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How Black Paint On Your Wall Does Wonders Aesthetically How Black Paint On Your Wall Does Wonders Aesthetically

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How Black Paint On Your Wall Does Wonders Aesthetically

Written by: Henry Campbell

When thinking of painting the wall, we bet you don't consider black paint as an option. This view is changing and for good! Find out why?

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It’s no secret that white and bright colors are by far the most popular colors when it comes to painting the wall. Why so? That’s because they make the room more vibrant, airy, and larger.



How about the opposite of white? Black? Are you already frowning there? We are sure you don’t count off this color at all when it comes to painting.



If you’re looking to try out the black paint color for your wall, you should definitely go for it! We fully support your idea, and that’s why we’ve come up with some ideas to help you make your black wall look beautiful.



There are tips and tricks on how to use the black color for your wall. We also have that covered for you below.



Read on to know more about how the black paint is a perfect choice to go on your wall.



Why Paint It Black?



There are many good reasons why you should use black paint on your wall.



Just like white, the black color is an adaptable and neutral color which goes perfectly with other colors. So if you’re looking to mix your favorite colors, you should pair it up with black. It will make different colors more vivid and rich.



The black color also makes art and other wall decors stand out. Show off your art collection on your black painted wall and make it shine the room.



How do you make the room feel cozier? Simple, paint it black!



Are you into the contemporary look? Again, paint it black!



Besides looking modern, the black paint looks sophisticated, clean, chic, and adds character to your room.



Whatever style you’re looking to add to your house, black will suit just fine. It’s one of the colors that prove to stand the time. In other words, it never goes out of style.



Let’s check out some brilliant ideas of black paint room!






Black Paint Room Ideas



1. Black And White Bathroom



Black And White Bathroom



This particular bathroom is very simple in style.



The dominant black paint wall gives the room a modern look making it very dramatic.



You can add many lighting features as you see in the picture. The combination of the black dark wall and lighting give a great illumination effect to the room.







If you don’t want to put black as the dominant color, you can still add black fixtures and black paint to little swaths in the room that will still make a lot of difference.



The black paint on the frame of the window adds character to the otherwise plain white room.



The contrast also makes the bathroom look elegant and modern.



If you’re going to make small changes to the room, you can do it yourself. There is an excellent black spray paint out there that is really effective and very easy to use.



2. Black Living Area



Black Living Area



Your living room must be one of the most comfortable spaces in the house.



You spend most of your time over there watching TV, relaxing, and perhaps gathering with friends and family. Paint it black, and you’ll have a cozier living room.



The living room above has a mix of traditional and contemporary style. The black chrome paint wall adds the modern touch to the living room.



The black color also balances the different colors that exist in the room.



Black accentuates other colours



Black is sometimes referred to as too serious. But that isn’t always the case.



In the picture above, you can see how the black paint makes the light brown color of the furniture and beige color of the sofa stand out.



The black color frames also give pattern effects which make the room look more contemporary, unique, and fun.



3. Black Bedroom



Black Bedroom



Adding the color black to your bedroom will make it feel more intimate and cozy.



As you can see, the room above doesn’t have too big of a space. So proper lighting and placement of items are crucial to give extra space to the bedroom.



The room uses a mix of different types of black. The light black paint is used for thin clean lines, while dark black is used for the thick lines, maximizing the contrast effects.



Make use of many lighting features out there and create a modern room of your dreams.



Tips And Tricks



Tips And Tricks



To make the best out of the black paint for your wall, here are some essential tips you should apply to make your room look beautiful.



Since black is a dark color, make sure to have your room with plenty of natural light. By letting natural light in, it gives extra brightness by balancing the space.



To maximize the use of black paint in your wall, add extra contrasting-colour furniture and decor.



The black color will make your furniture and decor stand out. Put some colorful accessories or hang your family pictures on the wall.



Remember that making a black wall beautiful also has a lot to do with putting the right lighting and accessories.



Now, there are many types of black color paints. The black chrome paint is suitable for those of you looking to embrace the room with rich black color, giving a dynamic environment. The light black paint acts as a great anchor color to other softer colors.



Both the black light paint and black chrome paint are popular trends in the world of interior design, so you’ll have no problem getting them online.



Last but not least, if you’re in doubt, you should go for little changes first.



Buy some black spray paint or light black paint and apply it on small parts of your house. Experiment with a window or door casings, or small lines on the wall.



Remember that adding even a little dose of black to the wall will make a huge difference.



As you get to like black paint more, you can add it to the most significant part of your house.



Wanting some more ideas? Check out 20 ways to rock the monochrome aesthetics on our site.

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