The Complete Guide To Bedroom Furniture

While Pinterest and Instagram may give you brilliant inspirations for your bedroom furniture, reality and practical experience are quite different. The process of deciding which pieces to get is not as simple and easy as it may seem from a distance. Multiple things have to be thought about, and various factors are to be considered before making a final purchase.



All of these considerations and many other questions will be answered in this guide. Keep on reading to find out more about the different kinds of bedroom furniture and what factors you need to remember when buying one of these. 




Things You Need To Know About Bedroom Furniture

White and green elegant master bedroom


Before you buy your bedroom furniture, there are a few things that you should know.



Firstly, there is never one option to choose from. There is a wide variety of brands, materials, shapes, and designs of all kinds of bedroom furniture. You can select one of them according to your budget, your space, and your personal preferences. There is no limit to how much you can explore to find the perfect furniture for yourself. 



Secondly, every piece of bedroom furniture has its individual importance. However, not all of them can be accommodated at once. This could be because of your limited budget or space. So, according to your priorities, you can choose which ones are important to you and which ones you can compromise on. For example, a bed is an absolute necessity. However, if you don’t have the budget just yet, you may be able to compromise on having a side table or a dresser. 



Lastly, remember that bedroom furniture, or any other furniture for that matter, is an investment. So, before buying anything, ensure that you have properly thought it through and made a calculated decision. This will prevent any future regrets and wastage of money. 




How To Organize Bedroom Furniture

organize bedroom furniture


Before you start adjusting everything in the room, wait, and pre-plan. Notice the shape and measurements of your room. Visualize and think about where you can put a certain piece of bedroom furniture.



Allocate a proper spot for the bed, think about where the dressing would be, as well as the place for the cabinets if any. Also, think about the distance between these furniture items, and whether or not they will overcrowd the room. 



Remember that you need enough space to walk around your bedroom and be comfortable with it. The proper way to organize your bedroom furniture is to balance the ratio between objects and empty space. Thus, take your measurements and then buy furniture that is sized accordingly. 




Bedroom Furniture Styles

With a huge variety in terms of designs and styles in bedroom furniture, there are numerous ways you can style your bedroom. 



Modern Bedroom

modern bedroom



This style is more geometric and minimalistic. These kinds of rooms include modern bedroom furniture that look bold and which has statement neutral colors and monochromatic designing. They scream elegance and sophistication. Usually, modern bedrooms feature queen-sized beds. However, if you are low on space, a twin-sized bed can add a hint of sophistication to your room as well. Similarly, when opting for nightstands and dressers, go for pieces that are minimal and those that feature monochrome colors. To bring your entire room together, you can add accessory furniture pieces. including modern mirrors, modern alarm clocks, modern pillows, and modern shelves, etc. 





scandinavian bedroom style


Neutral colors and minimalistic approach combined together to form this particular kind of decorating style. These rooms are peaceful, as well as simple. They are a unique merge of modernization and vintage vibes. This furniture style is perfect for all age groups and genders. Normann Copenhagen is a great option if you’re specifically looking for Scandinavian and Nordic-inspired furniture. They have some really cool although slightly expensive furniture pieces. We recommend the Normann Copenhagen Scandinavian shoe-rackCheck Latest Price , clothes rack, side tablesCheck Latest Price as well as their rolling kitchen cart. Their designs are gorgeous and you won’t regret your investment. 



French Country

These bedrooms have more classic-style furniture. They are inspired by the English and French styled furniture from the 18th to 19th centuries. They consist of mirrors, rich, elegant fabrics, and dark wood. This kind of bedroom furniture gives you nostalgia and a sense of comfort. Add pieces to your space that are a combination of rustic and country. For example, the following furniture pieces are classically inspired by the french country style. 





rustic style bedroom


Rooms with this kind of furniture are more vintage style. Geometric shapes are used for patterns and not for the furniture itself. The most common materials used for furniture styles are wood and glass. Mirrors are also common to find. The colors used are mostly neutral, and the overall theme of the room is monochromatic. Here are some rustic furniture pieces that you can check out




Boho Chic

boho chic style room


A mixture of modern and sophisticated furniture, this particular style is great for people in their twenties, keeping it classy, a little experimental, and fun yet mature. It involves different textures, lower seating and lots of plants! Rugs, patterns, and vintage elements are personal touches that you can add to the designing.





Types Of Bedroom Furniture


Bedroom furniture sets consist of a collection of items that include your bed and certain other pieces of furniture along with it that you can get together. Mostly a basic bedroom set, which includes a bed with its headboard, a dresser, and a nightstand or the expanded “King” bedroom set that involves the basic pieces along with another nightstand, a bench, some mirrors, an armoire, a chest with drawers, and, sometimes, bedding.
The kind of furniture is of good quality, durable furniture that includes stationeries, sofas, chairs, and recliners. Other items that are manufactured by Lazyboy furniture are sleeper sofas and lift chairs.
Bedroom dresses is a piece of furniture that includes a mirror and several drawers or sections for storage. There is a wide variety of these. They come with or without mirrors, low-level or tall, with drawers or windows, and many other designs. You can choose one that fits your requirements and personal preferences.
According to the number of items that you want to store in them, bedroom wardrobes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They also come in various designs, like traditional doors, windows, and sliding doors.
Even though you might think that a bedroom dresser and dressing table are the same, evidently, they are not. The two have some significant differences, and they are identified accordingly. In terms of size, a dresser is much bigger than a dressing table and occupies more space. But the significant difference between the two is the length and inclusion of a mirror. A bedroom dresser is all about storage. It may or may not have a mirror. In contrast, a dressing table is more appropriately designed for “dressing up” since it has a compulsory mirror attached to it.
While these may seem like small, unimportant items in your bedroom furniture, they play a significant part in the overall storage and aesthetics of your room. A nightstand is a small cabinet that is placed next to your bed on either side of it and sometimes on both sides. These nightstands act as storage spaces for your lamps, picture frames, and any other objects that you might need to store alongside you. They also include drawers and shelves to provide you with additional storage space.
If you have beddings, fabrics, or other items that you want to put away but don’t have enough space in the room, a bedroom storage bench will be a good investment. They are designed to be placed at the foot of your bed or alongside a wall. They act as a beautiful piece of furniture and provide lots of storage space while keeping your items safe and private.





Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide

When you head out to buy the perfect furniture for your bedroom, it is important that you have a proper criterion. All potential purchases should be compared to this criterion. You should see if they fit this set criteria and only then make a purchase.



Factors To Be  Considered


(i). The Owner Of The Room (Age)

Age range


All the furniture depends on the age and gender of the owner of the room. The size of the furniture, the design, the colors, and everything else will be based on who the room is for. 



(ii). The Budget



Set aside a specified amount of money that you want to spend on the room. As discussed earlier, certain items are a must-have, while others can be compromised. Your budget will decide your list of requirements and the order that you want to prioritize them in. Making a proper budget will help you get the more essential pieces of furniture and prevent you from overspending.   



(iii). Selected Bedroom Style

According to the style of the bedroom that you want to go for, pick out furniture colors, designs, and shapes. The different styles have been mentioned above, as well as their basic elements. Keep in mind these elements and buy the bedroom furniture accordingly.




(iv). The Size Of The Room

It is important that you know the approximate, if not exact, measurements of the bedroom. This will help you decide which pieces of furniture you can adjust in the room without overcrowding it. Again, this will help you prioritize what to get first. 




According to the size of your room, you can also select what design of furniture you want. For example, if you don’t have a lot of floor space, choose furniture items that are taller than they are wide. They will occupy less space on the floor and, therefore, will be a perfect fit.



(v). What Are The Furniture Requirements?

Now that you have done all the calculations and made all the assumptions make a list of the furniture items that you think you will need and list them according to their priority. 



(vi). Do You Want A Set? 

Another important question is whether or not you want your furniture to match. Basic and King Bedroom Sets come with matching pieces of furniture, meaning that they have similar designs, patterns, and color themes. Based on whether or not you want to go from this vibe, make a decision to buy a bedroom set, or purchase items individually.




Bedroom Furniture Ideas For Small Bedrooms

small bedroom


You might need to be a little more precise about furnishing and designing it if you have a small bedroom. Since you cannot adjust everything and anything into the room, you will have to be particular about the furniture pieces that you purchase. 



The smartest way to go about it would be to buy multipurpose furniture. These include cabinets with mirrors so that they can be used as dressers, ottoman chairs and benches for hidden added storage, and drawers that can be used as nightstands.



You need to be creative and opt for versatile pieces of furniture so that you can fill two birds with a single stone and getting yourself extra space for the price of one item.  



Apart from this, if you have a small room and your floor space is minimal, about for overhead storage or items attached to your walls. Shelves and hanging cabinets can be a great way to store your items on the wall and make more space on the floor. You can also add hooks and small storage containers inside cabinets and drawers to make more room for particular items. 



Also, avoid buying king Bedroom sets or bedroom furniture sets in general. Prefer buying individual pieces as they can be customized and purchased according to the space you have.  




DIY Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Happy young man working on DIY project.


If you are an innovative person, use your creativity for the best, and opt for DIY ideas to create your own bedroom furniture. While you might not be able to make everything DIY, most of the furniture items can be easily created at home. 



DIY Bed Frame

Take inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram to view the different kinds of bed frames that you can make at home. Decide the particular frame that you want to go for and make a plan of it on a piece of paper. Breakdown the process into individual steps and follow them for ease. A stepwise tutorial on how to make a simple, square bed frame is down below. 



  • Get lots of wood, cut it into equal-sized slabs with measurements appropriate to the size and length of the frame that you need. These will be the central part of the bed where you will place your mattress. 
  • Next, cut out a big, rectangular slab for the head of the bed.
  • Now, cut slabs for the side of the bed. 
  • If you like the bed as low-laid, this is enough. But, if you want the bed to be higher, cut legs of appropriate size. 
  • Assemble the pieces and screw them together. Your DIY bed frame is ready!



DIY Dresser

Old bookshelves can be turned into dressers or dressing tables by some renovation.



Paint it a new color and add a mirror to its side. You can even add drawers, smaller shelves, and other details to fit your requirements.



DIY Cabinet

If you want to build a simple, elegant cabinet for your bedroom, here is an easy way to do it.



  • Measure the area that you want the cabinet to be in. Take exact measurements.
  • Next, get wood according to these measurements.     
  • Cut up slabs of wood according to the size of the cabinet that you want. Start by cutting the sides and then cut the top and the bottom.      
  • Create the frame by screwing these borders together.      
  • Now, you can add the shelves as per your liking.
  • If you want to leave the cabinet open, this is enough. But, if you want it to be more private, simply screw on some hinges and attach doors to the cabinet. 



DIY Nightstand

One of the best DIY nightstands is string tables. String tables are also a great way to not only show off your innovative skills but also make room on the floor. Simply take a slab of wood or any material that you like, cut it into an appropriate size and shape, attach strings to it on four corners, and hang it to the ceiling.



Your very own string table is ready! You can even create your own personalized lamps for these nightstands by re-making the lampshade. You can use cardboard or fabric, cut amazing patterns in shapes and it, and create your very own customized template in the lampshade. 




Best Ways To Protect and Care For Your Bedroom Furniture

furniture cleaning


According to the material of your furniture, you need to take care of it appropriately.



Wooden furniture is prone to rotting, and its color might fade under inappropriate conditions. If your wooden bed or nightstand is directly in front of the window and is hit by direct sunlight for long hours in the day, it will lose its color and patterns quickly. Hence, it is important that you use curtains or relocate your furniture to avoid direct exposure to the sun. 



Similarly, prolonged exposure to excessive humidity or water can be dangerous for the furniture as well. Not only can it induce rotting, but it can also invite pests, odors, and diseases. 




Frequently Asked Questions About Bedroom Furniture




1. What Is The Best Material For Bedroom Furniture?

This decision should be made according to your environment, the selected style of your bedroom, and your personal preference. However, the most commonly used and the most popular material for bedroom furniture is wood. Wooden furniture is long-lasting, durable, tolerant, and needless to say, it is beautiful. 



Wood is always in trend, and it never goes out of style. It is strong, and it is always available in the most variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. Wooden furniture is also easy to revive. They can be renovated and repainted to look as good as new even after years and decades. 




2. How To Choose High-Quality Bedroom Furniture

Many popular brands and companies provide high-quality bedroom furniture online and in stores. Some of these are Wayfair, IKEA, Lexington, and Amazon. You can dig through the market and discover various options that fit your criteria.




3. How Do You Keep Bedroom Furniture From Molding?

The easiest way to make sure that your furniture does not catch mold or start rotting is by ensuring that it is dry and clean at all times. Make a regular schedule for cleaning your furniture and ensuring that no moisture or dust is lying on its surface.



Other ways to prevent these problems include keeping the furniture away from the windows in the cases of rain and avoid putting indoor humidifiers inside the bedroom.



Also, keep the room’s temperature neutral and avoid direct sunlight hitting it. Humidity, warmth, and direct sun combine to create furniture diseases. 




4. What Style Of Bedroom Furniture Should I Choose?

The answer to this question depends on various factors:


  • Your age    
  • Your gender    
  • Your personal preferences
  • The size of your room   
  • Whether or not you are sharing the room  
  • Your budget



5. What Is The Right Bed Type For Me?

There are various kinds of beds available in the market. 


  • Sleigh bed 

These have a headboard as well as a footboard which rolls outwards. The size of the headboard is variable.


  • Poster bed

These beds consist of four posts on the four corners. They are often accessorized with curtains and drapes.  


  • Canopy bed

These are similar to poster beds, with an additional covering on the top.   


  • Platform bed

These beds have a frame or platform that is raised. It does not have a box spring and holds the mattress without it. They are one of the most economical kinds of beds.     


  • Panel bed

These beds consist of headboards and footboards that are one-piece, meaning that they don’t have any spindles or slats.     


  • Adjustable bed

These beds can be adjusted in a vertical or horizontal manner by using a button. They are particularly suitable for individuals with back pain and other diseases.   


  • Futon bed

These beds are similar to sofa beds, except they are light-weight and user-friendly.



Thus, you can choose one of these according to your liking. 



6. How Do I Find The Right Dresser Or Chest For My Bedroom?

There are a wide variety of options in the market in terms of size, amount of storage space, and color themes. 



They come with drawers, windows, sliding doors, and the traditional style as well. 



You can pick and choose your favorite according to your requirements and the style of your bedroom furniture. Other decisive factors include your budget, your requirements, and the size of your room. 

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