Achieve The Best Bike Storage For Your Garage: The Ultimate Guide

Sports and travel gear and equipment in piles in corner of messy suburban garage.



Bike riding is a great way to get outdoors. However, storing your bike can take up some precious real estate within the home, and storing them whether it’s for the off-season or just to simply keep the garage organized can be tricky. Below is the ultimate guide to achieving the best bike storage for your garage.



Things You Need To Know About Garage Bike Storage

The garage is often shared by vehicles, bikes, toys, tools, storage boxes, and more. This makes it an extremely easy place to become cluttered and unorganized. Not only will unorganized and messy items in your garage make it difficult to find things when you need them, but they can also be a hazard and could even cause damage if inappropriately stored. The best way to store your bike will depend on several factors: the type of bike you have, the type of space you have, your budget, and typical weather conditions of where you live.



Five Reasons Why You Need Your Bike Storage in Your Garage

There are plenty of advantages to storing your bike in your garage. Below is a list of the top five reasons:


  1. It will protect your bike from any potential damage. This includes knocking your bike over accidentally.
  2. Having your bike stored in your garage will allow more living space indoors.
  3. It will protect your bike from any harsh weather conditions outside (storm, harsh sunlight, etc.).
  4. Having a bike storage will ensure your garage is kept organized and neat.
  5. You can rest easy knowing your bike is safely stored in your garage and will not attract any potential theft if kept outdoors.



Where To Buy Durable Bike Racks for Your Bike Storage

With plenty of durable bike racks to choose from, it can be incredibly confusing with the amount of information made available online. Storables, fortunately, have made it easy for users to find the most affordable bike racks for your bike storage.



Perfect Garage Bike Storage Types

Wall-mounted solutions, including permanent and temporary, are often the most compact option if additional space is hard to find in the house. The most basic variations consist of a storage hook that threads into a masonry wall plug, wall stud, or screws directly into a wooden wall post or ceiling beam. The more extensive, deeper hooks are suited to mountain bike tires.
The Rubbermaid bike storage hook provides space-saving vertical storage solutions for one bicycle. It stores the bike up off the floor to protect it against any accidents and will also help reclaim some of that precious floor space. 
Ceiling storage allows you to nearly double the amount of storage space you have in your home, especially if you have a small apartment, small condo, or a small garage. It does not require the use of lifts and hoists, but it does mean that your bikes are out of the way and are safe. They can also be a nice accent piece for a room, or you can hang them in such a way that they are unobtrusive. Ceiling bike racks are a relatively popular storage solution, particularly in small spaces like apartments. They make use of space that normally goes unused. In order to make the most of ceiling bike racks, you want to make sure you invest in a solid pulley system that is safe, sturdy, and easy to use.
Also known as ‘bike trees’, the free-standing bike storage rack is another excellent option if space is limited in your home or apartment. These require a sturdy base that can take up some space and depending on the model, you may or may not be able to adjust the height or position of the rack.
Many people also opt to store their bikes in their storage shed. However, this can make the bike harder to get to. Many of these sheds aren’t exactly waterproof either, so you may run the risk of having your bike getting damaged. Storage sheds for bikes are useful, however, there are some things that you may want to carefully consider.
Do you have space but not looking for something more permanent? Floor racks will simply keep your bikes upright and stable without having to lean them up against anything. However, they will require a bit more space to arrange them. It’s important that you take into account the wheel size, disc brake caliper location, and axle width before buying.





Right Ways To Store Your Bicycle

Shelves in a garage


If you are storing a bike in your apartment or house and want to mount a rack to the wall, you will need to take into account the bike weight and wall quality as you won’t want your bike to come crashing down. If you’re a tenant, however, you may need to seek permission from your landlord if you intend to fix any equipment to the walls or ceilings. Don’t forget that you will need to take into account the clearance space you need to navigate around the bike (e.g. handlebars) or to open doors. Some mounts have brackets that fold flat against the wall when it’s not in use which is a nice space-saver when you’re living in such close quarters.



Should your bike need to be stored in a spot that other people have access to, there are some wall mounts that come with a lock for added safety in a setting that could potentially be more vulnerable to theft. If you’re storing your bike in your living room, you may want to consider models that offer protection for your wall and floors from any bike dirt and grease, especially in wet weather. This includes racks that come equipped with small plastic housings to accommodate both wheels so the tires won’t touch the floor or walls, as well as those with wide plates underneath the wheel touchpoints. Racks that extend out from the wall will also help keep you from getting any dirt, grease, or mud on the floor or wall.



You will also need to make sure that the rack that you intend to use will accommodate your bike. If you’re looking to store a mountain bike on a floor stand, you will need to double-check that the wheel wells in the rack can accommodate your tire width. Wheel size applies to all racks where wheels are used as the central anchor, which includes both wall and floor models. There are also full bike covers if you’re looking for a more long-term bike storage solution. Most models don’t require that you disassemble anything as they are contoured and would typically feature durable material with elastic straps at the bottom to secure it around your bike.



A bike cover is intended to keep your bike dust and grime-free, and most are also water and UV-proof, so you can store your bike outside or in your garage. They also provide added protection from any accidental scratching or scraping of the bike. 



How To Organize Your Bikes in Your Garage

There are plenty of ways to organize your bikes in your garage. Depending on your budget and the amount of space available for your bikes in your garage, you may want to consider the below solutions:


Lock It Up

Businesswoman's Hand Locking Up Her Bicycle



For savvy storage and peace of mind, you can use a U-lock to secure the bike to the wall.



DIY Bike Shelf

Decorative bicycles hanging on white wall.



Would you prefer to hang your bike as well as your cycling gear such as your helmet, gloves, and bags? You can try doing a DIY bike shelf where you can hang your bike by its saddle. It should provide you with enough space to organize your bike and its accessories.



Portable Placement

Garage with rolling gate


If you’re seeking bike storage that can move easily – whether you’re rearranging the garage or moving houses, then look for a bike rack that can be secured to the wall through a drywall screw. This is a solution that’s less permanent if you’re renting or living in an apartment that doesn’t have a garage.



Budget Bike Storage

If you’re not looking for anything fancy, you can try using a heavy-duty bicycle hook that you can get from a hardware store. They’re inexpensive, easy to install, and easy to use.



Simple Stand

If you have the floor space, why not consider an inexpensive bike stand? This is great as you can easily load your bike from the front or rear wheel without scratching the bike’s rims.



Hang It Up

When hanging bikes in the garage, wall track systems are an attractive and easy-to-use solution.



Double Duty

If you frequently work on your bike, why not choose a storage solution that doubles as a repair station? Look for lightweight stands that hold bikes by either its frame or seat post.



How To Maximize Your Garage Bike Storage

Bicycle hung on wall



It goes without saying that maximizing your garage bike storage will typically mean frequent access to your bike. It’s important to ensure that your bike storage solution works for your particular need and space available.  If you are limited in space in your garage, wall mounts are the best solution. It allows it to fit within limited spacing and will also get your bikes off the floor.



These versatile racks offer the most variety in the market. Choices include a simple hook; a hook and tray; hinges; or horizontal wall mounts. Mountain bikes are a bit hard to store via the top tube since it’s aggressively angled. But some wall-mount racks have arms that move up and down to accommodate your bike’s specific geometry.



2020 Garage Bicycle Storage Ideas

There are many ideas on how you can store your bicycle in your garage. However, highlighted below are the top picks for 2020 from a practical and easy-to-install standpoint:



Freestanding Racks

Indoor bike rack


These are like coat racks for bikes and are ideal for garages or places where you can’t mount a rack. These are often designed to hold two bikes, or sometimes more. They are also easy to relocate for cleaning and rearranging your garage.



Gravity Stands

Zero Gravity Racks Zero Gravity Bike Rack

Photo from Amazon


Designed to lean against a flat section of the wall, these stands use the weight of your bike to stabilize the setup. It doesn’t require any drilling to the wall and can usually hold two bikes.



Ceiling Storage Ideas for Bikes

Ceiling storage for bikes is a great option to keep the bikes off the floor. Listed below are two options for ceiling storage ideas:




Ceiling mounts are a great option for garage or gear rooms if you have multiple bikes. These easy-to-set-up storage racks take up unused space at the top of a garage and get bikes out of the way. The only real challenge is if your bike is too heavy for you to lift, or if the ceiling is so high that you may need a ladder. For everyday use, make sure that the bike hangs down far enough that you can safely grab it by the frame to take down. If you have multiple bikes and are hanging them by the wheels, you can alternate front and rear wheel hanging so the handlebars don’t get in the way of each other.




This is a nice alternative to the standard ceiling rack. It is ideal for high ceilings when you can’t easily reach your bike on a standard hook or mount. Hoists raise your bike up and out of the way so you can free up some space in your garage. They involve efficient pulley systems that assist you in lifting and lowering your bikes. Before you purchase one, make sure you measure your ceiling height as some hoists only accommodate heights up to 12 feet.



Types of Garage Bike Storage: 2020 Edition


These are the types of stands that you will find outside of schools and city centers. They are generally made for multiple bikes and because this makes them quite big, they are best used in yards or garages. The spaces for your wheels are fixed which means very wide wheels may not fit. Very narrow wheels are likely to lean over and make your bike less stable.



When choosing a plastic garage bike storage, you’d want to ensure that it’s made out of high strength plastic with structural reinforcement to ensure your bike is secured safely.



Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Bike Storage



1. What Is The Best Way To Store a Bike?

This is quite a frequent question. However, there is no one size fits all answer. It really depends on a number of factors:


  • Amount of space you have access to
  • Number of bikes you want to store (and their weight, height, and length)
  • Weather considerations
  • Security needs
  • Finances



2. How Do I Store My Bike Outside in Winter?

A lot of people ride their bikes year-round. However, if you’re getting ready to put yours away for the winter, you can follow the below steps to ensure your bike stays in good condition throughout the off-season.


  • Remove your water bottles, cyclo-computer, and any other electronic devices. Store these items inside in a warm and dry place. You won’t want your water bottles sitting around all winter. Keeping your electronics out of the cold air will help extend the batteries’ life.
  • Thoroughly wash your bike. Dirt, mud, grime, and especially road salt can cause corrosion on your bike’s frame and parts any time of the year. But it’s especially more likely if the bike’s sitting dirty for weeks or months at a time.
  • Get your bike a full tune-up. It won’t hurt to have your bike tuned up before you put it away in storage. You’ll then avoid the spring rush for tune-ups, and the bike will be ready to ride whenever you’re ready.


3. How To Store Kids’ Bike?

The most popular method of storing kids’ bikes is by hanging them up in the garage. The wall track systems are an attractive and easy to use solution. 



4. DIY Bike Rack Garage Storage

Bike storage may look expensive, but it really doesn’t have to be. In fact, a lot of people have made some amazing DIY bike storage. DIY bike storage can be made possible through supplies that include copper pipes, PVC piping, hangers, etc. If you’re looking at doing DIY bike storage, then you will have more options to do what you please. The big reason why people do this is to create either a really stylish bike rack or a rack that suits their home decor exactly.


Here are some great DIY bike rack ideas:



  • PVC pipe bike storage
  • A pallet bike stand
  • A hanging bike rack


The sky’s the limit though when it comes to DIY bike storage which is why so many people prefer this option. It’s usually cheaper, far more customizable and you can do some amazing things if you have the knack for building or modifying things.



5. How To Install Bike Rack Garage Storage?

Installing a bike rack in your garage is simple. Just follow the three-step process below:


Step 1: Mark Up and Drill Holes For Your Bracket

Choose a section of the wall that will be easy to get your bike in and out of. Hold the bracket on the wall so that it’s level, then mark up and drill your holes. If you’re drilling into a brick wall, use a hammer drill. Make sure you drill into the bricks themselves instead of the mortar. If you’re mounting on plasterboard or timber, drill into wall studs so it can handle your bicycle’s weight.



Step 2: Mount The Bracket On The Wall

Push some spaghetti wall anchors the whole way into each of your holes, trimming them off with a chisel or a sharp knife. Screw the bracket to the wall. Before you fully tighten the screws, make sure that the bracket is level. Once the screws are tightly in place, pull down on the bracket to make sure it’s secure, then hang your bicycle.



Step 3: Hang Your Bike From The Ceiling

It’s possible to hang lighter bikes from the ceiling. Choose an area that’s out of the way but easy to get your bike in and out of. Drill a hole in the ceiling joist or rafter and then screw the hook into place. Make sure that your drill bit is slightly smaller than the thread of the bike hook so that the hook’s thread bites strongly into the timber.



6. The Solution To Organize Bikes Using a Bike Storage System for Garages

When deciding on a bike storage idea, it’s important to balance security with practicality. If the solution you choose makes it more difficult to access your bike, you’ll use it less which isn’t what you want. However, if you’ve chosen a solution that compromises the way you use the space where the bike is stored, then it wouldn’t work either.



Overall, the best way to achieve the ideal bike storage for your garage will depend on how many bikes you have, how many people use them, how often they’re used, what sort of space you have available, and how safe your home is. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in achieving the best bike storage for your garage.

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