100 Best Garage Storage To Hide The Mess

November 25, 2019

Admit it – you’ve mixed up the nails and screws that were inside your drawer, and now you take five minutes to find the one you need. Scattered everywhere are wooden planks, tyres, and seasonal sports equipment. The overall look? It’s as if a tornado ran down your garage.


Want to end this mess once and for all, but unsure where, how, and when you even start? Read on for garage storage tips ‘n tricks to get things sorted out pronto.



100 Best Garage Storage Ideas You Should Never Miss

Garage storage is the first thing that comes to our minds for anything and everything that we need to remove from the rest of the house since it is not in need temporarily or for the long term. However, many of us end up cluttering our garages, and it becomes a mess hard to deal with. Here we are with the best garage storage solutions, with some specific and other versatile, that will help you organize all the mess and maximize storage.




The best way to hide the mess in the garage is to use ceiling mounted storage racks like the one from Flexmount. It is stable and secure and has a massive load-bearing capacity (up to 450 lbs). Besides, it comes with easy installation instructions, though you may need some tools and assistance. 



These cabinets laced with 26 drawers are placed within a polystyrene plastic frame, making it one of the best sturdy and rugged garage storage solutions. You may stack it up or mount it on the wall as per your garage space. Besides, the drawers are available in two sizes and can keep all your essentials in place. 



Make your garage time more comfortable with this amazon garage storage solution that also works as a stool while getting your hands dirty. Its powder-coated steel finish has a fantastic look, while it is also height adjustable. 



The Homydom steel storage rack is one of the strongest garage storage racks that are ideal for storing your lumber and similar items in the garage. It has an overall load-bearing capacity of 330 lbs.



The Bora wood organizer can help you store your spare supplies with little to no floor space in your garage. These wall-mounted racks are super easy to install and offer six levels of storage. Besides, it has an enormous weight capacity of 600 lbs. 



The Craftsman tool chest is a long-lasting investment as it is made from 20 – 24 gauge steel. It has amazingly smooth drawers set on ball-bearing slides. Moreover, you can quickly move it around on castors, and it also comes with a three-year warranty. 



Here’ one of the best metal garage storage cabinets by Keter is laced with storage drawers of varying sizes. This tool chest features weather-resistant polypropylene material, which is strong yet light in weight. The removable bins that come along offer easy access to smaller tools like nuts and screws. 



The 27-gallon tote is an excellent option to store your power tools or smaller garage clutter in place. But the best part is that it comes with lifetime durability. Besides, since it is stackable, it’s a complete space saver. These are also resistant to impact and will neither rust nor mold. 



The ceiling mountable bike storage rack by Wallmaster comes with an easy lift hoist hanger and frees your floor space for other items. It has a secure locking mechanism that prevents accidental falls. Moreover, the rubber-coated hacks are gentle on the bikes, and the pulley system is easy to use. 



This floor bike rack is genuinely multifunctional, as it can also come in handy for storing other items in your garage. The wire basket on the top is made from durable metal and is ideal even to store bulkier items. Moreover, it has space for three bikes and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 



One of the best garage storage racks, this one by Kinghouse, is absolute convenience. It has one large wire basket, two smaller ones, and hooks for hanging bats and similar items. Moreover, the powder-coated steel frame and the rolling wheels make it easy to move it around. 



The wooden storage trunk by Ashley Designs is one of the most sought after garage storage solutions. It is adorned with metal finish hardware and features a hinged top for extra storage space. And you may also use the top for additional storage or as a table when needed.



Here’s a cage for storing your sports balls in your garage. It has a sturdy metal frame and elastic straps on one side for easy access to the items within. You may also get more than one of these, and they will stack up by removing the castors of the top rack.



The Wallmaster bike rack is suitable to mount on the wall with only four screws and delivers excellent sturdiness for your bike. It can also bear a load of up to 50lb, and the rubber-coated hooks handle your bike with care. 



Though the lumber is not included in these workbench cum garage storage shelves by 2x4basics, you will get four workbench legs and six shelf links. However, the brackets are made from high gauge resin, and you can also customize the bench and shelving to a great extent. 



The flat-top toolbox is just meant to keep your tools organized and handy whenever you need them. Besides, these are stackable and sturdy enough to bear a lot of weight on the top and within. It is also equipped with metal latches and hinges for heavy-duty use. 



The heavy-duty toolbox is an excellent garage storage solution for your tools and is ready to be carried in your car trunk when you need it. Also, it has multiple compartments, including 24 small, two removable trays, and a larger bottom for more powerful tools like power drills. Besides, the durable polypropylene construction and foldable handles also add to the convenience. 



The garage storage shelves by HyLoft features low profile brackets thanks to all-steel construction. Besides, it is also easy to store even heavier items and either be stacked or installed in a line, as per the storage requirement.



The Profeeshaw stainless steel garage storage shelves are made entirely out of stainless steel that is NSF certified. These will neither rust nor corrode while providing you extra space to store your items in the garage. That too up to 250lbs capacity of weight at a time. 




Here’s another heavy duty shelf for your garage that can hold up to 230 lb of weight with absolute ease, all thanks to the 18 gauge stainless steel used in its construction. Besides, it is easy to assemble and needs only a couple of brackets to stay in place. 



Made from durable hammered granite, these shelves by Gladiator Store with a load-bearing capacity of 100 pounds. Furthermore, the brackets can be installed upward or downward, as per the flexibility you require. Also, these are extra deep and extensive.



The two-tier adjustable shelves by AmazonBasics have adjustable shelves, so you have much more freedom for storage. It has a painted steel frame, and the wooden shelves are also much durable. 



The corner garage storage racks by Fleximount feature integrated grid designs that are easy to use and assemble. Besides, all the hardware required for the installation is also included in the package. These racks are made of alloy steel, which is pretty much sturdy. 



Here’s a beautiful chest box for storing your essentials in your garage. It is made of wood but also features leather decor. Besides, the size is suitably small to store smaller items, like hand tools or some precious memorabilia from your past generations.



The Brotou sports ball bag is constructed from premium materials, including 600D polyester and rugged fine nylon mesh. It can hold many balls, and you may even store other items to declutter your garage. Moreover, it has adjustable straps, and a small zipper bag is also included for storing smaller items like timers and whistles. 



The Keter master loader can help you store all of your power tools and smaller ones in one place and an organized manner. It has one large compartment with two sliding smaller compartments. And is made from a sturdy polyresin material that is much resistant to wear and tear.



The RAD ceiling hoist for the bicycles is one of the best overhead garage storage systems that clear your floor space for other items. It has rubber-coated hooks that prevent scratching the bike during storage. It has also been engineered to bear a load of 100lb along with safety locks to prevent accidental falls.  



The Racor ceiling ladder storage lift is another excellent overhead garage storage solution. It has a hook and rope locking mechanism that protects from accidental falls. Moreover, the pulley system makes it easy to pull up the ladder as the weight gets divided. 



The Fedmax metal garage storage cabinets are lockable, have multiple shelves, and with each shelf having a load-bearing capacity of 180lb. Besides, the shelves are height adjustable, and the leg levelers help in keeping the cabinet upright. 




The Gladiator ready to assemble gearbox is wall mountable and easy to install. Made of heavy-duty steel material, it is a double door magnetic latch closure with one open shelf at the bottom. You can use the open shelf for charging the equipment and buy more than one for extensive garage cabinetry.



The Keter storage cabinet with doors and storage shelves is made from rust-free polyresin material. It is compact and can fit in most garages. Besides, the shelves are adjustable, and each can accommodate a load of 44 lbs. 



The gold storage rack by Home-it is a fantastic way to keep your golf kit organized in your garage. The rack is constructed out of sturdy steel and also features four small shelves for ample storage space. Besides, it has room for two bags for storing the clubs on either side of the middle shelving.


The wall-mounted garage storage cabinets by Green Pro features an array of drawers for storing your garage hardware and tools in place. The frame has been crafted from durable polystyrene, while the clear drawers are no less on sturdiness. Of the 39 drawers it features, nine are large, and 30 medium in size. 



The Prepac wall cabinets are made of industrial-grade laminated composite wood and feature metal handles and hooks. It is quick to install as well as compact for storing your garage essentials in place. 



The Tangkula garage storage cabinet features three drawers with cut out handles. These are made from durable P2 MDF board and coated in a cool white finish paint. Besides, these are waterproof and can store all kinds of items as you deem fit. 



The Fedmax metal garage storage cabinets are large and spacious and can brilliantly hide all the clutter. It is 71″ tall with five adjustable shelves for easy storage. However, the best part is that it is lockable, and your items will stay secure and organized. 



This small yet sturdy garage storage cabinet by Rubbermaid is all about perfection. It is made from durable plastic material, is lockable, and can be assembled without any tools. Though the shelves are not adjustable, it has one solid shelf and another ventilated. 



The mDeign wall mounted wire baskets are easy to mount on the walls and store smaller items in an organized manner. If not on the wall, you may also use it in portable mode as it features built-in handles on either side. 



The tall size and adjustable shelves of these cabinets make for excellent garage storage solutions. The Cinnamon Cherry color of these cabinets brilliantly complements the sturdy design and build quality. The four adjustable shelves have ample storage space. 



The Wall Control pegboards will allow you to sort and hide all the mess of tools and screws in your garage. Thi product claims to be ten times stronger than regular peg boards making it ideal for storing more massive tools like the power drill. 



These garage storage racks by Wallmaster come with eight racks that can store and sort your smaller tools like hammer, screw, and nut-bolts in place. These are wall mountable racks with the containers being removable when you need them.



Here’s a 30 bin garage storage rack that is absolutely brilliant for extensive storage on the wall. The containers are available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. And it can hold anything from power tools to smaller screws.



Though initially intended for retail purposes, you may use this pegboard to quickly grab the tools when you are at your repair or craft task. It is made from durable plastic material, though hooks are sold separately. 



The 44 drawer garage storage bins are encased in a durable polystyrene plastic frame. You may stack it along a wall or hang on as a floating unit. Besides, the drawers are available in two different sizes that you may use for all kinds of storage, from screwdrivers to sewing supplies. 



The MaxWorks garage storage bins rack is adjustable in both width and height. Besides, these are quick to install and also have reflective tape on the front and sides for the dark access. Moreover, the side arms can be folded to turn it into a work area.



The metal wire baskets are versatile and can thus work even in your garage. You may use these as portable containers or mount them on the wall, and store many smaller items, cans, and spray bottles. Besides, the built-in handles make it easy to carry, while the rust-resistant construction makes them durable.



The back ribbed pegboard panel by Wallpeg is all about quality and durability. The wide pegboard can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, as per your wall space. Pegboard hooks are sold separately.


The wall-mountable Sunix power tool charging station also features ample storage space. It also offers neat storage and excellent organization. The heavy-duty construction of this wooden charging station is ideal for most hand tools.



The ten steel garage storage hooks by Dirza are capable enough to hold up to 40 pounds of weight. Therefore, it can be used for all kinds of gardening tools, ladders, power tools, brooms, etc. in your garage.



The garage wall hooks by Horusdy are coated with non-slip plastic material to not scratch the storage items. Besides, these are available in five different sizes, such that the biggest one can even be used for storing bikes and ladders. Moreover, these can be installed on all kinds of walls. 



The Rubbermaid garage storage rack for storing long handle tools vertically. It is lightweight yet stays upright. Besides, it requires no installation, and the holes on the upper shelf are integrated with slots below.



The industrial storage rack by Dewalt is great power storage and organizer. It has three massive capacity shelves, with each having a load-bearing capacity of 1,500 lb. Besides, the nylon footpads support traps, and other safety features make it an ideal storage unit. 



The overhead garage storage shelves by Fleximount are the best bet for saving the floor space. This DIY project is easy to install though you will need additional help. The heavy-gauge steel is sturdy with a significant load-bearing capability. 



Wen rolling tool chest can also double as a seat while you’re working on your bike or other crafts in the garage. The top features a vinyl-coated multilayer padding that makes sitting comfortably. Simultaneously, there are ample compartments for storing and organizing the tools and screws in place.  


The wall-mounted steel shelf by Newage Products is one of the excellent overhead garage storage systems. It is ideal for larger bins as the aircraft-grade steel can hold about 3000 lbs of weight at once. Besides, the support cables are also durable and can be easily fixed to most kinds of walls.  



The easy to assemble and industrial strength of this shelving unit by CX is strong and sturdy for all kinds of light and bulky items. Moreover, it requires no tools for assembly and requires minimal maintenance. 



The Rubbermaid garage storage stand is designed to effortlessly hold your gardening and garage tools in a vertical position. It features a solid resin construction and four casters for mobility. It also has front clips for quick access to tools. 



A convenient way to tuck away the less often needed items up on an overhead storage shelf in your garage. From seasonal clothes to heavy-duty tools, these shelves can bear it all. Besides, it has an integrated grid design and securely attaches to the ceiling. 



The Berry Ave holder for brooms and other garden tools will ensure that your tools are neatly tucked away on a side and not consume floor space. It is commercial grade and versatile for several kinds of tools with rods, including sports gear like bats. 



The YOHKOH shelving racks are a great way to hide the mess in your garage as it offers several shelves of vertical storage. These racks’ wired baskets ensure adequate ventilation, while you may even shift it in your bedroom or bathroom when needed.



You can easily rely on these Kinghouse racks for storing all kinds of sports gear in one place in your garage. It has one large metal wire bin that can house balls, bats, and other more significant items. While the two smaller shelves above are no less versatile. 



Here’s a convenient way to sort and organize your garden tool on one rack without consuming too much floor space. These wall-mountable hooks can not only hang your mops, brooms, and rakes but also smaller tools like pliers, gardening shovels, or screwdrivers. 



The eight tiers of this garage storage rack is a complete package to store a lot of clutter in one corner. The poles are thick and sturdy, while the wire gage is no less in durability and strength. Additionally, the entire structure has been nano plated to make it resistant to rust and abrasion. 



The Sandusky plastic garage storage rack is a strong and ventilated option for better organization. It is slightly elevated from the floor and is resistant to rusting, denting, and rotting. Plus, each shelf can be loaded with a maximum weight of 150 lb.



A truly versatile storage shelving unit by AmazonBasics is crafted from premium grade aluminum that will last for years to come. Besides, all of the shelves are easily adjustable to accommodate smaller or larger items on the rack.



The single deep drawer of Dewalt garage storage features smaller compartments for keeping the mall equipment organized. Moreover, the ball bearing slides makes it easy to use, and the heavy-duty latches and hinges ensure secure portability.



The corner rack by Plano Molding is one of the smartest ways to secure your tools in a corner and save your floor space for other items. It allows you to neatly tuck in the vertical handle tools like rakes, brooms, shovels, etc. in place. 



The garage tool storage rack by Mr. LongArm is a great space saver, as it can be placed next to a wall or in a corner, and it is ready to keep your gardening or cleaning tools organized. 



The five-shelf garage storage racks by Yaheetech are tough and resistant to wear and tear. These are ideal for storing heavy duty items with a metallic frame, while the shelves are made from MDF Boards. 



Six hooks on three-panels by Wallmaster are spots on when it comes to convenience and strength. The hooks can be slid along with the rack while long enough to store more oversized items. 



The heavy-duty rolling toolbox is excellent for storing all your gearbox in one location. It has one large bin for more effective tools like a power drill and various smaller compartments for keeping the smaller ones organized. Moreover, it also has cable hooks to store your wires and ropes in place securely. 



Sterilite’s industrial tote offers humongous storage for your tools, seasonals, and other items that need covered storage. The package includes four totes with lids, each having a capacity of 27 gallons. And while the lids can be secured with its red latches, there are keyholes as well, if you wish to tie them down.



The X-cosrack hanging baskets can be used to store bottles and cans of cleaners and lubricants that you may frequently need in your garage. The wired baskets have a handy design with a powder-coated finish to resist rusting. Besides, each basket can store up to 25lbs.



The Olympia Tools Store brings an exquisite wooden workbench that features drawers and double shelf space. When not in need, you may use it for storage, as it is made from hard Acacia wood. 



Iris’s seven drawer storage cart offers a large storage space with three large drawers and four small. The castors make it easy for you to move the entire unit, while each drawer has an enormous weight-bearing capacity.



Here’s a fine piece of furniture for your garage storage. The Costwayus storage cart comes with several drawers and rolling casters that make your storage portable and easy to organize. The plastic drawers glide on metal channels while the frame itself is made from durable steel.



The garage storage rolling cart by Adeptus is decked with six spacious drawers and smooth castors. It is made from premium pine wood, and feature cut out drawers for quick access. The top can be used as a workbench or only as a base for additional storage.



The super compact and convenient toolbox by Plano Molding is the perfect garage storage solution to hide all the mess. To be able to hold the weight, it has sturdy metal latches and handles for easy transportation. 



The pegboard bins by Right Arrange can work as standalone storage bins or hang on the pegboards for wall storage. These are designed to fit any regular pegboard and come with metal hook attachments as well. 



The Dewalt toolbox features an extra deep bin that can easily accommodate power tools in your garage. Besides, it has a leaning metal-plastic handle that makes it easy to move it using huge wheels while putting minimal weight on your arm and spine. 



The Buddeez containers are designed to store rough and tough items like screws, nuts, bolts, and other similar items in your garage. Each container comes with a lid and is both food safe and BPA free. 



These utility carts by Pipishell are truly versatile and can be useful in any corner of your house, including your garage. You may use it to organize your frequently used tools and items, and they will always be handy when you need them. Besides, if you store your repair tools in this cart, moving them around will cause no backaches. 



The large storage containers by Rubbermaid are made from heavy-duty polypropylene material. They feature secure and stable latches for keeping the lids in place. Furthermore, these are stackable, and being transparent, it is easy to identify their contents.



The extravagant 90-gallon storage deck from Keter is just what you need to tuck away your seasonals safely and comfortably. Perhaps you may use it to hide the unwanted mess and free up floor space for other essentials. These decks are made from polypropylene resin that is resistant to both rotting and rusting. 



The long and hip roofed Big Red toolbox is nothing short of a classic. It is crafted from heavy-duty gauge steel and coated with corrosion-resistant materials. While it is ideal for the professionals, it will suit you perfectly to keep your garage look better organized. 



The GANCHUN toolbox can store all kinds of items from craft materials to the mechanical tools to store spare toys and accessories. It also comes with two lid organizers for storing smaller parts, and the quality polypropylene plastic makes it a durable option.



The three-level multi-purpose toolbox by Ganchun can also be a convenient option to house your craft supplies in your garage. Besides, it has multiple compartments for small and large items and keeps them all organized and handy when needed. 



You can not only organize your smaller items like sewing supplies, craft supplies, nuts. Spare bulbs and many more similar-sized articles on these fantastic containers and secure them from dust and dirt using lids. This offer contains a pack of six containers. 



The Clevermade collapsible bins have a capacity of 32L and are lightweight yet durable for all-purpose storage. Moreover, these bins collapse quickly and without much effort. Apart from storage in your garage, you may also use them to transfer items from one location to another. 



Made from a durable resin material, the Keter garage storage cabinets are a great way to store multiple items in one spot. However, the shelves are not adjustable, though each can store up to 55 pounds of weight. 



The Doryh collapsible garage storage crates are entirely ventilated and the best bet to store spare paints and similar cans and equipment. When not in need, you can easily fold them and stack them in a corner or over a shelf.




Here’s another set of three collapsible plastic storage crates by Jekiyo. You may fill them with items and stack one over the other. Each container has 16L of storage capacity, and side grip handles for easy handling. 



The Fleximount rack lift for overhead garage storage systems is a great relief for all. It is heavy-duty, yet you won’t have to worry about climbing a ladder or stools to load or unload onto ceiling mounted racks.



Made from oxford fabric, this large storage bag can help you store your seasonal beddings and clothes in your garage, along with protection from dust and dirt. Besides, it is soft and collapsible and can be washed when needed.



The Acnusik extra-large bags are also a great garage storage solution for seasonals. The bag has been coated with premium polypropylene material that makes it resistant to dust and moisture. The reinforced zippers are durable. Plus, the bag itself is washable and can be folded when not in need.




The Whitmor portable wardrobe is also a fantastic way to store seasonal dresses in a net and clutter-free manner. Since it has a hanging rack, your pretty dresses will not get crushed and be stored just like in your closet.



The Misslo garment store bags allow sealed storage for your garments so that they stay preserved from not only dust but also bugs and pests. And since it is frameless, it will only occupy as much space as the garments stored within. Besides, it can accommodate 40″ dresses and about 30 shirts at once. 



The tire totes by Kurgo are a brilliant way to protect your seasonal tires in the garage. Moreover, since it has a handle and is made from durable materials, it is easy to lift and move around.



The Heininger bags are designed to store a stack of all four tires at once. This heavy-duty polyester cover will ensure that your tires stay safe from dust and unnecessary wear and tear in storage. For securing the tires in place, it has a side zipper and a drawstring at the bottom.


So these were the best garage storage solutions that will help you hide all the mess and have more floor space in your garage. From storage cabinets to overhead garage storage systems, we discussed it all along with brilliant product recommendations. As a parting note, we hope that many of these products will check your storage requirements and make your garage better organized. 



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