shelves. These are made of thick burlap fabric, which is chemical free and safe enough to store baby’s items. Beside, there are two metal handles on either side to carry it, and the cardboard inserts keep it upright. 


The pearl white color of these stack and pull storage is not completely opaque. It has buckle up latches that keep the items safe and secure. And are also stackable  for efficient space management.


The Whitmor storage bins are great for organizing your items in the bedroom bath and a lot more places. These are easy to snuck into any closet or desk. The built in steel handles perfectly complement the hand woven polyethylene plastic strapping. 


Organize your items in these uniquely designed wooden baskets that feature wire meshes as well. The fact that these are stackable makes it occupy less space on the counter. Also, it is rustic yet decorative to keep.


The set of eight cube storage bins have two handles on each for portability convenience. These are available in various colors, so you may mix and match with your decor. They are also designed to be collapsible and are completely environment friendly. 


Here’s a much cuter version of the storage totes and bins that are surely drool worthy. Available in colorful prints and patterns, these are conveniently sized to store smaller items like cosmetics, bathroom accessories or nursery items. 


Fabric storage bins by MaidMAX have reinforced cardboard construction that keeps it upright despite the soft fabric. Even the bottom inserts are removable. Besides, it has cut out plastic handles, and the pattern is stylish for all kinds of decors. 


The three dark wood nesting boxes are great for a kids room, as they have chalkboard panels for the little ones to mark them. But apart from that they can do great in all other places like your bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom. 


You may also want to try these handwoven baskets for smaller items that are likely to get lost otherwise. These are made by weaving natural seagrass from Vietnam, upon an iron frame, and is further furnished with a durable cotton linen interior. 


From storing grains to towels and woolens, these are one of the best storage bins to have in your storage kit. Apart from the enormous capacity of 64 quart, they are made from durable see through plastic. The contoured latches secure the lid in place, and make it an excellent airtight storage bin. 


These are one of the best storage bins, considering the built, style and versatility. The openwork metal basket is brilliantly complemented with the wooden top frame. They look cool enough to be displayed in the living room with a pile of books, or in your kitchen filled with fresh fruits. 


Nothing can add a more rustic look to your storage than these old school whitewashed wooden crates. They are nesatable when not in use, and feature cut out handles and a unique curb appeal. 


The jute cotton blend of these collapsible baskets is much more durable than it appears. It is decorative and can be placed in shelves or within closets. But it will surely help you organize a lot of clutter. 


With these shatter-resistant plastic storage containers your fruits and vegetables can be better organized in and out of your refrigerator. Being clear, you will be able to clearly identify if there’s any rotting. Besides, the plastic is made of durable BPA and is Chlorine free as well. 


The 100% cotton rope basket is a safe and convenient storage spot for all your kids’ toys from legos to larger teddys. It is extra large in size and features faux leather handles for portability and comes with 100% guarantee. 


Here’s to a more organized pantry with all your cans and packed food containers sorted in place. Besides, this bronze metal wire basket set is equipped with handles and label holders, which is added convenience. 


The complete set of seven piece woven storage baskets come in different sizes to accommodate different kinds of items. The larger ones can be great for storing books and toys, while the smallest ones can hold your lip shades and watches. Its durable steel frame is weaved upon with durable polypropylene ribbons. 


These storage bins are laced with zips making them perfect to store seasonal clothes in safer places. It has two reinforced handles for portability and is easy to fold when not required. 


One of the best storage bins, these by Seville are made from natural hand woven water Hyacinth, over a steel frame. These are foldable, easy to use and are safe for placing in the bathrooms, closets, kitchen and even living room. 


The DimJ storage bins have handles, and are made from 100% polypropylene non woven fabric. Besides, the flip top lids are easy to secure and open with the velcro attachment. Plus, these are available in a set of three, so they accommodate a lot of items. 


Another best storage bins by Jomarto, these are specifically designed for sorting and storing your laundry. The extendable rope handles can be used to carry it in a single hand as well. Besides, it has a hard base, detachable cradles, and is easy to keep clean.


The Wiselife storage containers are wide, multi purpose and all things versatile. The top has a sturdy metal frame to strengthen the structure, while it is lined with thin muslin fabric within. However, the best part is that it is collapsable and has rope handles. 


 Made from premium quality bamboo, this absolutely natural storage bin is a stunning piece to declutter your belongings. It is stackable, lightweight and can even be used in the bathroom, as bamboo does not absorb water. 


The Posprica storage cubes are thick and heavy duty with excellent built. It has a slight shimmer to it, with firmly inserted cardboard for structural strength. ANd it is completely environment friendly. 


These large storage totes from GreenPastures are made from completely organic cotton material. Use it for storing your extra blankets or kids clothes, or whatever comes to your mind. The extra size rope basket has no sharp or even hard edges, making it safe for houses with kids. 


The small plastic storage containers by Ezoware have the durability of plastic in a woven pattern. They are safe for storing toys, accessories in your closet. The lids are conveniently designed to make these boxes stackable. 


The stackable storage bins with lids are a must have considering their outlook. These are covered in refined gray linenette fabric. Besides, they have a thick iron frame, along with cardboard inserts. 


These containers are collapsible, stackable and above all deluxe looking for even office use. The bottom and side walls are sturdy to support books and files. Besides, it is free of chemicals and odors as well. 


This snaplock clear storage container is ideal for storing smaller items in place. It has 41 quart storage capacity, and is stackable for saving space. This made in US product also offers airtight storage of goods. 


These decorative storage bins come with lids to protect your storables from dust. So you may use them for storing your winter clothes, or a favorite bunch of books, among other things. The handles are fixed with nails for a higher load bearing capacity.


The extra large cotton rope basket is ideal for storing blankets, but can also store your towels or kids toys in place. You may also turn it into a laundry basket if you wish. It has no plastic, or chemicals and can be washed when dirty. 


Made out of pure cotton, this rope storage from OrganHaus is very spacious and lightweight. The pastel tri-band colors give this cotton basket a very premium touch, whereas the rope handles make them super easy to move around the house even if it is stuffed with pillows or blankets.


The ancient-pot design used in this rope storage bin by GooBloo store will definitely match any interior. The 17 by 17 frame is decent enough of storing most of the dailyware like towels, toys, pillows and even medium blankets. Add to that the wide base, this storage is extremely versatile.


If you are looking for something compact and evasive, then Small Baskets Fabric Storage Basket is perfect for you. This storage container is perfect for storing almost anything, from shoes to blankets and even toys. Also, you can make a storage compartment by adding multiple shelves for this.


The large drum-like storage containers from Three by Three is a very exciting offering. The plump orange is eye-catching and also makes this container extremely distinctive when kept with other things. The fabric used inside is rough and rigid, so storing your shoes in it won’t be a problem.


This foldable linen storage bins from TheWarmHome are exceptionally well-built with high-quality fabrics and polyester plating on the sides. It includes a roped handle on both the lateral ends, that enables you to move around with ease regardless of the surface, even when it is loaded with heavy stuff. 


Basic yet classy, This plastic storage bin is perfect if you are looking for something low-key. Made out of high quality plastic, this semi-laundry basket is sturdy enough to hold all the clothes and bed sheets you want to store in it. You also get a lockable lid which provides the stuff inside.


This set of five storage baskets comes in a rope design in non-toxic material. These baskets are collapsible with the fabric material. Besides, they have variation in size to fit in different areas of your home. Moreover, the baskets have no sharp edges making them safe to use around pets and kids. 


You can keep your laundry organized with this large Lifewit hamper of 72L and 100L volume. It comes in pink and grey color striped variants that have an unobtrusive appeal. Besides, the interior of the hamper is waterproof with a PE lining to keep your clothes dry. 


The Simple Houseware offers a convenient storage solution with its foldable containers. These come in a pack of six and different color options. Besides, the five cardboard layers provide a strong supportive surface to store your stuff. They have a cut-out on the sides to hold and move them easily. 


This storage bin is made from heavy-duty cardboard interiors and classic linen exterior. Besides, it has a handle cut-out on the sides with a metal frame. The bin has a solid lid to prevent any dust build-up and protect the items you store. 


The Goodpick natural jute woven basket has a contemporary rope design. Besides, the jute material offers a chemical-free material around the house for additional safety. Its soft design is free from any sharp edges that may scratch your floors and cupboards. You can fold these baskets to save space when not in use. 


The HOKEMP laundry hamper will keep your bathroom free from clothes clutter. You can also use this collapsible hamper in your kid’s room to store toys and blankets. Moreover, the large size of the hamper makes organizing an easy task around the house. 


These Gohome storage baskets come in a thick, felt fabric in two different color options. They are flexible, water-resistant, and collapsible for a practical storage option. Besides, they have sturdy fabric handles on top for easy portability and assembly. Moreover, the baskets come in different sizes to suit your storage requirements. 


This cotton, woven basket is perfect for keeping small spaces organized. There is a leather handle with classic silver rivets for accessibility and portability. It is a soft cotton hamper that will not damage the surface. The high weave density of the basket will keep it in shape throughout the use.


The Organi Haus basket comes in different colors that will give a vibrant and large storage option. These baskets look stylish with rope design and real leather handles. The baskets are hand-woven and reflect premium quality to stay durable for a long time. 


This sizable collapsible basket with handles is suitable to store laundry, towels, and blankets. The basket has a black and white striped design that will look classy with any decor scheme. Besides, it is lightweight and easy to transport around the house. 


Kiddream plastic storage baskets come in a six-pack and single color variant perfect for organizing your home. They have a trapezoidal shape to maximize the storage space. The mesh design of the baskets keeps the air circulating for freshness without adding any dust. These baskets are easy to carry with ergonomic handles on the sides. 


You can keep your shoes organized and clean in these clear plastic storage boxes. They can be stacked on top of each other to save space. The bins have ventilation holes to keep your shoes dry and fresh, free from any bad odor. 


The Titan offers these sturdy, stackable storage bins in a mesh design convenient to identify and categorize. Their design helps in saving space and store your essentials. The plastic material of the bins is dust-repellant and does not decay with moisture.



You can create a rustic vibe in your home with these four-pack metal storage baskets. They are ideal for storing books, laundry, blankets, and toys with a 15 pounds capacity. The wire baskets give minimal storage options ideal to get rid of any clutter around the house. 


Storage Works offers a sleek storage option for work and home with these structured metal and canvas bins. These bins are easy to organize and store with their foldable design. The canvas fabric has a sturdy top layer, which is also easy to clean with a damp cloth. 


The Humble Crew plastic baskets are large enough to store anything and keep your surroundings organized. These bins are free from any toxic additives like BPS and phthalates. They can be slid under the bed to reduce the clutter. You can pick from five color options. 


The Jeria storage bags have a functional design with a foldable and zippered design. These bags come with a three-ply non woven fabric breathable to keep your stuff free from mildew. This is a pack of six bags that can be folded when not in use. 


Veno offers these large-sized woven storage bins crafted from polypropylene material. You can use these to hold up to 40lbs of weight and stack them over each other. The bins will add a sense of organization to your home or office with their covered velcro top. You get to pick from four different colors. 


The Tom Care storage cubes have a collapsible design that helps in easy storing and organizing. These storage cubes come with a transparent slot that can be used to personalize and categorize. The heavy-duty cardboard construction of the cubes makes them lightweight yet durable.


The Wekiog uncrackable plastic storage bins come with ample space to store kitchen, pets, office, and stationery supplies. These have a multipurpose design with lids that is easy to stack. You can choose between four color options to keep your space more organized. 


These bins are ideal for storing large items like blankets, stuffed toys, comforters, and cushions. The zipper closing provides protection from dust and easy access to your stuff. They have a soft material with reinforced handles that will create a cozy feel in your room. Besides, the bins have a see-through window to easily find something.


This set of six storage bins from Knitwiwo is ideal for storing home and office clutter in style. They come in a heavy-duty double fabric design along with thick handles. The fabric material makes the bin collapsible and easy-to-store when not in use. 


Pomatree offers a set of nine storage cube containers that can be used separately or stacked together. They have strong handles on the sides for easy transportation and use. The bins can be folded when not in use, making them super functional for storing extra supplies. 


These storage bins have a practical design made of three layers of fabric. The metal frame adds strength and durability to the bins. You can choose from different animal print designs that will look cute in your kid’s room and closet. These bins are easy to clean and maintain with dusting and hand wash. 


This framed organizer from RGI Home will bring a sense of sophistication in your living space. It has a metal frame with a hand-crafted woven design and an embroidered plaque. The basket has a versatile design that will fit in any corner or walls of your house. You can store laundry, bath supplies, and office stationery in the basket. 


These plastic storage organizers have a scoop front design made from sturdy plastic. This is a stackable storage bin option for your kid’s room or kitchen pantry. The bins come with a handle for easy lifting and moving. You can choose from navy, fern green, and hunter green solid color options. 


These colorful mesh storage containers are an ideal solution for cluttered toys and books at home or school. They come in a packing of six with an easy wipe surface and a built-in handle. The vibrant colors of the containers will add some lively fun while being functional. 


The storage works 100% natural seagrass baskets are perfect for storing some extra towels and toiletries in your kitchen and bathroom. They have a sturdy make with a wooden handle and iron frame. Besides, these baskets will help in saving space and create a clutter-free house.


This is a multi-purpose storage option in a warm neutral color to organize in style. It will make your house look clean with ample storage space and functional easy-to-clean linen fabric. The basket comes with rope handles for convenient portability. You can choose from several other color options as per your decor. 


Humble Crew offers these large-sized plastic storage bins that are free from toxins like BPA and Phthalate. This set of sixteen bins has twelve regular and four large bins for a convenient storage set-up in the house. These bins come with a wooden organizer that makes storing the clutter contained in a space. You can choose from espresso, white, and grey color combinations. 



Top Storage Bins: Our Favorites


Where to Buy Storage Bins

Due to its practical functionality and popularity, storage bins are available everywhere. There are several storage bin outlets located in popular supermarkets. On the other hand, it would be more convenient to purchase one from an online store. For example, at Storables, not only can you find the best storage bin selection, you’ll also learn how best to maximize usage of each item. If price is a major factor of consideration for you, here’s our guide on where to find cheap storage bins


Top 10 Storage Bins With Pros & Cons

Storage Bins For Every Need

Key Features

  • Large capacity
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Durable construction
  • Dimensions: 16-inch (L) x 11-3/4-inch (W) by 5-1/4-inch (H).


Great for use on bookshelves, in closets, or even on beds. These versatile bins are sturdily built, fit perfectly with one another, and are great for just adding a splash of color to any room. 



  • Perfect size for young children to use
  • Smooth edges preventing possible cuts
  • Color doesn’t transfer or rub off


  • No lid to secure items inside
  • May crack if dropped
  • Size may be smaller than expected.

Key Features

  • Water, rust and corrosion-proof
  • Stackable with other products from the same company
  • Remove parts easily with its curved bell hopper front
  • Dimensions: 10-7/8″ x 5-1/2″ x 5″


Rust, water, and corrosion-proof, these beautiful bins are sure to last you for a long time. The quality of plastic used is excellent, and they can be stacked together to save space and effectively prevent spills. Drawers can be lined up sideways for easy access to the front of the bins.


  • Available in different colors: red, blue and clear
  • Can be stacked or mounted if needed
  • Front lip makes it easy to pull or push drawers


  • Able to fit smaller items like stationery and jewelry only

Key Features

  • Secure contents of the box with 4 durable latch buckles
  • WEATHERTIGHT seal keeps items inside safe and secure
  • Dimensions: 17.50″L x 11.75″W x 7.88″H


The IRIS 19 Quart WEATHERTIGHT is a heavy-duty storage box that’s best for storing items which have shorter lifespans, such as food. The storage bin lid protects contents by keeping air and moisture out.


  • Multiple sizes for various sized items
  • Semi-clear for immediate identification of the protected items
  • It can hold up to 25 lbs


  • Latches are not very durable

Key Features

  • Special modular integrated design makes these bins fit together perfectly in shelves, cabinets, cabbies, etc.
  • Made from high-quality BPA-free material
  • 4 small square baskets measuring 6 x 4.5 x 2.5″
  • 4 medium rectangle baskets measuring 8.5 x 6 x 2.5″
  • 4 long, slim baskets measuring 12 x 4 x 2.5″
  • 4 extra large baskets measuring 12 x 9 x 2.5″


Cheerful and s



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