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What To Consider When Buying Storage Cabinets? What To Consider When Buying Storage Cabinets?

52 Most Coveted Storage Cabinets In 2021

March 16, 2020

What To Consider When Buying Storage Cabinets?

Written by: Chelsea Sunico

Take note of these IMPORTANT FACTORS before you get an amazing storage cabinet for your home or office. These tips are guaranteed to save you big time!

Storage cabinets have the power to transform your space. It can maximize small spaces and keep your clutter to a minimum. Whether you need one for your kitchen, bathroom or living room, you should choose the right cabinet before buying. Finding a suitable storage cabinet ensures that your belongings are well-secured and you get a good value for your money.


Before heading out to shop for storage cabinets, you must first determine these following factors:



The first thing to consider before buying storage cabinets is your environment. You need to find something durable that can withstand damages. For example, if you live in a humid climate, you need a storage cabinet that will protect your belongings from moisture and weather damage.


Next, you need to consider the space where you will place your storage cabinets. It would be a waste of money and energy if you buy something and it does not fit. That’s why it is important to determine your space constraints first and measure it before buying a cabinet.

Storage Needs

Your storage needs are another important factor in selecting a suitable storage cabinet. After all, this serves as the purpose and the main reason why you are buying one. Select something that will suit your style, fit the location, and maximizes your space. The storage should have enough features that will cater to your needs.


You should consider the quality when selecting and buying storage cabinets. This will ensure that your cabinet can withstand damages and will give good value for your money. Start by choosing a cabinet material that can stay in an optimal condition for the coming years. Good quality material should be easy to maintain and does not need frequent repairs or replacement.


Now that you have determined your environment, space, and storage needs, you must consider these things in selecting a suitable storage cabinet.



First, you should take note of your budget and consider cabinets that you can afford. This is the most important factor as it will narrow down the options for you. There are plenty of storage cabinets for every budget, ranging from low to high prices. You can surely find something that does not break the bank. After determining your environment, space, and needs, you can begin looking for good quality cabinets that will fit your budget.


Value Cabinets

Storage Cabinets

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Value cabinets fall under the category of budget cabinets. These usually include off-the-shelf cabinets. Even though there are limited options in value cabinets, you can still find high-quality products out there. Just make sure that the cabinet you will purchase will meet your needs and from a reputable retailer. Most value cabinets feature frameless construction that may add a modern look. But keep in mind that the lower cost typically comes with lower durability and a shorter overall lifespan for your storage cabinets.


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Mid-range Cabinets

Storage Cabinets




When it comes to style and design options, mid-range cabinets typically fall into the semi-custom umbrella. These types of cabinets include solid-wood face-frame construction, options for size, molding, finish, and accessories. They also come at a moderate price point. It is important to do your research before buying this kind of storage cabinet; quality variation can be the biggest drawback you must consider.


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Premium Cabinets


Storage Cabinets

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Premium cabinets are not quite fully custom cabinets but are more customized than semi-custom ones. These cabinets offer the most variations that you can find in new cabinetry. They feature high-quality boxes made of premium materials with a much greater selection of sizes and storage options. For that reason, premium cabinets cost higher.



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Most storage cabinets can come in a wide array of natural wood materials (e.g. oak and cherry), and other materials including metal. Aside from hardwood, you can also find cabinets at a standard retailer that features a combination of materials. They all have their benefits and challenges.


Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF)

MDF is a type of engineered wood consisting of thin panels. The thin panels are composed of wood fiber, wax, and resin. MDF is highly durable and can perform well. In many applications, it is even better than solid wood. It also has a smooth finish, making it more ideal for painted cabinets.


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Particle Board

The primary advantage of particle board is its low price point. It is created by adhering pressed wood together and covering it with a veneer. But being the cheapest of the cabinet material options, it is sensitive to moisture and lacks in overall durability.



Plywood is a more durable option when compared to particle board. This material is formed from multiple layers of wood. They are laminated together and finished with a maple or birch veneer. It also typically performs well against heavy use and moisture. But compared to standard particle board cabinets, plywood is a more expensive option.



Storage cabinets feature various styles and designs, especially with modern cabinets. They can go from simple to elaborate and high-tech. There are different factors you need to look into as well. These are the following:


Framed vs. Frameless Construction

Framed cabinets have 1 ½ -inch frame at the front of the cabinet box. This gives the hinges a place to attach and add a dimension to the cabinet. On the other hand, frameless cabinets are contemporary and European-inspired. They allow for greater accessibility by eliminating the face frame.


Hardware Options and Accessories

The cabinet hardware is an integral part of your cabinet design. It can come in a vast array of styles which include both handles and cabinet knobs. You can find endless options, and so working with a professional contractor or interior designer can help you narrow down your choices.


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Color and Finish

Choosing the perfect color and finish for your new cabinet has a big impact on the overall style. Current trends in design lean towards sleek and stark cabinets in rich tones or a mix of dark and light colors. If you want a warm, elegant, and rustic appeal, beautiful woodgrain finishes are still a popular choice.


Additional Features

Nowadays, storage cabinets provide various features. A standard, swing-open cabinet is not the only option available. You can have base cabinets with hidden storage solutions for your appliances. Even cabinets with spice racks, pull-outs, or lazy Susan’s. You can also choose to invest in custom-made cabinets if you have enough budget.


Spice rack

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After considering these different factors, you are now ready to buy your storage cabinet. Just make sure that the cabinet fits your space and lifestyle and works with your storage needs. This ensures you will get the ideal solution for maximizing the functionality and look of your home or office.

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