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Organize Your Storage Cabinets Using These Smart Ideas Organize Your Storage Cabinets Using These Smart Ideas

52 Most Coveted Storage Cabinets In 2021

March 1, 2020

Organize Your Storage Cabinets Using These Smart Ideas

Written by: Chelsea Sunico

Maximize your space with the use of storage cabinets that's guaranteed to help you declutter. These organization tips are 100% foolproof & super handy!

Organization is an important aspect of our homes. It makes our living room, bedroom, office, or kitchen look neat and tidy. You do not need an enormous space to make it functional. By organizing it properly, you can optimize your space and get rid of the clutter. Storage cabinet is the most effective way in helping you declutter!





Why Should You Organize Your Space?

  • Organizing saves you money. It gives you an idea of how many items you have in hand. This prevents you from buying duplicates and accumulating more stuff.
  • An organized space also saves you time. Because you know where everything is, it means lesser time searching for what you need. You can move around efficiently without wasting your time running around.
  • Cleaning is easier especially when items are placed in their designated spot. It also makes it easier to put them back in their proper space.
  • Organizing your space spares you from stress. You wouldn’t have to worry about dealing with mess and clutter when your items are all organized and in order.
  • Most importantly, an organized space gives you more freedom to work and move around. You can make the most out of your limited space by organizing it.

There are different ways you can organize your storage cabinets for kitchen use. Here are some organization ideas that you can follow:


Start With A Clean Slate

dirty dishes in the kitchen. home care


The first step to organizing your storage cabinets is removing everything from it. Take out all the contents from your cabinets – from kitchenware like your glasses, mugs, plates, pots, pans, and everything else. Lay them out one by one so you can see what you already have and what you might need. This will also help you group them according to their uses.


Group Similar Items Using Bskets

You can organize your cabinets by using baskets and grouping similar items together. The best way to do it is by organizing them by category. For example, in the kitchen pantry, you can put labels such as rice, pasta, baked goods, or snacks. You can also do the same for other items such as shirts, towels, magazines, or kids’ toys.

Storage Cabinets


Organize Items By Use

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To make it easier to navigate your space, organize your items by dividing it according to use. Separating them by type makes more sense rather than having them scattered. Store them in separate containers to save you time and effort. Instead of digging through a tangle of tools, you can find the right tool you need easily.


Use Pop-Up Shelves

Pop-up shelves are another smart way of optimizing the unused space in cabinets. It can hold most horizontal things such as kitchen utensils and dishes. You can also use pop-up shelves for your closet or bathroom toiletries, even cleaning products.

Storage Cabinets

Keep Frequently Used Items In Easily Accessible Cabinets

In order to navigate your home more efficiently, put things you use every day or frequently in places where you can easily reach them. For example, keep your cooking tools or utensils in storage cabinets that are within eye-level. Or if you reach for your toiletries every night, store it front and center, instead of keeping it in a lower cabinet.


Store cooking or baking ingredients in containers

Instead of filling your pantry cabinet with store-bought boxes of snacks or ingredients, you can store them in a set of matching containers. It helps in keeping the food fresh while preventing unwanted spills or messes. Containers also help in organizing your pantry by giving it a more uniform look. You can choose from plastic, sleek glass containers, or even mason jars.


food storage container

Place Less-Used Items On Top Of Storage Cabinets

In contrast to the earlier step, put the items you do not always use on top of your storage cabinets for garage, or storage cabinets for kitchen. Keep them out of the way, or place them behind the frequently used items. This will take full advantage of the space you might not be using.


Use Small Bins Or Dividers

Organize the inside of your drawers by using small bins or dividers. These will keep small items neatly in place. For the kitchen, dividers can be used for utensils and flatware. While the small bins can be used for random items like paper clips, hairpins, hair ties, pens, batteries, or rubber bands.


Storage Cabinets

Paste Labels Onto Containers

labeling kitchen containers


Avoid mistaking sugar for salt again by labeling your containers. This ensures that you can easily find what you need without confusion. Putting labels also gives you easy access to what you are looking for.


Hang items at the back of the cabinet door

Maximize your cabinet space by hanging items on the inside of its door. You can use cork boards, adhesive hooks, or pegboards to create extra space. Keep items such as grocery lists, recipes, keys, dish towels, measuring cups, or kitchen tools within your reach.


Install Slide-Out Shelves Or Wire Racks

Slide-out shelves provide extra space in your cabinet space. You can easily store and pick up heavy items like baking pans, pots, and casserole dishes. Installing a wire rack also helps stack your plates or cutting boards to keep them in order.

stainless steel rack

Maximize Your Storage Cabinet

Make the most out of your storage cabinet, especially oddly sized ones. Not only can you use them for storing items inside, but you can also use the space to display pretty items. Be creative and imaginative when it comes to organizing and designing your space. You can even set up a station for coffee or tea.


Getting rid of the clutter and making more space for your home does not have to be difficult. With these organization tips using storage cabinets, you can fully enjoy the comfort of your space.

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