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Hair Styling Tool Guide: Achieve Exceptional Styles Anywhere, Anytime

October 28, 2023

Explore our comprehensive guide on hair styling tools. Everything you need for perfect curls, straight, wavy or braided hairstyles – all in one place.


With the countless benefits they provide, hair styling tools are undoubtedly an essential part in achieving an array of hairstyles. They may seem like a small part of personal grooming, but they play a significant role in enhancing a person’s appearance and self-confidence.

Once you understand the importance of hair styling tools, there’s a higher chance that you’ll be more interested in learning how to properly use, maintain, and even purchase them. The evolution of hair styling tools, the different types available, and how to handle them safely and effectively are some of the concepts we will delve into in this article.

Historical Background of Hair Styling Tools

Hair Styling tools have evolved greatly from their crude beginnings. Starting games with simple combs used by ancient civilizations, the journey to the high- tech tools we have today has been long and progressive. Tools like flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers have come a long way in terms of technology and design, each generation becoming safer, more efficient, and more versatile.

The association of well-styled hair with beauty and status popularized the use of hair styling tools. The development of electrical appliances in the early 20th century revolutionized the world of hair styling, making it easier and more accessible for everyone to style their hair at home.

The Impact of Technology

Technological advancements have had a major impact on the evolution of hair styling tools. An example is the advent of devices with adjustable heat settings to cater to various hair types and the heat protection technology to prevent hair damage. This technological sophistication has enhanced the effectiveness and safety measures of these tools.

Different Types of Hair Styling Tools

There’s a myriad of hair styling tools available on the market, each designed for specific hairstyles. Some of the most commonly used tools include blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, and crimping irons. Each tool offers unique benefits, and they each play a vital role in achieving various hairstyles.

A blow dryer, for example, is an essential tool in nearly every household. Used not only for drying hair but also for creating volume and straightening hair. Hair straighteners, on the other hand, are used for straightening hair and can be used to curl hair too. Curling irons use heat to temporarily reshape hair into a variety of curls, while crimping irons add texture and volume to hair.

Choosing the Right Hair Styling Tool

When it comes to hair styling tools, one size does not fit all. The critical thing to remember is that what works for one person might not necessarily work for another. Determining your hair type, the style you’re looking to achieve and knowing the capabilities of each tool is a crucial step toward choosing the right tool for you.

Importance of Hair Styling Tools

As mentioned earlier, hair styling tools are more than just grooming devices—they are agents of transformation. They allow people to experiment with different looks, emphasising uniqueness and individuality. Whether you’re aiming for a professional appearance during a job interview or an alluring look for a date, these tools make it possible.

Another crucial role that hair styling tools play is in personal grooming and hygiene. By helping in drying and managing the hair, they reduce the chances of fungal and bacterial infections which can often result from damp, unkempt hair. Furthermore, hair tools contribute to healthier hair by ensuring balanced oil distribution from the scalp across the entire length of the hair.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Hair Styling Tools

Investing in the right hair styling tools plays a crucial role in achieving desired hairstyles and maintaining hair health. The first factor to consider is the quality. Ensure that the tools are from reputable brands known for their high-quality products. Certain features, such as adjustable heat settings, can indicate the precision and professionalism of a tool.

Value for money is another vital aspect. While a hair tool could be expensive, it could prove to be cost-effective in the long run because of its durability and efficiency. Remember to factor in your specific hair needs and type. For instance, if your hair is naturally curly and you want to straighten it often, investing in a top-quality straightener would be the right choice.

Reading Reviews

Before making your final decision, look for unbiased online reviews or discuss with professionals. Real-user reviews can give you insights into a tool’s performance, durability, and practicality that you won’t find in the product description.

Hair Styling Tools for Different Hair Types

Not all hair tools are suitable for all hairstyles or hair types. What works excellently for straight hair might not yield the best results for curly or wavy hair. If you have straight hair and wish to add some volume or curls to it, a curling iron or hot rollers would be suitable. Thick, curly hair might, however, require a powerful hair straightener or a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment to get sleek, straight hair.

Wavy hair, on the other hand, usually requires tools that can either enhance the waves or straighten them, depending on the desired look. A curling wand can be useful in defining the waves or a flat iron can be used to straighten bob waves. Ensure that you understand your hair type and the tool that is the most appropriate for it.

The Right Size for the Right Style

The size of your hair styling tool also matters. Large barrels on curling irons are best for loose waves, while smaller barrels create tighter curls. Similarly, wide straighteners work best for long, thick hair, while narrow plates are ideal for short hair or bangs.

Safety Measures When Using Hair Styling Tools

While hair styling tools can help you achieve your desired hairstyle, they can also pose potential risks if not used properly. Therefore, understanding and implementing safety measures is critical. One of the main risks associated with hair styling tools is burns. Always be cautious while handling hot tools and keep them away from your skin. Using a heat resistant glove can offer better protection.

Be mindful of the heat settings. Using the styling tool on the highest heat setting can cause not only hair damage but also increase the risk of injuries. Therefore, choose a comfortable heat setting that is sufficient to style your hair but not so high that it is dangerous.

Electrical Safety

Never use electrical hair styling tools near water to avoid any risk of electrocution. Make sure your hands are dry before using any of these tools. Also, regularly check your hair styling tools for any signs of wear and tear. A damaged wire or a malfunctioning tool can pose a serious electrical hazard.

Maintenance of Hair Styling Tools

Proper maintenance of your hair styling tools is important to ensure their longevity and effectiveness. One of the basic maintenance practices is regular cleaning. Hair products such as oils and sprays can build upon your tools over time, reducing their effectiveness. Therefore, regularly cleaning your tools using appropriate products or methods suggested by the manufacturer is essential.

In addition to cleaning, occasional servicing or professional check-ups can help spot any potential issues or damages early. Lastly, always make sure to store your styling tools in a cool, dry place when they are not in use.

Hair Styling Tools Storage Hacks

Choose a storage space that can accommodate your tools without entangling the cords. Try using ceramic or glass jars for small tools like brushes or combs, and a basket or drawer for larger tools like hairdryers and straighteners.

Effects of Hair Styling Tools on Hair Health

While hair styling tools can help enhance your hairstyle and appearance, they can also negatively affect your hair health if not used cautiously. Heat styling tools can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and prone to damage. Over time, this can result in split ends, hair breakage, and a dull appearance.

To protect your hair, always use a heat protectant product before styling. These products form a protective layer on your hair strands, minimizing heat damage. Also, instead of daily styling, consider reducing the frequency to minimize the exposure to heat.

After Care

Investing in a deep conditioner or a hair mask is beneficial for your hair post-styling. These products can help replenish moisture and provide essential nutrients to your hair, helping balance the effects of frequent styling.

Environment-friendly Hair Styling Tools

In recent years, there has been a significant shift towards more sustainable and environment-friendly hair styling tools. These tools are typically made from recycled materials, are designed to last longer and consume less energy, thus making them a more sustainable choice.

Using environment-friendly hair styling tools not only reduces your carbon footprint but can also save you money in the long run, considering their energy efficiency and durability. Brands like EcoTools and Bio Ionic are leading the way in offering green hair tools. These brands offer a range of tools such as brushes made of sustainable bamboo and biodegradable plastic, and hair dryers that use 20-75% less energy than conventional dryers.

Why Choose Eco-friendly tools?

Choosing eco-friendly tools is a simple step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. In addition to being better for the environment, these tools are also often better for your hair. Many brands incorporate technologies that reduce heat damage, thus help maintain your hair’s health in the long run.

Professional Hair Styling Tools vs. Home Styling Tools

There is often a difference in the tools used by hair professionals in salons and those meant for home use. Professional hair styling tools such as hair dryers, straighteners, or curlers are often more powerful, durable, and offer precision styling, but they are also more expensive.

Home styling tools, on the other hand, are designed for ease of use, convenience, and are more budget-friendly. They may not offer the same level of precision and durability as professional tools but are often sufficient for daily styling needs.

Which One Should You Choose?

Consider your needs, budget, and styling skills. If you style your hair regularly, have a flexible budget, and are comfortable handling professional tools, they may be a good investment. On the other hand, if you style occasionally or prefer an easy-to-use tool, home styling tools could be a better fit.

Popular Hair Styling Brands on the Market

Many brands offer a range of hair styling tools to cater to diverse needs and preferences. A few popular ones include Dyson, known for innovative design and technologies; ghd, renowned for professional-quality hair straighteners; and T3 Micro, which offers upscale, high-tech tools.

For eco-friendly options, Bio Ionic and EcoTools are worth considering. For budget-friendly options, brands like Revlon and Conair offer solid choices. Before making a purchase, consider factors like product quality, brand reputation, warranty, and customer reviews.

Choosing the Right Brand for You

Determining the right brand for your hair styling tools depends on your specific needs, hair type, preferences, and budget. It’s worth investing time in researching different brands, their offerings, and their customer reviews to make an informed decision.

How to Properly Use Hair Styling Tools

Using hair styling tools correctly is integral not only for achieving the desired look but also for maintaining the health of your hair. To begin with, always make sure your hair is clean and fully dry unless you’re using a specific wet-to-dry tool. This is because wet hair is more prone to damage when heat-styled.

When using heating tools like straighteners or curling irons, applying a heat protectant product is crucial. These products coat your hair to protect it from heat damage. Be mindful about setting the temperature of your styling tools. High heat settings can cause significant damage to your hair. For fine or damaged hair, keep the heat below 300 degrees. For medium or normal hair, keep it between 300 and 380 degrees. And for thick or coarse hair, aim for between 350 and 400 degrees.

Final Tips

Practice makes perfect when it comes to using hair styling tools. Always start with lower heat settings and increase if necessary. Don’t rush when styling and take your time to achieve the desired result. Most importantly, give your hair regular breaks from heat styling to limit damage and maintain its health.

Innovative Hair Styling Tools in the Market

As technology continues to advance, so do hair styling tools. Today’s market is flooded with various innovative styling tools offering unique features and technologies. For instance, Dyson’s Airwrap Styler uses air instead of high levels of direct heat to curl, wave, and smooth hair, thus reducing potential hair damage. Similarly, the L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod uses steam technology to straighten hair while minimizing heat damage.

Other notable innovations in hair styling tools include the automatic curling iron and laser-assisted hair growth tools. These developments aim to make hair styling more efficient, simpler, and healthier.

Choosing Innovative Tools

While innovative hair styling tools often come with higher price tags, they can be worth the investment for those concerned about hair health and are looking for faster, more effective styling. Always remember to thoroughly research these tools, their reviews, and the technology they use before making your purchase.

The role of technology in developing Hair Styling Tools

Technology plays an increasingly important role in the development of hair styling tools. From reducing damage to improving efficiency, modern technology is revolutionizing how we style our hair.

Digital heat settings are now a standard feature on most premium hair styling tools, allowing users to accurately control the temperature based on their hair type and desired style. Ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium technologies have been used to optimize heat distribution and speed up the styling process, while minimizing damage. Infrared technology is also being used in hair dryers to decrease drying time and increase shine.

Future Innovations

The future of hair styling tools is exciting with technology at the forefront of new developments. We can look forward to more personalized devices, more efficient and effective tools, and potentially even smart tools connected to our mobile devices. As the industry evolves, the focus on protecting hair health while offering versatile styling will continue to guide innovation.

DIY Hacks for Hair Styling Tools’ Storage

Storing hair styling tools properly can help extend their lifespan and keep your styling area well-organized. To begin with, ensure all hot tools are completely cool before storing away. Here are some quick DIY hacks for easy storage:

One of the simple storage hacks involves using PVC pipes. You can fix them on the inner side of your bathroom cabinet. This provides separate compartments for each of your hair tools, keeping them upright and clutter-free. Always unplug your tools before you store them.

Re-purposing kitchen items

Another excellent hack is using a heat-resistant silicone kitchen tool organizer or a metal magazine rack. They offer compartments that are perfect for storing styling tools and can resist the heat. A metal file organizer can serve as a functional holder for your styling tools as well. Repurposing existing items at home saves money and sparks creativity in improving your storage space.

Hair Styling Tools Gift Ideas

Hair styling tools make excellent gifts for loved ones who enjoy styling their hair or are always on the go. Deluxe hair dryers, compact straighteners, or innovative hair curlers are not only thoughtful but practical gifts for anyone passionate about hair care.

Gift a high-quality device like a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer or a T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i which are suitable for different hair types & reduces heat-related damage. For those who love experimenting, hair styling kits or gift sets might be the perfect option. They offer various styling tools in one handy package.

Gifting according to the occasion

Choose your hair styling tool gift based on the occasion too. For a birthday, a high-end hair straightener or curler makes for a tempting treat. For graduation or unique accomplishment, a high quality blow dryer or styling set can be very appreciated.

The Top 10 Must Have Hair Styling Tools

From the basics like a great blow dryer to the luxurious such as a high-end curling wand, these are the top 10 must-have hair styling tools:

1. A high-speed hair dryer: Dyson Supersonic
2. Ceramic flat iron: HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron
3. Curling wand: Remington Pro 1-1½” Curling Wand
4. Round brush: Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush
5. Detangler brush: Tangle Teezer The Original Detangling Hairbrush
6. Multipurpose straightening brush: ghd Glide Hot Brush
7. Hair clippers: Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit
8. Hot rollers: Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter
9. Curling iron: HOT TOOLS Professional 24k Gold Curling Wand
10. Hair straightener: ghd Platinum+ Hair Straightener

Choosing the right tool

It’s important you choose the right hair styling tool based on your specific hair needs and planned usage. From the material of the product, to its intended purpose, having the right tool can make a world of difference in your styling routine.

Creating a mini salon at home with Hair Styling Tools

With the right tools and a few professional techniques, you can create a mini salon experience right at home. This not only provides convenience but also enables you to style your hair as per your liking and comfort.

Start by setting up a station with a comfortable chair and a table or counter. An illuminated mirror would be a great addition, providing you with adequate lighting to work with. Use a trolley or a set of drawers to organize your hair styling tools and products, similar to how they are set up in professional salons.

Key Hair Styling Tools for Home Salon

The paraphernalia of a perfect home salon setup would consist of several key hair styling tools: a high-quality hairdryer for drying and styling, a straightening iron for sleek smooth hair, a curling iron for bouncy curls, hot rollers for volume, and a variety of brushes for different hair types and purposes. Don’t forget essential accessories like hair clips for sectioning hair, a high-quality comb, and heat protectant products to keep your hair safe from heat damage.


Hair styling tools have, over the years, become an integral part of our grooming routine. These tools not only enhance our appearance but also instill confidence. There are numerous hair styling tools available in the market, each crafted for different hair types and styling needs. It’s essential to choose the right tools based on your unique requirements and to properly maintain them to extend their lifespan.

Ranging from creating everyday hairdos to managing a bad hair day, these tools serve various purposes. Safety should always be paramount when using these tools and it’s recommended to always follow manufacturer’s instructions. The advent of technology and the trend towards sustainability have brought new innovative tools in the market, offering more options for consumers enthusiastic about hair care. With the right tools and some professional techniques, you can even create your very own mini salon at home.

Future Trends

The future of hair styling tools looks promising, with innovative, technology-driven, and eco-friendly products entering the market. Staying updated with the latest developments in hair styling technology can help you make the most of your grooming routine. As the demand for custom, convenient, and high-quality hair styling solutions continues to rise, it’s interesting to look forward to what the future holds in the world of hair styling tools.