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Marie Kondo And The Importance Of Staying Organized

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When it comes to tidying up, Marie Kondo has always been ahead of the game. The professional organizer is keen to show America how to let go of items that don’t “spark joy” in their lives. But is there more to the KonMari Method? Or is it just a gimmick?


What Is The Marie Kondo Method?

The best-selling author highlights the importance of freeing up space, and why it is more of a lifestyle than an approach. Her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up focuses on the concept of minimalism. Since 2014, Kondo has continually made a name for herself through her revolutionary idea.


She thought of a way to address America’s hoarding problem through organizing household possessions, category by category – this is otherwise known as the “KonMari method”. Her reality show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo allows the world to view American homes through the lens of simplicity.



How To Marie Kondo

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What makes the method so special is not the concept of “letting go”, but gaining happiness through maximizing space. Storing items for Marie Kondo is important too: through her method, Kondo expresses the emotional, physical and mental experiences attached to creating space. For Kondo, “The goal of tidying is to make room for meaningful objects, people and experiences. I can think of no greater happiness in life than being surrounded only by the things I love.”


With Storables, we’ve put Marie Kondo’s pragmatic sense of structure into application. We have different ideas for you, so that you can maximize your money and time to the fullest.


Marie Kondo Art Of Folding Clothes

What makes the Marie Kondo of folding items of clothing so special? She articulates the importance of using as little space as possible. She achieves this by folding the clothes in such a manner that clothes stand upright. Here are 10 Marie Kondo organization tips to declutter your home.


How To Fold Shirts Marie Kondo

The KonMari method is straightforward. First, communicate love by feeling the fabric. Fold the item in a way that it forms a rectangle. Then, both sleeves must be tucked in a way that they fit the perimeter of the rectangle. Fold it in half lengthwise. Then fold it a third lengthwise. If you do this correctly, it’ll stand.


Marie Kondo How To Fold Pants

You must run your hands across the fabric to communicate love. If the seat sticks out, fold it against the pant leg. Fold the jeans in half, then you must repeat this process. Then you must fold the jeans into thirds. When you finish the jeans must be able to stand. 


Folding items of clothing will be easier to store this way. You can choose from a variety of storage items from our catalog to store them in. Select one that is custom-fit to your needs from our wide selection. Like shirts and pants, easily store them with Storables.


How To Buy Storage – Nifty Storage Solutions

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Storage Space

Whether it’s for the office or your home, having the right kind of storage is important – it allows you to maximize existing resources and indirectly translates to a happier, healthier lifestyle. Here are a couple of factors that influence storage space:


  1. Ability to manage space – How well you choose your storage systems will define how much space you free up. It doesn’t take rocket science, but there is a certain way to do it. Not many people have the time or resources to maximize their space.
  2. How much you want to invest in storage – There are different storage types. There are large-scale facilities that offer services, and there are small storage systems. This will highly depend on what kind of items you would like to store and the volume of these items.


Storage Cost

The creation of time utility is one factor that affects storage costs. There are time constraints involved in the production of storage systems and goods. This greatly affects how much it’ll cost you to store items. There are also different factors to consider in the production of storage items. Storage can be specifically made for certain goods. 


Therefore, these goods may be seasonal and ready for consumption for only a short period. This will determine how soon manufacturers produce storage systems. Thus, the market price for storage items also depends on the demand available for a particular good. 


Another factor that affects the cost of storage items is the materials that are used to make it. This may vary depending on the rarity of the materials used. The cost of raw materials depends on the cost of sourcing, transportation, and labor. Natural phenomena also affect the production and transportation of raw materials. When the cost of raw materials and the demand for storage space are high, the cost of storage also increases.



Material refers to the main composition of storage products. Manufacturers are keen on giving us a sense of what materials they use. There are different sorts of materials used for different kinds of storage items. For food storage items, the main material used are usually commercial grade plastic and resin. On the other hand, different kinds of materials are used for furniture and home storage items. Rubber, wood, metal and even glass can be used to mass-produce storage products.



The relative size of particular storage is an important factor to consider in choosing it. Whether it be a storage item or a large scale facility, you must do the necessary research in order to check the specifications of the space or area in question. This will allow you to identify if you can fit in the items you want to store. Knowing the relative size of the unit or space you want to rent or purchase will give you an idea of the resources, effort and time you need to invest.



As much as it is aesthetically pleasing, color gives function to a storage item. Some people may not be attracted to color while others may find themselves drawn to it. Color allows you to organize storage, and color-code which items belong to which storage pieces. It’s also a good way to determine if it’s time to replace the storage item in question, because fading is a sign of wear and tear. Vibrant hues are also attention-grabbing, which means that it’ll allow you to spot a particular storage item right away, so that you don’t have to spend hours looking for it.



Some may argue that the design of a storage space or structure is purely for aesthetic reasons. This may not always be the case. Design plays a major role in the functionality of storage items as well – for instance, opting for items with sleek, ergonomic designs over bulkier ones can save you a lot of space. Ultimately, design matters: a well-designed storage item brings joy to a space, and to the heart as well. 


Types of Storage Ideas

Storage Baskets

Whether collapsible, portable or foldable, storage baskets are a must-have for every household. They’re highly versatile, easy to mix and match, and made from a variety of delightful materials including cotton and fabric. Doing laundry or looking to store your toddler’s toys? Look no further than storage baskets.

To save time, check out our ultimate storage baskets buying guide that includes the important factors affecting your buying decision (includes our top picks).

You’ll never need another guide. 

Storage Boxes

Sort items by category and never struggle to find an item again. Keep souvenirs and memorabilia safely stashed away, toys where they belong, and stationery neatly arranged. Buy a single storage box, or a set of ’em if you need more (we sure do). Nothing quite restores order to a space like storage boxes do.

Instantly master the know-hows of choosing the perfect storage box with our ultimate buying guide. Exclusive tips inside.


Storage Bins/Containers

These top-notch storage containers ensure that your perishables stay fresh, that memorabilia remain in 10/10 condition, and that clothes remain dust and mite-free. With airtight and moisture-resistant properties, they’re your go-to choices for long-term storage. Want value for money? Check out these superb options.

Save effort and time with our ultimate buying guide on storage bins and containers.

Storage Shelves

Books, goods, and everything in between, storage shelves give items a home of their own. Easily grab items whenever you need them, and see what you’re missing at a single glance. Sort items by category and free up precious floor space using these durable picks today.

Shh – our ultimate buying guide contains hacks no-one else knows about. Click here to know everything about storage shelves in 20 minutes (or less).

Storage Cabinets

Safely and securely stash your belongings away in these gorgeous storage cabinets: clothes, shoes, accessories… the whole lot. Made from the finest materials, these beauties are guaranteed to last you for a long time. These are essentially what you get when you combine form with function: the best of both worlds.

We’ve done all the research for you, so you can sit back and take it easy:  here’s our ultimate buying guide on storage cabinets, which includes the important factors for consideration. 

Storage Closets

Sorting items has never been quite so easy: tidy up whilst elevating the look of your room/house. Categorize clothes by season, type and more: with a little help from Marie Kondo, you’ll be an organizing expert in no time at all. Your journey to a tidier house begins here.

Never waste a cent on poorly-built storage closets again: check out our ultimate buying guide for everything you need to know (and more).

Storage Bags

Effectively keep pests, dirt and dust away with our range of superior-quality storage bags. Whether you’re storing fresh food, clothes or bedding, they’ll keep your items in pristine condition until you need them. Bulk storage? Not a problem.

Enough with storage bags that don’t work: our ultimate guide covers factors to consider when making your purchase, tips ‘n tricks, and much more. 

Storage Drawers

Instantly access your belongings using durable storage drawers: many swear by these 3 products, and we’re sure you’ll like them too. Less mess, less stress: simplify your life instantaneously. 

15 minutes is all you need: give our ultimate buying guide a read to save time and money on your next storage drawer purchase.


How Do You Store Things?

There are a multitude of ways in which items can be stored. A variety of storage items can be used to store different objects. Storage is such a broad spectrum, and information on the topic is constantly changing and there are tons of information to consume. Storage may be simple, but it can get tricky. 


Most especially if you don’t know what to do with the resources you possess. Depending on the type of items you want to store, the volume of these, as well as how fragile these might be, are some factors to consider before deciding what kind of storage is right for you. The most basic principle to remember in terms of storage is to remember functionality, accessibility and cost.


How Do You Protect Things In Storage?

Depending on what kind of items you want to store, the level of storage security may vary. You do have to consider how valuable the objects you want to store are, and how much you want to protect these. In order to protect your items in storage, you have to package them properly.


Firstly, you have to make sure that you bundle them securely with packaging tape or adhesive. Make sure that you make use of high grade materials in order to properly secure your items. Second, wrap the items with any sort of protective covering. 


This may be in the form of cardboard, bubble wrap or padding. Make sure to seal any sturdy boxes tightly if you’re planning on putting your belongings in any. Also, you may want to consider the relative size of the box as opposed to the object you’re putting in. 


If the box is too big, there is more chance of breakage as the item may move around when in transit. You may also benefit from using furniture spray, and wax to keep out dirt, and prevent potential liquid damage to the item.


How To Get More Storage Space?

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The first step to getting more storage space is to determine how much you want to store. This will allow you to identify what kind of storage space you need, and what preparations are necessary to store your items. 


The most common approach is to get in touch with storage companies and ask for quotations. This will give you an idea, and a ball-park figure of how much you might need to budget for storage. 


While this may be the most practical; not everyone has the resources to invest in more storage space. There are plenty of alternatives. One practical solution is for you to create space; whether it’s to free up space, and get rid of belongings you might no longer need. 


You can make room inside or outside the house — or make your own storage space. We’ve written the most comprehensive guide you can find on cyberspace to walk you through your options. 


How Much Storage Space Do I Need In My House?

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The Los Angeles Times reported that the average American home composes of 300,000 items. Research suggests that the rule of the thumb is that the total storage space in a home should be 10 percent of the total square foot of a house. Your home should have enough space for all your items, including enough room for mobility. On the other hand, if you’re looking to acquire separate space, storage facilities have a guide (which includes a visual of what items would fit inside the area for rent).


Solve Annoying Problems With These Home Storage Solutions

Ingenious Home Storage Solutions

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Because the world is rapidly changing, we have to make a conscious effort to adapt to such. The storage industry is no exception to this, as there are plenty of storage items that have become technologically advanced. At Storables, we’ve done our homework and aim to provide you the top storage solutions for your high-tech home. Because we want to ensure that we include all sorts of solutions, for all sorts of homes. We strive to give you the latest thought-provoking innovations that will create ripples in storage system technologies. 


Do It Yourself With Our DIY Home Storage Ideas

DIY Home Storage, Storage Ideas, DIY

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We can’t always rely on products available in the market, to supply us our storage needs. Thus, you can always custom make storage systems and facilities to your liking. Although we believe in convenience, we also believe that effective storage takes effort and practice to make. We’ve come up with DIY projects that are easy and practical so you can achieve the kind of storage you want to produce. Discover some of the best storage ideas you can find on the web with our complete guide. 


Maximize Storage Space for Your Small House

Interior design of a dining room and kitchen in a tiny rustic log cabin.

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Living it large doesn’t always have to mean that you need to live in a massive, luxurious house. Sometimes, it’s as simple as being able to maximize the space you occupy. It may be hard to make do with what you have, but it’s definitely possible. A small house may not feel like it’s giving you that much pay off in terms of space – but in the long run, it does have plenty of benefits.


Storage-wise, having a small house will heighten your creativity, and allow you to discover how small space can bring out the resourcefulness in you. The best way to maximize space is to make sure that you make use of storage that complement every inch and crevice of your area. 


Make use of furniture with built in compartments, for example. Another trick is to build cube cabinets in the entrance of your kitchen door. The key is to play around with functionality and dimensions. If you feel like experimenting, you can play around with foldable or rotating storage. Discover our different tips to maximize your space.


Tiny House Storage Ideas To Try Today

Tiny house storage ideas

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Experiencing a shortage of space? We have a few ideas to share, with our guide to storage for those petite dwellings. Maximize the space you currently possess by building shelves and cabinets high above head level as it has countless benefits. One of them being, you get to save on the limited floor space you have. In addition, easily spot those items that are hard to find.


Making use of storage underneath furniture is another way to save space. For example, make use of each step of a staircase a shoe drawer. Second, you can unravel a cabinet as a base for a bed. Another way is for you to make use of storage benches or couches that have built-in storage. The possibilities are endless, and we’ve compiled some nifty ideas for you.


100% Effective Home Storage Hacks and Solutions

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Are you tired of the typical storage articles you find online? Here are some fresh ideas on practical storage that you can apply. Here are just a few of them: install shelves in the perimeter of your bedroom. In addition, you can use a mandal headboard as an alternative to a nightstand to give you plenty of headroom as well as floor area. A platform storage bed is another way to keep storage within your reach when you’re too tired to walk to your closet at night.


Quick & Easy Tips To Staying Organized

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Storage makes staying organized easy. This has a domino effect, once you get organized around the house, this saves your resources, time and energy.  First, you have to decide which space you want to organize. Focus on these spaces and strategically come up with a plan to stay organized. As you go along, you can decide which storage pieces to use. Whether it be installing a lazy susan for books or shoes; to repurposing racks to hang laundry, you find our tips effective. We’ve come up with stylish ways for your life to be a lot more efficient as you navigate through your home with comfort.


Protect Your Kids From Dangerous Home Storage

Code lock on the safe door.

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Children may sometimes tend to let their curiosity take the best of them. It is a responsibility for parents to keep them safe. However, there are certain objects that we rely on for protection. Some may even be tools that we use for our everyday that may pose a danger if these fall into the wrong hands. This may be in the form of a set of sharp new kitchen knives, power tools or even weapons. We have a few tips for you to keep those tiny fingers protected, or to keep those dangerous objects away from lurkers. 


Get Peace Of Mind With These Gun Storage Solutions

Gun, Gun Storage, Storage Ideas

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Yes, we’ve become all too familiar with the constitution’s fourth amendment. If you’re a gun enthusiast, those rights do come with responsibility. We want to ensure that we give you options to keep your kids safe from the artillery. We have a few ideas guaranteed to make your personal arsenal a safe haven from your kids. The key to gun storage is to remember the golden rule; lock up ammunition in a separate storage, and the actual firearm in another.  


Toy Storage Ideas For A Tidy Playroom

toy box

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The formative years are periods of a child’s life where cognitive, social, emotional and psychological development is most crucial. He begins to learn basic skills that he will carry later on in life. 


This is the time when it’s best to teach a child to organize. Discover different ways you and your child can keep the playroom clutter-free, fun and easy. From chalkboard drawers, that you can let your child decorate and label with different colors. 


To make both bath time and packing away his toys easily pleasant for both of you with the use of just a shower rod and a couple of plastic berry plastic crates. Our ideas will surely make packing away an activity your child will enjoy and participate in.


Pretty Yet Practical Jewelry Storage Ideas

Decorative stand with jewelry and bijouterie on table in room

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We’re confident and guarantee that our list will make a any jewel collector’s heart skip a beat. Oftentimes, we take jewelry storage for granted. But keeping your jewelry safe is not just important, it’s also an investment. Furthermore, holding on to jewelry may be a status symbol, or even a manifestation of wealth. More important, however, is that most jewelry appreciate in value. We’ve selected the best armoires to store your jewelry that will guarantee to make you feel secure, no matter the circumstances. Interested? Keep reading to learn more.


Are You A Shoe Collector? You Have To Read These Shoe Storage Ideas.

Shoe Storage, Storage Ideas, Shoe Shelving, Shoe Organizer

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Have you ever found yourself buying too many shoes? It’s a guilty pleasure most of us can’t seem to shake off. Buying too many shoes isn’t a problem until you run out of space to store them. 


We’re two steps ahead of you because the shoe game is a game we play well – the shoe storage game that is. This is where we’ll be putting your DIY skills to the test with a wide range of different storage ideas.


We have the most unique shoe storage solutions you can think of, from cardboard DIY shelves to wooden crate shoe racks. In addition, we’ve even thought of installing a built-in staircase shoe drawer, installed in each and every step.


Because we aim to be resourceful as much as we want you to maximize your creativity. These hacks are guaranteed money — in as much as it is — a space saver.


Tool Storage Ideas To Make Working Easier

Tool Storage, Storage Ideas

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We know how important it is to keep the tool shed spic and span. Here are a few of our ideas — so that you won’t ever misplace any of your screwdrivers or power tools — ever again. It doesn’t take a simple toolbox to organize all those tools in a day, you will need more than just that. Bear in mind when you consider tool storage, accessibility and function are two factors to prioritize.


Whether it be the most basic tools and parts that are hard to find and easy to lose – to the huge ones that are too bulky to hide. You don’t have to waste time thinking of ways on how to keep your tools in tip-top shape and organizing your space while at it.


Because here are some of the brilliant ways we thought of to maximize your tool storage, so you can spend more of your precious time working on your projects straight away.


Clever Storage Ideas: Time-Saving #Hacks, Anyone?

Light bulb in a wood box on wood background, old idea in a box can make the diffirent on a modern world concept

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We’ve come up with quick and efficient ideas for you to apply; to store those belongings. We pay attention to detail, therefore, we know the most subtle ones make the world of difference. Maximize any room in your home to ensure that not an inch of space is put to waste with our tips. May it be adding floating shelves to your living room,  using magnetic racks for your utensils or using pegboards for wall storage; we know how the smallest storage pieces are of equal importance.


Easy Storage Solutions For Quick Access Of Items

Hexagon wooden shelf japanese design on wall

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Have you ever tried making use of double bars for your closet? How about trying S hooks to hang items from wire shelving? These are just some of the few examples we’ve come up with to solve some of the trickiest storage problems you may encounter. Plus, discover why making use of joists will prove to be beneficial and extend your area space. We’ve done a little research on the most frequent problems users encounter storage-wise.  Here are some simple and straightforward solutions that will prove to be effective in the long term.


Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Ideas

Ever ask yourself how to maintain home storage? Do you ever stop to ponder how to keep a house storage clean? Discover some of the answers to these questions with our FAQ articles.


1. How to Maintain Home Storage?

Although there is no given formula or text-book established approach to home storage maintenance, we’ve got the closest one to it. Learn why it’s easy to maintain your home storage space in a way that’s easy to understand and quick to apply. From the basics, to the best practices used by professionals, we’ll give you the 411 on how to make your storage life span longer. These are clear cut examples that will make your storage space a breeze to utilize.


2. How to Keep A House Storage Clean?

Some cleaning products prove to be harmful to the environment, or may even be damaging to certain surfaces. We provide you a complete guide on how to keep your storage spaces clean without incurring expenses to have it fixed. Here are some practical and tried and tested tips we have for you to try. Here’s the gist of it: keep track of those essentials and hold on to them, anything that’s extra must go. We’ll give you the rundown on how to get rid of that clutter with our guide.


3. How To Make Extra Storage Space At Home?

With the rise of consumerism and the increase in manufactured products, storage has become much more of a need than a challenge. The question still posits: how do we make more room for storage space in your home? We’ve come up with practical ideas that are budget-friendly and realistic. These are straightforward ideas that will allow you to create space without spending on rentals. How? We’ll teach you how to tweak your storage items with DIY. Plus, explore how easy it is to maximize space with a few products in the market that are guaranteed to add space rather than diminish it.

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