30 Best Storage Shelves To Get Your Money’s Worth

November 25, 2019

wall storage shelf


Whether you’re trying to make the most of a small space or simply enjoy taking full advantage of a bigger space, when it comes to additional storage, shelves are a fantastic way to go about it.


Shelves not only give you extra storage space but they also make for an interesting feature in your home.


When it comes to the world of shelves, your options are practically endless. Today we would like to show you everything that shelves have to offer. What we love so much about them is that more often than not, they can end up being your favourite part of the room!




There’s a very specific lightness and weightlessness that can only be achieved with metal wire paneling. With it, you will be able to achieve your Japanese modern minimalist dreams easily. It also offers tons of storage space with 30 cubed compartments that’s perfect for storing a great variety of objects. Styling-wise, you can give it a creative twist by alternating books with random decorative items such as collectibles and figurines.




Using fabric drawers is another smart way to make furniture look lightweight and easy on the eyes. With its gorgeous cream color and white metal framing, you’ll be able to freshen up virtually any space in next to no time. Apart from two large baskets for your more private belongings and unwanted clutter, you’ve also got two storage shelves for whatever you might want to keep within your sight.




Storage carts can earn a place in any part of your home. The primary advantage of using them is that you can store things that you use regularly, but still easily move it around and put it away whenever they’re not in use. This way, even the more awkward nooks of your home can be utilized and your stuff is also not in the way all the time. You can use this to store your expansive skincare routine or your arts and crafts essentials.




Sometimes, all we need is a slim little wood shelf that we can use to store smaller objects such essential oil droppers or medicine. Getting a large or even just a standard-sized cabinet can be overkill at times, so it’s important to know that smaller options such as this one actually exist and can help you with your storage needs without taking up too much space. You could also use this as a spice rack in your kitchen!




In a home, corners are important spaces but unfortunately tend to be tricky to decorate. When it comes to placing shelves or cabinets, it’s quite unfortunate that one side is usually under-utilized. This is why corner furniture is so important: they’re made specially to look great against a defined corner of the room. They cleanly terminate the two surfaces that form the corner and make for a more satisfying focal point.




Workstations can serve as storage shelves on their own. In the current era of small condos or apartments, multi-purpose furniture are more important than ever. Having a workstation that also doubles as an efficient and spacious storage solution is a smart way to make the most out of your furniture. But also, it also helps you keep your essentials within reach. Whether you use this table for baking or arts and crafts, its numerous compartments are there to fulfill all of your storage needs.




A bookshelf can be so much more than just a couple of planks supported by more planks or even a metal frame. Made it look more exotic by playing around with smaller details, such as adding iron work to its sides! The square design of this option from Homissue evokes an almost-Asian feel and will give any space more personality. It will no doubt serve as a beautiful accent in your living room or bedroom.




One of the worst things that could happen in a home is choosing the wrong storage  product for your shoes. No one wants a pile of sneakers, pumps, and sandals just lying around haphazardly in the foyer. It’s important to invest in efficient and attractive storage for your shoes. The simplest way to achieve this is with a neutral and simplistic shoe rack storage shelf that can stand on its own and proudly display your stylish picks.




Your foyer deserves a gorgeous console table while your living room needs it own sturdy entertainment center. Whichever of the two you may need, Amerilife is sure to have an awesome cabinet choice for you. It’s large and offers equally spacious compartments for whatever you might want to store: DVDs,  gaming consoles and more. Place it in your living room or use it as a decorative item to add a touch of class to your entryways.




Undoubtedly a simple shelf that anyone would fall in love with, industrial-style designs in furniture are here to stay… and for good reason. They’re simple and feature beautifully neutral tones that go with virtually anything. They’re also usually quite affordable and offer excellent value for money at their price points. They will help you make the most out of your vertical space and you can style it however you want.




If a simple floating wooden shelf is all you need, look no further than this simple industrial inspired piece from Jaweke. These beautiful storage shelves come in a pair and they’re particularly perfect for use in your bathroom or even your kitchen. Comprising a handy little towel rack and hooks for maximum storage potential, you can choose to use them separately if you have another space that needs a nice little shelf.




A rustic and industrial choice is a great way to give your interiors the sense of character it needs. Industrial design often combines wood with a very pronounced and distinct grain and smooth black metal framing which creates gorgeous contrast that’s absolutely taken over the interior design world. It’s not often we see wood that’s so textured and grainy – it’s no surprise, then, that this piece caught our attention.




Here’s a simple twist to a classic bookshelf design. Instead of a multiple-tiered ladder with an overall boxy shape, why not try this diagonal ladder shelf that combines textured wood and smooth cold steel framing? Despite its hard and rough industrial look, it gives off a surprisingly delicate vibe that makes it compatible with even softer interiors. This is definitely a rare feat for industrial furniture.




This storage shelf combines contemporary and industrial designs to create an almost retro-reminiscent look that will keep you interested. The lines used in the design are simple and definitely not anything new in the design world, but together they create an interesting form that pays tribute to mid-century and Asian-inspired furniture.




If a vintage twist is what you’re seeking for your space, this nice little accent is sure to be up your alley. Aside from its rustic good looks, it’s quite the functional storage solution with three large drawers that you can pull out to store your face masks or your mail. Your keys or even some lighter coats can be hung off the hooks at the bottom.




Another incredibly popular combination in the furniture industry right now is marble and gold. There’s just an undeniable sense of luxury that takes place when you put the two of them together and it is sure to add so much class to your space. When styling this gorgeous storage shelf, you can alternate books with decorative items that have shiny accents, such as the vases and planters shown in the photo above.




Although these metal shelves were probably intended to be placed in a garage or a workshop, you could also incorporate them into spaces that you want to look rugged and manly. Maybe you’re someone who wants a little bit of rock ‘n roll edgy touch to your interior. Or perhaps you want your workspace to have shelves that could belong in the Bat Cave? Either way, these shelves will be perfect for you.




Wall-mounted bookshelves are making a comeback nowadays because of their lightweight, almost-floating looks. The simple singular line of metal that supports the tiers are fixed on the wall and you end up with a minimalist shelf that looks incredibly chic in your living space or your bedroom. We imagine it would also look fantastic as storage shelves in a larger bathroom.




Even your shoe rack can have a touch of the industrial design with its two tiers of metal mesh shelves and a comfortable wooden bench on top. Sometimes you really just need to sit down for a moment to properly put on your shoes by the door. This makes the experience much more pleasant instead of just a tall shoe rack. The tone of the wood is also so beautifully neutral that it would naturally emphasize the colors around it.




Even a storage cart can sport rugged good looks with the gorgeous fusion of wood, metal, and glass. This cart could be used in a fancy Italian restaurant as they wheel in the feast you’re about to have. Why not replicate a 5-star culinary experience in your very own home? On days when you don’t feel like having a grand old time, these mobile storage shelves can simply rest in your kitchen as a gorgeous little accent piece.




Of course, there’s nothing wrong with going for that classic wood shelves that looks good no matter where you put it. This timeless design by Bush Furniture is simple, sturdy, and most importantly, spacious enough to handle all of your storage needs. Since the design is so simple and so universal, it also comes in a ton of different wood tones so you can choose the one which complements your interiors the best.




Having drawers of different sizes can teach you to be more creative and purposeful when it comes to storing your things. Large open spaces tend to be under-utilized and you’ll end up just dumping your things in a pile inside. The solution to this is to use dividers within the large drawer. This way, the spaces are already sub-divided so you won’t need to spend money on extra accessories.




Side tables are often overlooked as storage solutions because we often see them as tables that hold a nice little lamp or maybe some magazines or the landline. We forget that with the right design, it can be a handy place to store other decorative items such as figurines or scented candles. This design even features a slanted catch to nicely display magazines for guests to read. The design is also in a cool and contemporary combination of rustic wood, metal frames, and mesh paneling.




With the prevalent restoration of old furniture, vintage storage shelves are making a comeback nowadays. It’s an industry secret that the best way to make any old furniture look refreshed and ready to be featured in an interior design magazine is to slap a fresh coat of paint onto it. The biggest deciding factor is actually the choice of color. Gone are the days when a paint color that matches the wood is picked. Vibrant solid colors are more preferred now when it comes to contemporary interior design.




Here’s another great example of classic old-time furniture that could belong in your grandparents’ house. Imagine if this was a classic dark walnut. It’d probably have its own little area in a fancy study in a haunted mansion. However, with a coat of a neutral grayish-blue, it looks absolutely fresh, young, and quirky while still retaining its vintage charms through its minute details and aged hardware.




Here’s another vintage-inspired piece that looks like it came straight out from a Harry Potter movie set. The drawer designs are famous from Asian medicine cabinets for herbs and other alternative medicine but you can also bring this touch of old world charm into your home. You can place this on your work desk or simply on the counter. The nine little shelves are perfect for adorable little knickknacks or maybe even use as a spice rack.




The barn door design defies the current trend of making cabinet hardware as concealed as possible and goes the other way around. Barn door hardware is iconic as it makes itself known by being a part of the actual design of the cabinet. It’s usually in black metal and has arrowhead plates that attach to the doors and helps them move along a metal rod. You can be more playful with them by sliding one door open to conceal another part of the cabinet.




Benches can actually become storage chests with a surprising amount of storage. This way, you have a nice little sitting area with its spacious wood shelves at the bottom and then a big surprise up top with its movable seat cover to reveal a large hidden storage area. You can put items that require a little bit more privacy in this secret compartment while your shoes can go on the exposed shelves underneath.




Who says only your cupboard and cabinets can be your only storage solution in the kitchen? I’m here to tell you that you can add even more work spaces to your kitchen as well as a storage all in one with this design from Giantex. It has two wooden shelves with a perforated metal shelf on the bottom. It sports a gorgeous industrial design that’s sure to look great in your kitchen and the table up top is the perfect workstation for the serious cook.




We also have another twist on a classic bookshelf design which are these slightly asymmetrical wood shelves. It features shelves of different sizes which encourages you to be creative with how you store your things. You can keep the asymmetrical theme going by arranging your books in different orientations such as in the photo and never aligning your decorative items with one another. The wood tone used in this bookshelf is incredibly versatile, so it’s bound to look good in virtually any space.




Your storage shelves don’t have to be limited to just a few planks suspended on your walls. You can go as wild and creative as you want with unique shapes and forms or as simple as the minimalist interiors of your dreams can get.



Of course, it’s always important to consider what it is you want to store. Be sure not to overload your storage shelves to avoid breakage and buckling. With these important reminders in mind, you’re definitely ready to decorate your space like a pro!



Best Uses Of Storage Shelves

It goes without saying that one of the best uses of storage shelves, is well, storage. Aside from that your storage shelves can and should be seen as a great way to breathe new life into a tired room or space.



You will be amazed at not just how much more space you end up with, but with how exciting and fresh a room can feel after a few simple additions.



For example, you could build a storage shelf around a flat-screen TV. This takes the focus off the TV and leaves the space feeling a little more intimate. Make your TV room double as a cosy space for reading or getting together with guests.


Hidden Storage, Hidden Storage Shelf, TV Shelf


Alternatively, a fun way to spruce up a room is to make use of ladder shelves. All you need for a ladder shelf is a ladder, some planks of wood in various lengths, and some paint.



A great spot for this fun-shaped shelf is in your kitchen. It makes a fabulous spot for your bowls and ladles.



Another interesting use of a storage shelf is to create a vertical garden! If you’ve been on the hunt for how you can add some green into your life and living space, vertical gardens are just what you’ve been looking for.


You can go big with a dedicated wall of shelves for all your house plants – keeping to one type of plant per shelf gives it a nice visual effect. Alternatively, keep it smaller and use it for growing your own herbs in your kitchen. Both functional and pretty!




Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Shelves

FAQ sign over light blue background


Now that we’re coming to the end of this extensive guide to storage shelves, you might find yourself faced with a few questions. Especially if this is your first time when it comes to home improvement, refurbishing, and the shelf life in general.



1. How Much Weight Can A Floating Shelf Hold?

If you’ve installed it well and it is secured, such as a wall stud, you needn’t worry too much. A floating shelf is sturdy enough to sustain the weight of most things that you’d find yourself putting on a shelf. If you are using wall studs, your shelf should easily hold the weight of a row of standard books, for example.


However, if you’re looking at an extra heavy load, you might want to consider L-brackets that will provide your shelf with more support than if you intended to have floating shelves.


Another rule of thumb being, the deeper the floating shelf, the less it can support. Basic rules of physics apply here if you have a deeper shelf, the wall studs need to support more in terms of the weight of the shelf itself.



2. Can A Shelf Hold A TV?

A strong, well-supported shelf should easily support your TV and aid in keeping your area looking organized and neat. However, we would definitely suggest you opt for a shelf with brackets as opposed to a floating one.



3. Floating Shelves On Drywall, Can It Be Done?

Drywall is a little less sturdy than plaster, however, this does not mean you can’t have an amazing set of floating shelves with drywall. All it means is that you should aim to provide a little extra support for your shelves.



Get yourself some wall anchors for extra support and you should find that installing a floating shelf to drywall to be no problem at all.



4. Where To Put Your Storage Shelves?

Most of the time, shelves can be shifted around every now and then if you’re looking to shake things up in a particular space. However, if you’ve gone through the trouble of installing wall studs and anchors, you might want to keep the shelf where you put it originally.



Take note that this shouldn’t mean that you can never rearrange the furniture in a particular room due to the placement of some shelves. When installing the likes of floating shelves, try to keep them high up enough that even if you did move things around, they wouldn’t be in the way.



For example, if you haven’t determined the permanent arrangement of a room your floating shelves should be high enough so that if you wanted to move a different piece of furniture underneath it, they wouldn’t be in one another’s way.



With other types of storage shelves, you can move them pretty easily, therefore making them less of an issue when it comes to determining the placement.



Our last point worth mentioning here would be to avoid placing a shelf where it might cut off the natural light. Light is good, light gives a room the feeling of spaciousness. Try to place your shelves out of the direct line in front of windows for the best results!



5. How To Protect Storage Shelves?

When It comes to protecting your storage shelves, some might turn to contact paper. However, these can be troublesome. And when they age they tend to make a shelf look even more worn than if you had skipped them altogether.



Another option that runs similar to contact paper are liners. These liners don’t stick to the surface the way contact paper would but they do serve to ‘line’ your shelves. They grip the surface just enough to not shift about without needing glue to stick.



Alternatively, a regular wipe down with a bit of soapy water followed by a generous spray of wood polish can keep your shelves looking brand new. If all else fails, take comfort in the fact that a damaged piece can always be turned into a refurbishing project!

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